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2008-11-08 09:47:19
angels should emit a healing aura that heals and refreshes those in the room with them maybe something like double standing regen rate, nothing big just a little something fun

nah. You may be fighting etc. Not worth the trouble.

2008-11-08 10:02:37
Asn should get trip, its fits the darker meaner fighting style.

they kill their prey. What's the point of tripping it.

2008-11-08 22:05:46
add lvl tier race class to the altlist command

sounds nice to have. to idea stash, add label sql

2008-11-08 22:38:57
a help recorder... dumps anything someone has typed after 'help' to a log (may help with creating help file keywords for newbs)

exists already

2008-11-09 05:44:02
Have config ability to turn on default setmouts/setmins--so when turned on, you would only see default entrances and exits instead of other's custom. Too many people are abusing the rule in the help file: Please don't make setmins or setmouts that are rude, vulgar or suggestive.

if someone has such a setmin/out, please draw the attention of an immortal to it and it will be dealt with.

2008-11-09 05:59:21
ok, I just idea'd a config option for default setmins and setmouts. didnt realize there was a filter option to completely turn them off. though i think seeing default is better than turning them all off, but i can understand if you guys are way busy on bigger and better things.

2008-11-09 19:22:19
have boost show up on aura focus

to bug list. investigate why boost does not show up on aura focus

2008-11-10 15:52:36
have the altlist command list useful things about your chars that people normally have to switch alts to check.. such as questpoints for each char, maybe gold in bank, etc.

as above. Some of it would be more trouble than it is worth though

2008-11-10 18:11:03
add a local zombie setting for areas, to allow running a zombiefeast in a restricted location.

to ideas, label areadata enhancement

2008-11-10 20:12:55
a kdr-based bonus to stabs for lord bci

no. there is no kinetic control in holding the weapon

2008-11-11 01:13:37
don't let the quest team use colors in their names, item names, or mob names until they can do it without making them horrendous eyesores

if you have a concern about this, raise it with the quest team

2008-11-11 15:08:55
add 100 "elite" hero levels achievable at hero 999. each level requires 999 normal levels worth of experience to get and gives you a normal-sized gain.


2008-11-11 15:26:57
help class and help class abbreviations both have "classes" as a keyword. remove from one or the other to avoid confusion?

documentation: remove classes keyword from hel class abbreviations

2008-11-11 15:28:18
have kinetic damage be modified by psi mod rather than racial melee damage mod

shrug. psi mod already influences cast cost and spell chance. Good enough.

2008-11-11 17:49:08
when a mob is dead. 'A large wraith guard grasps at a gaping hole in his chest where his heart once was.' should pop a heart.

A wraith does not even have a heart, so the message makes perfect sense .... review of death messages is somewhere buried on task list.

2008-11-11 22:17:38
make color codes unusable in mob names.


2008-11-12 12:57:08
allow intercede to be turned on and off so we can still monitor the tank without auto-rescuing them just because we have alertness up

but that's what you mean to do. You protect your master, and are pretty mindless.

2008-11-12 13:58:16
a successful min racial-charge has a chance of increased dmg via a new min racial, racial-gore (since they have horns). also add desc of min to help min, stating they have horns, etc

no, min are good as is.

2008-11-12 23:10:55
supermacro spell that casts fort, foci and awen for like 2500 mana


2008-11-13 19:14:43
give elementals (lse, pae) racial construct. from help construct: 'constructs like golems and elementals receive little healing from divine or psionic sources, but receive more than usual from Arcane casters'

maybe. not sure.

2008-11-13 21:04:49
y'know... if for the next UC, a special race/class was created for purchase and -only- available through UC and/or quest prizes... I'd buy that


2008-11-13 21:35:30
Give races with tail attacks a slight bonus to avoid such attacks. Since people who have tails are accustomed to fighting with them, they should know how to guard against them better than others.

nah. But implement the race dependent success rate of tail and its effect.

2008-11-15 00:06:05
We just completed quest getting gemstones. I suggest amending the split command to work on gemstones.

gemstones of specific values can be exchanged in the bank only. Gold you can split up, a diamond not - at least not without voiding its use as currency.

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