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2008-07-26 15:35:55
not really an important change, but on who level level, rather than greater than first less than second it could go either way, eg who 40 20 will show nothing and who 20 40 will show people in 20-40, sometimes i do who imm angel and since imm is higher level it gets messed up

interface, ok.

2008-07-26 15:58:06
Since an etching is a physical property put on the object, examine should show what the etch reads (take pity on us poor giants).


2008-07-26 17:58:21
Somehow create an aggie-race flag or something to put on mobs without mprogs. Would be kinda cool if certain mobs would auto-target specific races before aggie'ing other PCs within a room.

yeah. Will consider.

2008-07-26 23:44:49
A command/skill/social that starts with x.


2008-07-27 09:04:37
Add the ability to echo only to a tier. Would be useful during Quests. Something akin to how Heroes can see Hero info and Lords/Legend can see it too. Lords can see Lord info, but so can Legends. So if I echoed to Hero, both Legend and Lord would also see it.

use the channel then?

2008-07-27 10:53:04
Allow Host+ Imms to override the notake flag on items when giving them to mobs. Some items in a quest I don't want PCs to be allowed to take, like legend poisoned arrows on Lord mobs. Would be nice to be able to utilize this without having to manually input it all. Switch/return crashes in the script.

consider: host+ override for item giving (invis, flags, etc)

2008-07-27 17:26:31
Can we sum up the total spent using "smith all" the way the game outputs a total expenditure on "buy ## item"?

no, you smith individual items, while you would by 20 of the same

2008-07-27 18:11:40
allow a mob a chance to bounty a player if they get are outlaws as it would be fun to get to hunt other players now and then from mobs putting a price on a players head for killing a lawfull mob *CACKLE* mabye 100 exp or 10000 gold or something that wouldn't be abused or so one can hope

grin, Kariya? opinion?

2008-07-28 00:01:22
since keys have limited uses now why not let players save with them?

cause you could hoard them.

2008-07-28 02:07:49
more instances where auto-hunt (like wastesweepers/stalkers) are triggered, pcs have too much control of battle flow (especially with prevalence of wall of thorns) and mobs like that cut into that and add more flavor

nod. Retro can do that.

2008-07-28 03:37:21
obscure. lord mage spell. makes item nolocate.

to what use?

2008-07-28 10:35:18
fix for the arc/druid out of combat loophole: when not wearing ammo, give the bow-wielder an attack with the bow that does as much damage as an attack with a shield(read: virtually none).

bug fix, priority high - also low chance of damaging the bow while they try to punch the mob with it. Silly people. Note: abuse of this loophole will be penalized as mentioned in notes.

2008-07-28 14:11:26
At the request of a player who uses a screen reader, can we have config blind no longer remove setmin/setmout? Since now we have filter walkother if they want it removed, but they need to see channels spelled out.

please clarify, can not currently see the point in removing the affect of blind on setmin if that can be filtered as well.

2008-07-28 19:33:58
allow objects that load on the ground/in containers/etc. to load even when players are in the area.


2008-07-28 19:57:14
A warning sign at the Crystalmir Lake/Paradise Point transition. It's a shift from a lvl 5-15 area to a 27-32 area with aggies.

retro if they wish

2008-07-28 20:21:57
Can mercy be made so that you mercy the heaviest corpse? It would help in retrieving new players corpses when theya re in a rush to leave. (A new player had 3 corpses out and couldn't wait for his most recent corpse to decay)

then mercy to the new one, empty it, decays immediately. rinse repeat.

2008-07-28 22:21:40
allowe alts of lord characters access to lordrun command as defined by the altlist command

no. but this is tasked for chars with incarnation > 1

2008-07-29 12:29:25
help pinfo file, that lets newbs know that pinfo stands for playerinfo


2008-07-29 17:39:20
free leadership skill, after every leadership skill is practiced to allow the change of skills outside of thorngate, perhaps doable in lloydable rooms


2008-07-30 10:55:33
give me a cookie

a fluffy one?

2008-07-30 15:50:42
if 'off hand' dissapears in the eq command when a warrior wields something like the mighty claws, offhand should dissapear from an archer when they wield a bow

no. Arcs still use the offhand for something other than just holding on to that extra heavy hammer with the cool double hand handle

2008-07-30 20:37:11
redescribe sanc d w as a deep pit belching smoke and flames..to represent the bot factory insanity


2008-07-31 04:19:51
Stm spell: A chain lightning spell that attacks/stuns mobs in the current room and each adjacent room like a longshot. The downside is obviously they'll aggie the stm and it's sustained. The upside is it could become quite useful in areas with sentinel mobs and increase stm versatility a bit


2008-07-31 13:58:20
raise unsurged dmg on rupture to put it more in line with torment since it has significant drawbacks. doubles the lord brim-frac parallel.

you mean lower fracture damage?

2008-07-31 20:34:48
allow bzk to use questpoints to remove a practiced rite ie steadfast


2008-08-01 10:09:55
allow calm to remove frenzy and vice versa


2008-08-01 13:50:52
add wpose to pose based on worship

just emote stuff

2008-08-01 22:30:28
bacon social please


2008-08-01 22:55:28
prac all, if practices allow practices all available skills

tasked iirc

2008-08-02 00:04:54
some kind of story line setting out the first 101 levels of hero as the defining tough kinda levels, to notify new players maybe at hero 1, these will be the hard times, etc


2008-08-02 00:23:15
include something in the initial naming help for new players to consider discordian themed names

and for whatever reason? They should consider fantasy themed names.

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