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Design Conference - October 7 2012

(Adelryn) hello
(WinterRose) type $help
(Malaclypse) Hi everyone
(WinterRose) hello
(Scevine) ahoy
(Gwildor) hey
Adelryn whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) Ok not too many people so it shouldn't be too hectic ;)
(Malaclypse) Thanks for coming
(Malaclypse) The purpose of this conference is just to give an outline of where we see ourselves going
(Malaclypse) just to be clear
(Malaclypse) this is just a direction and the current intent
(Malaclypse) as with most things - they can be subject to change
(Malaclypse) there will a time for questions near the end
(Malaclypse) but as there aren't too many people
(Malaclypse) i dont mind fielding questions as we go
(Malaclypse) if they relate to current topic
(Malaclypse) (please save more general questions to the end)
(Malaclypse) First up: staffing
(Malaclypse) Pulse has decided to step sideways a bit
(Malaclypse) We will be sharing design lead
Laazarus has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) more or less based around time of the year
(Malaclypse) he will head things for march-june or so
(Malaclypse) and then me for the rest of the time
(Malaclypse) also
(Malaclypse) I'm sure many of you will have met Pallidus already
Pallidus obviously doesn't like that idea... Hissssssss!
(Malaclypse) he will be joining the design/code team too
Malaclypse whistles and cheers in appreciation!
Laazarus applauds loudly!
(Zahri) Woot. Sic him, sic him!
(Malaclypse) grin
(Pallidus) sic doesn't work in conf Z :P
(Zahri) after you code it, it will.
(Malaclypse) Ok, the first "project" ive been tackling is a class revamp
Aldric has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) i'll just touch on the main ideas that are currently floating around on a class by class basis
(Malaclypse) cleric will continue along its current path
(Malaclypse) you should have noticed a few pantheon related spells
(Malaclypse) these will be completed
Slickenstien has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) i.e. one per deity
(Malaclypse) while we are on divines
(Malaclypse) nothing new is currently planned for paladin
(Malaclypse) beyond a lord level 250 quest
(Malaclypse) which will lead to a paladin weapon enhancement
(Malaclypse) priests aren't scheduled for any major changes
(Malaclypse) druids have been being discussed for quite some time
(Malaclypse) among the design team
Payn applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) there has been a feeling that they aren't quite "right"
(Malaclypse) i am aware that they are somewhat popular regardless ;)
(Malaclypse) I am currently considering among other things
Odon has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) expanding on the ritualist/prophetic side of the class concept
Laazarus whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) potentially leading to aligning druids with the Avatar cosmology
(Malaclypse) (which actually is quite extensive)
Odon applauds loudly!
(Zahri) (go Izanagi for working on that one!)
(Malaclypse) yes, very impressive stuff
(Malaclypse) previous ideas included making them kinda sage-like ;)
(Malaclypse) anyway, i think we have a basic idea
(Malaclypse) im not expecting to dramatically alter the class
(Malaclypse) but
(Malaclypse) i do want to differentiate it more from "hitting cleric"
(Malaclypse) priests
(Malaclypse) no major changes planned for priests
Odon applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) regardless of changes to clerics/druids
(Malaclypse) they will remain the "best" pure healers
Odon whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) ok, any questions on divines?
Mimir raises a hand - a question?
(Adelryn) what are these pantheon spells?
(Zahri) queue - mimir
(Zahri) queue - mimir adelryn
(Malaclypse) mimir
(Mimir) maybe not the best time to bring this up :) but some folks were complaining about paladin weapon enhancements that increase "counter attacks"
(Zahri) (reminder - check out $help if you need help with commands for raising hand etc)
(Mimir) problem is, you can't double parry with a 2 handed, handled weapon.
(Laazarus) rais
Laazarus raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) have you checked it? i thought you could
(Mimir) hence you can't riposte.
(Zahri) queue - mimir adelryn laazarus
(Mimir) yeah you only double parry with a "double" weapon
(Malaclypse) no, that shouldnt be the case
(Malaclypse) would you mind checking please?
(Mimir) sure thing
(Malaclypse) im pretty sure ive checked that before
(Zahri) queue - adelryn laazarus
(Malaclypse) adelryn - check help pantheon in game
(Malaclypse) adelryn - check help pantheon spells in game*
(Malaclypse) includes things like unholy rampage
(Adelryn) okay good deal that was simple enough :D
(Malaclypse) (not sure if helpfile lists them all atm - but it will :D )
(Laazarus) on druids and expanding on their "ritualistic/prophetic" side, aligning with Avatar cosmology. perhaps instead of the current main gods they could connect with a different set of older/more primitive/basic "gods" or principles, elements, whatever u want to call it. more basic things to align with than our current gods, like "Chaos", The sky, the ocean, the air, fire, etc.
(WinterRose) shamanism laaz?
(Malaclypse) i considered that
(Laazarus) lord basically more shamanistic yes
(Malaclypse) but that will overlap with mage plans ;) (coming next)
Scevine whistles and cheers in appreciation!
Adelryn whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Laazarus) ah ok
(Zahri) go go mages :)
(Odon) woot
(Malaclypse) ok, that leads us nicely to arcanes
(Malaclypse) If you were following your imm notes
(Malaclypse) you would've noticed the resistance code that Mimir has been slaving away at ;)
(Malaclypse) this represents a very significant change
(Malaclypse) damage is no longer just "damage"
(Malaclypse) it is fire/corrosive/etc/etc
(Malaclypse) 18 odd types right, Mim?
(Mimir) 30, but some of them are silly and probably won't be used
(Malaclypse) ok cool
(Mimir) like what is "polymorph" damage really?
(Malaclypse) yeah
Iktinos raises a hand - a comment?
(Scevine) c 'create chicken' mal
(Malaclypse) this means that mobs will have quite unique resistances
(Malaclypse) grin scev
(Malaclypse) for instance
(Iktinos) a spell which tries to turn you to stone, or so forth.
(Malaclypse) hurling a fireball at a fire elemental
(Zahri) queue - iktinos (when mal is ready)
(Malaclypse) isnt going to do much(any) damage
Aldric whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) an icestrike will do even more
(Malaclypse) as a nice little dovetail into this
(Malaclypse) certain (most mage type) spells
(Malaclypse) will have a new form of heightening/augmenting
(Malaclypse) i.e. low level mage spells will scale up with your character level
(Zahri) Oooh.
