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2008-05-17 06:57:14
please halve gold training costs for stats between lowmort 50 and hero 101... Many races get nowhere near enough pracs to train their tier stats at early hero and still get their hlist skills

hahaha. If you had asked for reducing the practice cost, that might have made sense. Halving the gold cost ONLY benefits old players with loads of gold. And those are best able to work out how to spend their practices.

2008-05-17 08:32:15
increase shrine regen, remove link to hp-status, shrine to casters Deity, base bonus on aspect_in_common of casters God

yeah, to ideas. for discussion on design mailer (or in a *snipped* response if ppl care).

2008-05-17 09:48:26
more xp for mobs w/ sanctuary? makes sense to double it since it takes twice as long? how about drgs/minotaurs? racial armor makes em a % longer as well

no to races. sanctuary etc, maybe.

2008-05-17 09:57:53
Nolag rescue for monks to balance w/ shf

very imaginative

2008-05-17 13:03:10
Fury of the mind should work WITH frenzy....at hero when are you going to group with more than 7 groupies and at lord....chances are there won't be more than 14 frenzied groupmembers

read the help file. It is your way to have a dr/hr bonus without a hit to AC. It is not meant to be on top of frenzy, ever.

2008-05-17 13:36:36
please let us have a toggle to force the names of people who have been renamed by imms in bright colors to the same color as the channel

no. Complain to the imms to set them back.

2008-05-17 17:21:25
make bash unfailable when mob is bashed already

ahem. You mean autofail? They are in a pretty stable position when they are down.

2008-05-17 20:53:05
New Leader skill -> mute group/player (ofcourse, the gt channel only)

don't really like it.

2008-05-18 13:35:57
retro/new: Move helm of darkness to a new name and new object for 40+ so it doesn't bite lower/newer players

for retro/area

2008-05-18 16:34:38
bowbind lord1 arc skill increses manacost to fletch, arrows fletched while wielding a bow have increased damage when

fired with that bow

2008-05-18 16:35:54
fletch specialization hero1 skill - archers specializing in a specific arrow type see dramatically more production on

their fletches of the specified type

2008-05-18 16:36:20
fletch specialization II lord1 skill, allows lords archertypes to select a single lord arrow type to specialize in fletching

hmm, above to idea stash

2008-05-18 16:42:30
scattershot 500

I vote 5471.

2008-05-18 17:23:14
200 levels to remort sor seems excessive, especially since the lord population have dwindled and groups are scarce. Please review whether 200 fair.

it's fair. review done.

2008-05-18 17:42:55
species types of mobs, such that certain species groups would share various qualities, and all mobs would belong to one species or another

don't understand what would be different to the races they have

2008-05-18 17:48:53
a way to arrange existing aliases

redo them

2008-05-18 18:09:32
racial stink, trog only boon, has debilitating effect on mobs. -int, dex, str


2008-05-18 21:16:15
make it so that when imms get orpomoted it doesn't stop us from running a regular run..

It happens rarely enough, and the mud just stops its normal action for a minute. Deal with it.

2008-05-18 21:16:27
e.g. lag us in large gear rooms,

The mobs do not do anything either.

2008-05-18 21:41:07
I think Shfs/Monks should get claws they can strap on their hands for added ac/dr/hr

hand slot, yeah. wear gloves.

2008-05-18 23:30:13
making the help top10_ file better was a great idea, thanks pulse


2008-05-18 23:59:38
thren pledge roster. you can pledge to the list and it'll show up like a lordrun command, numbered. so the requester can keep track of how many lords are committed to threning, but people don't have to idle at thorn waiting for the whole gang.

oh come on.

2008-05-19 02:49:35
Can we please have new Monthly Player Statistics up on the web again?

yeah, when we get around to automating the creation of the list, or mostly automating it, we will.

2008-05-19 15:40:58
racial rear for centaurs. small chance of putting the mob at 1 hp, similar to tail kathunk

those are dragons.

2008-05-19 15:54:11
for dragons have a 2nd hdl counter for breath only


2008-05-19 16:06:03
help map references help meadow map, which does not exist

documentation: add keyword meadow map to help meadow

2008-05-19 17:14:47
allow lord skills to work on midgard but with a high chance of failure. cast as if scrambled, and skills execute with the same success rate.


2008-05-19 20:11:00
make the treasure room in wamhpri cursed


2008-05-19 20:54:08
a playful jerk emote plz

you are free to emote

2008-05-19 21:57:10
Valid arguments are: <none>, off, on,

or 1 - 2 for your class. Shouldn't that be 0?

2008-05-19 21:57:21
Oh, I'm a bzk just for clarification

bug fix, check logic for max_augment, surge etc.

2008-05-20 00:40:27
add bci to dream steppes, the psi's could use some upgrades


2008-05-20 00:40:47
oops, and backstab would be fun in the pirate ship part


2008-05-20 02:08:37
How about either making all of sanctum infirmary, or removing current room in sanc d w? it's weird having everyone huddled in one room.

shrug, then don't use it.

2008-05-20 09:46:19
good call on the infirmary change, that's awesome!


2008-05-20 10:10:10
decrease the lag on awe so it can be quickened more effectively


2008-05-20 12:01:30
add keyword of 'creature' to the Stonehall bank mob in this room.


