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2006-07-22 02:20:57
can holy sight spell replace heighten senses affects, please?


2006-07-22 10:26:12
hell fire, or reign of fire spell that let's sors area attack

no. They are not bereft of an area spell by accident.

2006-07-22 13:11:15
Warrior Skill, Straining Strike. Warrior goes all out for one attack that causes the warrior to, after dealing a large amount of damage, to not be able to attack for the rest of the combat with that mob, and decreases the str of the warrior by 2-3 points for each subsequent use of the skill. Skill is fatigued and the warrior becomes less able to defend against attacks. Is that nerfy enough? :p

Actually, I kinda like the strength depletion. The problem is that at lord, that's not really a downside. Warriors are going to get some neat stuff soon, so I'm going to say no for now.

2006-07-22 16:11:13
a new sor spell that lets them shop the imp for a very high cost :D

no, imped items are gone forever. That's the whole point.

2006-07-22 16:23:27
paladin area spell - a paladin draws upon a burst of divine power (mana) to hit every mob in the room with his weapon. Must be wielding a weapon, of course.

no. I know area spells are convenient for aggroing lots of mobs when tanking, but that doesn't mean I have to start handing them out like candy from a parade float.

2006-07-22 16:32:59
other suggested drider racials: racial-evil, racial-fangs (toxic bite), racial-web (like web spell).

makes sense

2006-07-22 16:35:37
paladin spell smite - draws upon divine power (mana) to deliver one single highly-powerful thrust with his weapon. Exhausts for a while.


2006-07-22 17:12:40
mass force field ritual for wzds...


2006-07-22 17:28:27
advanced form of force field. protects the entire group from a small % of damage. caster loses ac in exchange. also, can not be cast mid round.


2006-07-22 18:14:48
archer skill called shot similar to vital shot but an arcger can do held shot and target a specific location for different affects example head for daze/stun heart for more dammage , eye for blindness/knee for crippling etc etc

planned for lord or legend assassin

2006-07-22 18:19:53
remove any counter attacks set(turn them off) when a player with them changes planes to prevent the fast out of lag experienced by some players.


2006-07-22 18:20:13
Make the protection evil/good a combined protection


2006-07-22 19:27:04
make it so lowheroes and high 40s can group together without the 50% exp penalty. degrade lowmort/hero group exp gradually based on the sublevel of the hero(es) instead of all at once

that's how I wanted it to be, but snikt prefers the current system. Feel free to try to persuade him.

2006-07-22 20:46:57
Perhaps this should go to quest folks...Is it possible to make a quest where you don't give an item to a mob, but say a particular phrase in the same room?


2006-07-23 01:51:22
allow death info to move identically over buddy info (like grtz and hero info) so you can have 'general' death info off, but still see when your buddies run into accidents.

no. Your buddy, however, is free to type Buddychat Aw dung! I got ganked by that damn lvl 6 squirrel again!

2006-07-23 01:57:54
have a toggle for a numerical value of damage. Not exact value, but value of word on "help damage" (numbering 1, 2, 3, etc)


2006-07-23 02:03:26
have an HDL for best round of attacks as well.


2006-07-23 02:55:57
Xanor> flawed portals should portal you somewhere randomly


2006-07-23 02:56:09
Huntley> creating perfect portals shouldn't lag you at all

sure it should

2006-07-23 13:11:37
When a hero runs with a lowmort, the hero still gets regular exp, but the lowmort still gets half...yes this is an idea not a statement *blink*

see above

2006-07-23 16:36:04
Tone down the duration of spells like unrest and df, over 20+ ticks is just ridiculous

unrest's duration is deliberate, will re-examine df.

2006-07-23 19:01:08
Make an command similar to 'idea' but for specifically quest-type ideas to reduce the irrelevant idea posts.

mail to quest@ouland.org. Last I checked it takes all submissions.

2006-07-23 20:39:47
update the dates in the "boss" file


2006-07-23 21:23:21
Shouldn't wzd get time skip, considering they learn timewarp? They learn timewarp earlier than mages as well.


2006-07-23 23:33:36
a skill that allows wizards to see spells they know coming. ie. if a mob is gonna cast meteor swarm, people with in class should take less damage since they know the mob is casting it.

and you know how they know? Because they get a meteor in the face.

2006-07-24 11:24:25
New mage/wzd spell - magical aura - lowers the lag of ooc spells (not to in char lag, but maybe something in between) for a short time. Spell is exhausted or costs a high amt of mana, available at higher lvl.

lvl 3; psi/mnd spell- Understanding- Cheap and instant to cast, affect for 5 ticks, exhausted for 10, self only. Spells you cast have in-class lag instead of out-of-class lag as long as they are in-class for at least 1 person in your group & room at the time.

2006-07-24 11:25:53
divine presence - temporarily(1 round, maybe 2) blinds undead/demon mobs when a paladin walks in the room


2006-07-24 12:00:26
make "The stands"/ud viewing room non-social if possible.

but that's half the fun!

