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Quest Conference - June 30 2012

Conference participants:

Utopia, Iktinos, WinterRose, Ctibor, Elvrysn, Kariya, Zahri, Mittles, Cerdwyn, Murugan, Pallidus, Torwin, Nautilus, Arngrim, Riviat, Seritay, Elfis, Clichy, Dauthi, Eecyla, Sauron, Tanzarian

The Quest Conference is now open! Type join quest to log in.

You have entered into the quest conference. This conference is moderated by Cerdwyn, if you have questions this is the person to ask. Type $who to see a list of participants in the conference

Torwin has entered the conference.

(Cerdwyn) Just a reminder to please turn off triggers

WinterRose whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Cerdwyn) Just a reminder to please turn off triggers

(Zahri) type $help...for...well help ;)

(Zahri) everything shows up except the few command preceded by $

(Cerdwyn) Just a reminder to please turn off triggers

(Nautilus) It says I cannot be helped, Zahri.

(Zahri) teehee


(Cerdwyn) Just a quick reminder of the rules

(Cerdwyn) All triggers need to be off

Utopia has left the conference

(Cerdwyn) Kariya will speak first with the updates he wishes to give, after that will be a time for questions and answers

Utopia has entered the conference.

(Cerdwyn) pretype your questions so that you are ready when your name is called

(Cerdwyn) Unless Kariya specifically asks for questions on an item, all ques will be held until the end

Arngrim has entered the conference.

(Cerdwyn) We will now turn this shebang over to the Dark Fire himself, Kariya

(Cerdwyn) ps

(Kariya) Oh cool ;)

(Utopia) ooo

(Kariya) Welcome.

(Cerdwyn) 1st trigger will get a warn

(Arngrim) leave3 quest

(Zahri) type $help to see commands, if you just joined.

(Cerdwyn) second will get you removed

Arngrim has left the conference

(Cerdwyn) Kariya

(Kariya) Even if you run the trigger, Cerd? (trust me that happens all the time)

(Kariya) ;)

(Cerdwyn) mine are off

Riviat has entered the conference.

(Kariya) Suuuure ;)

(Kariya) Ok, here we go.

Seritay has entered the conference.

(Kariya) Welcome, the main reason for this conference is to give an explanation of what we are working on currently and what we will be working on in the next few months.

(Kariya) To summarize there are 3 main projects going on right now.

(Kariya) Revamp of the QP catalog

Torwin whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Kariya) Automation of (much) of the QP catalog

(Kariya) And finally, the largest project, automated quests.

Murugan has left the conference

(Kariya) Now earlier today I posted the concept for the new catalog. I hope you guys have had a chance to look at it..

(Torwin) board 7

(Elvrysn) l

(Torwin) sorry

(Kariya) There are some items on there that need input still.

(Kariya) It won't formally go live until august 1st.

(Kariya) But it'll be finalized and published asap (tomorrow? monday?) to let people stare at it for additional feedback

(Kariya) And in case there are items on the current one that disappear on the new one, that they were really wanting to get.

(Kariya) So erhm..if possible I would like to hear your thoughts on it right now? :)

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) que is winterrose

(Cerdwyn) wr?

(WinterRose) Some if the items were dropped like buying alts etc?

Elvrysn raises a hand - a question?

(WinterRose) also, there appears to be a typo - buying hp/mana was supposed to be in percentages right?

(Kariya) If there are only a few questions, I assume it's because it needs more staring at. In which case I will move on to the specific info/feedback that I still need from you guys.

(Torwin) who imm

(Cerdwyn) queue is elvrysan after kariya answers winterrose

(Kariya) Alts were dropped because in all the years there was little/no interest and with all the various ways of getting interesting chars it's no longer needed imo.

Torwin has left the conference

(Kariya) And what buying hp/mana do you mean?

(Zahri) probably the +1% hp we added

(WinterRose) The final note - +1/3/5 HP

(Kariya) oh heh. Yeah doh. % didn't work most likely


(Cerdwyn) elvrysan

(Kariya) Yes, there are 1/2/5 % insignias and 5/15 % regen mods

(Elvrysn) Under the item catalog, it is listed as 1hr or 1dr per 100qps. Just wondering why they are separate instead of 1hr and 1dr. In the past I have gotten 1/1 when changing in qps.

(Kariya) That's because it was never clear what it should've been. Even I have sometimes done 1hr OR 1dr, and other times 1/1.

