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2006-09-09 05:29:18
archer's armor to facilitate fletching skills

Nah. Too easy to just swap into it when you fletch.

2006-09-09 07:58:43
add level bias to skin corpse

how so?

2006-09-09 13:59:14
instead of mass fly at 500, how about surge 6 at 500? something like the old surge 9.

no surge 6. As for mass fly, Crom is a great big weirdo.

2006-09-09 15:34:02
Remove "a" as a keyword for "a _____ skin bag"


2006-09-09 16:08:38
spell soar - prereq fly. only works while outdoors. lets you fly high enough to avoid being attacked by non-flying, non-casting and/or non-archer aggie mobs. some fatigue afterwards. only works when you have less than x kgs of eq on you

maybe when positioning and room size is done

2006-09-10 01:35:07
lame idea to get rejected #1: portal with directions....ex: c 'portal' 'aelmon' east east

No. I want builders to have as much control as possible over where players can and cannot portal.

2006-09-10 07:25:56
look into how scattershot is displayed with battlefilters, it's really hard to make out right now, consider a better system if possible?

archers should just run with battleself on (or off, whichever one it is that shows more spam)

2006-09-10 12:44:55
Allow players to perform a 'whois' of other players, listing the target's registered alts.

Maybe some players don't want that public. Maybe some day as part of accounts.

2006-09-10 14:41:41
put torment before torch on list, because if a sor typoes c torm to c tor, they blow up their inferno stone and its not very nice. dont think a mistake in 1 letter of the incantation would have such grave consequences.

so don't learn torch, or make a clientside alias. I can't rearrange the skill list without unlearning everybody who has either skill.

2006-09-10 16:43:23
Be able to see the number of charges a shield has by looking at eq command


2006-09-10 19:01:01
bove bear technique to level 20


2006-09-10 19:02:41
hrm, remove alignment from gear aspect, implement size/racial/class based equipment

getting there.

2006-09-10 19:51:52
maybe rep should be added if your kill counter rolls over, just a thought.

too easy to go afk in the kobold tower and come back to +1 rep.

2006-09-10 20:11:34
Allow mages surge 2 to kill UD with?

appeal to DW

2006-09-11 11:59:29
make everyone start at level 1, no hero, lord or legend alts


2006-09-11 12:00:49
make fandango/dancing weapon targetable, please

no. It's a deliberate limitation.

2006-09-11 13:33:46
Stance for rogues: when making the assassin sight 'parting shot', the rogue attempts to blackjack the enemy instead of stabbing with a weapon. Ends early if the rogue isn't holding a blackjack.

pondering. indecisive

2006-09-11 18:10:06
low chance when you use the forage command on lord planes you get a message like "Oh no, your rummaging have awakened something evil" and pop a toughish mob that spawns a gemstone in the room! Go mass foraging!

no. I don't want to field complaints that soandso sabotaged my run by summoning the forage monster.

2006-09-11 23:58:57
bzk should be able to practice sharpen weapon at lvl 40


2006-09-12 08:32:34
make underfoot work better the larger the size difference between fus and target

thats how it is now

2006-09-12 11:17:09
Allow for the point social to be targeted at directions as well


2006-09-12 12:33:04
available stances should show up with the ability command

they're going to appear under the stance command per last week

2006-09-12 14:06:30
that "scholar" class I idea'd a while ago. The more effectice "scholars" should be the older ones who've had more time to gain the knowledge. However since they're older, they

should probably have lower dex con and str compared to mages and wzds.

2006-09-12 14:37:17
Any news on the Necromancer class? It'd be a class with unique skills, much like the other classes you have on Avatar! Raise Skeletons and Golem?

I don't like summon abilities. The ones we had before all caused loopholes. I won't be imping new ones that work the same w/o a revamp of the charm/control code. As for the Evil Cleric Class not-even-really-planned PRC, they will have somewhat of a necromantic flavor, but I still want them to be healers so don't expect them to be summoning hordes of skeletons.

2006-09-12 14:41:55
please take a look at timewarp right now its a pretty useless spell is it intentional to cancel on any action if so what was the point in it i think the

It's intent is to speed up the removal of negative spells at the expense of positive ones, or to use as a psuedo-ablut. It will remain sustained.

2006-09-12 19:27:07
drag - new command to allow victims of sleep spell, blackjack, etc to be dragged to another room, this would have a chance of waking the victim

I think this is approved.

