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Legend Design Conference April 25 2009

(DemonHawk) l
(Anessa) Please turn off all triggers. Also, please hold your comments until asked for by Pulse, and then do a $raise to be placed in queue. $help for command list.
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(Pulse) yeah, the social list is a bit limited ... :P
(Anessa) Please turn off all triggers. Also, please hold your comments until asked for by Pulse, and then do a $raise to be placed in queue. $help for command list.
(Ginksie) score
(Loxias) good thing I didn't accidentally load my spring rain bot. I've done that once or twice :P
(Ginksie) look
(Uglyface) hi
(Pulse) Hi
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(DemonHawk) time=wo
(AlexyAnna) and turn the triggers off ;)
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(Nalar) Can you get booted for inactivity during a conference?
(Pulse) a question before we get started Nalar?
(Anessa) wow, I show up well
(Thranxie) No.
(Morgant) group
(Pulse) nope
(Lorac) l
(Ginksie) help
(Nalar) Ok thanks :)
(AlexyAnna) try $help
(Raslin) hei
(Stojkovic) wak
(Pulse) so you do not need to enter random commands
(Arcano) it's $help, not help!
(Stojkovic) l
(Arcano) b omg
(Arcano) mc
(DemonHawk) #help
(Pulse) ok
(Stojkovic) hi all
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(Pulse) Shall we get going?
(DemonHawk) gogogo
(Stojkovic) who
(Anessa) please keep the socials quiet once Pulse begins
(Pulse) okies, topic of this conference is Legend, in particular things that we have planned, and mostly done at this point
(Pulse) but, there will be enough open bits to discuss
(Sairah) l
(Anessa) Please turn off all triggers. Also, please hold your comments until asked for by Pulse, and then do a $raise to be placed in queue. $help for command list.
(Sairah) l luvina health
(Pulse) at first, let me give you some background on the story that the Legend realm has, and which is the basis for a big amount of the changes that you will see
(Uglyface) it was all a dream, i used to read wordup magazine!
(Pulse) As mentioned in the recent quest series run by Thieron and Shaykes the Legend Realm is not quite the same as other planes. It was constructed by the Gods as a changable and changing testing ground, following different principles to suit the design.
(Pulse) you all did follow the hints of the quest, right? ...
(Pulse) :)
(Uglyface) nope
(Loxias) I had a suspicion that had something to do with it
(Pulse) One of the important aspects of the Legends is their link to Midgaardia. After all, it is a prophecy on Midgaarida that the Gods are trying to get the Legends to decide on.
(Rhodry) what quest? duck
(Faladis) I wasn't able to play the quest, but that makes sense to me.
(Pulse) This means, that the link to Midgaardia has to be maintained, while at the same time allowing the Legends to partake in the special powers of the Legend planes.
(Pulse) To this end the Gods created the Legends with a dual identity: They exist both as Legends, and in their 'lower' form.
(Pulse) (that is, they will in a short time from now)
(Pulse) So, in more direct words...
(Pulse) Legends will exist as Legends only on the Legend planes. On all other planes they will exist as real Lords.
(Pulse) These Lords, or Legendshades, will be able to act and live and dies just as everybody else, i.e. they will level as Lords on Lord planes and as Legends on Legend planes.
(Pulse) Uglyface?
(Uglyface) nvm sorry you will probly answer i will wait
(Pulse) The two characters are fully split with regard to equipment, inventory, skills etc.
(Pulse) This paves the way for the high volatility of the Legend realm, where everything changes, very often.
(Pulse) now, this is quite a departure from what we have now. To make this work the Lord chars of existing Legends will be recreated.
(Pulse) at the same time, the level of Troika will be dropped, to Lord 100.
(Pulse) Faladis?
(Sairah) l luvina health
(Faladis) so, if I'm following right, it's basically like an alt account, except it's the same account.
(Anessa) Please turn off all triggers. Also, please hold your comments until asked for by Pulse, and then do a $raise to be placed in queue. Please have your comments pre-typed so we can get as many answered as possible. $help for command list.