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) queue is winterrose

(Kariya) But if we all agree it should be 1/1 I'm willing to listen.

(Elvrysn) They seem linked to me :)

(WinterRose) My concern is the final 1.5k entry - +50 skill - 50% skills cannot be trained to full, and where did +50% spell go? It's a lot of QP for a half-working ability.

(Kariya) Don't need to be. Items aren't always exactly 1/1 either.

(Kariya) Hold on WR, first I wanna settle the hr/dr thing.


(Kariya) np ;)

(Kariya) Imm vote. ;) Shall we make it 1hr AND 1dr for 125 qps?

(Cerdwyn) sure

(Riviat) Yes

(Zahri) yes

Elvrysn applauds loudly!

(Kariya) OK ;)

Elfis has entered the conference.

Utopia applauds loudly!

(Kariya) Ctibor, Pallidus? ;)

(Ctibor) sure

Torwin has entered the conference.

(Pallidus) im not an imm yet but I say yes since you asked :)

(Riviat) Okay half yes :P

(Pallidus) nod Riv

(Kariya) WR's question -- spell should be there too.

Pallidus raises a hand - a comment?

(Cerdwyn) queue is pallidus

(Kariya) And it's high because it's supposed to be special to have an abbility that you shouldn't have. And you might never rule at it, but you do have it now..so you're more special than others.

(Pallidus) I think it adds more opportunity to make your character unique

(WinterRose) It's not the cost, it's thta half-working part that concerns me

(WinterRose) and 3k for 100% is really a lot

(Seritay) Especially if QP are rare.

(Kariya) Yes it is. We don't want twinky people running aruond.

(Kariya) Nod Seritay (but we intend to make them less rare again)

(Utopia) Once automated comes into effect qps should be more obtainable also

(Kariya) I've had some questions in the past that we should lower the prizes ..a lot. because we didn't give out many QPs anymore.

(Kariya) But the issue is that we didn't give out QPs, not that the prizes were too high (because at times, they are supposed to be high) So we have to fix THAT part. And we're working on it.

(Seritay) I could agree. However, with the automation coming, I'd be willing to spend time (months preferably) to be a unique character. I'm fine with a grind.

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) nod

(Cerdwyn) queue is pallidus, winterrose

Elvrysn raises a hand - a comment?

(Kariya) It's never supposed to be easy to become unique. We don't wanna make you all equally unique ;)

(Cerdwyn) queue is pallidus, winterrose, elvrysn

(Kariya) Pall?

Zahri raises a hand - a comment?

(Cerdwyn) queue is pallidus, winterrose, elvrysn, zahri

(Pallidus) my comment was already made, that spells allow greater uniqueness

(Cerdwyn) queue is winterrose, elvrysn, zahri

(Kariya) WR?

(WinterRose) Speaking of grind - are the autoquests supposed to be repeatable/grindable? Or once-per-alt affairs?

(Zahri) depends on the prize, but it would (likely) lean more towards once per alt

(Cerdwyn) queue is elvrysn, zahri

(Zahri) unless there's a lesser prize after

(Kariya) What she means with lesser prize,

(Cerdwyn) not a bad idear for somethings

Pallidus raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) there might be quests that can be repeated. but the first time you get (for instance) 10 qps, next time, 5, 3, 2..1.

(Cerdwyn) queue is elvrysn, zahri, pallidus

(Kariya) Elv?

(Elvrysn) I am under the impression that 51% is required to raise the percentage of a spell by casting it...was 50% chosen so you would never be more adept at it without spending the extra 1500 qps? Or am I mistaken.


(Cerdwyn) queue is zahri, pallidus

(Kariya) There's your answer. And no, it was never meant to be that you spend more QPS (cos it's steep as it is)

(Kariya) Zahri

(Cerdwyn) i swear i remember someone moving up from the old deck 3% but it took forever, i might be wrong

(Zahri) please don't expects qps from the very first automated quest. only because as builder head I want to make sure the background code works so we don't get any loopholes

(Kariya) grin

(Zahri) also as past instances have shown, people will grind to get a lot of qps and use qptransfer to get them all on one alt, so we need to work around that.

(Cerdwyn) queue is pallidus

(Pallidus) With autoquests making qp more accessible, will qp transfer rules change?

Mittles has left the conference

(Zahri) there was some talk of making it tie to accounts a few months back, but not sure what the status is.

(Zahri) so it all goes to one account

Arngrim has entered the conference.