2008-05-20 12:53:22
Primal Rage - bzk skill when forced to fight without a weapon (either through det or disarm or whatever) a bzk can use his fists effectively in order to deal decent damage


2008-05-20 13:08:49
an apothecary or sorcerer shopkeeper service that turns corpses into cure light potions. Would be a way for newbies to afford a small portable heal.

no. Clerics need something.

2008-05-20 14:02:38
stop changing stuff so much.. we just get used to something and it changes..

right. Wait for being killed multiple times next time I see you.

2008-05-20 14:55:59
a warm-up period for migraine so you can't get instantly exhausted as you type in your spellcast

nah. It is a pain, but that is what it is meant to be

2008-05-20 16:16:42
Change emotiev drain to hero for psis, gives them a better way to utilize their skills rather than just abuse it for lord tanks to get a quick fix of frenzy

bug fix: remove any spells affecting frenzy penalties

2008-05-20 19:50:22
change Durr, so he;'s adecent god for running. The xp negating thing. Ick. Why?

shrug, Gods are an odd breed.

2008-05-20 19:54:17
is it possible to make a check for active affects that aren't continuous before disconnecting us from the server please, trying to idle off taint and coming back and its still at 64 makes me sad :(

poor you.

2008-05-20 21:02:16
make more than one room in sanctum an infirmary.. Sanc d w is EXTREMELY crowded

don't go there then.

2008-05-20 21:08:32
Drail should mass faerie fire

2008-05-20 21:08:37
thats Adrial

maybe. spec fun updates are always possible

2008-05-21 01:04:36
Add a way for casters to know how long

left on wall

2008-05-21 01:04:45
that's the wall of thorns spell that is

to ideas.

2008-05-21 15:56:18
Since the Infirmary is free know, an idea (to reduce the spam of one room in sanc,) is to make all the normal rooms in sanc infirmaries also.

no. And if you continue suggesting this in the next weeks I will remove that room.

2008-05-21 18:39:46
make every room in sanctum an infirmary, sanc d w is way too crowded.

see above

2008-05-22 00:51:28
a cool little message (output message) for reforge.

ok, if someone gets very bored

2008-05-22 02:24:47
Reforge for lord weapons, same mechanic, 3 pgems for 1 max up to highest base pop.

no at this time

2008-05-22 03:30:22
mobprogs + qps -> quest mobs giving

quest points instead of prizes/levels

2008-05-22 09:14:00
ImmOnly: Modify silence to have a timer flag in days. Allows auto-removal of the flag on login (store the

datetime of lift)

2008-05-22 10:29:05
ImmOnly: Modify silence to act on offline pfiles, indicating that an offline player was edited. Host+.

yeah to the above

2008-05-22 12:02:18
If lord secrets are open now. Unlock llist and helps for lord level things?

that is a lot to do, and we got plain enough other things to do. though - open for a _short_ list of spells/skills/ general helps that should really be accessible. To be taken up by some Junior Imm for coordination.

2008-05-22 15:44:55
a bodyguard skill (retaliation?) that grants them an attack round when rescuing


2008-05-22 16:17:24
can we get a weapon for mages that modifies sense of entitlement by 10%


2008-05-22 17:05:24
sprites should have powerswing, but axes would need to be trans'ed light.

quarterling only.

2008-05-22 17:13:39
consider moving wands to a weapon type, wieldable only if you have arcane practiced (or make a new weapon type to do this). melee damage then becomes spell damage. maintain charges, but make the charge number higher, and zapping can work similar to sustained spell(ie

more damage, but forgo melee that round)

2008-05-22 17:15:48
the same could be applied to staves, but staves take two hands. brandishing grants an area type affect in lieu of melee in the same way. possible caster specialization involved.

like the idea in general. For ideas/discussion.

2008-05-22 18:14:24
have dragon breath scale slightly with sublevel

ok. to ideas (unless it does already, which I thought it did)

2008-05-22 22:11:41
Request for a helpfile of all the weird and wonderful (and not so wonderful) things in the deck of wonders.


2008-05-23 01:09:08
remove invis command (over 800) from trackies. quest trackies of sufficient level can presently render themselves invis from acolytes, demigods, and archangels.

bug fix: trackies can not hide from imm/archangel, priority high

2008-05-23 10:27:49
raise the lower end on mana gains for races like sprite, gaining between 2-4 mana consistently isnt very good when my max is around 14...

no. We are not going to reroll everyone again for this kind of thing.

2008-05-23 10:58:31
Constant drain spell for psions, mental mask, acts like move hidden. Not a skill.

uhm, and it would achieve what? Or rather, why would a psi use it?

2008-05-23 12:43:17
a bacon social. Come on who doesn't love bacon?

suggest one.

2008-05-23 12:51:05
a hidden place where if you die in a specific room to a mob your race changes to something like a vampire, maybe well hidden in an EHA or something so its not easy to even ralize its there


2008-05-23 21:35:52
A message at level 50 that lets players know they can now see DEATH INFO by turning it on.

documentation: cross reference death info in help of gurney and mercy, say that it is available at that level.

2008-05-24 00:53:52
when someone appoints a person to lead the group, maybe make an automated message be sent on gtell saying who is now holding the group?

automated gtell makes no sense. I thought there were some messages to ppl, if not, add it.

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