2006-07-24 13:35:25
change the grtz channel to a different symbol if possible (not [) so we stop seeing weird telnet'ed commands.

meh. We'll live

2006-07-24 13:44:07
Let shrines created by 'create shrine' skip bad regen ticks to be more compitable by new regen code. Ie, sleeping at a shrine get's you to like 4th tick of regen first tick.


2006-07-24 16:26:25
For God's sake, stop tinkering with the morph code once and for all please? All you have effectively done is done a free genesis for everyone who morphs pre-999, which is right back where we started, just about. Stop detracting from the game by trying to placate all the people all the time. It's not possible.

when, exactly, do you think we touched it last?

2006-07-24 16:35:13
Touching on Ragingboar's Warrior Spirit. Make a spell but ignore the generally low Int and base primarily on whether Warrior follows Werredan. Spell then can be made EXTREMELY exhaustible, reflecting life and death situations such as corpse-eating gear rooms. High boost for 5 ticks, exhaustible for a VERY long time with significant ticks of >-50 DR to emphasize ultimate nobility

cast spell, fight boss mob, idle afk for a while reading shortpacked.

2006-07-24 18:27:41
ablution should remove the curses on all items carried by a lord when cast.


2006-07-24 19:40:35
implement an no-pk flag on players, so that those that wish to participate in playerkilling can toggle it.


2006-07-24 21:40:57
put a list of all current pfiles on the website so those of us who can't remember an alt's name can look at the list for a refresher


2006-07-24 21:56:36
Construct a way of leaving an item for another player, who can access the item when the log on next (especially useful for auctions, for example)...'leave <player> orb' would put an orb in a sort of limbo, for <player> to get when they log in.

lockers will work some day

2006-07-24 23:55:04
in score, change "real life hours" to "earth hours"

an hour is an hour. They don't use that unit of measurement on other planets, having long since changed over to metric time.

2006-07-25 02:04:55
Change taint to the old version for heroes, since it was only changed for lords to be beneficial

I made it benefical for anybody? oops!

2006-07-25 05:50:48
altlist command should be allowed to set a specific password so that people on your buddylist can view your altlist, if you allow it, via toggle or something... aka allowing altlist "<different person>" "<password>" or something to that effect


2006-07-25 09:45:39
idea 2942, don't allow haggle if you do that

you don't seriously think I have the foggiest notion what you're talking about do you?

2006-07-25 14:34:48
with the implimentation of spellboost items, how bout have wizards more dependant on wielding staves to successfully cast and do more damage. ie. weaken spellcaster damage. however, have item types "staff" increases damage.

no. The +10 level boost items are all i'm willing to give for +damage.

2006-07-25 14:42:04
i did the math, and figure maybe a 10% decrease in damage without a staff, and an 11% increase with would even out the damage.

it's not worth it.

2006-07-25 14:49:48
giants and dragons should get racial stomp

alias rstomp emote totally stomps on a thing! KA-STOMP-O! : sacrifice %1

2006-07-25 19:11:50
reduce 'order' lag.

some day, as part of an overhaul of mob/pc interaction

2006-07-25 19:14:56
Allow transferring of pets to other players 'transfer kitten <player>' makes <player> the new owner of said kitten.

I think we have better things to code, don't you?

2006-07-25 21:46:21
change improved stamina for paladin to hero level 101? EVERY other class gets it then why should paladins be different?

BECAUSE CROM WAS A GREAT BIG WEIRDO, OK? That can be your answer for any question which contains the words "why" and "Paladins."

lvl2; move imp. stam and related skills for pal to match common access.

2006-07-25 22:15:31
line in score that tells how much hp mod and mana mod your under from gear,

the game doesn't know

2006-07-25 22:24:50
i'm not if anyone has said anything about this or it's been denied already, but how about a mage spell that works like long shot?

as a matter of fact, I do believe that HAS come up before once or twice...


2006-07-26 09:26:46
final words- pal spell. upon the paladins death he utters a final prayer to his god to protect his group. The spell will give a good ac for a duration short

something similar is planned

2006-07-26 14:56:25
add a plane arguement for touch of grace for lords

no. it's to help lowbs, and they're only on one plane. In fact; lvl 2; ensure ToG only helps those below 0 hp or those under hero lvl.

2006-07-26 16:53:47
isn't it about time some of the lesser races were looked at for a racial revamp .. like trogs, although i realise this will be dismissed as easily as the last suggestion regarding this was

We have too many races for them to be equal. It's that simple. I think most of them are balanced, and I have no illusions about making them all equally attractive for play.

2006-07-26 17:11:09
Language Demonic. For Dsd, Demon, Sorcs and shf

we have it. Demons get it.

2006-07-26 22:12:35
Make Chimera a remort option for grf, and give them racial tail and increased spell power/mana cost.

if I didn't hate non-humanoid races I might go for this. I'm still self-flagellating over approving driders.

