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2006-12-23 02:38:46
human so needs a remort race

Nah. Humans are bland. It's what they do, and it's their balance-factor for having baseline tnl.

2006-12-23 03:25:52
include the level range in an area's help file

good idea but too much work. it'd have to be done by hand for each area

2006-12-23 04:28:22
on the help charge file, add see 'charge shield'

why? that's only for related helps

2006-12-23 15:09:12
remort class for mage/wzd/stm elementalist, they remort

I'm not big on the pick-an-element thing. It's the sort of thing a magic system needs to be built around from the begining, and ours wasn't.

2006-12-23 15:36:37
allow trackies to use altlist command for themselves

why? when do trackies need to know alt info?

2006-12-23 17:34:31
private portal, allows only members of your group to enter a portal


2006-12-24 02:44:00
Let the 'abilities' command show your number of attacks per round, either with or without weapons.

um, ok, lvl 2

2006-12-24 14:15:09
How about note to <buddyset>?

no, we'd have to recurse every pfile looking for buddy channel matches

2006-12-24 16:39:42
altlist should also work with any name on your altlist: altlist becky should work on sawbones since becky is the main alt of sawbones

it will when it's integrated into accounts

2006-12-25 14:58:37
Please consider (or reconsider) allowing fusiliers to remort asn. There is not really a unique role for fus at lord and they do not really fill the role of an archer

so don't play one.

2006-12-25 15:38:50
the creation of gears that add specific enhancement to different class skills, like the ones for archer, but for different classes. say for a warrior stuff that increases smash damage or dammage from double hit, clerical gear that enhances healing when

no for the billionth time. Archer abilities were designed around this item increases. If I introduce +damage stuff for warriors, I'd have to decrease their base damage to compensate.

2006-12-25 16:12:24
it is real pain not to be able to see object conditions for objects in containers

lvl 2; on examine, show condition flags on items in bags

2006-12-26 04:35:29
chathist, tellhist, etc. to see the last (10) chats


2006-12-26 10:03:44
sustainable spell that fills an underwater room with air allowing normal movement/breathing for all inside

i think crom made one, but it's at legend for some reason

2006-12-26 10:33:44
haggle for bzk


2006-12-26 14:55:35
add an option to PROMPTS command to show TNL as a percentage

lvl 2

2006-12-27 03:57:21
An alert that notifies groupies when members join and leave


2006-12-27 15:38:57
dread and reputation should it make an assassin loose reputation from a forced flee? its damned anoying as insightful strike rarely goes off, ie reputation

"Uh.No, baby. That wasn't me fleeing, that was uh... a dread spell. Yeah, that's the ticket!"

2006-12-27 15:46:44
assassin skill Turn About requires alertness and insightful strike, This skill allows an assassin for a limited duration, then the skill is exausted, Turn about allows an assassin an automatic second chance to land murder bs or higher tier

pretty twinky, and not nessecary. rog/sin have enough stabbing power as they are

2006-12-27 15:57:09
Create Poison, to an assassin poison is one of the natural tools of his trade, an assassin can create various poisons from the corpses of venomous

nah, I'm happy with the poison system as is

2006-12-27 16:04:47
secondry strike, this skill requires insightful strike and third attack, and alertness, an assassin is a master of the quick kill, but when the opportunity doesnt present its self in a group of targets, an assassin makes the best of the situation and can at the cost of his third attack when in combat an assassin can switch targets and fight

if an assassin wants to switch targets, he can switch to his bow

2006-12-27 16:12:00
flash powder, rogue, bci, assassin each of these classes the immediate room but not much else, *id guess actually if it flashes a room, a mob that wants to flee has a chance too or possibly the other group members* the c

want to flash a room? bring a sor.

2006-12-27 16:28:35
Assassins Insight is a skill very similar to the Bci skill sense weakness, were a bci gains the knowledge to inflict more damage via psionic means an

oops! you said the s-word!

2006-12-27 16:29:21
Assassin's Insight continued ....

the assassin's vs when they land do more damage.

2006-12-27 16:42:08
Celerity BCI/Psi skill level 600 hero this requires bio empathy, regeneration and third attack, a psionic based class has the ability to promote an extra attack every other round ie 1 attack every three rounds in them selves or another. The down side to this extra attack is your metabolism is quickened so you use up moves 3 times faster than normal, regeneration wont function

while your body is being au

2006-12-27 16:42:43
celerity continued .... augmented and you gain only half your normal hp regeneration, and only one third your mana regeneration, this spell is exhausted for a period of time before it can be cast again, *not sure if mnd benders get it as they seam to specialize in damage associated from the mind*

I appreciate the creativity and attention to theme, but the bottom line is that the stealth classes don't NEED to hit harder or stab more. The only one that could use something extra is MAYBE bci, and thats just for flavor as they have few CD's. Rogues are fine, and sin's are downright twinky.

2006-12-28 06:12:14
mass enchant spell on items of a group, cost like 1k mana

would speed up the enchant process too much. Nobody NEEDS a triple brilled weapon, but those who want one should be prepared for a serious time investment.

2006-12-28 10:48:31
when archers miss a shot, there should be a slight chance for their arrow to hit the tank(person closest to the mob) woohoo

true, but no

2006-12-29 12:11:28
Ok: it makes no sense for guard mobs

of lowmort level to be able to see through invis. Please fix this.

2006-12-29 12:12:21
(the last idea references the ability of mobs to see invisible outlaws)

they can smell you. Outlaws don't bathe. Everybody knows that. Hey, I think I just won a no-prize!

2006-12-29 12:35:59
don't let shadowed lords see lordchat...they obviously don't want to participate

so that when a SOL2 group shifts to mid they can't communicate with the rest of the tier?

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