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Change Log

Wed Apr 28 17:03:43 2010 - on reboot: new command roam (Pulse)

To roam the lands, without much care where your feet take you: across the smooth paving of a merchant city, heading up a slope in a forest filled with the vibrant song of winged companions, or through the shadow of icy caverns to the summit of peaks aglow with the dance of eerie ghosts - whereever the paths lead.

The use of the 'roam' command will make you take a step into a random permissable direction - over land and water, or even into the air if you are flying. Note that no compensation for ending up in the wrong place will be given.

enjoy, ps.

Sun Mar 7 18:38:17 2010 - On next reboot (Pulse)

From next reboot onwards command-stacking will not work if a Legend swaps between the Lord and Legend forms. This includes aliases.

Nothing else should be affected. Pulse

Sun Mar 7 16:16:12 2010 - On recent restart (Pulse)

Some small bug fixes and tweaks went in on last restart:

  • disengage will not make players follow
  • racial shapeshift will check for the failed morph level of heroes
  • typo fixes
  • recall information options can be used while sleeping
  • augment is no longer available to stm (could always augment 1 only)
  • cleanse is available to cleric at Lord 800
  • lock pick failure message to room
  • fletch states correct type in messages (bolt/arrow/stone)
  • linkrefresh will no longer mess up group order
  • some other bits and bobs

If things appear to be whacky, let us know.

Thu Feb 18 23:21:00 2010 - Very minor changes (Daeron)

On next reboot, some minor changes made to the counter and stance commands. Of most note is counterthrow has been appropriately named to countertoss.

If you experience any problems with these two commands please let me know.

Mon Feb 15 19:44:06 2010 - Sanctum (Cerdwyn)

On reboot the new version of Sanctum will go in I hope everyone enjoys it

Watch for a note from Ferrix to go vote for your favorite new room Yes, there are prizes to the winners.

New Sanctum Botting Rules go in at that time and will be enforced!

Thank you to all that participated

Mon Feb 8 16:49:36 2010 - In the middle of something weird (Pulse)

On next reboot the message, which indicates that someone is busy, will be more specific. So the 'in the middle of something' will show which ritual or spell or skill the character is sustaining or attempting.

In some rare cases there may be a message saying: 'In the middle of something weird.' If you see this, please let me know of the circumstances how it came about that this was showing up.

Sat Feb 6 05:56:36 2010 - xp reboot (Pulse)

From next compiled reboot onwards, the so-called 'reboot-xp'-bonus will be reduced. Hang on, hang on, don't start screaming yet.

The intention of the logic for the xp bonus is to give higher xp for less popular mobs, and lower xp for more popular targets. After a reboot this popularity rating is a bit volatile, which resulted in the swift changes of xp.

The revised logic will result in a more modulated popularity bonus or malus during the uptime of the mud, while maintaining a small effect just after a reboot. The maximum and minimum xp gained from killing a mob is as before, however, the 'normal' xp gained should be slightly higher.

Thu Feb 4 17:12:34 2010 - hidden things (Pulse)

On next reboot builders have some more options to cause confusion. Apart from that, there is a certain streamlining of code related to zapping of equipment of the wrong alignment - so please notify us of any weird behaviour there.


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Oct 24 2020 03:12
There is a disturbance in the realm as Key fails to become a Lord at sublevel 524.
Oct 24 2020 03:05
There is a disturbance in the realm as Hino fails to become a Lord at sublevel 415.
Oct 24 2020 01:37
Ludia successfully morphs from Hero 553 to become Lord Ludia.
Oct 23 2020 13:37
Lyroahc has remorted into a Demonseed Bladedancer.
Oct 23 2020 09:42
The HOGathon has ENDED. HOG is no longer a valid command.