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Newbie Tip
Creating an alias can help you get all of your gear from your corpse. For example if you are standing one room south of your corpse, and there is an aggressive mob guarding it, try 'alias getcorpse north: get all corpse: south' You will often be able to get your gear with no trouble. - Locqui
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2008-12-06 13:02:48
amend the help minotaur file to include racial-hardheaded

documentation: do this

2008-12-06 17:43:38
remort race that gets a minor bonus everytime you remort it


2008-12-06 18:02:36
racial past life for fdk/imp possibly. Remort option that would keep same race/class but start off 1 evolutionary stage higher per remort. Would have to reach highest evolutionary stage for the remort option.

no. if you want an evo race remort, just deal with it.

2008-12-07 02:00:03
i read a bug in regards to magnus' book earlier. how about make a lowmort wzd spell that gives 1-2 int and put it on that spellbook as part of a small quest?

retro can do all sorts of things with it :)

2008-12-07 05:11:34
help file needed for confidence

it is a forgotten art. Noone will be able to help you.

2008-12-07 12:15:41
please make unending dance do something

this will happen with bladetrance.

2008-12-07 15:15:10
since "double" parry requires a 2-hander, then perhaps blds could get DUAL parry. Since they're not doing any dmg at lord anyways they may as well block stuff with those blades

see above.

2008-12-07 15:16:26
a labeler on thorn

Rietta does it.

2008-12-07 15:29:20
racial nosun races should be less sneaky during the day because once every 30 seconds they scream out in pain from the sunlight. Duh.

If they scream out every now and then, this does not really effect whether they are able to enter a room silently or not. So, not quite that simple, but yes: for racial idea stash: consider effects of no-sun other than on regen, e.g. sneakiness and other racial mods

2008-12-08 11:57:05
for bld...2x blades? 2x assassinate!

ok, 2 times assassinate attempt if you wear 2 similar type non-piercing weapons. Right?

2008-12-08 17:48:36
allies using the minds eye spell should get mana from inspiring dance even when they sleep.

hm. don't think I want that.

2008-12-09 01:59:22
an undead race. racial putrid flesh - healing spells have no effect. Racial no sun. Racial cannibalism - eating corpses or other body parts increases regeneration or restores health (more than regular corpse eating).

2008-12-09 02:01:26
for the undead race idea, racial undying breath - grants immunity to drowning, racial swim (they can just walk on the seabed) and high sneakiness as they don't make noise from breathing.

not at this time.

2008-12-10 01:37:42
Allow sacrifices that make gods happy at lord to possibly give more 'lordly' spells -- such as shared boon, tainted genius, or even death shroud. Just because we are lords doesn't mean are sacrifices aren't appreciated. Second of all giving armor/bless just annoys us cuz we can do it ourselves

understood. Not going to give out class defining spells though. Prayer effect will be reviewed when aspect stuff is fully defined.

2008-12-10 11:06:19
help lord-questgroup rules. Not a bad idea to have in there. Considering there should be a standard.

if there are specific rules for a quest - the person running it will declare them. As for other rules - uhm, standard?

2008-12-10 12:24:59
when color is turned off it is always green - can an option be to specify what the off color will be?

you should be able to adjust that in your client pretty easily. Not sure how easy it would be and not sure it is worth investigating.

2008-12-10 18:26:02
To my sacrifice idea submitted yesterday: nevermind. It would be abused to hell and back.


2008-12-10 21:18:28
Embed spells. Allows mages to embed spells into wands. The amount of charges a wand can hold depends on lvl of spell and quality of wand. Can only embed spells that are within class (e.g. mages can't embed sanctuary).

maybe at some point as a specialisation

2008-12-10 22:02:03
config +nogurney please.


2008-12-11 14:21:06
a help arcane race file, since I'm learned now trolls are somehow arcane. Nice to present these ideas to new players so they can make the right choices upon remort.

they may be somewhat arcane, i.e. not as bad at arcane as at other casting (note, I am just following your words, this is no confirmation), that does not mean that they are particularily good at it. An arcane helpfile or such could therefore be more misleading than helping. We expect some infomation like that to the website info at some point in the near future.

2008-12-11 21:40:48
Give dragons racial hardheaded. They know how to avoid pain from a tail.

no slots free, and no anyway.

2008-12-12 08:58:10
cancel insured items without having them in your inventory

not sure. Would make sense from ease of use point of view. Need to check abuse point of view.

2008-12-12 10:10:40
who foo should show us fooled ppl

who fool

2008-12-12 14:30:21
A consider type command for wzd/mage that allows them to gauge how much a surge would injure a potential target.

uhm. no.

2008-12-12 14:48:57
lenged idea, shadow mastery. Rogue much greater chance of racial sneaks worksin, almost no fail on the skill

Can't see why a class skill should have a large impact on a racial skill. Ramping of racial skill effects need to be reviewed anyway. One current thought is to always allow racial skills _in parallel_ to class skills, so that they allow stacking, e.g. for sneak, fly, move hidden etc.

2008-12-12 23:51:30
witch doctor: class that can cast no spells but can imbue staves with spells for use. because of said reliance on staves, they have -zero- lag on brandish! neat, eh? :D

welcome to abuse lane.

2008-12-12 23:52:48
witch doctor: to enhance upon this idea, witch doctors would have to complete quests in order to gain the knowledge necessary to imbue their staves with power

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