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Each class has a prime requisite, the stat which affects and modifies their capabilities the most. Type HELP PR in game for more information. - Riviat
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2008-11-29 19:59:40
ability to set recall reset to any location

that would be a 'remote set' and not reset. not the intention.

2008-11-30 06:02:05
notepagelength would allow you to set a separate length for notes versus your regular screen. or config -notepage to turn off pagelengths for notes entirely (so that you scroll through an entire note at once instead of getting stopped at the pagelength the rest of your screen is set at)

why not create an alias if it really bothers you?

2008-12-01 09:47:34
the dc ambasidors should give you a piece of paper or something with the clues on it to help keep track of them in case you forget

kasab? Eris? May be quite a pain.

2008-12-02 17:18:20
sneak attack without arrows shouldn't lag me

you try something silly. You still try.

2008-12-02 19:00:07
Bld should get 4th attack at lord. It stands to reason that a class that specializes in combat with swords would get more attacks then a mage.

read help sublime grace.

2008-12-02 19:04:34
Bld should get double parry at hero 500 because they're so capable with dual wielding.

read help double parry. this is about wielding a weapon with two hands, not about wielding two weapons.

2008-12-02 19:10:20
nosun races LESS sneaky during the day


2008-12-02 19:38:58
does the phrase "healthy as a horse" mean nothing? Centaur should get a bigger hp mod!

No. Quarterlings are the epitome of health.

2008-12-02 20:36:17
re sandstorm being in class for stm. http(colon)//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_storm Sandstorms are just windstorms in sandy areas.

yawn. So you mean it should be disabled in all areas that are not specifically desert? Cool.

2008-12-02 22:37:40
Auto-save when players get items from their own corpse.

after each single item? If yes, that's a pain. If no, what's the point.

2008-12-02 23:11:49
there should be a way to set filters for battlespam so you can block or allow specific players' attacks

if you want to go to that detail, then find a client which is good at gagging stuff.

2008-12-02 23:33:02
can we change the color of buddychat text plz, yellow HURTS! :(

read help channels. In particular note the channel change command.

2008-12-04 13:38:47
so can the note system have line wrap back?

really not sure what you are refering to.

2008-12-04 22:56:27
gale should protect the whole room from arrows....at least at lord

I thought that's what it did. If not, that's a bug and would require some more info.

2008-12-05 01:26:59
warning at level 50 that cost to unworship will increase upon heroing

do this: add level 50 banner about being close to hero, refer to prc and worsdhip cost.

2008-12-05 11:34:48
add to alertness the ability to characters/mobs people moving from a room.. while you sleeping. (Useful)

but completely without logic. come on. you can do better than these really pointless ideas of the last few weeks.

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