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Low level archers needing to buy arrows or bolts should visit the Fletcher's daughter in Stonehall and the Fletcher who has his shop to the south of Aelmon in Midgaard City. A low level fletching kit is available for sale from Liam in Wayside. - Riviat
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Shoutbox Archive
Sideshow on March 01 2009 09:51:51
I came here today at 4:49 sys time, for the first time today, I could only vote at TopMudSites andnot the other two... When I tried I still could vote, but the counter on the Site said only 1... This
The Town Crier speaks: on March 01 2009 08:56:55
Historical data and average votes per day are now visible in the Top Voters list. Enjoy!
Stelth on March 01 2009 04:29:41
will be going out over town next month for a week. Looks like we are back to our usual ebbie-hylaeus battle unless someone else steps up
Stelth on March 01 2009 04:28:35
Hah! Made it.
Thranx on March 01 2009 02:57:22
1 vote short of 100, Stelth.
The Town Crier speaks: on March 01 2009 01:01:08
You rock Stelth!
Hylaeus on February 28 2009 21:01:52
the maximum votes that you could have if you timed it correctly over 28 days would be 112 votes
Stelth on February 28 2009 05:22:31
or 28 days.
Stelth on February 28 2009 05:22:08
Actually I want to see if I have timed my votes well enough to hit 100 votes for a 20 day month. I wonder what the record for votes/day is over the course of a month.
Hylaeus on February 27 2009 11:56:31
That you did, birhtday's, Shrove Tuesday, and work conspired against me this month, Congratulations Stelth
Stelth on February 27 2009 05:08:16
Looks like I clinched the February title
Ebnodon on February 18 2009 03:29:56
in zmud you already have both listed. AvatarMUD and Avatar West
Trevaine on February 17 2009 03:45:32
Avatar is hosted on the East coast of the US hence it is Avatar East. Avatar West (used to be?) hosted on the west coast. The address is avatarwest.outland.org:3000
Sideshow on February 16 2009 23:31:26
what is the address of both? In Zmud it only connects to Avatar. I dont know if that is west or east.
Riviat on February 12 2009 16:51:17
If East is down and West is up then West is the best place to go to for information. Issues which affect East usually also affect the mailers.
Riviat on February 12 2009 16:49:18
They are on different networks and hardware so no it is not possible to just switch over. Particularly if it is a connectivity issue.
Riviat on February 12 2009 16:47:55
There were 2 seperate issues, the 1st was loss of connectivity due to Comcast, the 2nd due to power issues that exceeded the UPS charge. East and West servers are physically seperate.
Lorimel on February 12 2009 14:45:38
but west IS up, thats whats so very confusing, cant the server for west just be swapped to east for the duration of the issue ? (of course I DO realize I am speaking from a position of TOTAL ignorance
laazarus on February 12 2009 14:04:03
the MUD was up 9 hours ago, though it was down for a while before that... it seems there is some larger problem causing outages.
Lorimel on February 12 2009 13:58:34
hmm 24 hours later and mud is STILL down. Any info anyone can offer would be most welcome.
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Sep 22 2021 08:05
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Sep 21 2021 19:32
Metis has become a Wizard.
Sep 21 2021 19:06
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Sep 21 2021 01:09
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