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Petition process
  1. Applicant needs to read help angel petition.
  2. Arch sends prospectus with instructions for next steps.
  3. Applicant schedules interview with arch.
  4. Ophan decides on second interview.
  5. Email to angels for input on altlist of applicant.
  6. Applicant schedules interview with imm.
  7. At apotheosis, create angel light, rapinfo the apotheosis date, and update angel roster on angel wiki.

Keyword: light, nimbus, glow A (color of choice) light shining from above A soft (colored)glow(/end color) suffuses the air, creating an ethereal nimbus around you and above you that lights your way. When worn: As you wear the nimbus, it harkens you back to the welcoming day of your Apotheosis, (date). Item bound to angel.


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Aug 16 2022 03:24

Aug 02 2022 22:13
Daeron is running Push Your Luck now. Mini-HoG just ended!

Jun 30 2022 04:23
It is!

Jun 28 2022 23:55
Testing. Testing. This thing on?

Aug 17 2021 05:50
Halfway through August and so many events yet to go! Log in now to join our newest event.

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Game Updates
May 22 2024 03:09
Belinda has become a Wizard.
May 22 2024 00:03
There is a disturbance in the realm as Panamoriav fails to become a Lord at sublevel 323.
May 21 2024 17:32
Skkitth has remorted into a Drider Rogue.
May 21 2024 17:01
Meanace has remorted into a High Elf Stormlord.
May 21 2024 06:10
Gelsi successfully morphs from Hero 999 to become Lord Gelsi.