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2006-12-16 14:46:11
Make a bzk rite such as taunt or provoke which causes all mobs not in combat to attack the bzk.

i've been toying with something similar.

2006-12-16 22:52:25
mana shield- for mag, wzd- instead of sanctuary, a mage or wizard can surround themselves with a mana shield. It has 1/4th damage prevention (instead of 1/2) but boosts mana regeneration per tick while sleeping or resting.

nah, I'm happy with the current level of mage/wzd protection and mana redux options

2006-12-17 02:04:13
to make lord gains viable, should they not be approx. double what lowmort gains are?

Sure, but we'd have to drastically lower what they get at lord 1.

2006-12-17 03:31:12
when typing last playername, have "is a" or "is an"


2006-12-17 04:40:53
a multireg command that can be done from within the mud instead of by email

as part of accounts, yes

2006-12-17 23:58:08
More gold dragons? :D

why? they;re not common you know

2006-12-18 08:22:24
Give Shf the ability to poison hands as a weapon

nah, but have been toying with a similar ability. hit a snag on it.

2006-12-18 08:22:43
Give Dsd racial-dodge


2006-12-18 08:46:32
a new lead skill where leader choses a person from group as a "main" where that one person recieves no rescuer mod for rescuing groupies... lead switch


2006-12-18 10:02:33
A race that has racial no-evil.

Nah. certain races were made by dark gods or demonic masters specifically for nefarious purposes, but the more benevolent gods gave their created races free will instead of a binding desire to do good.

2006-12-18 13:20:42
allow us to view timestamps on channels

there are no such timestamps

2006-12-18 13:37:22
give asn overconfidence, or some form of inate oc, the psi spell to make me flee is really annoying.

don't attack psi mobs

2006-12-18 18:46:06
change raise dead to be availible to all as a ritual; requiring a paladin to start, and 5 others to cast. moves the target to their corpse from any plane, to any

i'm not even sure what raise dead is supposed to do

2006-12-19 04:22:41
lord bod skill- tackle... ie bash without a shield. Possible because of large size of bods, chance to fail based on size.


2006-12-19 04:34:23
durr prayer should be good more often :P @least have some benefit to such ah omely god

talk to whoever is working on the prayer revamp these days

2006-12-19 07:45:17
add to Conditions of use in help fullban * include the name of the player being banned.

we have no way of hardcoding that check, but it should be included in the supportive info given by the banner

2006-12-19 07:54:15
a command to CLEAR both heighten and aware so that a player may keep them in synchronization. When one fails while the other succeeds and they get out of sync, it becomes very hard to keep track of them properly.


2006-12-19 09:48:52
a remort and rebuild tnl help for those races that remort or rebuild


2006-12-19 11:20:47
I may just be splittin hairs, but shouldn't identify have magic lore as a prerequisite?


2006-12-20 02:36:07
a toggleable warning notice the mud sends to a player if they drop under 15% tnl

no, people would use it to make level gear triggers. Otherwise I'd be all over it.

2006-12-20 04:26:50
beggars should react when you give them gold

I think I've already tasked a revamp of give to prevent mobs being given anything other than tickets. Add to that; allow sentient mobs to be given gold, and non-sentients to be given food, which will then be eaten if it isn;t poisoned, or dropped if it is. Sentients should gen a random thank you msg when given gold.

2006-12-20 05:16:24
when using 'note catchup all', if you have not multi-reg'd or you are using your MAIN char - NOT catchup imm postings, but for registered 'alts' allow these to be 'caught up' like other boards.

a note consolidation feature is planned as part of accounts

2006-12-20 06:13:05
guild-specific channels


2006-12-20 06:29:15
sanctum guide as a group leader with unlimited membership, so that someone can follow sanc and be autogrouped to chat with anyone else hanging out in sanc

why not chat on... chat?

2006-12-20 15:15:26
New vital shot locations - tail (prevents tail mobs), shoulder or arm (prevents throwing of weapons)

i hadn't thought of the shoulder one. hmmmm

2006-12-20 18:55:49
astral shield should give ac to golems


2006-12-20 21:51:15
med iii and fast healing iii for hero 999


2006-12-21 05:48:59
as a class an assassin any chance we can have riposte

if an assassin is seeing enough face-to-face combat to require the learning of advanced martial techniques, then he isn't doing his job very well

2006-12-21 08:14:56
update help highest to include all races and classes

Look, we know it needs to be done, we just don't want to to do it because it's annoying. Instead of idea-ing it, I suggest you pick a coder and start pestering.

2006-12-21 16:08:04
Implement a spellchecker for hero/lord chans. Maybe use ispell/aspell, and add common Avatarian words (rog/psi/mon/cle/mag, etc) to the dictionary.

but typos are what makes life worth lvinig!

2006-12-21 21:08:17
would it be possible to convince the bowmaster to sell splinter arrows in quantities which are more useful than 5? Thanks!

no. Fletch 'em yourself if you don't like the service at the fletcher.

2006-12-22 01:42:33
be able to go vis while sleeping...i mean.. you are sleeping after all :)

but dropping a spell or coming out of hiding requires conscious thought/effort.

2006-12-22 02:40:30
some sort of emoting as you run towards the end of the charges on your shield


2006-12-22 12:10:19
we need a remort class for wzd

I'm not sure we do, but feel free to suggest one.

2006-12-22 13:08:08
afk-attached autoresponders when someone sends you a tell..e.g., 'that person is afk hi i'm watching tv'


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