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2008-09-06 14:36:31
make unholy bargain self-damage check clear on death


2008-09-07 01:01:25
make doom toxin not cause the shiver and suffer since it's supposed ot be subtle and it'll cause more random deaths which are hilarious

nah. Even if it is subtle you still feel when you get damaged.

2008-09-07 03:02:26
purge - pal?cle?prs? skill that will remove all poisons/diseases from target (perhaps other debuffs as well), low manacost but lose hp based on how many affects removed

no. Much too powerful.

2008-09-07 13:38:56
tail's negative effect upon a pc should be directly proportionate to the pc's size

maybe. But that is also why we have hardheaded to block stunning.

2008-09-08 01:38:54
when lords are threnning especially those who don't get to run much have them earn 1xp per thren. as long as they are joined in the lord threning group.

no. Threnody in itself is bonus enough.

2008-09-08 17:49:41
everyone has a way to regen hps faster. why dont we make it so casting types can regen mana faster. kinda like a mana regen granted through quest points

see high level questpoint catalogues. Percentage increase of mana regen.

2008-09-08 22:47:22
get rid of ridiculous lag on sharpen and restring and just exhaust them

don't use them if it annoys you.

2008-09-09 03:07:37
spells like stone skin and steel skeleton should weigh characters down

snicker. Fun idea, but not sure I like the implications of it that much.

2008-09-09 04:14:05
make flood useful lol Thanks

2008-09-09 04:14:50
make flood better then junk or remove it

shrug. Don't use it if you don't like it. Noone is forcing you.

2008-09-09 06:35:43
re-arrange the eq list.. when you type eq have it light head, neck, bod, then arms, wrists, hands finger, then waist, legs, feet, and have your weapons/held seperated on the bottom

see response to bug

2008-09-09 15:58:56
Appoint change - make it so everyone with 1 or more leadership skill are able to appoint back and forth between each other without the limitation on leadership points. I think most people dont like the limitation and it's useful sometimes to swap leader on thorn for larger groups if the leaders need to log an alt a sec.

discuss with Snikt. The limitation was direct Snikt specification.

2008-09-09 19:59:00
should gars really have nosun? they do sit out in the sun all day from my experience.

I do believe that the gargoyles you refer to also don't move at all and have a tendency to leak water from time to time.

2008-09-09 20:34:33
inscribe - superhero/lord wizard spell for creating spell scrolls

maybe, but not now.

2008-09-10 03:52:45
twinking should give twink practices too :(

hmm, agreed. But I don't want to have to go around and give the extra pracs to all those who twinked before. If you can get that agreed, ok.

2008-09-10 04:05:48
druid need out of class skin

If I was a druid, I would prefer to have my skin normally.

2008-09-10 12:20:17
consider making stm spells surgable? would make sense considering they get a lower surge level restriction.

considered it. No.

2008-09-10 14:22:08
if, as it seems, it's really true that higher int gives more damaging mag and wzd spells, can we add a note about that to help int?

this is true for all stats in a way, not just int.

2008-09-10 20:40:34
a helmet that protects against stun, but has no ac

add new label for idea stash: new immunity types: immune_stun.

2008-09-11 02:02:10
if satyr comes in, maybe we should make centaur a lil tougher via hp/dam mod, and make centaur the remort for satyr... or vice versa, satyr can lose centaurs nofail ability for periodic increased spelldamage, and a slightly larger dam mod for archers/warriors. I'd assume satyr would be more sneaky then a centaur as it only has 2 hooves instead of 4

dam mods etc are the least part in setting up a race. Once concept, story and principles are clear those things fall into place.

2008-09-11 10:54:14
lord bzk rite triple hit. Or make it lord level 900 for bzks because I need something to aim for

problem with this is, that it would massively increase already insane bzk damage. That won't do.

2008-09-11 17:23:03
This idea/suggestion isn't as much for the Mud, as for the Avatar wiki. Can we please make the map images bigger? I have the hardest time reading them. Thanks

You will have to contact the persons who run the wiki or submitted the images - this is a separate website which is not administered by the Avatar staff.

2008-09-12 12:20:30
rac breath should be refreshed every battle like ignore pain.. give drgs something simple and not too twink, but worth using as a racial. not just a novelty

no. But some mod to racial breath is planned. Need to talk to snikt first though.

2008-09-12 14:46:54
give a special 'no longer humming' message of some sort when the last charge on a charged shield is used

something similar already tasked.

2008-09-12 15:32:16
note catchup altlist, please and thank you.

someone is repeating themselves again. Thank you.

2008-09-12 17:16:42
a newbie board. like an amalgamation of all of the others, a general board for sending notes and grtz to newbies, offers of gear, plus place for them to answer questions, or people to post newbie tips. Just newbie-theme specific. For instance, invitations to all newbies that if they want to learn more about bsets or setting descriptions, to catch player X online.

this sounds like just the stuff that should be on the general board.

2008-09-12 17:38:01
defiled sorcerers flesh should leave nectotia on them if they die :P


2008-09-12 19:52:48
remove colors from setmsg so that people can't hide their exits in black and make messages that confuse newbies and annoy everyone else

Publicity staff/ other imms - please discuss.

2008-09-12 22:16:54
6mill gold to train one lord strength? your off your rockers

I take that as a sign of approval. Cheers.

2008-09-13 01:19:27
can it be made to where you can include multiple people in a single social command?

no, that would require complete redo of all socials and the underlying message logic.

2008-09-13 01:27:46
make kzin's a little more twinky at hero but never allow them to flee

They would be twinky enough even if they were not allowed to flee. They give a pretty good value for tnl.

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