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Legend Design Conference April 26 2009

(Pulse) $ hi
(Anessa) Please turn off all triggers. Also, please hold your comments until asked for by Pulse, and then do a $raise to be placed in queue. Please have your comments pre-typed so we can get as many answered as possible. $help for command list.
(Pulse) grin, ok, small numbers
(Riviat) you're outnumbered 4 to 1 Drifter!
(Drifter) oh man
(Anessa) i'll go drum up some folks
(Pulse) let's give it a few seconds still
(Drifter) at least i'll get to talk a lot :)
(Mactabilis) will this be like the same as the one i missed last night?
(Mactabilis) just for the otherside of the world?
(Pulse) hey Mact. Now I really have to be careful not to contradict myself
(Pulse) nod Mact
(Mactabilis) eh?
(Mactabilis) no
(Riviat) Hope so as I wasn't there either
(Mactabilis) i missed all the actual conference from last night
(Mactabilis) you can say whatever youw ant
(Drifter) i skimmed the transcript
(Mactabilis) i got your back man
(Mactabilis) ^_^
(Zilysp) l
(Mactabilis) *high5 Zilysp*
(Zilysp) interesting
(Riviat) type $HELP for a list of commands that work in here
(Zilysp) :
(Zilysp) :)
(Mactabilis) ti's wierd
(Riviat) whatever you type will show
(Riviat) so be careful
(Mactabilis) last night i kept typing l and i
(Pulse) ok, ratio of staff to players is slightly turning to our disadvantage
(Zilysp) heh
(Mactabilis) l
(Mactabilis) giggle
(Anessa) Please turn off all triggers. Also, please hold your comments until asked for by Pulse, and then do a $raise to be placed in queue. Please have your comments pre-typed so we can get as many answered as possible. $help for command list.
(Mactabilis) to be honest with you i'm really exciting about these changes
(Anessa) me too
(Pulse) ok, let's get started then
(Mactabilis) my game plan was to legend in about 10 more years
(Pulse) grin Mact
(Mactabilis) really
(Mactabilis) i expect to be a grandma by then
(Pulse) I will copy some phrases from last night, just so that I am not so wrong
(Riviat) grin
(Zilysp) I know I'll be a grandpa by then..
(Pulse) but I will keep it to a minimum
(Pulse) some background info
(Riviat) A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away
(Pulse) I think that the background story for Legend has not really made it through that much , so
(Zilysp) spaceballs?
(Pulse) here some background on the story that the Legend realm has, and which is the basis for a big amount of the
(Pulse) changes that you will see
(Pulse) As mentioned in the recent quest series run by Thieron and
(Pulse) Shaykes the Legend Realm is not quite the same as other planes. It was
(Pulse) constructed by the Gods as a changable and changing testing ground,
(Pulse) following different principles to suit the design.
(Pulse) there is some kind of prophecy that the Gods react to, with the creation of the Legend realm and a koind of weird setup
(Pulse) One of the important aspects of the Legends is their link to Midgaardia. After all, it is a prophecy on Midgaarida that the Gods are trying to get the Legends to decide on.
(Pulse) To this end Legends have a split life
(Pulse) more directly
(Pulse) Legends will exist as Legends only on the Legend planes. On all other planes they will exist as real Lords. Completely split chars, separate equipme,t inventory, stats etc
(Pulse) These Lords, or Legendshades, will be able to act and live and dies just as everybody else, i.e. they will level as Lords on Lord planes and as Legends on Legend planes.
(Pulse) btw - whenever you have a question, feel free to $raise and
(Pulse) so on
(Riviat) type $HELP for a list of commands that work in here
(Riviat) whatever you type will show up so be careful
(Pulse) The split of characters is quite a change, but it fits in well with dealing with the volatility of the Legend realm
(Pulse) This is quite a departure from what we have now. To make this work the Lord chars of existing Legends will be recreated, at Lord 500 with a small bonus
(Pulse) they can then contact an immortal to be advanced to the level they troikad at, if higher
(Pulse) anyone still here?