(Pulse) yeah, kind of. Same name. And you do not log out, you just switch to the legend plane with the actualize command and the other incarnation is activated
(Faladis) Ah, gotcha. Thank you.
(Pulse) Uglyface?
(Uglyface) why set the level so low just imo lord 100 seems low to me
(Anessa) queue is Fleshfly, Loxias, Stojkovic,
(Pulse) hehe. Well, we actually want to increase the Legend counts. And, as it is no longer an end to the Lord play for the char, it is really a parallel gameplay.
(Pulse) you choose which realm you play in.
(Uglyface) nod nod so if you go back to lord realm after legend you go back as lord 100?
(Pulse) yes
(Uglyface) and still play and level as lord and gain like level to lord 101 and what not?
(Uglyface) k ty
(Pulse) nod Ugly
(Pulse) fleshfly?
(Fleshfly) yes...May we save questions till after you give your entire description of the changes
(Thranxie) actually, that's probably a good idea.
(Pulse) you can, or you can ask now. I don't necessarily need to do a 20 minute monologue :)
(Fleshfly) I think we care more about what you have to say
(Pulse) that's fine for others on queue?
(Thranxie) yes
(Loxias) Sure, I was partially covered anyway
(Pulse) Stoj?
(Stojkovic) yeah... so more than 1 legend per player?
(Uglyface) whois stoj
(Pulse) nope, not at this time
(Uglyface) ack
(Uglyface) inno
(Pulse) will get there.
(Stojkovic) this imp will take how long ?
(Pulse) what I talked about now is done and tested already, plus a few of the things that I will bring up now
(Stojkovic) great !!!!
(Stojkovic) thats all for me
(Pulse) ok, let's move on
(Pulse) As mentioned, Legend game is very volatile. It breaks down into several epochs
(Pulse) the end of an epoch is caused by the actions of the Legends
(Pulse) at the end of an epoch all Legends are rerolled completely, with a bonus for the winning team. All skills are vaped.
(Pulse) why oh why.
(Pulse) Skills:
(Pulse) Skills at legend will be based on Lores, a complete full new set of staged lores
(Pulse) These lores can be obtained by all classes. I.e. a rogue may learn all Mage skills, at a higher lore point cost
(Pulse) Rogue lores will be cheaper to learn
(Pulse) so, quite a high degree of character control.
(Pulse) and each team member can decide how they want to spend their lore points this epoch
(Pulse) as an aside, genesis will re-appear: if a mage decides to go for all martial lores they may want to tweak their stats into that direction - genesis will modify the stats that way - more hp, less mana
(Pulse) $ Bedeiah?
(Bedeiah) so the same char can play a mage one time a warrior the next?
(Anessa) queue is Loxias,Thranxie
(Pulse) yes, to an extent. It will be hard to get all mage lores. It helps to be on the winning team (lore point bonus), and legend sublevels also give a lore point bonus
(Uglyface) just add me to que
(Pulse) but in principle yes
(Bedeiah) ok thanks
(Pulse) Loxias?
(Loxias) I'm not familiar with the legend game, so what do you mean by epochs? And how are teams decided and how do they work?
(Loxias) Or am I not supposed ot know yet? :P
(Pulse) the principle to get to Legend is via troika. Three Lords get to the Legend realm - one onto each team. There are 3 teams at Legend
(Loxias) Oh I thought it was 25? Or do the 25 people send the other 3 and not themselves?
(Pulse) Legends strive to control objects of power, and if all are in the hands of one team an Epoch ends
(Pulse) 25 send 3
(DemonHawk) who 1 50
(Loxias) Ah
(Anessa) queue is Stojkovic, Uglyface, Jaromil
(Pulse) this is the very short version.
(Pulse) Stojkovic?
(Thranxie) think it's supposed to be me...
(Pulse) sorry, Thranxie?
(Thranxie) Can you decide to remort or would you have to descend first? And how would descension from Legend work?
(Pulse) you can not remort as a Legend Shade. The ties to the outer planes are too strong
(Pulse) nor can a Legend shade descend. If you want to do either of those, you have to descend the Legend.
