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2008-11-15 12:31:47
Can we get a better msg for when older players try to go to mudschool. Like 'Sorry you are too big! Type who angel to see if there are any on to help you, or feel free to use nchat for assistance, too.'

sure, do this. code, priority medium

2008-11-15 16:58:12
maybe a corney idea, but wzd readable "language books" allowing a wzd to learn other races languages. Yeah I know no real point..


2008-11-15 18:34:41
when announcing the opening of the ultimate dragon viewing room, please include who is challenging

if the imm that runs it wants to announce that they can. The script that does the opening of the room does not lend itself to it.

2008-11-16 17:52:26
more sor mobs at hero


2008-11-16 21:16:50
warlock class, a ritual based casting class...each ritual grants ability to cast a particular category of spells plus a special ability appropriate to the ritual. Rituals would be chosen at specific intervals in the same manner as bzk rites. Some rituals would be oppositional, so a warlock couldn't choose both.

not really a warlock. Just a specializing mage.

2008-11-17 11:44:31
lord-level monk skill that allows them to catch arrows occasionally

no. Monks don't need arrows.

2008-11-17 13:48:07
lord sor mobs should cast vile philosophy, maybe dependent on level like DF

pulse to include in current spec_fun review.

2008-11-17 14:25:25
Lord 100+ asn skill. singlemindedness. When active, this skill allows an assassin to concentrate solely on his/her target to the exclusion of all other events. If a mob utilizes a psionic based skill such as dread/fear/awe, the assassin receives a large bonus to their save vs. Should have a very short duration, 5-6 ticks with an extra 5-6 ticks of exhaust cooldown in-between.

not sure what single mindedness would have to do with not being affected by fear or dread. You might be effected even more.

2008-11-17 17:20:50
Need to change the tnl command to reflect the change from verbit to lesser imp.

do this, priority medium

2008-11-18 14:59:25
The 1 hp for rolling the kill counter at 10k is nice...but for as infrequently as it happens, would it be possible to make it something a little more? Maybe a 1 time insignia, or something like that?

no. Some classes do not lend themselves to causing a lot of kills, and idlining at crazy kob is not really difficult.

2008-11-18 20:17:45
Size information on score display.

no, just do a help race to see. It is not really that critical, and would just make the score sheet even longer.

2008-11-19 04:17:04
help ent still shows ent as having shade

That's so because they have entshade. It just does not show in the list with the racial command.

2008-11-19 15:26:02
race remort option ELEmental / IMP Ascension


2008-11-19 18:35:49
have earthtremor affect all grounded mobs in the room

once more, this was not an oversight but intentional.

2008-11-20 09:25:54
rescue lag should end after the fight


2008-11-20 11:36:06
A customizable character. Available via remort only and able to practice across many classes. Too offset this maybe inflate the costs of practices

Who has managed to take a peek at my quarterling plan?

2008-11-20 12:24:33
we should add a shield charge that makes mobs lose a foot in height every time it goes off

cute. So sprites diappear after one charge?

2008-11-20 18:29:45
i'm sure this has had to come up before, but is there any way we can make regeneration take precedence over regenerate since regenerate is a dead skill?

it is not fully dead. There are ppl who have it.

2008-11-20 19:52:20
Alter command list so psychic drain comes before psychic crush when you cast c psychic

it is not that tricky to make aliases and you have to do that for other spells.

2008-11-21 19:07:45
racial corpse-eater

tasked and soon done.

2008-11-21 19:09:29
what's with racial butcher? why don't we either give it a use (food items restore mv after lag) or eliminate it?

you can skin without a bowie knife with it. And just because you don't see a specific use does not mean it needs to be removed.

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