(Kariya) I was thinking about that the other day. We'll look into it soon.

Seritay raises a hand - a comment?

(Cerdwyn) queue is seritay

(Pallidus) i ask because i remember legions of alts doing the shoe quest :)

Clichy has entered the conference.

(Kariya) Seritay?

(Cerdwyn) and then we will move on, other questions will be queued to the end

(Seritay) I like the idea of diminishing returns on the amount of QP quests provide. However, the fact it may be limited to once per alt is a little.. disconcerning.

(Kariya) Why's that?

(Seritay) Would it be possible to something where the "once per alt" resets monthly, or even quarterly?

(Zahri) but you already know the quest and have it memorized, so I don't see where the work is for that. (imho)

Elfis raises a hand - a comment?

(Seritay) Because, I have 3 heros currently. I have trouble remebering them has is haha. I know most lords can give the game a healthy population by themselves, but it would feel like I'm required to do that to compete.

Elvrysn raises a hand - a comment?

(Kariya) But you don't need to do them with all.

(Cerdwyn) queue for questions at the end is elvrysn

(Kariya) Quests are NOT a requirement. THey add fun to the game. That's always my goal (prizes are just to make sure you don't bug me for killing you)

(Kariya) I wanna park this discussion for a bit. Return to the QP catalog for 5 more minutes and then move on to automated redemption.

(Seritay) Fair enough. :)

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) queue for questions at the end is elvrysn, winterrose

(Kariya) There are a few spots in the QP catalog where I need info and feedback from you guys. Most likely (since we're a small group atm) I'll also post notes/emails..but you get the first shot.

(Kariya) In the old catalog there's an option to buy a potion and/or a staff with any spell.

(Kariya) This seems ludicrous since I'm sure there's basically only a few that ever would be bought.

(Kariya) So Zahri and I decided to try and bring this down to the 10 most asked for. Any suggestions for these 10?

Arngrim raises a hand - a comment?

(Kariya) (another reason is that if we have 10 spells, we can automate the buying process)

(Kariya) Arn?

Elfis raises a hand - a comment?

(Arngrim) i suppose for potions the most logical choices would be bark steel invincibility

WinterRose raises a hand - a comment?

Utopia raises a hand - a comment?

Elvrysn raises a hand - a comment?

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls you is Elfris, winterrose, utopia, elvrysn

(Kariya) nod. those are already in there (well, bark isnt)

(Kariya) Elfis?

(Elfis) Well, really any of the regular spells that are cast for buffering would make sense. But the ones that aren't easily accessible would be the best choices (PS Lol @ Elfris ;))

(Zahri) we need a list if you want it automated though, keep in mind ;)

(Cerdwyn) sorry (toe)

(Zahri) I think foci/fort/aegis potion is there though, thanks elfis :)

Arngrim raises a hand - a comment?

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls you is winterrose, utopia, elvrysn, arngrim

Dauthi has entered the conference.

(Kariya) Full spell-up potion is there for 125 (this pot would be 75)

(Kariya) Winterrose?

(WinterRose) Intervention, wereboccler, mystic barrier, maybe sor spells, stuff that's rare/impossible to get otherwise, and usable for UD and simmilar.

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls you is utopia, elvrysn, arngrim

(WinterRose) cast 'barkskin' can

(WinterRose) oops

(WinterRose) barkskin can be bought at kelsee

(Kariya) Utopia?

(Utopia) winterrose said what i wanted to say but intervention pot would be great!

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls you is elvrysn, arngrim

(Kariya) Elvrysn?

(Elvrysn) Things like Orbit, intervention, ablution, spiritlink, death shroud, tainted genius. We already have the ability to buy barkskin potions, and invinc and steel are available via DC quest approval redemption.

(Elvrysn) sorry pretyped

Eecyla has entered the conference.

(Kariya) Yeah, but my potions are cooler *wink*

(Kariya) Note to self: make sure they are really cooler than those silly DC things.

(Kariya) Arngrim?

(Zahri) teehe

(Elvrysn) You could always make the periwinle potion from kelsee give you Faerie fire

(Cerdwyn) arngrim?

