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2006-11-18 08:26:17
new stat - Luck

which does?

2006-11-18 09:37:43
how about if you choose to remort back to the same class and race you get a small bonus to xp or can raise your prime requisite above racial max by 1 kinda like a perfect specimen of your race thing


2006-11-18 17:17:25
expand buddylist to show the persons tier along with afk status and on/off status ie Prosatanos (Hero) <AFK> ON

lvl 2

2006-11-18 17:44:32
can sprites have archery mods please aparently they have fus skills it kinda doesnt make sense that a sprite will be able to lob a stone but cant work out how to use a bow as they are a very intelligent dexterous race

most small races have archery penalties, but bonuses with slings.

2006-11-18 22:19:27
whenever a jackpot deckdraw is given; and it's empty - add a reasonable amount of whatever into the pot for the next 'lucky soul'

shrug. up to questie types

2006-11-19 06:54:12
make ebony arrows ignore sanc

no, they're powerful enough as they are, but; lvl 2, boost success rates for making ebonies and exploders.

2006-11-19 11:37:08
asn lord skill, 250? dead eye, snipe odds of critical much higher, complete misses higher as well...OR as arc skill lower odds of fumbling any shots.

i don't think either class is in need of a damage boost. Don't we already have archery mod items that increase odds of a crit and decrease odds of a fumble? If not, lvl 2.

2006-11-19 11:39:16
when in failed morph levels, have the town crier autogrtz say "on again reaching" to show they have already reached that level.

lvl 2

2006-11-19 16:15:36
Implosion - lord psi spell. Improved version of detonate - psi channells energy into objects. Excellent success rate. Surgeable. Good damage.

for discussion on lord list prior to approval: 1; new lord psi-only spell at 101 or 250 or something. An item from inventory is darted at the target, and hits a specified item on the target. Both items then explode. Missile item must weigh at least half what the target weighs. Max weight 5 * int or so. Needs a name.

2; add a new apply field- kinetic damage roll, only applies to kinetic spells. Items and spells may be added with bonuses to this, allowing psions to keep their kinetic damage high without neccesarily wearing entirely splat-magnet HR/DR armor and without upping the total DR available. IE a 10 KDR chest piece that has more armor than the bodice.

3; new psi spell. Fury of the Mind. Not compatible with frenzy. For each frenzy, berserk, rfren or rberz affect on allies in the room, the psion gains 1 KDR (up to 15) without frenzy's hit to AC.

2006-11-20 14:43:49
at the bowmaster could we get bigger increments for splinter arrows, right now you have to buy them 5 at a time

lvl 1; ok, up it to 25

2006-11-20 22:44:43
allow individual characters of some races to choose their size, maybe one of two proximate ones, such as "small" or "medium"

right now, size is defined by race. There is no individual size field.

2006-11-21 08:25:53
write a help summonable and mention it in help summon

lvl 1

2006-11-21 09:07:18
why not update the quests on thorn to give half decent lord gear as noobie gears for new lords its a shame as some of the quests are interesting but the quest prizes arent very good

if LC would like to submit suggestions for items i'll consider them. If the items are too good tho, people will camp them.

2006-11-21 09:09:52
a 'recall show' command to display the name of the room in which you have your recall set...

lvl 2

2006-11-21 09:43:56
psi bonus for halflings, they're supposed to be inheritly psionic

not our halflings

2006-11-21 14:04:34
For new heros it is extreamly hard to find a group - I would suggest that maybe an exp boost could be given to higher level heros that group with lower level heros to help them out. I'm not suggesting that the low heros lose any experiance but that players over level 101 might get an exp boost for spending time with lower groups.


2006-11-21 15:34:19
unlocking something should open it

not neccesarily

2006-11-21 19:56:44
Have retired imms show on who imm.

2006-11-22 08:33:08
hp regen arrows for druid

That regen your enemies?

2006-11-22 08:52:27
sear: psi focuses energy to heat a piece of gear worn by an opponent. sustained spell, damage persists after psi concentration is broken. but gradually tapers off. small chance of destroying effected equipment

lvl 3; kinetic. high lord. Make sure mobs get it. Takes 1-3 ohp per round, thus no real chance of destroying anything with decent hp. Damage should be about 1/2 GD. No save, but victim has the choice between taking the damage or removing the item. Mobs should bias removing items the lower they are on current health.

2006-11-22 08:52:48
shelter: psi telekinetically sends their equipped shield to defend an ally. sustained spell that grants the target an additional shield block

lvl 3; I'm just not sure where to actually PUT the shield. Neither the caster nor target should get its AC bonus while the spell is in effect. Although I guess if the caster is attacked, the spell will end before AC is calculated, so nevermind. Just leave it in the caster's shield slot.

2006-11-22 08:53:39
overwhelm: psi uses telekinesis to hurl whatever is available in the room at a foe. different damage & message based on terrain type of room. (wind in air, branches in forest, furniture inside, etc). single target surgeable

eh, basically works out to a direct damage spell

2006-11-22 14:52:52
a kobold tower only mobs that are GOOD aligned, for easy access to evil alignment like the easy access to good alignment


2006-11-23 06:47:35
when you drop eq in a water room it falls below the waterline :-P ppl with fly cant pick it up. ppl with waterbreathing can.

cute. but flying people can stick their hands in the water if they wish.

2006-11-24 01:45:27
metatarsal support for keyboards


2006-11-24 03:13:55
there should be an option to use practice points to increase mana/hp regen

hrmmmm. Cute, but gonna say no because everybody will use it for quests ala UD.

2006-11-24 03:30:32
new mag spell: silence. removes humming flag.

i don't have a particular objection to this, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.

2006-11-24 05:28:22
why not just make water breathing a part of foci?


2006-11-24 09:48:35
can we have sphere of vapors at lord?

lvl 2; since the spell isn't applicable at lord; high sublevel

2006-11-24 11:22:45
new psi spell: double gravity. makes the target much more succeptible to bash/trip/etc.

that gimmick is for stormlords and soldiers

2006-11-24 11:24:16
how about a psi spell that telekine- tically "shoves" a mob into other mobs, knocking them all down?

nah, bash cloney

2006-11-24 14:48:46
blind strike skill/attack that can only be used when blind and once per combat/mob. Basically, it's an all or nothing attack as the user swings their weapon wildly in the direction they THINK their enemy is.

lvl 3 for mnk or shf; Midnight Fist; self-only short duration affect which gives double damage when blind, BUT if their first attack of the round misses, so do all their attacks. OR make it give 3x damage on counters.

2006-11-24 21:36:36
an insured item should not be saccable except by the owner

lvl 2

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