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Level 2-10 and want free spells? Hang out at a healer and be patient! Read HELP HEALER for details of which spells they give. - Riviat
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Shoutbox Archive
Zahri on June 11 2008 17:28:21
You're welcome! Legends and people with high TNL seem to love me lately... *gathers her army* MUHAHAHA
Riviat on June 09 2008 03:24:34
If you haven't filled out your survey for your level, do it!
Riviat on June 08 2008 09:21:38
Marinade Skorn
Wiseman on June 08 2008 02:25:43
Kariya on June 06 2008 07:05:03
No Arganon. She was referring to something I might or might not have done to a coworker when I was in a highly aggressive mood.
Hylaeus on June 06 2008 03:21:21
Either that, or he just like fire...the bright and shiny flame...how it spreads and burns...sorry, got lost there for a second
Arganon on June 05 2008 15:45:22
Did he quit smoking recently?
Zahri on June 05 2008 04:35:51
Someone make sure Kariya does not have a cigarette lighter in his hands, please! ;p
Hylaeus on June 05 2008 03:15:26
Ooo a facebook button
Kariya on June 04 2008 07:50:07
Ever had one of those days where you just wanna kill people? Good thing I can change focus from RL to Avatar and get my aggression out.....>
Hylaeus on May 29 2008 03:09:59
I have to say that the Diplomatic Corps quests are my favourite, well done
Cerdwyn on May 15 2008 14:30:44
post me a note if you are on between 9pm and midnight system time. If I am invisible, I can catch you that way
Wiseman on May 15 2008 07:24:42
I keep missing you online Cerd
Cerdwyn on May 07 2008 16:57:49
Sorry Zarf. The demons ate Riviat's camera
Hylaeus on May 07 2008 02:57:05
unique and special, the two words I love to hear
Kariya on May 06 2008 09:50:47
Glad you guys had fun with the Virtual UC contest. If possible we'll do something unique and special next time!
Zarf on May 05 2008 12:49:28
No Ubercon photos?
Hylaeus on May 05 2008 03:11:45
and yes we had fun as a virtual uberconner
Cerdwyn on May 05 2008 02:09:23
oOo another voting link! sweet!
Cerdwyn on May 04 2008 17:36:55
Did you have fun?
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It is!

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Oct 02 2022 01:13
Vaalkra has remorted into a Tuataur Mage.
Oct 01 2022 18:49
Dervish successfully morphs from Hero 303 to become Lord Dervish.
Oct 01 2022 16:45
Markath has remorted into a High Elf Sorcerer.
Sep 30 2022 23:34
Taiyaki has become a Wizard.
Sep 30 2022 22:32
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