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2006-09-02 07:59:49
doppleganger class/race ect. basic idea a race that allows you to place eq where you want to wear it instead of where its commonly placed, ex. wear a copper bracer about body and huge shadow dragon wings on wrist :P, kinda fun, maybe dumb, but its an idea.

it is indeed, but I don't really want an angry phone call from Snikt asking why I approved the race that can wear pants on its head.

2006-09-02 15:07:52
Charge shield for clerics - puts the "heal" spell in a shield, only usable by clerics/pallies

lvl 3; new lord item; amulet that has base AC but no other bonuses, and loads with only 1 hp. When it is destroyed, the wearer is healed for around 2.5k

2006-09-02 17:32:42
make fdk remort with a slightly lower tnl or something... too many new players pick fdk becuase it looks and sounds really awesome, but don't understand how bad 8k tnl is for a new player... or make it have a more serious warning, or something... I feel it turns people off from the game

can I just remove it? How's that? lvl 1; rewrite the fdk help to scare away newbies

2006-09-02 23:30:27
give animated corpses the keyword apc; similar to pcc on locate


2006-09-03 02:12:24
stance with no argument - can we have it show the stances you have available to use?

mod to last week's task re stance command; stance w/ no argument shows current stance. If no current stance, show all known stance skills.

2006-09-03 05:17:57
when enchant tingles it should gaurentee a success

failure is a great teacher

2006-09-03 07:31:59
add a QPCATALOG option for -/+ 2 lbs for 50QP?


2006-09-03 12:33:39
why not make output of who and whois similar? it does not make sence to me that who gives no info about class (above lvl50) and god of characters listed


2006-09-03 12:47:19
Make 'help legendlist' a command like its siblings 'herolis' and 'lordlist'


2006-09-03 13:48:27
since psion's statisticly do more damage in group archers need an edge, that edge could last for a few fights, for example aggressive stance, up arc damage for the durration of stance kick out of stance if area spelled or attempt held or miss shot

you conveniently neglect to consider that archers are just a TAD more durable than psions.

2006-09-03 14:13:03
allow rangers to use bows :p

what in the hell is a ranger?

2006-09-03 16:44:03
Have potions, and all items, stack like arrows. For example, a character with 350 potions in their inventory would show up as two stacks of 100 and one stack of 50.

It's really hard. I'd be loath to duplicate that code all over. Plus the items in question HAVE to be unmoddable by players, so anything that stacked would be unenchantable, unrenamable, etc.

2006-09-03 19:37:42
make gold worth something again, clear all gems held in inventories, bags and set everyone to 500k in their bank, ECONOMY WOO.

yeh, people will just LOVE that

2006-09-03 19:58:25
can we please have a config or toggle or something to protect us against people using wake or wake all on us?

toggle +don'tsleepinsanctum

2006-09-03 21:28:30
a spell like choas channel for clerics. their spells cost a lot too.

true, but clerics have less problems getting hero groups than mages

2006-09-04 01:26:24
give tua's *A* drawback plz

How bout having to remort to get one? Tuataurs are good all 'round, but they're not THAT good. They're sorta like straight B students. They're not getting A's in anything so they don't need any D's to balance it out.

2006-09-04 02:22:33
crikey social, in honor of STEVE IRWIN MATE

I'm not sure we could do it in a way that would be appropriately tasteful.

2006-09-04 08:09:27
The ability to utilize the argument 'all' when considering mobs. Would be convenient to be able to consider all if you are unsure of keywords or there are a lot of mobs in a room and you are looking for a specific mob for leveling.

Okay. lvl 2; arg all on consider calls consider on each mob in the room sequentially

2006-09-04 08:53:25
stiffer penalties for sors who use taint

sors use taint? but just last week they were complaining that it's useless.

2006-09-04 10:35:12
Allow for battleself and battleother to shorten the length of multiple kicks from monks.


2006-09-04 13:06:47
prac mod from going 999

i'm not touching morph with a 10-foot coding pole.

2006-09-04 20:14:36
if you cast a spell at a low percent you should get a free non repeatable tingle


2006-09-04 20:38:18
Mobs that clone you should also clone your gear, except that the gear should be notake

too hard. They dupe your stats with gear, and that'll have to be enough.