(Arngrim) i assume the pot you would get would be lord lvl? something you can't normally buy at kelsee...anyway what i really want to say is i think we are looking for a definitive list

(Arngrim) so what i mean to say is

(Arngrim) bark invinc and steel are obvious choices, but we need to hammer out a solid 7 others so that they can automate this stuff

(Arngrim) i don't think long lists of what would be good are really providing the feedback kariya is asking for

(Zahri) intervention sounds good

(Arngrim) so now we have four

(Utopia) a longer lasting intervention pot would be cool

(Zahri) but he will also send notes/emails to all

Torwin raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) Nod. Well we got a few, so I'll put those on the shortlist, and then move it to the mailer.

(Kariya) Torwin (last one..then we move on)

(Eecyla) aegis pot would be cool :P

(Torwin) would it be too hard to code a race-change potion? :)

(Zahri) do you really want an aegis pot separate from the full spellup pot?

(Torwin) b like change race for few hours or such

(Eecyla) time

(Zahri) 75qp versus 125qp I believe

(Zahri) hehe sorry Torwin, code doesnt work like that

(Cerdwyn) maybe full spell up should be a bit more

(Torwin) aww

(Cerdwyn) twice the single spell

Arngrim whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Kariya) Ok, moving on. Thanks for the quick round of input. I'll ask more on the mailer (and put your suggestions on top)

(Kariya) Next up is automation of the QP catalog.

(Kariya) The past few weeks Zahri has been bugging me because she has been working on this mobprog that would allow us to have a mob take care of a LOT of things from the qp catalog.

(Kariya) This will take away the annoyance for you guys when you cannot find me/mal/anessa.

Zahri raises a hand - a comment?

Arngrim applauds loudly!

(Dauthi) cheer

(Cerdwyn) queue is zahri

(Kariya) Unfortunately not every thing can be automated. There's always variables and things that a mob cannot check or track but I think 75% can be automated.

(Kariya) Z?

(Zahri) just FYI if it's not automated, it's not because I hate you. I just can't automate it - either because it's not possible to do with just a mob, or because the restrictions on it prevent me from doing so. sort of a repeat of what he said ;)

(Zahri) If I could make it 100% automated I would in a heartbeat. But some things just can't be (ever).

(Zahri) done

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) queue is WR

(Kariya) The plan is to introduce this feature when we introduce the new catalog--august.

(Kariya) WR

(WinterRose) Is there a chance to automate qp transfers?

Eecyla has left the conference

(Kariya) Haven't looked into that. I'll put it on the list ;)

(Zahri) right now, no

(Zahri) code wise it can't be done.

(Dauthi) raise

(Cerdwyn) queue is dauthi

(Kariya) Oh ok, the answer is 'no' ;)

(Kariya) Dauthi?

Sauron has entered the conference.

(Sauron) OMG

(Sauron) conference!

(Sauron) who

(Dauthi) no idea how to use the commands, but what kind of things cant be automated just so we know prior

(Zahri) please use $help for help

Sauron raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls on you is sauron

Elvrysn raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) Things like adding the points of hr/dr, damage. Because those are capped, and the system cannot track that.

Elfis raises a hand - a question?

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls on you is sauron, elvrysn

(Zahri) the qpcatalog posted in the notes has an asterisk for stuff that can be automated

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls on you is sauron, elvrysn, elfis

(Zahri) that asterisk system will be in place after the final draft is in too

(Kariya) No, I took outthe asteriks ;)

(Kariya) In the notes.

(Zahri) oh sorry :) :)

(Kariya) Blackjack, deck, those things aren't automated either.

(Dauthi) aw

(Kariya) Sauron?

(Sauron) Ah, yes I would like to inquire about automated quests, and if there are any to be implemented. Furthermore, I would like to know if there are any future plans as to brining back VOD. Thank you for your cooperation.

(Kariya) Yes they are to be implemented. More on that in 5 minutes or less. VOD..maybe. No specific plans as of yet.

(Kariya) Elvrysn?

(Elvrysn) Will items still be bound after 4 additions or hr/dr/max/base? Additionally, can we add a prize to remove the bound flag from an item?

(Cerdwyn) queue after kariya calls on you is elfis

(Kariya) Yes on the first question. Erhm...tentative no on the 2nd one. Items are often bound for a reason. IF we were to add that option, it'd be expensive.

(Kariya) Elfis?

(Sauron) I would just like to thank the Imms for holding this conference. I will be on my way out. Much appreciated.

(Elfis) My question was sort of answered, so I can be removed from the que (didn't want to speak out of turn to say so)

Sauron has left the conference

(Kariya) wait a mi---awwww...he can red the logs.

(Kariya) read even

(Kariya) