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Edmundtrillion, the Ent in Stonehall will identify items for you for a fee if you can't find someone to cast the spell for you. - Riviat
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2015-05-01 16:00:41
add the weight of items a psi can orbit to the abilities command*

*Do it** (if not already there)*

2015-05-02 15:14:07
allow fandango while wielding a hafted weapon


2015-05-05 02:36:11
affect of Orbit spell should end and leave when the item being orbitted leaves

No, there is some deliberate overlap there for a reason.

2015-05-06 15:57:47
add a cost-per minute charge to auction-house items when posting items for longer than 60 minutes.

Up to Pulse

2015-05-06 21:56:06
I'd like a speak silly command.


2015-05-07 01:09:43
add a size comparison to the CONSIDER command

Yes already tasked

2015-05-08 10:39:21
Add aff cooldown timer similar to tainted genius for ebony arrow.

Certain timers are deliberately opaque


2015-05-12 11:19:35
since there are no area spells aligned to cold or water, consider making cyclone also do water damage*

*Do it*

2015-05-12 11:22:54
can bod get at least a 1.5x morph mana gain mod? giving them no mana at lord doesn't make a ton of sense

They already get a bonus as do other low mana classes which allows them to morph. This is already a perk Im not sure they deserve.

2015-05-13 10:51:12
change vile touch duration to be same as frenzy or give us a way to cancel it. i had to resort to wielding to keep from dying in astral

Risk vs reward

2015-05-13 22:22:57
ents should get a root racial that prevents them from getting bashed/tripped/tossed, racial lasts for a few tics and ends early if the ent moves. exhausts per normal.

They essentially get a bonus already.

2015-05-18 13:54:13
can sneak and move hidden be adjusted

to last the same length as spells? it's an awkward duration that doesn't really make sense.



2015-05-19 15:59:56
can we please have a new lore that lets us see condition on type treasure items?*


2015-05-22 12:56:50
bonus 50 hp/mana gain at hero 500

2015-05-22 18:07:37
can we just get rid of moves as a stat? they don't really make a ton of sense within the context of the current


2015-05-22 19:37:57
some automated way to show which racials are in existence, currently being used, and also which races are using each

of them

2015-05-23 14:29:06
abilities command should show max for

all spells i can cast, such as quicken, in the same way it does augment

2015-05-23 22:43:25
LsE evo should be reconsidered....the 2 reboot runs with minimal reboots now are making EVO very difficult...

perhaps a 6 month PyI at lord could be an exception :) Pythagoras :(

2015-05-24 17:09:21
lord version of rebirth races, where at lord 501 there are races to follow on from remort races only. for example

dem and fae could be the first ones.

2015-05-24 23:53:58
make priests white fire and white light

scale with level to be useful at lord

2015-05-25 04:35:26
plz make racial sneak and move hidden last

the same length of time. ideally change sneak to match move hidden

2015-05-26 00:59:33
Create a lordly 'Greater Amplify' skill, which, for a greater cost, has a chance for amplified spells to affect the enemy target with secondary effects; effects not unlike those observed when

using a full strength breath weapon.

2015-05-26 13:01:38
can we cast dagger hands and stone fist in combat? if not, can we have something other than chakra

strike/drain/neutralize to spend qi on during a long fight?

2015-05-26 18:32:44
etch remove command to allow etches to be removed at the cost of item's hp. like filing the serial off of a gun.

would be nice at lord when upgrading gears in lotto

2015-05-26 23:18:42
a way for players to kill themselves easily - if they type 'curse snikt' it would have them do the usual curse social towards snikt, whereupon a lightning bolt from above or something would

come out of nowhere and strike them dead

2015-05-26 23:19:31
also, it'd be fun tricking newbies into

saying it

2015-05-28 00:55:54
given that the original intention of obligatory nexus drain is no longer an issue, can we drop the chance of

having it steal mana back down to normal levels again?

2015-05-29 13:02:53
there should be an ooc rescue bonus for classes that are tanking. I.E. Mage is leading a group of 5+ - they should get some type of small bonus for rescuing, since the lag is

horrendous. it would encourage more people to lead maybe!

2015-05-30 15:58:53
HELP LORE should perhaps include LABEL

and CONTAINER LORE in the list of x-ref helps?

2015-05-31 17:44:36
with each tingle on prayer getting

positive bonus should also increase.

2015-05-31 21:42:34
As a master swords(wo)man bladedancers would get fourth attack at lord to increase their damage and make them

reasonable group members outside of boss rooms if they are not tanking.

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