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Avatar Player interview episode 1: Kariya talks to Ebnodon
[130 Lord Mag Spr Shz M ] Ebnodon dreams or is he just part of the dream? 

Kariya says 'Welcome to the guinea pig stage of my Avatar interviews ;)'
Ebnodon smiles happily.

Kariya says 'I'm not entirely sure what format I'm going to follow but I hope to talk a bit, learn more about you and what you are/do/want and see where it goes ;)'

(At this point Ebnodon points out he has done some interviews for previous Gazettes himself so he provides me with the first question!

Ebnodon asks 'question 1, Please give us your full name (roleplay). ?'
Ebnodon says 'Ebnodon Fallendor'
Ebnodon says 'actualy I've never used that in game last name'
Ebnodon says 'might as well just say Ebnodon the dreamer'

You ask 'Did you get it from somewhere? Is ther a story behind that name?'
Ebnodon says 'The player name itself I just made up in my mind. The familly name I decided to say "the dreamer" cause I like dreams a lot.'

Kariya asks 'do you believe in dreams and the meanings they have?'
Ebnodon says 'I don't believe in a "set" and "definite" meaning per say, but I do believe that your mind tries to talk to you through dreams sometimes. It opens up a door to possibilities.'

Kariya says 'I agree. Sometimes in dreams you learn a lot about yourself ;)'

Ebnodon nods his head solemnly.

Kariya asks 'Ok, the mundane questions..how long have you been around on Avatar?'
Ebnodon says 'Officially? Since sometimes in 2000. I do remember logging in around

Kariya says 'Nod. Early stages. Ew. I feel old now ;)'
Ebnodon giggles.

Kariya asks 'What was it that caught your fancy and made you decide to stick around?'
Ebnodon says 'the... should I call it... "possibility of expansion" ? More than 50 boring levels. And also a structure for the extra levels... Some muds have like level 1 to level 1000 but there's no tier, no difference.... '
Ebnodon says 'but here there was structure from the beginning'

Kariya asks 'Yet some people will say the various tiers are repetitive. WHat's your take on that?'
Ebnodon says 'In a way it is, but I would say it has to do with the fact that alot of us have been here for years and after being around the "circle" with different chars it is possible to feel a bit repetitive.... But since we've had new race/classes added over the years it helps to make it a bit more interesting.'
Ebnodon says 'And also with the constant expansion... new zones, different skills, it helps alot'
Ebnodon says 'A great thing here is the Angel system, the Track system, and of course Building Contests.'
Ebnodon says 'not something you see on every muds.'
Ebnodon says 'So, for someone who's been here for a long time, those are nice possible alternatives'

Kariya says 'You're definitely a person that makes themselves known, and has fun on the mud. '
Kariya ask 'If I had to label you I would call you a social type of mudder.Would you agree?'
Ebnodon says 'i sure am'

Kariya says 'So what do you think of the community, the family, that we have here on Avatar? '
Ebnodon says 'I find it's great.'
Ebnodon says 'You've got the occasional oddball here, but overall I like pretty much everyone'
Ebnodon giggles.
Ebnodon says 'I don't recall having a player I disliked so much to a point that it'd bothered me.'

Kariya says 'Yeah, but once you get to know Snikt, he really isn't such an oddball..'
(At this point I quickly check to see if Snikt if (AFK) and Ebnodon and I chuckle a bit about him.
Ebnodon also points out the disagreements he and Snikt have in their opinions about a certain race.

Kariya says 'What race are we talking about here? *blink*'
Ebnodon says 'that's a story for another time :)'

Kariya says 'Hahaha'
You ask 'You make the mudcomics, which are pretty funny. What made you decide to start doing those?'
Kariya says 'oh and feel free to plug your site here ;)'
Ebnodon says 'http://poploco.tripod.com/ebbiecartoon'
Ebnodon says 'the cartoon site... uhmm well I'm not exactly sure how it came about... Must have been when I first learned how to use how to edit photos :)'
Ebnodon says 'then decided to try it and made some on and off since then'
Ebnodon says 'the style is somewhat infulenced by South Park.'
Ebnodon says 'but i wasn't trying to make a spinoff of southpark :P :)'
Ebnodon says 'my inspiration/ideas mostly comes from the mud here.'

Kariya says 'I tried making something similar once as well. It was a joke about a spri...erhmm...let's skip that :)'
Ebnodon giggles.

Kariya exclaims 'But I have to say it's tougher than it seems. So kudos!'
Ebnodon nods his head solemnly.
Ebnodon says 'Yes, being a sprite has been a challenge since day 1'

Kariya asks 'Inspiration comes from the mud. Would you be willing to make cartoons based on suggestions from others?'
Ebnodon says 'I am actualy Ebnodon version 3.0'
Ebnodon says 'deleted twice out of frustration :)'
Ebnodon says 'still get frustrated at times, but there's no deleting now. :)'
Ebnodon says 'Of course I would gladly make cartoons based on suggestions from others. It's not a guarantee I would pick every suggestions though'
Ebnodon says 'I've already had ideas in the past.'
Ebnodon says 'i'm always here to listen :) (except when i'm on a lord run lol)'

Kariya says 'So about those sprites. When you say frustrating, we say "challenging" ;)'
Ebnodon says 'yes, challenging is definitely a good word for it.'
Ebnodon says 'sprites aren't for everyone.'
Ebnodon says 'Kind of like Ents aren't for everyone either'

Kariya says 'Nodnod. It takes a dedicated person to play either of those.'
Ebnodon says 'or dragons for example.'
Ebnodon nods his head solemnly.

Kariya asks 'Let's say your IMP for a day. What new changes would you make? (Not just alter race X and Y) but what race or class would you make and hwy?'
Ebnodon says 'maybe I would make a Necro type class. '
Ebnodon says 'or a summoner type class'
Ebnodon says 'and why? well we don't have either'
Ebnodon says 'Necro could be the evil version of the Summoner'
Ebnodon says 'more or less'
Ebnodon says 'They wouldn't hit as hard as other classes magic or physical wise'
Ebnodon says 'they would require to have their own respective summons '
Ebnodon says 'for example...'
Ebnodon says 'the necro could summon something like... fire mages... or some with specific elemental affects'
Ebnodon says 'and in the same way, the summoners could be summoning the elements to help them out'
Ebnodon says 'but necro would have a way to summon poisonous stuff...'
Ebnodon says 'and i guess the summoners could have something similar but not poison stuf.... stuff that isn't necro related anyways'

Kariya says 'sounds pretty evil ;)'
Ebnodon says 'As each of those two classes level, they would have bigger summoning skills'
Ebnodon says 'and their attack spells, instead of being all mage type like.... '
Ebnodon says 'like dessicates and stuff...'
Ebnodon says 'it could be different named elemental spells for summoner, and the necro could be death type spells.'
Ebnodon says 'or even mini spells that sends swarms to a mob for like 2 or 3 rounds.'
Ebnodon says 'well figuratively speaking anyways'
Ebnodon says 'cause if they can be surged... it wouldn't work for an actual summoned mobs.'
Ebnodon says 'I am pretty sure summoner classes would be enjoyable'

Kariya says 'that sounds pretty cool :)'
Kariya asks 'Ok, next question. Out of the "if only" realm and into the real erhmm.."real" Mud world. What's your favorite spell/skill on Avatar?'
Ebnodon says 'Being able to rename stuff.'
Ebnodon says 'Because I'm a bit of a roleplay person.'

(At this point I decided to look at Ebnodon and his gear. Seems roleplaying-ish alright!)

As you take a look at him, he turns around and smiles at you.... 
He looks as if he is a young kid, but you know that this sprite is older
than he looks.... 
Ebnodon says, 'Let me look in the book of dreams for an answer...' 
You  say, 'What answer?' 
Ebnodon smiles and says, 'Ah... in time you will know...' 
He closes his book and puts it back in his bag, then smiles at you again. 
Ebnodon says, 'Blessed be.' 
Ebnodon is in perfect health. 
Ebnodon is fully rested. 
Ebnodon is using: 
<used as light>    (Glowing) a vortex to a dark nightmare 
<worn on finger>   (Glowing) (Humming) a ring of magma 
<worn on finger>   (Glowing) (Humming) a ring of magma 
<worn around neck> a pitch black scarf 
<worn around neck> an amulet of fire 
<worn on body> (Glowing) mistmail 
<worn on head> (Glowing) the Golden Helmet of Mambrino 
<worn on legs>  (Glowing) the living daemonstone 
<worn on feet>  (Glowing) the boots of the conquerer 
<worn on hands> (Glowing) a pair of simple gloves 
<worn on arms> a circular band of malachite 
<worn about body> a dark but see through cloak 
<worn about waist> a woven magma belt 
<worn on wrist>  (Glowing) (Humming) red dragonscale vambrace 
<worn on wrist>  (Glowing) (Humming) cyan dragonscale vambrace 
<wielded>     the quarterstaff, "Wanderer" 
<held>          (Glowing) Treaty of purity of faith 

Ebnodon says 'I know and understand Snikt not wanting this to turn into a roleplay game, but a bit of rp never hurt anyone :)'

Kariya says 'I totally agree (I mean DOH! Dark FIre! Hellloooo!)'
Kariya exclaims 'we've gone too far to become a real RP place but it's fun to pretend a bit every now and then!'
Ebnodon throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Kariya exclaims 'After all, it's a game! Where we can be what we wanna be!'
You petition yourself for use of the Dark Fire.

Kariya asks 'ok, is it okay if i ask some questions about the person behind the screen?'
Ebnodon says 'fer sure.'

Kariya asks 'Who are you, how old are you and where do you live?'
Ebnodon says 'i'm a 33 years old Canadian'

Kariya says 'wooohooo! GO CANADA! :)'
Ebnodon giggles.
Kariya says 'do you know any hockey players? :)'
Ebnodon says 'nah. not a sports fan.'
Ebnodon shrugs helplessly.
Kariya says 'Ok. This interview is over! :) :)'
Kariya boggles at the thought of a non-hockey loving Canadian. He thought it came natural to you guys!

Kariya asks 'Besides mudding, what are your hobbies?'
Ebnodon says 'graphic edditing :)'
Ebnodon says 'graduated from graphics design last january'

Kariya asks 'sweet! What does that entail btw, Graphics design?'
Ebnodon says 'creating graphics images in Photoshop/Illustrator... a bit of web design.... a bit of photography and photo editing.'
Ebnodon says 'the class I took was a bit spread out on various things.'

Kariya asks 'Nice. Will you be making your career in that line of work?'
Ebnodon says 'was hoping so but since I dont have the experience I haven't been able to find anything in the field.... hence why i've started to work in a call center lol'

Kariya says 'OOoh.. Fun work right? Pretending to sound nice over the phone! (I did that too for a while)'
Ebnodon says 'it's for Asurion'
Ebnodon says 'only canadian call center for them'
Ebnodon says 'it's an american based company'
Ebnodon says 'i know I dabbled a bit with making videos'

Kariya says 'nod'
Ebnodon says 'made one, posted it on youtube. took shots from eq2 and added music to it'
Kariya says 'Cool! wanna give the link or...?'
Ebnodon says 'http://youtube.com/watch?v(equal)EzhAdz6yvZ8'
You hop around like a little kid.

Kariya says 'Alright, before we move towards the end of this, I want to do a quick fire round.'
Kariya says 'Ok, so the quick fire round. I say something and you give me the first answer that comes to mind that would get through the censors ;)'

Kariya ask 'Ok. What's your favorite food?'
Ebnodon says 'cheese'

Kariya asks 'Which would you pick; world peace or world domination?'
Ebnodon says 'peace'

Kariya asks 'what 3 items would you bring with you to a deserted island?'
Ebnodon says 'laptop(wireless), camera, everfull fridge of drinks'

Kariya asks 'what's your favorite avatar tier?'
Ebnodon says 'hero'

Kariya asks 'what's the wallpaper of the computer you're currently on?'
Ebnodon says 'photo taken in my backyard, of a sunset'
Kariya says 'cool ;)'

Kariya asks 'name one of your best and one of your worst character traits?'
Ebnodon says 'nofail spells, and fragility (hp)'
You roll on the floor, laughing!
Kariya says 'RL? :)'
Ebnodon asks 'real life? eh?'
Ebnodon says 'what's real life. '
Ebnodon says 'the only reality is AvatarMUD.'
Kariya says 'hahaha'
Ebnodon nods at himself. Is he senile?
Kariya says 'good answer ;)'
Ebnodon giggles.

Kariya asks 'Ok, name one of your biggest (non-sprite related) pet peeves?'
Ebnodon sits down and thinks deeply.
Ebnodon says 'not being able as a lord, to mercy in a lowbie in a lowbie area and cursed room.'
Ebnodon shrugs helplessly.

Kariya asks 'have you ever dreamed about Avatar?'
Ebnodon nods his head solemnly.

Kariya asks 'was it in text?'
Ebnodon nods his head solemnly.
Ebnodon says 'yes dreaming of typing '

Kariya asks 'Ok, final question. What Avatar skill or spell would you like to have in this alternate "real life" ralm and why?'
Ebnodon says 'portal :) to be able to travel around the world instantly for free :)'
Kariya grins.
Kariya says 'smart choice ;)'

Kariya says 'Alright. Is there anything you'd like to add to all of this? :)'
Ebnodon sits down and thinks deeply.
Ebnodon says 'May I be promoted to Legend level 1 ? :)'
Kariya says 'hahaha...are you sure? '
You grin evilly.
Ebnodon giggles.
Ebnodon says 'it's ok i'll pass :)'
Kariya exclaims 'I thought it was an interesting first effort *grin* so thanks a lot for doing this!'


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