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Some monsters can be bypassed by walking several moves at a time; try "speedwalking" to get places. - Calidon
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2008-09-13 03:02:11
make exorcism remove curses too, seems relatively fititng with expunging the demonic affects and all


2008-09-13 12:47:45
give actually earned remorts a bonus to ensignias, like +1 dr or something minor

no. You got a new class or race.

2008-09-13 15:06:29
A command like lag, but with a 2 second lag, (not as long as normal lag) for use with client commands to separate the local echo from the response (ie damage counters).

use your clients features.

2008-09-13 21:44:26
Provide an insignia for each leadership skill you earn. It doesn't have to do anything but look pretty.

ok, if easy. will look at that when I expand insignia types.

2008-09-13 23:32:49
can wizards get nightvision?

why not cast the detect spells?

2008-09-14 15:10:06
dirge: 4 divine types (cleric/priest/druid/paladin) sing a dirge for a corpse on the floor. The dead player can planeshift directly to the corpse. This should be a mana draining skill, not a spell.


2008-09-14 21:24:48
should calm really nerf damage from a charged shield since this magic was stored inside at an earlier time and not at the time calm's effect takes place?

maybe it should not, but it will do so as charged shield is too twinky anyway.

2008-09-15 00:01:50
give bonus to bzk when unsanced (to foster unsanced running :)

That would only work in the form of giving malus to sanced bzk, as bzk are very twink already.

2008-09-15 14:33:58
allow hero-level reforge using hero-level pgems to upgrade bases 10->12?

Sounds good to me. Other opinions from Design team / Imm?

2008-09-15 17:34:11
make 2 tiers of stomp: really angry mobs get to stop even when not in battle. scary. :)

Can not see the point except to annoy players. It is not more interesting to fight the mob.

2008-09-16 00:34:14
Ahh, the new "feature"...I think should be removed. If i die, and the mud crashes for a day, i'm not gonna sit here and wait for it. So when i log back in, my corpse will be gone? Even if an imm goes around and picks up all the corpses, we still have to try and get it from an imm. What's the difference if you reset pfile? Reseting pfile requires more work (can only be done by Host Imms, can cause object multiplication, requires double checking and tracking down). In some cases it does not work, as objects were not on chars on last backup. In short, a lot of manual work which can take quite a while.

Storing or retrieving a corpse can be done with any Imm. It does not actually happen that the mud 'crashes' for a day. It has happened that the connection was lost for a day (in which case other security mechanisms kick in), or there was a power outage (in which case Immortals are necessarily around when the mud comes back up, and can take care of corpses if necessary).

2008-09-16 23:40:21
I think a counter that tallied the damage you've taken over time would be neat. That way people could "compare scars" so to speak


2008-09-17 04:29:50
practise command should have an argument like inclass which shows only inclass spells and skills. and pra spells and pra skills also might be good.

to ideas stash for future practise command improvements

2008-09-17 04:32:37
MAges might have a spell like deflect arrows.or improved version of shield spell to minimize damage from projectiles.


2008-09-17 04:37:11
racial charm ability for satyr

new idea stash label: satyr (centaur remort idea), add this.

2008-09-17 04:38:40
first idea is satyr for cen remort, or centaur beefed a bit and satyr being creatable. next idea is IF satyr is cen remort, I have seen some pictures of a satyr being larger w/ a slingshot in hand.. guess they could be a larger verion of an arc/fus... next idea is like the satyr or fawn, it should have racial charm :) thank you for reading

my idea

2008-09-17 10:20:11
Shields should have some echo message that will show when the charges drop empty.

already tasked

2008-09-17 14:41:16
give asn peek, there's really no harm in it, since even NON rogue classes get it already.

reference to what other classes may or may not have does not convince me.

2008-09-17 15:25:09
legend for mage/wizard (unnamed idea) skill that allows mages adn wizards to cast while being undetected. For isntance, they could cast maelstrom.. or cac.. and the utterings do not show. smalld uration. Purpose: makes them better killers in a fray.

if they utter spells, then that will make it quite obvious that they are there, or?

2008-09-17 17:32:49
hero mage-only (250, 500?) spell - endow: allows mage to 'endow' a magic light with seperate foci spells (any one of the spells cast by foci) thus binding said light to the casting player.

In what way would that be better than casting the spell? (Considering that lights have a timer).

2008-09-18 21:57:03
lord alertness/awareness should be longer


2008-09-18 22:19:33
'Planar Boon' : when a paladin rescues a sub 10% hp character and the group is sub 30% hp and 30% mana, the rescuee gets sent to thorn

no. That is too easy to abuse.

2008-09-19 13:12:25
allow slip in the arena, sin ce it is

inacccurately described as a "too peaceful to stge such as agressive action"

2008-09-19 17:59:54
for a stupidly large numer of questpoints, raise a skill or spell to 100% from adept or higher as a high end qpcatalog item

no. Skills should have some chance to fail.

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