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2006-09-30 13:45:39
general stance for all/most classes, gives a really high chance of weapon recovery on disarm (ie put into inventory instead of ground). Doesnt do much about actually getting disarmed.


2006-09-30 14:52:34
Make Rietta on thorngate identify stuff for a price with the identify command (like the magic shop near aelmon)? Idea is an option for a bzk that doesnt want to pass stuff around should still be able to id it for a fee. :)

i thought there was an IDer on thorn? if not, lvl 1

2006-09-30 16:22:25
let trl rebuild ogr or gia (optional)


2006-09-30 19:02:56
hexes and curses that can be cast on corpses to make it harder to loot certain type of gear, castable by mobs and players.

harder? like a greased watermelon?

2006-10-01 06:20:04
Change the way hide works so it's not a redundant invis, for instance, if in a room and hidden, you are visible to all mobs if you just walked in, but if not fighting, any mobs wandering in the room cannot see you.

but I WANT wandering mobs to see you

2006-10-01 10:33:53
give dgn a psi bonus

this ain't greyhawk

2006-10-01 13:40:05
ritualinfo - shows whenever a character casts a ritual spell. (thren, salv, troika, anchor etc).

no. most are already on lord info

2006-10-01 15:31:36
revamp genesis - make it a lv 999 hero self only spell that rerolls you back to lv 1 hero. you lose any hero spells practiced and stats go back to untrained.

i'm not touching morph (or genesis) with a 10 foot coding pole.

2006-10-01 15:40:31
make ethereal undead like spectres ghosts etc immune to poison

lvl 2; undead + translucent = immune to poison and disease

2006-10-01 16:07:25
new charge shield idea - heal for mages, balanced since they wont get the extra damage cause they can't use flametongue

it doesn't work that way. charge shield is like taping a water balloon to your shield. If I hit it, I get wet. But if you fill it with robitusin and I hit it, you're not going to recover from your sore throat (no for conceptual reasons)

2006-10-01 17:21:23
Have a room setting that causes players to be moved in a specified direction on the next tic unless fighting, with a 7th setting that goes down unless flying, and an 8th that picks a random exit. This would allow simulating river or air currents and falling.


2006-10-01 17:43:12
Imms should randomly load massive mobs in sanc :P, people feel way to safe there, as if it's 'sanctuary' or something.

for the record, i hate sanc. If not for Darii it'd have been gone ages ago

2006-10-01 19:01:02
a helpfile for hall of warriors?

it's a hall. it's got warriors. what's to know?

2006-10-01 19:57:06
make sneak attack for warriors more successful...

But then they'd use it more, and who wants that?

2006-10-01 20:06:24
have ebony arrows hit mobs that normal arrows cannot

there's no mobs normal arrows can't hit. Some are just immune to arrows.

2006-10-02 02:31:40
I have seen quite a few linkdead deaths, resulting in lots gear.

that's a great idea. lvl 5; more linkdead deaths

2006-10-02 02:32:39
oops, I misused the syntax, but make people with linkdead flag totally summonable?

no, because people would use it to get them killed from sanctum or whatever

2006-10-02 05:47:50
give gargoyles an ac bonus when wearing gargoyle bracers

no, but lvl 5; automatically rename them to "Me Bracers" when worn by a gargoyle

2006-10-02 21:31:52
code surge like spells, if u fail it it costs half mana


2006-10-03 00:58:27
gravitas should catch thrown weapons

it's specifically designed to catch only kinetically motivated objects

2006-10-03 01:57:49
Is it possible to highlight in class skills on hlist with a different color or put an asterix behind them? Just if worth bothering with, nice for those classes with inclass skills between 1-100 that's sorta hard to spot in hlist.

lvl 2

2006-10-03 02:52:42
Failed sneak attack should still engage the mob (ie no chance to then do a normal attack..). This would seem to make sense as the mob is now aware of your presence anyway.

last i checked it did

2006-10-03 04:02:13
Allow bodyguards to set what their intercede message is (you know, what they shout when they jump in front of someone). Maybe as a qp perk or just as part of the skill?

it just calls do_say. I don't see how anybody could possibly NOT see it, unless they have themselves gagged.

2006-10-03 13:01:37
can we have a neutral stance command that shuts them off?


2006-10-03 20:20:24
spell - death link - caster designates one piece of gear that will stay with them when they die rather than staying corpse, this affect disappears upon death and only one death link can be going at one time


2006-10-03 22:23:47
A tweak for spiritlink: If you put a linked item in a bag made of your own skin, the link will not be broken

cute, but the game wouldn't know the diff between a genuine nautilus skin bag and a fido skin bag that you renamed.

2006-10-04 05:09:03
modify legendlist to show teams

legend types?

2006-10-04 06:28:27
add a rune that will make a weapon concealable


2006-10-04 14:16:15
fix brill

nothing's wrong with it and nobody's touched it. Or did you mean fix BILL, the less violent sequel to kill bill where he comes back to life and gets a vasectomy?

2006-10-04 16:56:52
since portals can be perfect and completely imperfect, and portal creator will know portal quality on creation, it is logical to have a spell 'detect portals' for mage-likes, which will show portal quality as gold (perfect) red (crit.failure) or green (any other) upon looking on the room


2006-10-04 18:28:45
for a flag on loan flags the item as a onloan from who ever you borrowed it from

better idea; don't loan stuff to people.

2006-10-05 08:51:09
new spell for sor/that evil cleric prc that reduces the target's alignment by 100.

no. And who ever mentioned an evil cleric prc?

2006-10-05 12:06:00
having the ability to locate the next set of objects beyond 75 objects as there is a limitation say c locatr 76.object to bring up more if there are more for example c locate sword will bring up 75 swords then stop even if there are more

no, deliberate limitation

2006-10-05 12:25:22
remove iron skin from non-psionic classes


2006-10-05 14:22:38
Stance for casters to reduce spell failure. Taking this stance allows a caster to focus on casting. AC penalty applies while using this stance.


2006-10-05 17:07:30
rename Take cover to "Fire in the hole"

I've always wondered about that expression. The hole is the perfect place FOR fire. If it gets OUT of the hole you've got problems.

2006-10-06 06:36:19
give psis a weak area spell at level 15


2006-10-06 08:20:47
albatross stance, usable only while flying, makes the mon/shf immune to bash/trip/throw attacks but unable to bash/trip for the duration.

i like the idea of a flying stance. Or at least I would, if everybody wasn't constantly flying anyway. Monks don't need immunity to bash/trip. They have groundfighting.

2006-10-06 08:24:05
let lord shf specify hit location for vital counters

no. out of places to store the data

2006-10-06 09:11:13
fix the alignment of the output for group command so legends don't push everything out of whack

legend types?

2006-10-06 09:29:05
allow players with very high str to carry more than 999kg (continue to scale capacity beyond 999(


2006-10-06 12:11:57
i reckon you should bring back thirst, it kinda gets you into the game more

yeh, but it's kinda confusing on noobs, and it doesn't make sense for characters to suddenly get hungry and thirsty at hero.

2006-10-06 14:09:45
Just looking through the who help file - it would be nice to have a who invis or who hidden so that when someone invis does something, and then you turn on detect invis, you can easily see who it might have been


2006-10-06 21:40:55
allow psis to toggle regen on/off, only on themselves


2006-10-06 21:50:28
Allow wzds to use chaos channel at lord. Wzds do get lots of mana, and do surge a lot, but when on runs when surging isn't necesary, it would be nice to have the extra mana in case of a swarmy situation in which surging is needed. Most runs now a days i don't need to surge unless there is a swarm, but b/c i used all my mana for most of the run not through surge, i'm low on mana. Please give wzds chaos

no. use ether link

2006-10-07 01:06:47
A remortable robot from the future race option. This robot uses high tech future eq and can brainwash enemy monsters into submission.

aren't all robots from the future? I mean unless you count manufacturing machines or those BS barking dog toys they have now. I suppose those are from the present, but they are lame, and don't count. Everybody knows in order to qualify as a ROBOT you must be able to TRANSFORM into something. Actually, I guess those were from the past, weren't they? And Star Wars is set in the past too. Star TREK is set in the future, but they don't have robots. Data doesn't count because he's little more than a barking dog toy. So I guess robots are from the past, so clearly this idea won't work at ALL.

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