WinterRose raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) so you could be using your lvl 18 fireball spell at hero quite a bit
(Zahri) queue - iktinos winterrose (when mal is ready)
(Malaclypse) ok Ikt
(Iktinos) I only raised for a comment, which I have made. ;)
(Malaclypse) cool
(Malaclypse) winter
(WinterRose) will spellcost raise too?
(Malaclypse) yes
Odon raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) odon
(Odon) Will that spellcost diminish a few times
(WinterRose) missile is cheap, burning hands is used to cheaply aggie a room...
(Odon) with levels.
(Malaclypse) already considered, winter ;)
Adelryn has left the conference
(WinterRose) ty
(Malaclypse) and Odon - no, not really
(Odon) Ok cause right now it does
(Odon) well for only like a couple levels.
(Malaclypse) i thought we had gotten rid of that
(Malaclypse) maybe we just scaled it down, it used to be very severe
(Odon) Or maybe I didn't notice the change.
Gwildor raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) gwil
(Gwildor) are lords going to be getting a new set of damage type spells?
(Gwildor) I probably wont be able to get away with brimstoning everything, will i?
(Malaclypse) correct me if im wrong please, Mimir
(Malaclypse) but no
(Malaclypse) fireball for instance
(Malaclypse) should scale to lord
(Malaclypse) and legend
(Gwildor) i see
Gwildor raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) gwil
(Mimir) that's right. instead of making you buy a practice ticket to get "fireball ii", you'll just have to get whatever new skill we come up with that allows spells to grow with you.
Slickenstien raises a hand - a question?
(Gwildor) is brimstone going be a fire based spell?
(Malaclypse) cant recall offhand, Mim?
(Malaclypse) some spells will have mixed damage types too
(Mimir) it's half fire and half "cursed" (infernal / demonic damage)
(Mimir) similarly torment is half electric and half cursed
(Malaclypse) nifty eh?
(Malaclypse) slick?
(Gwildor) sounds cool
Aldric applauds loudly!
(Slickenstien) is this new change going to affect the way mag/wzd can area spell solo in a negative way, like completly nerf it
(Zahri) this is great. I want to break out my mages again :)
(Malaclypse) no
(Malaclypse) this isnt a mage nerf
(Malaclypse) if anything
Laazarus raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) it is a major mage buff
(Malaclypse) mages will be supreme at breaking mob resistances
(Malaclypse) a trick for every situation
WinterRose raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) laaz
(Mimir) there *might* be some mobs that are resistant to corrosion. in that case you'd have to use cyclone or firestorm instead of acid rain.
(Laazarus) sort of related.. was there any consideration of diving dsd a bonus with "cursed" (infernal / demonic damage)?
(Laazarus) *giving
(Slickenstien) thx for the clarification
(Zahri) queue - winterrose after
(Malaclypse) will look at that when we get to race revamp
(Malaclypse) winter
(Laazarus) k
(WinterRose) so burning hands will be equiv to acid rain for area? just damage type is different?
(WinterRose) hero or firestorm or something
(Malaclypse) no, burning hands wont be heightened by defaul
(Malaclypse) t
Pallidus raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) i.e. we know what you guys use it for ;)
(WinterRose) thanx
NightHawk has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) palli i think
(Zahri) yep
Falkor has entered the conference.
Scevine raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - pallidus (current) ten scevine
(Pallidus) will pc races get resistance/vulnerabilities
(Malaclypse) yes
(Malaclypse) all races will
(Falkor) save
(Malaclypse) ten
Aldric whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Pallidus) Watch out for fireballing mobs Ents...
(Zahri) please read $help for a list of commands
(Zahri) sorry, its scevine now
(Malaclypse) scev
(Malaclypse) oh :D
(Malaclypse) (Scevine) are special damage-type weapons/items going to be commonplace or super-rare/nonexistant
(Malaclypse) that will be something we have to discuss with builder
(Zahri) I think I and the coders need to have a talk soon, yeah.
(Malaclypse) my preference is to the rare
(Zahri) commonplace is hard as we just don't have the staff to add stuff quickly, so.
(Scevine) what about, for instance, dark flaming blade which is already quite prolific
(Malaclypse) that one is just a cheap knock off of the real thing
(Scevine) hehe
(Malaclypse) :p
(Laazarus) look
(Mimir) something we still need to figure out. some items would make sense to retro, but I'm hesistant to change stuff that's already really popular
(Malaclypse) ok, a bit more on arcanes
(Malaclypse) what mimir said
(Malaclypse) mage
(Mimir) ie, your highly enchanted ice rings suddenly make you suck in frozen wastes.
Lorthar has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) plan to allow an elemental specialisation
(Malaclypse) or "path"
(Zahri) (might be better to make changes to tier 2 items to make them more popular)
(Lorthar) aa
Aldric whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) which you can follow
(Zahri) but just pondering.
(Malaclypse) will have related quests etc
(Malaclypse) think along the lines of what was suggested earlier for druid
(Malaclypse) kinda similar
Gwildor raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) gwil
(Gwildor) is there any plan on changing stormlords around a bit with this change?
(Malaclypse) for now
(Lorthar) [Dironic i am working on making storm lord
(Malaclypse) stormlords will get proper damage types assigned to spells
(Malaclypse) we might add another spell or two
(Malaclypse) to help them get through a few more resistances
(Malaclypse) wizards
(Malaclypse) like mages, they will get good use from spell heightening
(Malaclypse) im also considering allowing wizards to craft their own signature spell
(Malaclypse) think spell version of a paladin sword
Gwildor applauds loudly!
(Lorthar) question
Laazarus whistles and cheers in appreciation!
Scevine raises a hand - a question?
Aldric applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) lorth
(Zahri) queue - lorthrar scevine (when mal is ready)
(Lorthar) what do younean craft a spell? how will that work?
(Malaclypse) would involve questing for knowledge/components
(Lorthar) aaah
(Malaclypse) you would then interact with a mob
(Malaclypse) reseach assistant/whatever
(Malaclypse) research*
(Malaclypse) which would set up the various spell variables
(Malaclypse) you could then cast your own tailored spell once done
(Zahri) queue - lorthrar, scevine after
(Malaclypse) scev
(Lorthar) how do i get off conference. i feel like i should be on conference on archane.. sorry for disrupting.
(Zahri) type $exit
Lorthar has left the conference
(Malaclypse) and $help
(Scevine) maybe I am misreading that, but I thought this was going to be something to give mages a niche among wizards, not something to also hand to wizards while again giving them something even awesomer as well :|
(Malaclypse) well, mages will get elemental customisation
Archanefuror has entered the conference.
Iktinos raises a hand - a comment?
(Scevine) I shall take your word for it then
(Iktinos) I thought wizards were not generally so impressed with their lot?
(Odon) ARchanefuror, type $help for commands.
(Archanefuror) hero i did
(Malaclypse) queue?
(Zahri) queue - none
(Slickenstien) wzd is just a mag with 10k more mana
(Zahri) iktinos just had a comment he gave already
(Malaclypse) i will have a look at it
(Malaclypse) ok sors
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
Gwildor whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) no major changes here again
(Zahri) queue archanefuror (when mal is ready and asks)
Gwildor emits a long and loud Booooooooo!
(Malaclypse) their spells assigned to the relevant types
(Malaclypse) and they will remain the best one shot nukers
Odon raises a hand - a comment?
Laazarus raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) archane?
(Archanefuror) could it be possible to make it atleast not so secritive on the perfectgemstones? or possiblity for a highlevel maybe a lord mage or wizared to risk summoning htem?
(Zahri) queue archanefuror (now), odon(comment), laazarus(question)
(Malaclypse) secretive?
(Zahri) pgems are mostly a hero and higher type thing
(Archanefuror) like idk how to obtain the gemstones its like confusing.
(Malaclypse) ah ok
(Malaclypse) what zahri said
(Zahri) hero - quests only really. lord - quests and areas
(Malaclypse) and elaborated on :D
(Archanefuror) aah. i only got that one cause it was lottoed
(Malaclypse) odon
(Odon) Just a quick comment to say that
(Slickenstien) pgems pop on groups of 5 or more in hero eha and on lord runs
(Odon) I am happy to see this change, because on Ebnodon' I've been debating for year
(Zahri) queue odon(comment right now), laazarus(question)
(Odon) that maelstrom shouldn't be the most common attack spell.
(Malaclypse) cool
(Odon) So with these changes it will definitely change the game.
(Malaclypse) we shared your sentiment ;)
(Zahri) I tried to break up the monotony by casting after a lord attacking but before the first round.
Aldric whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) laaz
(Laazarus) so if sor spells are assigned dmg type cursed/demonic or whatever similar, a race such as dsd would presumably have a racial bonus to that dmg type?
(Malaclypse) will be looked at when we get to races
(Zahri) queue - none
(Malaclypse) potentially, but nothing massively game changing would be my gut feeling
(Archanefuror) raise
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) archane
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror
(Archanefuror) K Umm the spells of hiding and masking
(Archanefuror) What about a spell for making oneself be disguesed as a mob for a amount of time?
(Archanefuror) just a thought
(Malaclypse) ok
(Malaclypse) alright i think that wraps up arcanes
(Malaclypse) rogue types
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) i think vanilla rogues are *ok* for now
(Archanefuror) Can rogues throw short blade like weapons?
(Malaclypse) save questions plz, archane
(Archanefuror) soz
(Archanefuror) new to conferences
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror (when mal is ready)
(Malaclypse) we are looking at finally implementing traps
Iktinos applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) so if/when we do
Laazarus whistles and cheers in appreciation!
Archanefuror applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) so that will naturally be something rogues will be very useful for when it comes to dismantling
(Malaclypse) bladedancers
Laazarus raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) they just a big change with bladetrance
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror laazarus (when mal is ready)
(Malaclypse) so no major plans for them at this stage
(Malaclypse) bci
Imptacular has entered the conference.
WinterRose raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror laazarus winterrose (when mal is ready)
(Malaclypse) the current idea is to massively expand the actual concept of the "black circle"
Lavendel has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) i.e. they will become like a faction within the game
(Malaclypse) bcis will be able to work their way up the organisation
(Malaclypse) unlocking some perks in the process
(Malaclypse) ok arcane
(Malaclypse) er archane*
(Odon) in
(Odon) woops
(Archanefuror) stupid caps
(Archanefuror) anyway
Slickenstien raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror (now) laazarus winterrose slickenstien
(Zahri) can you repeat your question archane?
(Archanefuror) i was thinking if they cant be able to now. maybe they can throw daggers or small short balde weapons no mor ehten a few pounds
(Archanefuror) idk much about rogues but i think that would be something interesting if not in alreayd
(Malaclypse) they can
(Malaclypse) laaz
(Gwildor) fusilier specialize in throwing weapons archane
(Archanefuror) aah k
(Laazarus) does traps development tie in to discussions on the mailing list about asn updates? will traps be related to int as per asn prime stat? will asn (and rog shf bci) be able to make traps?
(Zahri) type 'slearn throw weapon' after the conference is done and you're back in the game archane
(Zahri) queue - laazarus (now) winterrose slickenstien
(Malaclypse) trap making isn't planned at the moment
(Malaclypse) not ruled out
Lavendel has left the conference
(Malaclypse) but will be a lot more difficult to implement
(Zahri) they have been trying to put in traps for years.
(Malaclypse) and, no this wasnt directly related to mailer for asn
(Malaclypse) winter
(WinterRose) so no veil nerf? bld skills rebalance like fixing dervish usefulness etc?
(Zahri) queue - winterrose (now) slickenstien
(WinterRose) pulse spoke of this earlier
Imptacular raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - winterrose (now) slickenstien imptacular
(Malaclypse) ok, ill speak with him about it then
(Malaclypse) blades have been his baby
(Malaclypse) slick
(Slickenstien) the black circle stuff will that lead to a pure class definer at lord for bci
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) that would be part of the idea, slick
Budh has entered the conference.
(Zahri) queue - slickenstien (now) imptacular archanefuror
(Malaclypse) all the benefits from progressing in circle would be unique
(Malaclypse) imptac
(Imptacular) say did you already talk about asn?
(Malaclypse) no, coming after queue
(Malaclypse) archane
(Imptacular) say ok I will wait
(Archanefuror) yea im going a back to the bld's
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror (now)
(Archanefuror) i think the helpfile isnt quite clear on thier helpfulness to mages and spellcasters.
(Archanefuror) it doesnt really clear statefuly
(Malaclypse) which helpfile?
(Archanefuror) the help bld
(Laazarus) help bld
(Laazarus) ack
(Malaclypse) how does that relate to mages?
(Malaclypse) bladedancers arent related to spellcasters
(Archanefuror) cause when they are monitored the mages can rgroup mana faster if they are in the same group and room. but doesnt give details on it. like the rate of it. require ments. ect
(Malaclypse) ok, that would be in the dance/stance description
(Mimir) help inspiring dance in this case
(Malaclypse) we generally don't give out numbers
(Malaclypse) play and find out ;)
(Zahri) queue - none
(Malaclypse) ok assassin
(Archanefuror) aaah k ill check that out later. cause that wasnt on the see also for bld
Innova has entered the conference.
Imptacular whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Innova) rest
(Innova) sleep
(Malaclypse) asn are in a similar spot to druid
(Malaclypse) i think they operate well as a class
(Malaclypse) from a mechanic point of view
(Malaclypse) but they don't have as well a defined role within the gameworld
(Malaclypse) so
(Malaclypse) the current idea is to allow a form of assassinate
(Malaclypse) via their bows
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror (when mal is ready)
(Malaclypse) it will require a new set of slayer/bane arrows
(Malaclypse) which asns will have to prepare
(Malaclypse) and will require taking "jobs" to actually get their hands on them
Odon raises a hand - a question?
Iktinos raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) archane
Iktinos raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - archanefuror odon iktinos
Fitwon has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) odon
(Archanefuror) I was just thinking about the jobs. I was thinking 1 way of a job can be like people do a command to get a job done by an assassin and it cna be put on an asasin board for jobs
(Malaclypse) something similar, archane, yes
(Odon) Since we are partially on the topic of arrows. Any future plan to finaly add a seperate slot for arrows, to prevent having using the held slot for other items.
(Malaclypse) (i want to stress - this aspect will be optional. i.e. in addition to all the stuff they already have)
(Malaclypse) no plans for that, odon
(Zahri) queue - iktinos (when mal asks)
(Malaclypse) ikt
Archanefuror raises a hand - a comment?
(Iktinos) Given that Assassins are supposed to be good at intelligently analysing their foe before striking
(Iktinos) will the new bane arrows and ranged assassination
(Iktinos) also tie in with the new forms of damage and resistances?
Laazarus raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) archer arrow types in general
(Malaclypse) will feed into that
(Zahri) queue - iktinos (now) laazarus
(Malaclypse) so indirectly, yes
(Iktinos) Thanks.
(Malaclypse) laaz
(Laazarus) this change is only to affect lord asn and up?
(Malaclypse) yes
(Malaclypse) though
Imptacular has left the conference
Fallandor has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) i will most likely allow heroes to take "jobs" too
(Laazarus) i second the earlier mention of int being asn prime stat so would be nice to see it have more of an affect
(Zahri) queue - laazarus (now)
(Malaclypse) noted
(Slickenstien) int has a huge affect on insightful strike and slip cause my trl sux
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - laazarus (now) archanefuror
(Laazarus) done
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) back on the asn. well not asn but any thing on gerneral. the asn made me think of this kinda. like there in the worlds can be random vague maps to give an idea where some treasurerooms are.
(Malaclypse) hard to implement
(Archanefuror) true just a thought though
(Malaclypse) ok psion types
Elemorph has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) psis just got quite a nice upgrade to their telekinetics
(Malaclypse) i.e. mods to fandango etc
(Malaclypse) so nothing planned for them right now
(Malaclypse) mindbender
(Malaclypse) we now how have *mind* as a resistance/damage type
(Malaclypse) so they will be focussing on that
(Archanefuror) 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111$raisec
(Archanefuror) cwiwps
(Archanefuror) soz
(Archanefuror) accidnt
Archanefuror raises a hand - a comment?
(Zahri) queue - Archanefuror with a comment (when Mal asks)
(Malaclypse) somewhat trickier
(Malaclypse) i'll have a look at expanding the disabling ability of mnds
(Malaclypse) to a degree more catastrophic than what we are used to for "utility" type spells
(Malaclypse) archane
(Malaclypse) pretype questions if at all possible please
(Archanefuror) k if the psi are kinda lkke both tele and mind and mindebders are pretty much souly mind. What about soomething purely Tele?
(Malaclypse) kinda what psis are by default
Laazarus raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) laaz
(Odon) save
(Laazarus) i feel some classes at lord suffered from a lack of things to strive for at higher lord lvls, so some of these new spells would be nice to adjust
(Malaclypse) ok noted
(Malaclypse) monk/shf
(Fitwon) raise
(Malaclypse) as was mentioned on mailers
(Zahri) queue - Fitwon (when Mal asks)
(Malaclypse) several people suggested a ki type system
(Malaclypse) i'm considering something along those lines for monk
(Malaclypse) again as an addon type measure
Archanefuror raises a hand - a comment?
(Zahri) queue - Fitwon, Archanefuror(comment) (when Mal asks)
(Malaclypse) it will require 'active' gameplay to build up and use
Laazarus applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) shf
Laazarus whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) may or may not get ki special moves
(Malaclypse) if monk do
Elemorph raises a hand - a question?
Laazarus emits a long and loud Booooooooo!
(Malaclypse) looking at allowing them special strikes
(Malaclypse) which damage resistance
(Zahri) queue - Fitwon, Archanefuror(comment) elemorph(question) when Mal asks
(Malaclypse) (resistance types)
(Malaclypse) will also review lord damage
(Malaclypse) as part of this
(Malaclypse) fitwon
Falkor raises a hand - a question?
(Fitwon) love monk, one of my favs, not a fan at leading groups. is there anyway we can rock some monk fist wraps maybe even something for feet too. adds to the damage of monks and takes away from -ac. diffrent ele damage types maybe
(Malaclypse) yes, being considered
Laazarus raises a hand - a question?
(Fitwon) awesome thank you
(Malaclypse) archane
(Zahri) queue - Fitwon (now), Archane(comment) elemorph Falkor Laazarus
(Archanefuror) On the Ki/chi thing. sure Ki and chi are like a sort of energy blast things too. but they also do forces of nature. wich is kinda a stm job
(Zahri) queue - archane(now) elemorph Falkor Laazarus
(Malaclypse) im talking about the interal body energy
(Malaclypse) more a monk thing as i see it
(Archanefuror) I am too
(Malaclypse) ok
(Malaclypse) elemorph
(Elemorph) Sort of explained I guess, was just wondering what this ki system is
(Malaclypse) early stages atm
(Zahri) queue - elemorph(now) Falkor Laazarus
(Malaclypse) and like everything ive gone through
(Malaclypse) you should consider everything as alpha stage for the most part
(Malaclypse) i.e. may or may not happen
Archanefuror raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) just my current thoughts here
(Malaclypse) falkor
(Falkor) skip me
(Malaclypse) laaz
(Zahri) queue - Laazarus(now) archane(comment)
(Laazarus) first, i think it's a brave and bold move with the new damage type changes affecting so much. i'm a bit nervous to see how it's implemented but also excited. second
(Laazarus) i hope shf is recognized to be more in need of work than mon?
(Malaclypse) shf actually have more "unique" things already
(Malaclypse) there usefulness/power
(Malaclypse) is more what is typically questioned
(Malaclypse) atm
(Malaclypse) the only real thing monks have over shf
(Laazarus) right now at lord there's no "spot" they fill
(Malaclypse) is consummation
(Laazarus) also being good
(Laazarus) and blind faith and even bear stance
(Malaclypse) that is one of the things driving the class revamp as a whole
(Laazarus) send even
(Zahri) queue - Laazarus(now) archane(comment)
(Malaclypse) the idea is a place for everything in the world
Budh raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) K back on the chi and ki. I think some races should have more benfifit tho it then others. some have normal and maybe a balance between types a chi or ki. Some bing stronger on one side then the other. and also some races have little to no access to ki/chi
(Laazarus) lord i just figure they should have a purpose, if it's less rescuing and healing and more dmg then ok..
(Zahri) queue - archane(now) budh(comment)
(Malaclypse) that will be considered when we get to races if we have ki by then
(Malaclypse) budh
(Budh) I just wanted to say that at lord, mon are usually much better than shf since lack of prot evil and some other things hurt shf a lot
(Malaclypse) ok
(Malaclypse) next up
Laazarus applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) warriors
(Malaclypse) and bodyguards
Budh raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) there will be a blueprint up for warriors
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) for those who haven't been involved in one of those
(Malaclypse) essentially we will have a mailing list
(Zahri) queue - Budh (q) Archane (c) when Mal asks
(Malaclypse) and it will be a free for all
(Malaclypse) to make suggestions for warriors
(Malaclypse) (perhaps some of which will spillover to bodyguards)
(Malaclypse) budh
(Budh) Can we give bod gemcrafting, or maybe more mana or something, at lord they're usually only used as remort fodder with warriors being much better at everything that matters
(Zahri) queue - Budh (now) Archane(c)
(Malaclypse) im not sure about gemcrafting, but the idea will be to make them distinct from warriors
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) Anyway i have a little experience with warriors cause i do have a warrior alt named Zaline.. and ive read on bodyguards and bzkers. It says Bzk wear little armor so they can do more damage and a bodyguard they way its defined. sounds like bod goes and wears a heck ton of armor and has a moderate to small attack power. but others say diff so its confusing a bit.
(Malaclypse) ok
(Malaclypse) bzk
(Malaclypse) not too much change planned for bzk
Budh raises a hand - a comment?
(Fitwon) question
(Malaclypse) there are one or two rites which might be retasked
(Zahri) queue - Budh Fitwon (when Mal asks)
(Fitwon) crap whats the command to raise my hand lol
(Archanefuror) fit on just type $raise for questions :)
(Zahri) type $help to see a list.
(Malaclypse) (prime strike for instance)
(Malaclypse) bzk will remain dependent on others
(Malaclypse) but the most brutal of melees
(Malaclypse) budh
(Budh) Ignore pain seems to me somewhat OP in gear rooms actually. Like blds with veil.
Elemorph emits a long and loud Booooooooo!
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - Budh (now) Fitwon Archane
(Malaclypse) will review when we get there
(Malaclypse) but i am aware that bzk suffer a lot for their perks
(Malaclypse) so they should be good
(Malaclypse) but yeah
(Malaclypse) we dont want OP anything
(Malaclypse) fitwon
(Fitwon) love love war, best support class out there. not a lot i dont like about it. Bod was ok but not alot to do that singles me out from other warriors, i lack hps and lack damage.
(Zahri) queue - Fitwon (now) Archane
(Malaclypse) nod
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) a bzk i am just goign to asume thir main weapon is a big heave battle axe. But my thought is they if they dont. have a skill that requires paint maybe even specificcolors. and when they use the skill they will use a bit of the paint to be abel to get upgrades for a time depending on the spaing and skill
(Archanefuror) paint*
(Archanefuror) like war paint
(Malaclypse) hrm, nah
(Archanefuror) k
(Odon) when you're in game, type help scarring or is it help scar
(Archanefuror) k ill do so
(Odon) that's how they "paint" right now ;)
(Gwildor) berserk like to cut themselves, they're emo, thats thier thing
(Malaclypse) i think that just leaves arc/fus
(Malaclypse) grin gwil
(Elemorph) I would suggest actually becoming more experienced at this game (since you literally just starting playing) before making suggestions to game change, Archane
(Zahri) queue - none
Slickenstien whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) ok with archers
(Malaclypse) i know they have been criticised for
(Malaclypse) well
(Malaclypse) ages i suppose
Budh raises a hand - a comment?
Budh raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) the issue is that their damage actually isnt all that bad
(Zahri) queue - Budh (when Mal asks)
(Malaclypse) but people perceive them as being boring
(Malaclypse) simply boosting their damage
Archanefuror raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) naturally doesnt solve this
(NightHawk) Way to make a new player feel welcome
(Malaclypse) so the idea will be to give them more things to do
(Malaclypse) and expand the mechanics they can utilise
(Zahri) queue - Budh Archane (when Mal asks)
(Malaclypse) at the moment im still brainstorming this one
(Malaclypse) (more than most of what was already mentioned :p )
(Malaclypse) but the idea at the moment is to factor in something like slip for archers
Gwildor raises a hand - a question?
Scevine raises a hand - a comment?
(Zahri) queue - Budh Archane Gwildor Scevine (when Mal asks)
(Malaclypse) i.e. allowing archers to set up camp in rooms adjacent to where the main action is happening
(Malaclypse) this would come with certain perks
(Malaclypse) damage etc
(Malaclypse) but would potentially make them more vulnerable too
Pallidus raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) additionally
(Zahri) queue - Budh Archane Gwildor Scevine Pallidus (when Mal asks)
Fitwon raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) i was thinking about giving them an expanded role in managing mob agro
(Malaclypse) i.e. suppressing mobs in rooms
(Zahri) queue - Budh Archane Gwildor Scevine Pallidus Fitwon (when Mal asks)
(Malaclypse) (pinning mobs preventing entrance)
Iktinos applauds loudly!
Pallidus whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) and relaxing the one shot rule for longshots somewhat
(Malaclypse) budh
(Mimir) gives them something to do while everyone else regens, at least :)
(Zahri) queue - Budh (now)Archane Gwildor Scevine Pallidus Fitwon. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Budh) One small thing first, has pal been addressed? For archers, most people like to sponge, but one way could be increase difference between piercing and splinters. Right now, people just use piercers always without much problem.
(Malaclypse) if i didnt mention pal
(Malaclypse) oh wait i did
(Malaclypse) nothing new for them
(Malaclypse) as they are already spoilt rotten ;)
(Malaclypse) ill get around to writing a lvl 250 weapon quest
(Malaclypse) eventually
(Budh) Another thing is that at lord, the only way archers do good damage at lord is scatter. And fus are much better for that.
(Malaclypse) once zahri starts whipping me more :)
(Zahri) teehee.
Aldric whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) overall damage will be looked at as part of the review
(Malaclypse) also
(Malaclypse) archers already get energy type arrows
(Zahri) queue - Budh (now) Archane Gwildor Scevine Pallidus Fitwon. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Malaclypse) which will also become potentially very useful
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) maybe on thier own they can be boring. but in groups they are useful. and pretty cool looking fi you can think of a smallgroup of people and they are agains tthe wall and the arch gets thier crossbow and shoots a mob froma ntoher room. when i play the game i like painting the graphics in my mind. makes it spring new life.
(Zahri) queue - Archane(now) Gwildor Scevine Pallidus Fitwon. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Budh) oops I had more more small thing about pal
(Malaclypse) sorry budh - go ahead
(Budh) I can go to end of q
(Budh) oh
(Budh) are the quests for pal doable at lord
(Malaclypse) yes
(Budh) like bld quests are
(Budh) k, thx, that's it
(Malaclypse) cool, archane
(Pallidus) Double cool AF!
(Malaclypse) ok thanks
(Gwildor) my question can probably wait til we get to fusiliers
(Malaclypse) sorry, had missed it
(Malaclypse) ok scev
Slickenstien has left the conference
(Zahri) queue - Scevine(now) Pallidus Fitwon. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Scevine) what about improving the usefulness of lower level arrows if you fletch them at higher levels, to increase the options of what you have to shoot with?
Sparkeh has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) they are kinda scaled already with new versions
(Sparkeh) who
(Malaclypse) but we can look at that
(Scevine) like level 51/125 barbed arrows, etc
(Zahri) please type $help for commands.
(Scevine) okay, it's been a long time since I played archer, so my knowledge may be rusty
(Malaclypse) yeah, for ones which dont have immediate replacements
(Zahri) queue - Scevine(now) Pallidus Fitwon. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
Budh has left the conference
(Malaclypse) could potentially add some types too
(Malaclypse) pallidus
(Pallidus) With arcs potentially fighting from a room other than where the mob is, are we considering allowing xp gains for group members not in the kill room? Like a BOD being there to protect the arc?
(Malaclypse) yes
(Malaclypse) would have to
(Zahri) queue - Pallidus(now) Fitwon. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Pallidus) but for more than just the arc?
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
Budh has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) yeah, would still be group based
(Zahri) queue - Pallidus(now) Fitwon Archane. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Malaclypse) and would need some conditional code in there
(Malaclypse) i.e. clever room checks
(Malaclypse) but i think we can manage something
(Pallidus) nod
Sparkeh has left the conference
Budh has left the conference
(Malaclypse) queue?
(Zahri) queue - Fitwon Archane. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Malaclypse) fitwon
(Malaclypse) thanks
(Fitwon) maybe when the archers make camp from another room if you got 3 or more you could volly for an aoe type or something. would also like to see some kind of quest to make a bow or even a quiver. id like to see fletching more involved getting raw mats to make other then just a fletch kit.
Falkor raises a hand - a comment?
(Zahri) queue - Fitwon(now) Archane Falkor. Make sure to type stuff in advance.
(Malaclypse) noted Fit
(Malaclypse) archane
Elemorph whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Fitwon) makeing where each class gets a boost on something when you got more then 3 or so in lord run
Odon has left the conference
(Zahri) queue - Archane(now) Falkor. Please type stuff up in advance.
(Archanefuror) Just quick cause dont have much an idea. a Prestige for archer called Sniper. wait i just now thought of this is the already now prestige for archer already like a sniper? but also quest do they have a ability not to just see whats in the rooms aroudn them but the rooms thatstraight 2 roosm down in 1 direction
(Malaclypse) overlaps with asn
(Archanefuror) kk
(Malaclypse) falkor
(Falkor) Just wanted to say that I love the idea of getting group xp from different rooms. Could change how groups operate.
(Mimir) and yeah, archers can scout 2 rooms away.
(Zahri) queue - Falkor(now)
(Falkor) something other than just stand and pound mobs
(Malaclypse) would be pretty limited
(Malaclypse) at first anyway
(Malaclypse) we naturally dont want people abusing it
Payn has left the conference
(Archanefuror) j
(Archanefuror) k
(Malaclypse) (no sleeping at nom and getting xp from firerealm ;) )
(Riviat) Aww man
(Malaclypse) grin
(Archanefuror) lawl
(Pallidus) I'll code a Nom Riv combo exception for you
(Scevine) anything that subverts Ye Quest for One-Rounding is fine in my book :o
Iktinos raises a hand - a question?
(Riviat) Hot diggity!
(Malaclypse) ikt i think
(Fallandor) whois sce
(Zahri) queue - Iktinos(now)
(Iktinos) I'm just wondering how split groups will affect quests
(Fallandor) oops
(Malaclypse) that will be up to players to decide
(Malaclypse) we might have to code some sort of autofollow type mechanic
(Malaclypse) but yeah - early days still
(Riviat) "Come with me if you want to live!"
(Malaclypse) but concerns are welcome
(Malaclypse) lol Riv
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - Archane
Elemorph raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) archane
(Zahri) queue - Archane(now) Elemorph
(Archanefuror) i had it a sec ago i just forgot
(Malaclypse) ok elem
%%% (Elemorph) When is elemental giant going in? And elemental drg for that matter
(Malaclypse) grin
(Malaclypse) i cant give you an exact answer on that
(Zahri) queue - Elemorph(now)
(Mimir) that's what all this resistance / susceptibility has been about
(Malaclypse) giants are part done
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Mimir) but yeah, it's my active project atm
(Malaclypse) nod
Elemorph applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) probably sooner rather than later
(Zahri) queue - Archane(next)
(Malaclypse) but yeah, we cant give any date promises ;)
(Archanefuror) Ok this isnt the one i was going to ask earlyer but something i just thoguht of. Does something is there a spell laready that can bind specificspells to a weaspon?
(Malaclypse) (and thanks to Mimir for picking that up part way through!)
(Malaclypse) no, not really
(Malaclypse) ok that about ties up the formal part of this conference
(Archanefuror) k i was thinking what would be cool then. like bidng lightning or call lgihtning or soemthing to my Sword of Lightning
Rubicant has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) id just like to mention
(Malaclypse) that going forward
Aldric raises a hand - a question?
(Gwildor) I like that idea if it ties in with the damage resitances
(Malaclypse) the plan is to implement changes to mob spec_funs
(Zahri) queue - Aldric (when Mal asks)
WinterRose raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) at the same time as classes get the perk
(Malaclypse) sooooo
(Malaclypse) be careful what you wish for ;)
(Malaclypse) aldric
(Aldric) Quest/Insignia question, what about a quest/insignia that increased racial abilities with increased TNL to cover these bonuses? Also deity based quest/insignia with deity based bonus with increased TNL as well? Training quest/insignia that allows access to some racial abilities... i.e. Dwarven Trainied to give Powerswing.. etc...
(Mimir) same thing with resistance & vulnerabilities. when you get them, the mobs will too.
(Malaclypse) racial abilities are kind of a mini world unto themselves
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) more generic type bonuses
(Laazarus) i like of the idea of quests to unlock racials
(Zahri) queue - Aldric(now) Archane
(Malaclypse) will be implemented in conjunction with builder
(Aldric) thanks
(Malaclypse) tricky to do, laaz
WinterRose raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) (although we have something similar with evo races)
(Zahri) queue - Aldric(now) Archane Winterrose
(Aldric) done.
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) A quick santum question. I think sanc is missing soemthing maybe a room for people to eb abel to negotiate trades and put like even pawning or selling to a playeronly generated like strcutrue with its own money pool
(Malaclypse) more a builder comment
(Malaclypse) winterrose
(WinterRose) With the resistances, will saves get an official revamp, clearly splitting player resistances by types in the score card?
(Zahri) You should check out the 'idea' command, Archane
(Archanefuror) there wasnt an idea command on the help that is aw soz
(Malaclypse) saves will remain for now
(Malaclypse) but i intend looking at them
(WinterRose) Wasn't work done on them?
(Malaclypse) player resistances
(Zahri) queue - Winterrose (now)
(Mimir) something we need to discuss with builders on what to do with "save vs ice" etc
(Malaclypse) will be how Mimir decides ;)
(Malaclypse) yeah
(Malaclypse) at the moment all save vs various
(Mimir) should they be converted to "resistance against cold" or "save vs spell"?
(Malaclypse) say all get lumped together
(Zahri) nod.
(Malaclypse) we may need to revise all that
(Malaclypse) avoid confusion
(WinterRose) It willa ffect much of the gear sets
(Malaclypse) i personally dont want to create a situation
(Zahri) queue - Winterrose (now)
(Malaclypse) where everyone lugs around 20 sets of gear
(WinterRose) resistance to this and that, but saves that SAVE against something dont actually work
Laazarus whistles and cheers in appreciation!
(Malaclypse) but i think we can add a couple unique items
(Malaclypse) again, something we will have to discuss with builder team
Aldric raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) aldric
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Aldric) what about adding spells that provide resistance to xxx affect
(Malaclypse) yes
(Malaclypse) already planned
(Aldric) cool
(Zahri) queue - Aldric(now) Archane
(Malaclypse) arch
(Falkor) raise
Falkor raises a hand - a question?
(Archanefuror) 22 quick questions. 1. i cant seem to exactly get the whole idea of the conference and i feel like ive been chastized gfor going off topic a little. and 2. Whats the mainifest recipies about? cantseem fo veiw them on help
(Zahri) queue - Archane(now) Falkor
(Archanefuror) 2 quick
(Zahri) this conference is about the ideas for classes that Mal wanted to introduce
(Archanefuror) ah k
(Archanefuror) so classes. got it
(Malaclypse) thanks Z
(Archanefuror) scratch 2
(Archanefuror) dont need to adress 2
(Zahri) help manifest gives you some info
(Malaclypse) falkor i think
(Falkor) might have covered this already, do we have a list of the order in which class revamps are going to happen?
(Archanefuror) i looked at help manifest
(Malaclypse) no set list
(Malaclypse) clerics under way
Wanbli has entered the conference.
Shyana has entered the conference.
(Malaclypse) most likely mages next
(Falkor) any that are 'high' priority?
(Malaclypse) would be my guess
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
Aldric has left the conference
(Zahri) queue - Falkor(now) Archane
Iktinos has entered the conference.
(Falkor) raise
Scevine raises a hand - a question?
(Falkor) doh
Falkor raises a hand - a question?
(Zahri) queue - Falkor(now) Archane Scevine Falkor
(Shyana) join design
(Riviat) you already have joined the conference
(Malaclypse) exact order will also depend to an extent on code from other projects
(Zahri) opps :p to my queue thing.
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) is there a way for a class to get more out of the pgem's maybe use them in itemcrafting instead of manifest but like bind an element to that weapon? Speaking about the classes
(Zahri) queue - Archane(now) cevine Falkor
(Malaclypse) not right now
(Archanefuror) ok
(Malaclypse) would be considered as an overall quest project
(Zahri) queue - Scevine(next) Falkor
(Malaclypse) / crafting
(Malaclypse) scev
Mythril has entered the conference.
(Archanefuror) im pretty much out of questions unless soemthing that comes up sparks something so ill be quiet for a while
(Scevine) I think this may have been touched on before, but going back to melee classes, will there be any changes to weapon types?
(Malaclypse) Mimir?
(Mimir) only kinda :)
(Zahri) queue - Scevine(now) Falkor
(Scevine) as double headed tends to outperform everything currently
Mythril has left the conference
(Malaclypse) so far as i know, they will just be grouped properly into damage type
(Mimir) as you know there's a lot of redundant sounding weapon types out there
Rubicant has left the conference
(Wanbli) leave
(Mimir) piercing, puncturing, stabbing, etc
(Zahri) type $exit
(Wanbli) how do we leave :P
(Wanbli) ty
Wanbli has left the conference
(Shyana) leave design
(Zahri) type $exit
(Mimir) if you have "resistance against piercing" it affects all of these types
Shyana has left the conference
Elemorph has left the conference
(WinterRose) I think he asked about weapon types, not damage types
(Malaclypse) but yeah as far as weapon types
(Malaclypse) no change contemplated at this stage
(Zahri) queue - Scevine(now) Falkor
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(Malaclypse) something which could potentially be looked into for blueprint
(Malaclypse) falkor
(Laazarus) i
(Falkor) back to shf, are we planning on having them more defense oriented or damage oriented, or more players choice/preference?
(Zahri) queue - Falkor(now) Archane
(Malaclypse) personally i see them as more damage orientated
(Malaclypse) though
(Malaclypse) less direct
(Malaclypse) and more devious
(Malaclypse) (i expect them to cripple their opponents long before killing them)
(Laazarus) but no shf specifc changes planned?
(Malaclypse) potentially looking at making them resistance breakers
(Malaclypse) but nothing terribly specific at this point im afraid
(Laazarus) k
(Falkor) to benefit shf damage or group damage?
(Malaclypse) both
(Zahri) queue - Falor(nowish) Archane(next)
(Malaclypse) archane
(Archanefuror) ok ive heard some people mumble to me that pallidins with spells from spell bots are getting a wee bit out of hand excpecially in aareena. and somepeople complainign the spells make them too easy making th game to easy. so maybe something to cause palladins not to be affected by spells as much klike some spells not work on them. maybe like hit roll and that kind of bffs spells not work on them and to comment
(Archanefuror) on falkors question maybe shf can get more damage on some spells if they are evil
(Malaclypse) arena isn't a concern - im not worred about pvp until legend
(Malaclypse) which is a different topic altogether
(Archanefuror) soz i thought since pallidins are in it it would be considered same topic
(Zahri) queue - clear
WinterRose raises a hand - a question?
(Archanefuror) but my comment on falkors question?
(Riviat) Also with regard to the spellbots, using them is optional
(Zahri) queue - WinterRose, when Mal asks
(Riviat) If you think they make the game too easy for you, you can choose not to use them
(Mimir) shf get demonic intent, so they're almost always evil.
(Malaclypse) shf dont get spells
(Malaclypse) attack ones anyway
(Archanefuror) aaah k
(Malaclypse) winterrose
(WinterRose) So, no unicorns for a centaur only remort? :P any news on potential race additions aside for the resistances?
(Malaclypse) grin
(Zahri) queue - WinterRose (now)
(Falkor) unicorns are make believe kthx
(Malaclypse) well
Archanefuror raises a hand - a question?
(WinterRose) And the elementals, obviously
(Malaclypse) for the moment i consider my main job on the design team
(Zahri) queue - WinterRose (now) Archane
(Malaclypse) is to make quite a clear outline
(Malaclypse) of the races, the classes, the gods and how they actually fit into the game world
(Malaclypse) sometimes in the past ive been asked why x exists
(Falkor) raisec
(Malaclypse) and it is sometimes quite hard to answer ;)
(Falkor) meh
Falkor raises a hand - a comment?
(Malaclypse) so for races
(Zahri) queue - WinterRose (now) Archane Falkor
(Malaclypse) the idea will first be to make races
(Malaclypse) especially player races
(Malaclypse) have a very clear role in the world
(Malaclypse) your race should be more than a collection of stats
(Malaclypse) so id like to get that out the way
(Malaclypse) before looking at new races
(WinterRose) Many have been proposed on forums with little backward comments... like fungoids etc
(Malaclypse) on the upside
(Zahri) queue - WinterRose (now) Archane Falkor
(WinterRose) Er on mailers too i think
(Malaclypse) it could mean new perks to existing races
(Malaclypse) yeah, personally im against fungoids
(Malaclypse) not really a mushroom guy :)
Iktinos raises a hand - a comment?
(WinterRose) heh
(Mimir) The only new races I have planned are the elemental giants & elemental dragons.
(Malaclypse) right
(Riviat) There's not mushroom for them in his design plans
(Malaclypse) lol Riv
(WinterRose) Why restrict elementals to lord btw?
(Zahri) queue - WinterRose (now) Archane Falkor Iktinos
(Malaclypse) which elementals?
(Malaclypse) lse?
(Malaclypse) pae?
(WinterRose) no, giants and drg
(Malaclypse) ok guys, last 3 questions
(Zahri) queue - Archane Falkor Iktinos
(WinterRose) Pulse spoke they would be lord only I believe
(Malaclypse) we just hit the 2 hour mark
(Mimir) you'll need to be a lord to become an elemental gia/drg, but once you are one you can remort or descend or whatever.
(WinterRose) ah, thanx. :)
(Malaclypse) falkor
(Falkor) just wanted to comment that i like how worship was used with the new cleric stuff. If things like that continue, I'd personally like to see the penalty for changing worship change so players can change their play style periodically
(Malaclypse) yes, planned
(Malaclypse) (after races)
(Malaclypse) ikt
(Zahri) queue - Iktinos (now)
(Iktinos) Going back to the comments about working races into the game, I thought I should mention that the building team has also been working to include different experiences for different races in some quests and areas, sometimes cosmetic, and othertimes decidedly not so.
(Zahri) queue - queue closed
(Malaclypse) yes exacty Ikt, that is a lot of what I'm talking about :)
(Malaclypse) thanks builder :)
(Zahri) ;)
(Malaclypse) builders*
(Iktinos) grin
Laazarus applauds loudly!
(Malaclypse) ok that's it for now
(Archanefuror) I curiou whats the exact diff between a priest and a monk? wait nvm brain fart. lawl soz about that. first conference jitters i guess and are we kinda drifting to races now? and to comment on perks to exisitn races i think since it says gars are fast on helfpile gars should get a fraction of delay lag cut out. like if a gar war sharpens a sword its not exactly the 3 min lag but a little less ive had this put
(Archanefuror) woops
(Malaclypse) ill try push a log of this to forum mailer
(Archanefuror) i forogt i i put anything on there
(Malaclypse) thanks for coming all
(Laazarus) thnx all
Innova has left the conference
(Falkor) now everone should go watch the cards game
(Malaclypse) and thanks Zahri!
Laazarus has left the conference
(Fitwon) %help
(Riviat) Thanks all :)
(Malaclypse) for managing it :)
(Zahri) bow
Falkor has left the conference
Fitwon has left the conference
(Archanefuror) That was interesting for my first conference


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