2006-09-12 22:24:57
old necklace in {25 40} Kariya Island of Utami , please remove the nolocate flag so I can know when to check for repop without going there and starting the silly item-on-ground timer over again?

that's exactly WHY it has a nolocate flag

2006-09-13 00:32:26
remove the limit for line lengths for buddychats.


2006-09-13 00:32:47
Or, make it longer (3x, at least)


2006-09-13 00:45:19
A stance for archers that reduces their chance to miss by

see top

2006-09-13 01:16:06
flood, remove it, revamp it, or explain why anyone would ever consider using it? The amount of mana transferred vs used doesnt seem worth the effor. Not even to transfer mana to a unrested warrior so they can ablut midrun which is about the only use I can think of tophand in it's current state..

Hey, I just make stuff up. It's up to you to find uses for them.

2006-09-13 04:09:44
let anyone rename i

Ok, lvl 5. Anyone can rename Kirozog.

2006-09-13 09:31:53
the ability to remort to a core class, like for when you prestige to a class and not happy with it, ie default the character at lvl 25


2006-09-13 12:18:06
You could allow summon to move people that are in cursed rooms with a portal or nexus leading out. This can help a lot when groupies go afk, for whatever reason, midrun.

no, screw the afk. They wanna tag along they can be at their keyboards.

2006-09-13 14:02:38
make ultimoose pop better now that its a 1 per char item, i got a b11 52, and i'd hate to see someone get a b10 lvl 52 if its their only chance at getting one

good thing its hit gear and 2-3 pts of ac in hit gear matters about as much as what color you used on the rename.

2006-09-14 02:46:47
When unexperienced player at creation and under level 20, give a message like "You have just entererd a new area, please type where to check if it's within your level range (this message will stop appearing once you reach level 20)"

lvl 2; for true noobs, autodisplay the area title when they enter a new area. stop at lvl 10; IE; You have just entered; [10 20] Burt The Horrific Valley of Guys Who Give Wet-Willies A Lot.

2006-09-14 13:58:52
have savvy cancel out scramble


2006-09-14 16:39:07
Can we make battlenone show inital attack + stab, or at least stab. Or perhaps make this a seperate toggle. I think a simular idea was denied, just voicing opinion, supporting usefulness :)

no. Eat your spam like a man!

2006-09-14 17:00:50
Remove the ability to surge pillar of

flame, or have the pillar do more damage

2006-09-14 17:02:29
Remove the ability to quicken sustained spells.

lvl 2; no surge quicken or augment for sustained spells

2006-09-14 17:18:21
Tasks 2541 and 2863 on the design site are pretty much the same. You might want to remove one.


2006-09-14 18:13:52
adapting the forage skill should reduce forage lag


2006-09-14 19:23:20
make final fury progressive, the closer to 0%total hps the more dmg you do, where at 10% you get at 10% dmg bonus and at 1% you get a 250% bonus, scale it tho, so at like 5% its like 100% bonus, i dont know any bzk that would want to run at below 5% total hps ever voluntarily its WAY too easy to die. this prevents hovering at 10% and if you want to its a much smaller bonus.

That's awfully tempting, but I think I'm happy with the stance solution.

2006-09-14 20:31:12
spell - mass control - target of this spell moves either one size category smaller or bigger with associated penalties/benefits for new size

no can do. size is tied to race

2006-09-14 23:02:31
a buddyset command that would show a list of all alts offline and online that share the same buddyset as you, buddyroster

see accounts; future plans

2006-09-15 00:34:57
elusive stance, rog 51(250) stance is ended if you

see top

2006-09-15 01:06:40
We need a help file regarding mobs with tails and their pension for kathunking people.

yeh, but where to put it?

2006-09-15 02:12:05
make a racial for races that can eat corses and put it on the racial list, it would make sense to stick it there and check etc. that way, even if it's just a fake "placeholder" racial or coded to work like one.

no. some races that have that ability already have 6 racials (which is the limit)

2006-09-15 02:34:00
Any change we can move emotive drain for mindbenders to hero to improve their usefullness at that tier somewhat without giving them a damage spell, it would perhaps make sense seeing they master mind-stuff like emotive is better than psi.

You know, I'm not AGAINST a lvl 51 psionic DD spell, I just want it to be interesting.

2006-09-15 10:11:18
how about runes for arrows since we can't rune bows?

won't work

2006-09-15 21:32:13
can we please make the prisonor on istone run more easily drop its weapon correctly, or provide an alternative way to easily create the portal? sitting here for 5 prisonor pops is kind of silly :p

Have a designated disarmer. Some people are better at it than others.

2006-09-16 01:28:14
allow remorted characters another herothank


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