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2006-08-19 06:51:52
Since spr now get's 10 % better cast reduction than us "twinky" hie, let us at least have their regen? We still have much higher tnl than the small

Oh for christ's sake. I was sitting here with this box of booberry all ready to approve some stuff and you had to go and ruin my mood.

2006-08-19 12:54:19
make heal in class for monk?


2006-08-19 14:10:11
change roixa worship so that spells are same ac penalty as shiz


2006-08-19 19:27:29
How about an autoreply feature which solo'ers and those wishing to be left alone can toggle on. same principle as afkreply only it takes care of all tells for you.


2006-08-20 01:30:00
It occured to me while looking at the remort classes..... isnt a sorcerer a tainted wizard?? I realized that wizards did not have a "remort" class.... I think that the wzd should be included in the list of classes that can remort to the sor.... let me know what you guys think


2006-08-20 17:28:59
would be neat to be able to see your current stance in a prompt

no, sorry, prompt is displayed to often to have to fish through the affects list (everything else displayed there is an affect flag, which is a much more efficient check) I could do a prompt signal that showed whether you were using ANY stance. How'd that be?

2006-08-20 18:25:25
Make unworship less costly


2006-08-20 18:57:10
let paladin learn double hit ? :) :) :)


2006-08-20 19:27:04
Hundred hand - allows the monk to hit all mobs in the room


2006-08-20 19:36:37
Skill for monks - taunt - instead of striking an enemy and waiting for the next round, taunt forces an enemy to attack the monk immediately, allowing for counter attacks.

no. Everybody attacks as much as they can. The division into rounds is merely a convenient contrivance of the medium. You don't rush together, hit each other real hard, then take a short break.

2006-08-21 14:16:33
brass knuckle weapons for monks?


2006-08-21 19:35:08
Put aggie mobiles in tortuga. way too much camping there!!

yeah probably should, lvl 1; a few aggies in tortuga cay to wake people up

2006-08-22 00:45:28
please make migraine message red. even it out for those of us who dont use triggers!

it's bright white, which is way better

2006-08-22 07:35:06
Make bioscan show tranquility, or rather rewamp it and make it sure it identifies specs/spells as intended? Apoligies if it's intended not to.

at last count it was working, but i don't think i ever added tranq; level 2; update bioscan for new specs, emotive affects (panic) and tranq

2006-08-22 10:34:03
Since int is quite vital for rogs and currently is lowstat, let something like dex add damage to assassinate? Or change lowstat. Per info in help assassin sight

dex helps too

2006-08-22 16:18:41
at the end of Mudschool maybe should add a mob with a Spec that asks Questions and the player replys with a True or False 2 wrong they are trans backto start of mudschool and if they get the 5 correct they get promo to level 2. because we cant have people asking questions like this Dragoth nchats 'Do you level up automaticly, or do you need to do something first?'. and that person is already level 2???

not nessecary and it could annoy people

2006-08-22 18:22:59
have a mob that preaches migraine


2006-08-22 19:38:20
When using 'locate object', have multiples of the same item on the same person to appear as a single line.


2006-08-22 22:46:47
Paladin spell crusade with each mob killed the paladin gets a bonus to ac or hr dr lasts for 10 tics after that its exhausted for a while


2006-08-23 00:36:17
make racial fatigues a different color in affects lists


2006-08-23 16:16:36
can you please separate level info from the hero info channel? we have grtz for that.


2006-08-23 19:27:54
when a player is in sharpen/restring/fletch lag put something in their long description or what you call it, if this can be done quick/easy. Something like for rituals, <playername> is here, in the middle of something. Just to show a busy state to other people in room.

this will happen when the tasked revamp of sharpen/restring into busy skills occurs

2006-08-23 21:10:32
Skill for monks - headlock - while grappling, a monk is able


2006-08-23 23:24:11
a race only hlf can remort into


2006-08-24 11:40:32
I don't know if you're still taking them, but damage verb suggestion: overwhelming

STILL taking them?

2006-08-24 12:48:48
protective stance should also prevent rescue mods

no, that's what bear stance does.

2006-08-24 16:23:55
Add that nifty line about +100 levels for prcs to help remort.

we're removing that per my note

2006-08-24 17:18:12
can we change it so c disint se will try to hit a mob with keyword se before targeting self? or plz make disint self impossible, ty


2006-08-24 21:10:19
give sprites racial-flit: an extra dodge attempt while utilizing racial-fly

I don't want to hear any more ideas that start with "give sprites" ever again (tho this is a pretty good one, barring the name, but it's too stacky w/ racial dodge and high dex.)

2006-08-24 22:59:47
allow us to cast shrine in sanc up, not being lazy, just an idea

why? isn't there a infirmary one room down?

2006-08-25 01:31:20
maybe a help superhero

Aren't ALL superheroes help superheroes? It's sorta what they do. Help.

2006-08-25 11:56:02
centaur remort - unicorn or pegasus. no weapons, 4 hoof

already tasked or no. Take your pick.

2006-08-25 12:29:22
a battle-mage type remort for wizards. lacking in

that's what mage is

defense skills, but relies on mellee stances that drain mana from each hit

wouldn't it be easier just to learn to dodge?

2006-08-25 14:59:22
Make a command that shows output like on group, but for a specific char, ie group gintrek would output only gintrek stats. Useful in large groups, for checking specific persons mana or hp.

lvl 2; make look person health show their group line if grouped rather than "dave is sore." or whatever

2006-08-25 21:24:52
put the beginning of planar anchor on lord info

wouldn;t it be easier to just tell your group? It's not like people can come join you.

2006-08-25 22:25:58
when a player is demonstrating a skill to another player, it should be cheaper in practices than learning it from a the guild. also I think the person teaching the skill should get a practice or two from the price of learning it.


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