(Pulse) at this point, legend descend behaves like before - penatly and set back to Lord 100.
(Pulse) This may be reviewed, but not right now.
(Anessa) queue is Uglyface, Jaromil
(Pulse) Uglyface?
(Uglyface) stoj first?
(Thranxie) I think he was answered already.
(Anessa) dang.. sorry
(Uglyface) since he was after thranx and before me
(Uglyface) oh
(Uglyface) my turn then?
(Pulse) nod
(Uglyface) so what about gear, will legends have new gear? what about when they go back to lord? will they use lord gear or there legend gear? or will lord gear become legend gear? or how does that work?
(Pulse) equipment and inventory is completely split
(Uglyface) k
(Uglyface) so you have an inv and eq on lord
(Pulse) no legend gear on sub legend planes, no Lord gear on Legend planes
(Uglyface) and a different one on legend?
(Pulse) yep
(Uglyface) cool
(Uglyface) ty
(Anessa) queue is Jaromil (I hope!)
(Pulse) re status again . eoch and reroll is coded, skills code is in the work
(Pulse) epoch even
(Pulse) Jaro?
(Jaromil) Right now the major interaction between legends and other tiers is legend warriors embedding. It sounds like this will go away with the roll in of these changes. Can consideration be given to more reliable embed results at lower tiers?
(Pulse) grin, yeah, guess so.
(Pulse) throw me an email on it please.
(Jaromil) will do
(Pulse) any other queries right now?
(Pulse) Faladis?
(Faladis) So... what is the entire point of the game? Not the objective, not the gameplay, but the point? When all is said and done, what are the legends given? Or is it that it's just something to entertain legends?
(Pulse) what do you mean in .. given
(Faladis) Well, I suppose I should ask this first: The legend tier is seperate from all other tiers of the game, correct? Or is it that Legend players can walk around in the same areas as regular players?
(Pulse) they exist as Legends only on the Legend plane
(Pulse) when they move onto another plane they will be Lords
(Pulse) full and proper Lords.
(Faladis) wait... no connection to legendary characters, right? Or are Legends and Legendaries the same thing?
(Pulse) the Legend exists in 2 forms: the real Legend, and the Legend Shade (which is a Lord)
(Faladis) alright, that kinda clears that up.
(Anessa) queue is Thranxie, Anessa, Bimpwocket, Morgant
(Faladis) but to elaborate more on the first question, is that the winners of the epoch get a prize that only applies in the legend plane, correct?
(Faladis) That prize being additional Lore points the next epoch, if I followed correctly.
(Pulse) yeah. The winners of the epoch have a better starting point for the next round - more lore points means better character shaping abilites. Well, there is more to it. Winning an epoch increases your potential control over objects of power and aspects in general - which is the path to titanhood and beyond
(Pulse) but that is something for Legends to explore
(Faladis) Ah, alright. I had another question, but just put me at the last of the que.
(Pulse) thranxie?
(Thranxie) What about ascended races such as Demons? Will they be Dsds on lord planes?
(Pulse) dsd
(Pulse) Anessa?
(Anessa) so, I want to make sure I'm clear on one thing.. if I ascend an alt, then decide I want to remort, I would descend (to lord 100?), and then I could remort?
(Pulse) yes. As said, that descend part is still to be clarified.
(Anessa) thanks
(Anessa) queue is Bimpwocket, Morgant, Faladis
(Pulse) One thing I want to avoid is character switching at legend via descend retroika
(Pulse) but, the descend penalty to go back to Lord 100 is no longer fixed. We will get to a decision on that over the next few weeks
(Pulse) Bimp?
(Pulse) twiddle
(Pulse) 3
(Pulse) 2
(Pulse) 1
(Pulse) Morgant?
(Morgant) when you say a legend is a full lord on other planes, does that include mid?
(Pulse) lord yes
(Morgant) so no more shadow?
(Pulse) well, same as other lords they will be shadowed
(Morgant) ok thanks
(Anessa) queue is Faladis, Fleshfly, Bimpwocket
(Pulse) Faladis?