(Mactabilis) NOD
(Anessa) yes
(Pulse) grin
(Drifter) yeah
(Mactabilis) IM RIVIATTED
(Makalu) )
(Pulse) at the same time, the level of Troika will be dropped, to Lord 100.
(Pulse) Anessa?
(Anessa) A player wanted me to ask if that would stay at 100 or work it's way back to level 500
(Pulse) stay at 100
(Anessa) thanks
(Drifter) heighten
(Drifter) heighten
(Drifter) argh
(Pulse) Mact?
(Riviat) please turn off triggers while in conference
(Drifter) just did, apologies
(Mactabilis) if there any real advantage then to go to 500 or 999 for your lord levels ?
(Mactabilis) does it affect stats, size, etc..? skills avaiL at legend?
(Pulse) uhm, no advantage as such, apart from the fact that you can choose your play, between two parallel options
(Pulse) no impact on Legend char at all.
(Mactabilis) toe
(Pulse) ask away
(Mactabilis) then doesthat mean that as a legend, if i run lord i continue to amass levels at legendd (hypothetically) and then when my team wins as per last night's discussion, it means that my lord gets rerolled appropriately?
(Mactabilis) wait that question didnt' make sense
(Mactabilis) if i troika, my lord presence still gets levels?
(Anessa) Please turn off all triggers. Please do a $raise to be placed in queue. Please have your comments pre-typed so we can get as many answered as possible. $help for command list.
(Riviat) The Lord/legendshade doesn't get rerolled when the legend part wins as far as I know.
(Pulse) if you run at Lord, your Lord can get levels (or die). If you run at Legend then the Legend will gain levels. No cross impact on reroll etc
(Pulse) the character has the same name and the swap between the 2 incarnations happens with the actualize command that takes you to the legend planes
(Riviat) The 2 halves are seperate
(Pulse) nod Riv
(Mactabilis) so in theory, troika gives me access to anothoer separate realm / existance
(Pulse) well, in as much reality as Avatar is
(Pulse) actually
(Mactabilis) which means i can still level myself as a lord, and still get levels as a legend
(Pulse) nod Mact
(Mactabilis) cool
(Mactabilis) ty
(Pulse) Alfwold?
(Alfwold) typing
(Pulse) twiddle
(Alfwold) With the split on troika and for current legends will there be any way to get gear from the shade level, such as containers and consumables which don't currently exist at legend?
(Pulse) no, no way.
(Pulse) we will have to add whatever is needed.
(Anessa) fyi.. you can type your comment in notepad or something and just copy.. helps a lot
(Pulse) the only limitation for the legendshade is, that they can not remort or descend.
(Pulse) if you want to do that, then the Legend will have to descend first
(Pulse) Nimon?
(Nimon) what level will the legend/lord be, say i troik'd at 500... am i a 500 lord?
(Pulse) yes
(Nimon) is that saved, for older legnds?
(Riviat) please turn off triggers while in conference
(Pulse) or, if you troika at 233 you will be at 233 for Lord
(Riviat) type $HELP for a list of commands that work in here
(Anessa) legend 1/lord 500 correct?
(Pulse) for old legend we will recreate the lord char. Unfortunately it is not saved, but we will figure it out
(Nimon) ok, thanks
(Pulse) but, as a start they will be recreated at Lord 500
(Pulse) Mact?
(Mactabilis) how does the descend chain look from legend back down to hero/lowmort?
(Pulse) same as now, first have to descend to Lord, then to Hero. Never to lowmort
(Mactabilis) not sure i knew this but when from legend to lord what level are we?
(Mactabilis) when we return to lord
(Pulse) the penalty of level on descend, i.e. that you get set to Lord 100 will be reviewed
(Pulse) but it exists at this point
(Mactabilis) k cool
(Mactabilis) thank you
(Pulse) so much to chars, now, some more on Legend setup
(Pulse) As mentioned, Legend game is very volatile. It breaks down into several epochs.T he end of an epoch is caused by the actions of the Legends. At the end of an epoch all Legends are rerolled completely, with a bonus for the winning team. All skills are vaped.
(Pulse) The bonus comes in several forms
(Drifter) race/class rerolled too?
(Pulse) 1) insignia that give bonus to hr, dr and ac
(Pulse) race class stays
(Pulse) 2) A bonus to hp mana move for the winning team
(Pulse) 3) a bonus to Lore points for the winning team
(Pulse) Mactabilis?
(Mactabilis) each epoch, the legend character gets a base set of pracs (or like) and then gets to redistribute as they see fit?
(Pulse) nod Mact
(Pulse) however
(Mactabilis) k
(Pulse) at Legend Skills all skills will be based on Lores, a complete full new set of staged lores . These lores can be obtained by all classes. I.e. a rogue may learn all Mage skills, at a higher lore point cost
(Pulse) so, we are looking at a kind of total multiclassing.
(Mactabilis) and after all these bonuses, the teams are re-randomized
(Pulse) which can be adjusted on each epoch by the player
(Mactabilis) this is a really interesting system
(Pulse) yes, the members of theams are randomised
(Pulse) the teams on each epoch end
(Pulse) as an aside, genesis will re-appear: if a mage decides to go
(Pulse) for all martial lores they may want to tweak their stats into that
(Pulse) direction - genesis will modify the stats that way - more hp, less
(Pulse) mana
(Pulse) Anessa?
(Anessa) Will the person doing the genesis be able to do it on any legend or just their teammates?
(Pulse) team mates I guess
(Pulse) alfwold?
(Alfwold) Will the current power point distribution be reset with the changes so no team starts out with an advantage when this is first rolled in?
(Pulse) sorry, give me a scond
(Pulse) yes.
(Pulse) the whole system of powerpoints pretty much changes too
(Pulse) as it is now, the powerpoints and what they do are pretty evenly distributed. In the future each powerpoint will have a different effect
(Pulse) on a legendwin the position of each powerpoint is randomised
(Pulse) Riv?
(Riviat) I think you may have answered it, but will the effect stay the same on given powerpoints?
(Pulse) ok, let me retrack.
(Pulse) each team has 5 powerpoints in their realm
(Pulse) so a total of 15
(Pulse) at the same time there are 15 objects of power
(Pulse) the objects of power have different effects, and they are placed at a random powerpoint on reroll
(Pulse) so, for an epoch it sis fixed what a powerpoint does, but not so between epochs
(Pulse) did that sort of answer the question?
(Riviat) Yes
(Riviat) But I have another
(Riviat) leading on
(Pulse) grin, ok
(Riviat) If the object of power locations are randomised, how will teams know which are where after they have been randomised?
(Pulse) we will add a legendstatus command which will give a good amount of info
(Riviat) Excellent
(Riviat) That will make strategising easier for the teams.
(Pulse) the assumption is, that the tie of the Legends to the realm is strong, so that they can be aware
(Pulse) nod
(Pulse) Mactabilis?
(Mactabilis) please clarify : is powerpoints the same as objects of power?
(Pulse) not quiet.
(Pulse) quite even
(Pulse) a powerpoint is a fixed location.
(Mactabilis) if this will be explained when i legend is ok,i'll just find out when i get there i guess
(Pulse) an object of power will be located at one of the powerpoints, but at which one is not fixed
(Pulse) it will be clearer when you can look at the areas, I think
(Pulse) and we are adding some more helps
(Mactabilis) so x number of power points per map, (fixed map right now), and up to 5 per team (pwerpoints), which may be at one or more of the following locations
(Mactabilis) which are defined by fixed power points in the map
(Mactabilis) 1 object of pwer per random position on map, to a max of 5 on a given epoch at legend
(Riviat) If I understand correctly, each team will always have 5 power points but the objects of power associated with those power points, changes upon each epoch win.
(Pulse) nod Riviat
(Mactabilis) hmm
(Pulse) there are 3 teams at Legend
(Pulse) each team has 5 'home' areas with 1 powerpoint each
(Pulse) but, in the course of an epoch other teams can invade those and conquer the powerpoint
(Mactabilis) so far, how many legends per team have been available per epoch?
