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2008-08-30 06:58:37
legend wuizard ritual that sends non-combated opponents to the void..


2008-08-30 16:42:17
not sure how many spell books there are but maybe when a wzd hits certain levels they receive clues or a so called tell from the guild master to areas or other info to help point wzds in a certain direction

nah. There aren't that many. And if builder want to add this for nones, they can.

2008-08-30 21:29:04
Add 'worship' status to a potion. So something might have been created by a worshipper of Bhyss or Tul-Sith, and their god has 'blessed' that potion giving it the duration/modifiers associated.


2008-08-31 00:29:25
remortable race - werewolf


2008-08-31 00:59:49
code orange for me as a personal favor

2008-08-31 01:00:28
the color (ie by, br, bo) etc :P /O/ Orange

you can always adjust your client to show some colour as that.

2008-08-31 10:13:17
allow recall location to be used while resting or sleeping as it seams like more of a mental reminder thing than something that requireds one to be standing

shrug, ok

2008-08-31 20:15:41
file suggestion. help name lenght or maybe attach it to a current file that has information with max lenght of names.

add to help name-rules or whatever it is.

2008-09-01 02:07:35
hie regen. amp er up! :P

y o y

2008-09-01 11:40:09
high level lord shf skill, prereq of vile touch, can discretely reduce target's hitroll and armor class on successful melee hit. similar drawback to vile touch.

this can be done via poison fang. already tasked

2008-09-01 11:49:11
change lag to cast or produce effect after lag passes. ie. fletch, lag, then show how many produced.

not that simple, and not worth the effort at this point.

2008-09-01 17:19:10
note catchup altlist

how hard is it to type note catchup all? And what about notes sent to a specific alt? Sorry, not going through the nightmare of doing all those special checks.

2008-09-01 17:44:14
Perhaps it'd be great if the nameauth info could be moved back to hero. The nameauth system isnt working anyways and it might be nice if more people would welcome new characters...? Thanks

already tasked as renaming of nameauth. Lowering of level makes sense at that point as well. Add to task please.

2008-09-01 21:02:52
if someone can learn pick lock, allow them to use lockpick


2008-09-01 21:57:35
a command to transfer gold between characters through a single command, rather than having to sort it out into lesser gems (possibly with a minor fee) - maybe require password for security doesn't quite work like that, as the bank account is only accessible when a

char is online.

2008-09-02 14:48:54
if help top10_ can be broken up by tiers


2008-09-02 18:59:53
(tight) flag in front of tightened bows

as above

2008-09-02 19:43:08
racial hide and the hide skill in general serves no real purpose. remove hide entirely in favor of either movehidden or not.

we will get there.

2008-09-02 20:00:20
we could use a few more consumed-on-death items like ashes. maybe one that heals you a bit on death, or casts sanc on you? placement could be as rare as necessary depending on power.


2008-09-02 21:29:58
Please. Poisons on kzin assassin mobs in kziniti jungle and spires.

retro can do that if they like.

2008-09-02 22:36:21
nightmare and dream socials for when sleeping.. just for fun.


2008-09-02 22:56:28
Archer probably, Dead-eye - skill allows a chance of a held shot not to lose concentration. Legend level.

to idea stash

2008-09-02 23:08:41
hmm, offshoot of sustained spells. Where the caster has to sustain the spell. The longer he sustains it the larger the damage when its 'released'. Idea stems for a usefull redoing of the shard storm spell.

nod, to idea stash: allow holding of spells/skills to increase effect or just for good timing. Need to do this via busy states that do not evaporate on check and new check because_release.

2008-09-03 00:15:36
just because kasab decided NOT to include human in the DC, doesn't mean humans should be puked on and ignored.

None of the remort races have DC either. Go cry.

2008-09-03 08:52:33
I have two, an afk buffer that you can set to record tells to you as when fighting it is hard to catch all tells, also a clear command which would clear any buffered commands that an individual has entered.

That is very exciting. What colour is the buffer?

2008-09-03 12:37:59
I think kzin spires may be due for an upscale revamp.. as if there wasn't enough to do..

shrug. Retro can look at things.

2008-09-03 14:13:35
color characters in group by class (alternate bright/normal for like neighbors - consecutive clerics, eg)

shiver. No.

2008-09-03 16:30:32
slip plus sleight of hand could equal gear stealing at multiple levels of play. suggest moving sleight of hand legend where its useful.

If we find you steal gear by this method, you will be sorry.

2008-09-03 18:27:40
How about some skill, bonus, perk, etc., at each 100 levels of hero to make the grind less...GRINDING!

sublevel skills.

2008-09-03 22:53:08
mob only skill similar to force field except reverses damage, forces use of bash/trip/shatterspell as well as intelligent casting from players in order to not unload damage when it's absorbing it

sounds fun, even though a tad evil. Someone remind me pleas in a few days to add this in one of the new spec funs.

2008-09-04 03:56:50
a board for buddy so we can leave general messages

no, its a channel to talk on.

2008-09-04 14:27:35
Bodyguardss should get some sort of skill that allows them to block an exit against fleeing mobs. High level skill, results in slight hp loss due to blocking the exit with their body. but, you try to protect someone. If the attacker tries to run away, great,

your master is safe.

2008-09-04 15:02:51
when is the minotaur stampede racial ritual going in?

it is a quarterling racial, silly.

2008-09-04 15:07:08
make giant remort only

indeed, they are dumb enough to deserve the status. Although, they probably wouldn't note the difference..

2008-09-04 18:11:47
remove lag on the "mark" command (rogue lore thing and woodcraft) It can have a use at lord we're comming to find with, slip. Since it's not detromental to gameplay, its a kind request.

discuss the use with me in game or send an email. Not sure.

2008-09-04 19:41:28
don't have the system save when you die, or have the 'death save' be a temporary one, in case the corpse cannot be reached before a crash we are considering ways of saving the corpse across reboot/crash. But saving

on death is perfectly intentional.

2008-09-04 21:09:49
how about a fusilier skill that temporarily reduces your size by one size? make it short duration and exhaust, but would give them a temporary advantage to size-based skills


2008-09-04 22:28:06
instant death after 100 magic lights.

2008-09-04 22:28:11
to the caster

You turn into a magic light yourself and burn out. No.

2008-09-05 09:12:15
(General concept) Warp stone to travel between continents/zones (assuming you can only travel between continents on

the same plane, independent of the planes)

2008-09-05 09:14:39
(warp stone as one way to travel, not the only way)

The plan is as only way, apart from walking, but that will be a while still.

2008-09-05 12:31:32
Immortal Paladins should trigger with reputation upon sicing :P

right :P

2008-09-05 14:16:59
can't put ur password in an alias

what do you mean ?

2008-09-05 15:28:02
beable to see damage in a number form

no. numbers are a crutch.

2008-09-05 15:41:22
new (lord?) spec, single target. mob deceptions 1 piece of gear, and a 'null' item is put in its place (darkness, etc?) with either no stats or base or slightly negative stats. null item can only be removed by death.. and ablution - or only by death, perhaps. Basically a spec to randomly make slots unusable for a certain amount of time. Would be fun if it was the wield slot...

fun one. Not sure for what kind of mob that would make sense. Some psi?

2008-09-05 17:10:15
spell or skill or qps to revive an item you vaped or faded

can't easily. Gone is gone for the game.

2008-09-05 22:01:43
make hall of the immortals non-cursed so new players can recall out easily if they get turned around

there was some reason for it. Cerdwyn?

2008-09-05 22:23:56
make the grtz channel work for Legends. COME ON now :p

You know that you can multiplay your legend char and see/use channels then on the other alt..

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