(Faladis) So, the game is seperated into epoches, and thus epoches are seperated into rounds. A new epoch starts when one team gains control of ALL objects. Correct?
(Pulse) yes
(Faladis) And they will be given upgrades every round, and even more upon ever epoch?
(Faladis) every*
(Pulse) uhm. not round as such
(Faladis) alright... no more questions
(Pulse) if you control an object of power than your team receives bonuses (they are being massively revamped atm too).
(Faladis) put me at the end of the que again
(Anessa) queue is Fleshfly, Bimpwocket(?), Loxias, Faladis
(Uglyface) leave
(Uglyface) ack
(Pulse) as another change (for the legends who know this a bit), the powerpoints will no longer be equal. everyone will give different bonuses. Distribution of object of power to area is random on epoch
(Pulse) (that's coded)
(Pulse) Fleshfly?
(Fleshfly) Apologies, not too familiar with Legend. What may be done to make sure teams are balanced?
(Pulse) well, numbers are (in theory) relatively equal. The idea of skills being available to all chars regardless of chars allows a certain control over balance by the team itself
(Pulse) i.e. if you think you need casters, learn caster lores
(Fleshfly) Sorry i mean...what if good players are on the same team, and win consistently every epoch
(Pulse) if you need brutes, learn brute lores, then genesis to adjsut stats
(Pulse) ah. Teams are reshuffled every epoch
(Fleshfly) Oh okay
(Pulse) bimp?
(Anessa) queue is Loxias, Faladis, Arcano
(Pulse) if not ..Loxias
(Loxias) I'll give him a sec
(Pulse) 3
(Pulse) 2
(Pulse) 1
(Loxias) How will legend levelling work? Do you gain levels for getting control of objects too? Or iis it going to be an entirely different system?
(Pulse) ah, the big question.
(Pulse) at this point leveling is a slight torture, unless you are Jaro
(AlexyAnna) heh
(Loxias) I can see that
(Uglyface) lol
(Anessa) queue is Faladis, Arcano (I have to go afk for a few.. someone else able to keep queue for me?)
(Visions) I can
(Pulse) Leveling will not occur on epoch win or control of powerpoints, but there will possibly be an xp bonus
(Anessa) thanks
(Loxias) I can as well
(ZultOr) (lol, epoch win... sorry :P)
(Loxias) But what all would give xp?
(Pulse) the main idea is the pk gives xp, we have to sort out some loopholes though.
(Loxias) Ah. ok
(Visions) Queue is Faladis, Arcano
(Pulse) Faladis?
(Faladis) So, rounds are seperated by capturing an object of power? If so, can other teams steal objects away from one another?
(Pulse) object position is fixed, they are stationary. There is a conquer command with which you change control of an object - once you are past the defences
(Glae) look
(Glae) inv
(Pulse) a team can always try to conquer back those powerpoints it lost
(Visions) Queue is: Arcano
(Faladis) hmm... then couldn't teams just split up into squads and either conquer them all, or just span out and grab them all in a quick rush?
(Pulse) they could, if they can
(Faladis) this sounds like a modified version of capture the flag... no more questions.
(Pulse) Arcano?
(Arcano) Maybe my question is pointless, but on the issue of balance, will current legend gear/pgems be reset? Talking to Koichi, for example, he use to sit there with another legend and kill each other for pgems, since neither saw a point in preserving TNL, and they did this until they got yelled at.
(Pulse) yeah, I did some yelling.
(Pulse) ah, probably.
(Jaromil) *sniff*
(Pulse) pgems will probably need to be removed.
(Arcano) In addition, I know killing "legality" was changed at some point, making it harder(?) to get gear, but the current legends got to keep their stuff afaik. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just want to know if it'll be horribly inbalanced in gear terms when I have a legend.
(Visions) Queue is: Orestes
(Pulse) not that terribly. The furnish command gives you a base set which is better then Lord gear
(Arcano) Yea but if someone is decked out in full manifest gear or whatever that was easy for them to get but now much more difficult for me to get, will that make a difference?
