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2008-12-13 11:00:57
let heros and lowmorts see which lords are shadowed


2008-12-13 15:35:48
there should be an offensive dance for lord bld. As it is these so-called masters of edged weaponry couldn't hit their way out of a wet paper bag

still need to code the basis for sub tick cost skills, then we can talk bld.

2008-12-13 17:30:46
Bind next year's Christmas Giveaway prizes to the winners.#


2008-12-13 17:45:41
mass remove curse

no, at least not until curses have been reviewed and made more powerful, and at that point a mass remove curse would only remove the lesser ones.

2008-12-13 18:23:59
help highest for fdk

it exists already.

2008-12-13 23:52:52
dragon remort avail at lord 100 "elder dragon." Can be like uber dragons! With white hair!

no. The 200k tnl it would need don't fit in the code.

2008-12-14 05:15:27
please put on help emote that it is LEVEL 2+. Thanks!


2008-12-16 02:42:36
make charge shield easier - this is insane! i don't know if it's just my race/class combo (dsd wzd), or if that even makes a difference, but it's quite time consuming to charge one shield.

that is ok. Charge shield is way to powerful anyway,

2008-12-17 00:28:24
the signs say Type <look sign>. Nom's tree should say <look in tree>

retro: consider adding this to the area with christmas trees etc.

2008-12-17 13:38:26
please fix, fus is able to join battle even while ungrouped with scattershot, leads to accidental kill stealing

bug fix: ensure scattershot follows legality checks for assisting

2008-12-17 21:22:56
change "Your God's" references in boon messags to actual deity.

shrug, ok, priority low

2008-12-18 00:15:17
Can we please give warriors something that makes them do damage? Too many of them at lord. It's annoying.

thanks for the reminder to add the slip damage reduction in.

2008-12-18 00:15:25
correction: Real damage.

2008-12-19 00:11:52
y'know what'd be neat? if once you cast identify on an item you could then instead check its stats with examine. (with examine listing all attributes like ac, saves, etc)

use label

2008-12-19 00:11:58
you've "identified" the item, so why need to do it again?

cause you may not remember everything, and especially not what the difference is between two swords that look the same and that you have carried around in the same bag and now take out.

2008-12-19 10:25:42
make assassin melee combat damage mod equivalent (or closer to equivalent) to that of rogues

sorry, you mean you want to be nerfed?

2008-12-19 19:33:15
Change the name of "Lizard Man" to something else less gender bias

The folk of lizards historically has not been focused on gender equality. While this idea slowly seems to gain ground even in those societies, the name will probably stick for a while still.

2008-12-19 21:08:14
Have a room prog to restore anyone (to full) who logs into an Infirmary room after not playing for at least 1 real life hour.


2008-12-20 01:33:45
jake the thornslayer sells empty beverages.. intentional? :p

does he now? retro to check where that last delivery disappeared to.

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