2006-07-26 22:40:17
Variation in spells, casting one the entire time because it causes the most damage becomes tedious, maybe a more diverse list of damage spells that puts status affects on the mobs?, A spell that causes slightly less damage than disintigrate, but has the chance to nock the mobs weapon out of his hands? Air Blast.

Nobody would use it.

2006-07-27 02:26:56
spell to give archers a permenant mystical arrow ie cast mystical arrow and you have a standard renewable arrow that doesnt run out till spell duration ends

no. If you don't like running out of arrows there are plenty of classes who don't have that problem.

2006-07-27 02:30:25
chosen foe hero level 500 with this skill an archer/druid/fus can


2006-07-27 02:33:40
trick shot allows any class that can wield a bow the ability to fire off 2 arrows that do chained dammage example you fire first arrow which does penetrating damage second arrows continues to the same wound doing 1/2 times more dammage

what mud are you playing where archers don't do enough damage?

2006-07-27 02:37:56
smoke powder druid ability hero level 600 with this ability the druid can modify mystical arrows to fire into an ajoining room or same room and in affect drop a mystical smoke that obscures sight in the room, the caster isnt affected by his own smoke, and spell that can cut through darkness eg third eye etc will negate the

affects of this spell for that person

2006-07-27 02:47:01
druidic totem when cast the druid taps into the realms of their god or goddess or the natural world and draws on the the spirits to imbue the totem with power. *will leave the powers of the totem to imm designers* but id say a roixa druid would be able to create a totem that will increase the chance of fletching more mystical

arrows per fletch or increase overall affect of nature based spells and arrows

2006-07-27 02:52:00
spell natures spring when created it creates a temporary healing spring that will when drunk give the affects of a spell like nourish for moves and hunger thirst and will also heal a number of hps similar to some of the healing springs on mid with a side order of lag when drunk so it cant be spammed to get healing similar to

healing springs on mid, *i can see a use for this for when clerical casters are

2006-07-27 02:52:50
healing spring continued ... are running low on mana or group is taking area dammage. also can only be cast every so often so it cant be cast every room put a lag length on it similar to

sanctuary or frenzy

2006-07-27 02:56:31
spiritual companion the druid calls upon his god or goddess or nature and gains a spiritual companion based on his god or goddesses or natures personality *id suggest about 3 types of

spirits per god or goddess with various enhancing and negative affects

2006-07-27 02:59:40
remove comfort from druids as its way to powerful a spell for a druid and give them a spell natures blessing instead somewhere between divinity and comfort but allow it to also do a refresh spell at the same time

I think someone needs to read the help files on Prestige Classes. Druids ARE Clerics. They lose some spells and they learn to use bows, and then they secretly whisper Kisestre under their breath when they call on Tul-Sith or whoever. There's no spirits, there's no "nature as primal force", just one dead Goddess and her residual energy. I'm not interested in creating a dozen spells that are sorta like cleric spells only with a more woodsy flavor.

2006-07-27 03:03:59
spell purge negative condition level 300 hero (priest or cleric spell) this will allow a cleric or priest to remove 1 condition DURING COMBAT a negative condition is things like blindness, curse, disease, poison, it will affect the first negative condition on the list per cast.

help clarify/panacea

2006-07-27 14:35:48
Ultimate sacrifice for paladin, meant as a last resort when a party appears doomed, the paladin prays upon his god and is given full hps, 10% mana and a ac bonus. Exhaust for a short amount of ticks, when exhaust ends, paladin is slain/instantly rendered dead.

meh. I know, I'm a total PITA re paladin skills

2006-07-27 20:59:04
How About a Spell that Can Boost a Prs Healing Powers but once casted Shorten the mana regen

so you heal better AND have shorter regen?

2006-07-27 20:59:23
Or have the Spell that Boost a prs healing for a cost of XP

augment anyone?

2006-07-27 21:26:51
make rooms only able to hold certain amounts of players dependant on size, could possibly get rid of private rooms with this.. also has potential for limiting group sizes on areas/quests

maybe some day

2006-07-28 01:08:30
maybe make it so that with +battlenone you see the initial tank attack or mob attack? it's so hard not seeing this

You know what'll happen if I do? People will ask for a toggle to turn that very feature off again. If you MUST see it, turn BN off.

2006-07-28 13:24:17
Werredan and Tor fren should add more hr/dr than tul-sith, just because they're the gods of war?

meh. Frenzy's frenzy.

2006-07-28 14:02:16
flank - leadership skill that allows the leader to set a designated group of hitters than go behind the mobs and flank them. they will do a bonus damage on the first round, however, if caught in the flank, all the flankers take a big ac loss.

this is more formationy than leadershippy

2006-07-28 21:41:19
makes restores worth more


2006-07-28 22:53:23
if a person is in the sleeping state, flash should not affect them

lvl 2; flash fails to blind the sleeping, but it still damages them

2006-07-29 00:48:50
make the room under the mayor's office in gorn's anchor noquit


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