(Ciprian) who conf
(Pulse) and that comes for free. If the balance is really out of whack, then I will just strip it out
(Arcano) (Visions) Queue is: Orestes
(Jaromil) just an fyi, very few manifest items currently exist
(Pulse) one of bonuses of the changing game at legend (and the static lord char ) is, that I have less qualms about removing things that are imbalanced
(Pulse) nod Jaro
(Pulse) Orestes?
(Orestes) is the lore concept going to reflect legend abilities, or will there still be class-defining skills, or skills that are maintained from epoch to epoch?
(Pulse) in the current incarnation of the concept there are no class defining skills, nor anything which is maintained from epoch to epoch. However, it may be that something is fed back it at a later point.
(Visions) Queue is: Thranxie, Jaromil
(Orestes) ok, makes sense, thanks
(Pulse) an aspect which will appear will be failure of skills that everyone relies on
(Pulse) e.g. failing to detect someone who moveshidden
(Pulse) even if you have detect hidden on - depending on char stats etc. So dex, str, etc will have a larger impact - and those are class based to an extent
(Pulse) thranxie?
(Thranxie) Will the lore points be reset and redistributed each epoch?
(Orestes) nog, I enjoy the free-flowing concept, was just wondering about specifics such as gemcrafting etc, but I can see how rog skills being definers would be difficult
(Orestes) sry, done :-P
(Pulse) re orestes - there will be some skills that are available to everyone for free - and there will be some that are crafing / construct related which will be class specific
(Pulse) but, construct related does not yet exist.
(Pulse) re thranxie - yes, reset each epoch.
(Visions) Queue is: Jaromil
(Pulse) bonus for being online on winning team and sublevel
(Pulse) jaro?
(Jaromil) *oldtimer* How will these changes affect those legends with grandfathered spells, will we still have them at legendshades or going to lose them?
(Pulse) you have them as Legendshades. Specifically coded that :P
(Visions) Queue is: Rhodry
(Pulse) Rhodry?
(Rhodry) is the lord level 100 thing for current legends?
(Rhodry) so say i ascend i get demoted to 100 or i stick at 501 lord?
(Pulse) the Lord char which will be re-created for Legends will be created at Lord level 500. You can then see an Immortal to move you up to the level you had troikad at
(Visions) Queue is: Nalar
(Pulse) if higher
(Jaromil) believe he was referring to newcomers after changes that are higher level already
(Rhodry) nods like remort 3 fdays after getting the levels requirement was dropped :(
(Pulse) if after change you troika at level 237 your Lord char remains level 237
(Rhodry) ah nods thats what i was after
(Pulse) the Lord char is not changed when you troika, neither skills, nor stats, nor level
(Pulse) Nalar?
(Nalar) Hmm, in retrospect of raising I think I answered my own question, But what about skills puchased via QP? Will they just be available on the shade?
(Pulse) just on the shade
(Visions) Queue is: Orestes
(Nalar) purchased too* thanks
(Pulse) At this point it would be very icky to include special dealing of purchased skills into the rerolls
(Pulse) Orestes?
(Thranxie) scratch me off queue
(Orestes) sorry, just to clarify, descending from lgnd to lord will be pointless after these changes go in then?
(Pulse) it will be unless you want to a) ascend a different Lord to Legend, b) remort or c) descend from Lord
(Orestes) unless you want to lgnd a different alt? but it sounds like you're hoping to minimize that scenario?
(Pulse) nod Orestes
(Visions) Queue is: Faladis
(Orestes) ah, so
(Orestes) b will still need to descend for remort?
(Orestes) -b
(Pulse) yes.
(Orestes) ok
(Orestes) gotcha
(Miel) mm
(Pulse) Faladis?
(Orestes) and descend will still go to 100
(Faladis) Do you think a version of this game will ever be developed for hero or lord tier, dealing with items or gold instead of lore points?
(Orestes) sry, done, will shut up now, rofl
(Uglyface) oreo descend still does go tot 100
(Orestes) nog
(Pulse) uhm. Don't think so Faladis. Quest team can run things like this if they want, but the principle is for the Legend tier
(Faladis) Alright.
(Visions) Queue is: Uglyface
(Pulse) hero and Lord tier will see more class specifix development
(Pulse) Legend will see more generic development. Like online building of defences etc
(Uglyface) nvm remove me from que
(Pulse) by the players
(Pulse) no queue?
(Visions) Queue is:
(Bartholomuse) aff
(Pulse) gah
(Thranxie) ok i'll wait
(Pulse) thranxie
(Mactabilis) i
(Pulse) so. To summarise the current status of development on this
(Pulse) - char splitting into Legend and Legend shade is coded and tested
(Pulse) - epoch code and distribution of powerpoints is coded and tested
(Pulse) - reroll of Legends on win is done
(Pulse) - skill code on lore basis is in process
(Pulse) - a whole load of other background code is also done
(Pulse) - balancing code for spells and mobstats and melee is in process
(Pulse) - think that covers where we are atm, mostly
(Visions) Queue is: Thranxie, Mactabilis, Rhodry
(Pulse) we will aim to get this in and running in May.
(AlexyAnna) swoon ;)
(Pulse) or rather, it will be. Unless something really bad happens
(Orestes) very cool
(Pulse) back to queue- Thranxie?
(Thranxie) So in a way legend is "classless", though you have your base skills from lord?
(Pulse) it is classless to a limit
(Visions) Queue is: Mactabilis, Rhodry, Loxias
(Rhodry) remove me from queue was a no-brainer question
(Pulse) lets say you are a rogue. It will cost you 3 lore points to learn the basic rogue lore, but it will cost you 6 lore points to learn the mage lroe
(Pulse) higher knowledge lores increase in cost, so you have the option to learn other things, but to learn everything will be pretty much impossible
(ZultOr) unless you're jaromil, cough
(AlexyAnna) heh
(Visions) Queue is: Mactabilis, Loxias
(Pulse) Mactabilis?
(Mactabilis) I wonder what it means when reroll happens on win? (i dont' ahve a legend yet but am curious how that works, what is a win?)
(Pulse) win is the end of an Epoch when all objects of power are controlled by one team.
(Orestes) when you get all obj of power, I believe
(Visions) Queue is: Loxias, Uglyface
(Pulse) reroll means scrap your stats, scrap your skills and start new.
(Mactabilis) so it's like re-legending upon your team's win?
(Pulse) team distribution of characters is also changed on reroll
(Mactabilis) cool, thank you that's really interesting
(Pulse) yeah. Only, if you are on the winning team you will get bonus to stats too
(Visions) Queue is: Loxias, Uglyface, Orestes, Morgant
(Loxias) From what I've seen there are not very many lord runs, and by the sounds of it a lot more lords will be occupied with stuff on legend planes now as well, I'm just wondering if anything will be happening to lord? I don't know much about lord but ever since we've gotten access to the lordrun command I've been looking at it, and there's rarely anything happening. Just wondering if anything will be modified to en
(Loxias) 'oops
(Loxias) too long
(Loxias) to make lords more encouraged to play
(Loxias) Otherwise it'd take ages to get the 100 levels I'm thinking
(Pulse) it takes time, but it will be much less than gaining 500 levels.
(Visions) Queue is: Uglyface, Orestes (yes him again), Morgant, Mactabilis
(Pulse) and, I do not really think that the tiers necessarily will ruin each other
(Orestes) lol
(Uglyface) lox gaining 100 lord elvels isnt as hard as you really think tbh
(Loxias) Hmm yeah. Just thinking because a lot of them will likely be balancing between the two
(Pulse) let's see how it goes.
(Loxias) Sorry if I'm uninformed, still kinda new here, going based on my observations over 2 months
(Pulse) at this point I do not expect big problems there, but if they occur we will have to address them
(Orestes) I'd assume the draw for lords to legend running will be roughly the same as lord to hero, people will run what they wish to run
(Pulse) it is not in my hands to make Lords run though
(Visions) This tends to be a slack time for lord running in any case with college exams etc. coming up
(Loxias) Ah
(Loxias) Alright can go to next person
(Mactabilis) summer's the best time of year
(Visions) Queue is: Uglyface, Orestes (yes him again), Morgant, Mactabilis
(Pulse) Ugly?
(Uglyface) is legend still going off of the core avatar classes? and will epoch have to be completed in one sitting? and if so what would the avg timeframe for an epoch be?
(Loxias) Oh good, I should get to lord right around then I'm hoping. Sorry done now
(Uglyface) and will you be adding the other classes if its still on the core classes
(Pulse) all lores of all core and prc and remort classes will be available for practicing
(Pulse) re epoch and one sitting - legendstate persists over reboots
(Pulse) it takes as long as it takes
(Uglyface) epoch is once per reboot then?
(Jaromil) right now with a decent dedicated group and no opposition we can conquer everything in about 5 hours or so
(Pulse) no. Epoch can be shorter than reboot or it can take longer than 5 reboots.
(Pulse) reboot does not reset the legend game
(Uglyface) ok
(Visions) Queue is: Orestes, Morgant, Mactabilis, Loxias
(Mactabilis) and epoch means the time to get all the objects of power?
(Pulse) nod
(Orestes) just a quick question as I don't have lgnd alt atm, will the 'shuffling' also include a shift of the area maps? ie, will the path to one item of power be the same each time, or will it shift with the change of epoch?
(Mactabilis) cool
(Pulse) at this point the path is always the same. This is where the 'constructs' come in, which is my next big legend coding project when we are done with this phase
(Orestes) k
(Visions) Queue is: Morgant, Mactabilis, Loxias
(Morgant) Do your lore points stack at the end of each epoch? Or do you get the same amount of lore points each time?... (so your char would get stronger the more you win)
(Pulse) no stacking.
(Morgant) ok
(Visions) Queue is: Mactabilis, Loxias
(Pulse) there is a bonus to win in the form of bonus insignia, which remains in diminished form over a few epochs though
(Morgant) ok thanks
(Pulse) Mact?
(Mactabilis) sorry i missed some of the beginning of the conf, i wonder, is the level for troika being changed to Lord 100?
(Pulse) nod Mact
(Visions) Queue is: Loxias
(Loxias) Regarding the reroll, how much of a factor would your race be in determining your stats?
(Mactabilis) ogle
(Pulse) fully race / class based.
(Visions) Queue is: Anessa
(Anessa) from what I hear now, it's difficult for sprites at legend, will these changes make it more playable?
(Pulse) hm. Maybe.
(Anessa) thanks
(AlexyAnna) well at least we still have legend shades if it's not so good ;)
(Visions) Queue is:
(Anessa) yes, I'm excited about that!
(Pulse) stats are extremely low for hp, which will not really change with this change to code
(Pulse) genesis may help, but well.
(Pulse) may need to be adressed separately
(Visions) Queue is: Nalar
(Pulse) Nalar?
(Nalar) having more players would also give sprites (especially casters) a better shot of standing behind a brute
(Pulse) nod
(Visions) Queue is: Anessa
(Anessa) Will a genesis affect just the legend? or both Legend and shade?
(Pulse) just the Legend
(Visions) Queue is:
(Anessa) and good point, Nalar!
(Pulse) ok, unless there are any more questions I would like to wrap this up sometime soon :)
(Pulse) Ugly?
(Uglyface) meh ill ask someone else you can wrap up :P
(Pulse) Visions?
(Visions) Is there any chance of the troika level being lowered in advance of the rest of the changes, so more people have experience of legend, and thus things can get running faster when you have changed things to your satisfaction
(Pulse) no. Cause we would then have recreate more Lord chars.
(Pulse) which is not really ideal.
(Anessa) -did I miss a timeline?
(Orestes) May
(Anessa) thanks.. sorry
(Jaromil) dont worry, i sell maps *blink*
(Pulse) ok. As a close off: thanks to Malaclypse, Daeron, Xiphoid and the testers, in particular Dyer and Pariikshanam for all the work on this project.
(Pulse) and of we go
(AlexyAnna) thank you

edit: add Wir to the thank you list - Pulse


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