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2008-12-20 06:29:21
unchristen - reset an item to its original descrip, perhaps at reduced cost

no. Original is very relative (in other words - there is no clear original description), especially for items given out in quests.

2008-12-20 15:44:06
Stormlord lord/legend Sunblast? - Makes the sun do damage to nosun races even through dark embrace. Not much through dark embrace, but significant without it. Sustained spell and all that.

sun is not weather as such. I like the idea of making damage depend on a racial. Put this to the idea stash for racial effect revision

2008-12-20 23:56:14
self sacrifice - bzk has the ability to regain it's corpse after performing a sacrificial blood ritual dance.

forget it. No eulogy for bzk, even under other names.

2008-12-21 02:43:47
gargoyles should be resistant/immune to poison. Can't poison stone.

Using Dev's response - Gargoyles have stone skin, but are not comletely stone. Golems are completely stone/constructed and are therefore immune

2008-12-21 07:20:11
Reference to help map under help midgaard and help midgaard under help map so that new players more easily can locate the shops they keep asking about.

documentation, do it

2008-12-21 12:39:50
add keyword soldier to the "Young Midgaardian Soldier"


2008-12-21 22:58:08
a vs target that knocks a flying mob out of the sky, ala earthbind

uhm, how is that meant to work?

2008-12-22 19:07:36
can insure list show labels? would help to locate unrenamed gear

no, it can't easily. Sorry.

2008-12-23 01:12:46
change Raeli's staff of "create food" to a staff of with purity, 1-2 charges.

you are joking, right?

2008-12-23 03:54:54
update help raceclass

those helps are automatically created - and slightly broken.

2008-12-23 04:01:54
I wish we could see the names of those who have herothanked us. Maybe I've mentioned this one before.

is planned for new herothanks, but it will be tricky to create retrospectively

2008-12-23 11:28:14
a note command that lets you catchup to a specefied date. Useful for checking notes on various alts who aren't all caught up to date.

why not catchup to current date ?

2008-12-23 14:56:54
godtype/devotion conditionals for mobprogs.

Thought that existed? If not: new task for this

2008-12-23 17:10:28
wasp social "playername looks you up and down, "harummmmmmmmmmmmmmmerrrrrr"

read help social in game.

2008-12-23 21:42:32
questpoints to not automorph at 999 for a set number of levels

you gain stats. No other bonuses will be given.

2008-12-24 00:14:08
tells should be private channels.

What do you mean? Or, what is the purpose of this request?

2008-12-24 22:20:48
Lizard races should have an eyeball licking rpose, like geckos.

2008-12-24 22:21:08
woops, like "Rua licks her own eyeball. Aren't YOU jealous?"

read help social in game. It states that ideas for such things should be emailed to Daeron directly. Cheers.

2008-12-25 01:48:41
when angels create springs, like a caster ball of light, make it |bw|a |by|heavenly |bw|spring flows from the ground here.


2008-12-25 22:02:32
mistletoe social

read help social

2008-12-26 01:56:34
Togglable skill for casters to refresh a spell's tick count by recasting

not at this point.

2008-12-26 17:56:29
new vital shot location for rogue/asn types. "hands" -- has a chance to knock a weapon out of their hands or cause 1 attack to miss next round

already tasked for chance to disarm.

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