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Get into the habit of saving using the SAVE command when you have gotten your gear back from your corpse after dying. This is in case the MUD crashes and reverts you to a saved version of your pfile when you had no gear. - Riviat
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2008-10-18 03:05:29
make globe of darkness a sustained spell, seems more appropriate.


2008-10-18 08:18:32
with the reduction to vampfang i'd like to see a reduction in rogue skill lag

no. can't see a reason.

2008-10-18 09:23:20
Make Sandstorm an inclass spell for STM

no. Control the weather please, not the dust.

2008-10-18 12:38:50
could we have more details on when a person gets the different types of poisons instead of "shiver"

ask the person

2008-10-18 15:42:40
Lord 500+ cleric, priest, druid spell. Mass Requiem. Enables the caster to requiem all corpses within a single Plane. Limited to any except Midgaardia. Huge lag, something akin to create shrine.


2008-10-18 18:58:13
make crom stick piercing

2008-10-18 18:58:21
or make stabbing weapons able to stab w/

no, that is all fine as is.

2008-10-18 20:23:54
werredan strength prayer should be able to go over the +3 max limit

can't do without major contortions.

2008-10-19 04:53:49
skill idea Advanced Heightened Sight - level

to learn it would be hero 500, or maybe hero 600.

2008-10-19 04:54:10
would be of a longer duration than regular Heightened Sight.

no. Psi have longer duration than others, and others might just want to cast detection spells

2008-10-19 15:26:43
board view Ability to hide seeing specified board numbers when you type board, which would be helpful for non-main alts where you don't want to follow certain boards

just make an alias: note catchup board 1: note catchup board 3: note catchup board 4 ...

2008-10-20 13:24:36
garotte skill thats like blackjack but cooler. thanks, I wouldn't suggest it if it we're in our poses :)


2008-10-20 16:05:39
assassinate could be 3 second lag instead of 5?

it could be. Or it could be 10. It should be a number though.

2008-10-20 16:54:54
we need an egging social

read help social

2008-10-21 12:59:56
make assassins lose a point in reputation every tic for each tic that calm is remaining on them, as an assassin unable to attack should lose his reputation fairly quickly - and probably increase the loss substantially for self-casted calm. Wouldn't be a major issue with mob calm as they won't multi-cast it as players will.

too abusable for annoying asn.

2008-10-21 19:09:52
purify a spell that would be the inverse of violation


2008-10-22 12:17:02
Change the keywords on the imp and imp race helpfiles. Both have imp as the keyword. Maybe set gear imp for the imping helpfile to keep them separate.

already done

2008-10-22 15:28:01
increase flee xp penalty on tor worship, would fit in line with help tor


2008-10-22 15:42:40
reset lsi recall to aelmon upon lvl 25 evolution

nod, yeah. use default recall points for their level for cursed imps

2008-10-22 19:03:25
a 'keyring' item that holds all your keys but they are still available to lock/unlock things, but not in normal inventory to get messed up in gear changing macros etc. keys you pick up are automatically put in it.

there are key objects which would never fit on a keyring due to their shape.

2008-10-23 03:35:38
I'd like to suggest upgrading the storm brew potion to higher level spells. As it exists the spell level is 10-15. Considering that the potion is a level 51 potion & is actually quite difficult to get, it seems kind of weird that it only gives level 10 spell effects. Most of the other low level sanc potions are simple to get, the higher level ones more difficult.

retro ?

2008-10-23 15:16:35
we need a vampire area for hero with lots of vampire minions, a master lord vampire, etc

explore the areas that exist a bit?

2008-10-23 22:47:20
change msg of exhausted racial to include what racial instead of generic "you are trying too hard". then i might actually use racial sneak/movehidden

uhm. Are you not aware what you just tried to use?

2008-10-24 00:20:57
I would just like to say "WHO GROUP WAS THE BEST IDEA EVER" Really tho... Really..

how funny.

2008-10-24 10:27:29
tell dawnsong to stop stacking his kills.. he pops in the room and kills right away. annoying when you were there first and typing out the kill. this is not the forum for this type of information. Use notes to immortal. Oh, of course, I could put it into the task list and someone might do it in

about 2 years.

2008-10-24 11:43:46
lower lloydable helpfile so hero prs can read it

do this

2008-10-24 11:44:01
more lloydable rooms so prs can cast

spring spells

2008-10-24 11:44:56
more lloydable rooms so prs can cast

spring spells

2008-10-24 11:45:43
oops sorry for double post...i meant more lloydable on midgaard or remove lloydable room requirement so prs can cast spring spells

mroe lloydable rooo.. shrug. if retro is bored and wishes to do this.

2008-10-24 11:47:39
give prs create shrine at hero


2008-10-24 11:55:40
Add keyword of airdome to


2008-10-24 11:55:55
(the helpfile racial-air-dome, that is.)

yeah, planned.

2008-10-24 16:12:05
have eris update vlad's description

not the right forum to get things done in time.

2008-10-24 17:56:27
Take out the lvl 10 message about DC Quests if the race is not eligible for them (i.e. humans)

do that. no DC quest for hum, imo, fdk

2008-10-24 21:32:22
somehow something,, we can write notes still whkle in lag such as threnody.

k, to bug list, investigate.

2008-10-24 22:20:09
for UC contests, bar UC chars from grouping. seriously, this undermines the whole premis

wrong forum.

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