2006-09-05 10:58:44
make death shroud castable during battle? defiled flesh is so it would make sense :)


2006-09-05 11:17:32
On another mud i play we have a wtime command, short for worldtime, due to diversity, this command shows the times of a couple cities in each timezone.

sounds cool. I'd be up for stealing that. lvl 2

2006-09-05 12:30:22
give dsd a psi bonus

2006-09-05 12:30:45
dsd have big brains

big brains and inate psionic talent are not the same. It's widely known that Einstein could barely even bend a spoon.

2006-09-05 18:27:00
make sors twinkier, all these prc classes are getting way too much cool stuff, like whats all this shf stuff all about, pls make remorts worth it again? grunt.


2006-09-06 01:10:19
an insignia for rolling over the killed counter.

meh. I'd go for it if wasn't so easy to get by going afk in the kobold tower.

2006-09-06 02:01:58
it would be nice if we could write notes to legend_azure legend_gold legend_silver or something to reach our whole team

passing along...

2006-09-06 10:28:24
Fix the rest status, when you manually rest now mobs hit you as if bashed and you do not wake up at all unless you stand/wake. This might be a bug? How can you not autowake if attacked?

Beats me. Maybe the game is giving you the freedom to stay resting since you deliberately typed it.

2006-09-06 13:47:24
Some way of not seeing the customized setmin and setmout messages. They tend to be frustrating, teasing and/or the same color as the background.

don't we have like 2 toggles for this now?

2006-09-06 13:47:33
vampire fang, messed about with it with my shf like i did bloodlust with my bzk hmm scale it like bloodlust meadow mobs are healing my shf 5-400hp a vital shot and im sure that wasnt the aim, and yeah this char is so i dont get why the hell did so and so idea that we were twink! from shfs

I can only understand about 30% of this post. So you can solo meadow mobs real easy. So what?

2006-09-06 15:46:21
playerinfo is cumbersome, how about we replace with the command profile instead?

cumbersome to what, type? make an alias

2006-09-06 17:56:56
how about being able to see the condition on items in a bag


2006-09-06 21:36:53
dark embrace increase sor regen by 5% since they are the only ones who get it in class


2006-09-07 10:07:09
allow for relog on lord planes but only at shift? rogues cant vital shot when mob is on top, either that or make a command to put ppl on top without quitting? *pat self*

sure they can, as long as the mob isn't hitting THEM.

2006-09-07 12:42:32
it might be fun to set up a quest using bounties, either something like sharks and minnows or king of the mountain

idea list is not the place for quest suggestions

2006-09-07 13:02:46
any chance of clerics (maybe druids too?) getting a spell that allows them to scan self or another person for cursed items being worn or in inventory?

I suppose, but when would this come up?

2006-09-07 19:11:48
construct a room type like water rooms, but for different effects. For example, a noxious gas room effect that

causes choking, inablity to regen, and eventual unconsciousness.

2006-09-07 20:16:03
'You return from the void' message to the player upon doing so.

there is one

2006-09-08 06:14:16
archers get eq that helps archer skills, how about some eq that helps other class's skills, like monks ability to goldenstrike or have more consistant hits, and rogue's ability to stab, warrior's ability to bash, ect.

no. archers were designed around those items. If they didn't have them, they'd hit harder without them. In order to create a similar system for other classes I'd have to lower their power so that WITH the items they came out about were they are now. And that's not what you want, is it?

2006-09-08 07:57:07
since we have a mass fly spell, how about mass earthbind?


2006-09-08 09:20:53
can we have the help counts helps updated to show the other classes?

beats me

2006-09-08 11:45:21
now that dragons cripple when they tail you (this just happened to me) can you maybe make them tail you a little bit less? i have racial tail and it NEVER stuns mobs - why do i get stunned 3 times in a row?

lvl vs. lvl comparison. Fight smaller dragons and you'll stun 'em up a treat.

2006-09-08 18:30:32

2006-09-08 18:33:39
Help file for "Conditions" Which will list the effects of poison, crippling, blind, dizziness and so forth. (Thieves can cripple/daze/poison). Maybe casters will have some type of condition effect spell someday :). This may trigger even more ideas!

these aren't any different than other negative affects. All have their appropriate help.

2006-09-09 01:49:23
add something in help jail to let newbies know the difference between it and being jailed as an outlaw in a city

oh, it's pretty obvious

2006-09-09 01:50:23
make the jailer have a contract with the bank to extract money from there if it exists instead of only looking at money in hands.

Jailers tend to be a cash-only lot

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