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2006-09-16 02:56:59
make hero-level arc headgear


2006-09-16 03:41:10
bring back remort to creatable races at lord 100

no. we have an alternate plan for level descent

2006-09-16 03:43:03
insignia for morph at 999

lvl 2, same w/ troika

2006-09-16 12:31:35
change dispel magic so it can dispel specific targeted affect rather than all magic on a specific individual and increase the chance it actualy dispels it at present its almost never used for a spellthat surely for a caster could be one of the back bones of any caster class

I'm happy with it as is. Changing it would make priests less special.

2006-09-16 12:39:07
time skip has not been added to spell list

sublevel skills are wonky with the spells command.

2006-09-16 19:01:04
archers should get sneak/movehidden at lowmort... if they're so skilled at hunting, they should know howt o move quietly

That's not what sneak does tho. It allows you to enter a room undetected

2006-09-16 19:39:06
magic recovery should get us some mana back on failed surges too

it does

2006-09-16 21:29:54
minotaurs should have racial-milk, every day they can be milked for a double quaff


2006-09-16 22:10:52
make pray class hearable for clerics/paladins/priests with touch of grace


2006-09-17 00:13:39
an option during character creation to make the new character a multiregistered alt of a previous one

maybe w/ accounts

2006-09-17 00:19:06
elusive stance rog 51(250) this is different from my idea last week, while stance is active rog will have a slightly higher chance do dodge and parry attacks the round after a sneak attack/vs(toinitiate)/backstab , but is ended and exhausted if you trip/bash/toss/disarm or sneak/movehidden falls.

Again, rogues don't need to be better at dodging.

2006-09-17 01:45:54
make bods tank better somehow, they give up hitting power with a lower dmg range than a war and they give up total number of attacks. the only thing they gain is a sometimes usefull autorescue over wars.

then don't play one

2006-09-17 04:30:16
Assassin skill which allows them to feign death. Can't be used if any enemies are in the room as they'd see through the deception, but if an inquisitive mob wanders in and peers over the body the assassin can land a more powerful sneak/vital/murder attack (can't backstab something facing you). Make it a level 1ish skill, as it's not too twinky and seems like a basic assassination technique.

that's silly

2006-09-17 04:42:10
Take away stealth movement skills for non-stealth/outdoorsytypes or scale their effectiveness on a class's relative stealthiness. To counteract, remove "detect hidden" and alertness as basic hero mob traits unless it's thematically or gameplay-wise required. Together, these should make stealth skills more usefull/unique for stealth classes while not totally ruining life for

the rest of us.

2006-09-17 04:45:10
I forgot to also add: with the addition of protective and bear stances, the threat to groupies without sneak/move hidden should be alleviated somewhat already.

not worth the complaints

2006-09-17 04:56:41
A skill for paladins (perhaps in oath/rite form if we're still looking at those) called Charisma which keeps mobs of the paladin's alignment so inspired by him/her that they won't assist in combat against the paladin or his/her group (though they still


2006-09-17 05:09:42
Running kick skill for monks. The monk runs full-speed into the next room and hopefully lands a flying kick before anyone can react (i.e. full-body longshot). The victim can parry the kick in which case combat starts with the mob getting the first hit in, or the victim can dodge altogether leaving the monk on its butt for the skill's duration.


2006-09-17 05:11:55
When cast indoors (i.e. the room has a ceiling) let 'earthquake' have a chance of dropping debris from the ceiling that stuns its victims for a round.


2006-09-17 19:40:41
When a unrenamed/unchristen/not-onamaed psi weapon is danced/fandango, the text is green when the weapon returns to hand, and red when it falls to ground. If you do this with a colored renamed weapon, the "it falls to ground" part seems to be green no matter what (nosure if it applies to noncolor renames but think so).

yeh, that'll happen. limitation of the color system

2006-09-18 01:02:28
need to fix the bug where a rog's poison kills the mob and group receives 0 xp. If its my poison that kills the mob, my group should get the credit for it.

snikt said no

2006-09-18 04:12:31
Hero level 101 direct damage spell for mnd, mindbattle. The mindbender enters a psionic battle of the mind with it's opponent, Make intelligence factor in a lot, if the mnd wins the battle severly hurts the opponent, but if it loses it will backfire dealing half damage to the mindbender and a negative int mod for a short duration (like debuffs)

lvl 3; rupture. lvl 51(101) direct dmg attack spell for psi and mnd. Deals gen-damage -10%. If target is fighting YOU, you deal +20% damage but suffer 10 ticks of -1 int per level of surge (minimum 1) Half damage on non-intelligent creatures (undead, golems, etc.)

2006-09-18 05:46:09
Would it be possible/desirable to make a tweak to remort so you can go +100 levels above a required race remort, and remort race but be allowed to change to a createable (non-remort only) class? The idea is to make race remorts possible to do slightly faster.

but we dont want them done faster. that's part of the challenge

2006-09-18 12:22:43
If it isnt planned and it is feasible to code make a command to sync notes between alts (perhaps as a part of multiregister (prefered) or altof)

beats me, maybe w/ accounts

2006-09-18 13:58:01
make beast lore do something more useful at lord


2006-09-18 21:03:47
create a new nihilistic cultist boss mob that loads with some manner of perfect gemstone


2006-09-19 18:23:51
make dragon corpses unaffected by corpse eating mobs

no way, dragons are delicious

2006-09-20 02:29:23
lag changing stances slightly, seems slightly twinky to change focus so quickly

i deliberately wanted to keep stances lag free. the exhaust will control rapidfire switching

2006-09-21 18:07:01
get rid of pressence code, it totaly messes up my enchants on eq, ty

change gods

2006-09-21 22:48:01
cleric specific weapons, such a prayer beads, held as weapon, decreased max damage, but increase cleric spells success or hp healed.

there'll be more spellboost items eventually

2006-09-22 14:22:14
make trogs bigger


2006-09-23 00:14:27
The "You feel a slight headache growing stronger..." message for migraine is supposed to be in white/other color? It's green like everything else here. Not that it's hard to fix clientside, but would be nice serverside.


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