(Pulse) when one team has ownership of all powerpoints the Epoch ends
(Pulse) active? very few
(Alfwold) there are about 15-20 per team right now
(Mactabilis) ok
(Mactabilis) thank you very much!
(Pulse) active 3 to 5 I would think. But things can only get more fun with more ppl
(Pulse) ok, where were we. Skills.
(Pulse) any questions on those? Or is that relatively straight forward
(Pulse) ok. Current status of all this
(Pulse) - char splitting into Legend and Legend shade is coded and tested
(Pulse) - epoch code and distribution of powerpoints is coded and tested
(Pulse) - reroll of Legends on win is done
(Pulse) - skill code on lore basis is in process
(Pulse) - a whole load of other background code is also done
(Pulse) - balancing code for spells and mobstats and melee is in process
(Pulse) so we are aiming at getting the changes rolled in during May, unless something unforeseen happens
(Pulse) any other questions?
(Pulse) or comments or ideas?
(Anessa) Just a thanks.. lots of hard work.. and I'm excited
(Mactabilis) Are all legend skills then based on this lore system, while alot of skills/spells available to all,
(Mactabilis) are less expensive to get for the one who is in class for the skill?
(Pulse) nod Mactabilis. Lore cost varies depending on how distant the lore is from your class
(Mactabilis) this means it turns spells/ skills into an ethereal conjecture
(Pulse) e.g. warrior lores will be more expensive to learn for a sorcerer than a rogue
(Pulse) no
(Mactabilis) oh ok
(Mactabilis) sorry my lattitudes just attacked my longitudes
(Pulse) we will have to twek the lore point costs a bit, but the part we wish to avoid is simply someone learning all skills
(Pulse) to the highest possible level. But there is still enough choice.
(Mactabilis) this would encourage a mage to use mage skills and likewise a war war, and so on
(Pulse) yeah, you will have an easier time learning and using those, but you can use and learn others
(Mactabilis) but for those in special circumstances or at the edge of efficiency, like say an ent rog or something, ...they could pick and choose soemthing that might get them balanced in the context of this level of play
(Pulse) nod Mact
(Mactabilis) this sounds pretty cool
(Pulse) or, if a team ends up with all mages, someone focuses on cleric and someone else on brutal
(Mactabilis) oh right
(Pulse) with stats adjsuted via genesis
(Mactabilis) ok so this team distro per epoch is non-monitored
(Mactabilis) it's litterally random
(Mactabilis) very interesting
(Pulse) yes, random, but even numbers
(Mactabilis) *evil_smile*
(Pulse) so the skill learning / genesis otion allows the teams to balance themselves as eneded
(Pulse) needed even
(Pulse) the skills/lroe part is the bit where I expect the most tweaks necessary.
(Ysolde) (Mactabilis) yeah, that's where the balancing would have to happen
(Pulse) to get this right. But, with epochs and reroll that should be managable
(Ysolde) (Pulse) sure ysolde
(Riviat) type $raise
(Ysolde) raise nog
(Pulse) type $raise to let us know
(Mactabilis) type $help for options
(Pulse) so. Anything else?
(Anessa) Ysolde have a ?
(Ysolde) yeah will clerics be worth legending as a fe whave said no
(Pulse) they will be.
(Ysolde) all i needed to know thank you
(Anessa) specifically sprite clerics!
(Ysolde) hehe
(Pulse) grin Anessa
(Mactabilis) sounds like it's gonna be great
(Pulse) Ok, credits go to Malaclypse, Daeron, Xiphoid, Wir and the testers, in particular Dyer and Pariikshanam for all the work on this project.
(Riviat) I'm sorry I tried but they will apparently let Sprites troika!
(Anessa) pass on our thanks, Pulse
(Mactabilis) *blink riv*
(Mactabilis) thank you for the information
(Riviat) Don't worry I'll pay for that when I get out of the conference!
(Pulse) nod, it was necessary to lower the pedestals, or hobbits would have failed as well.
(Anessa) haha!
(Mactabilis) *lol*
(Riviat) This is abuse!
(Pulse) ok, thanks all. If other questions come up, let me know. ;)


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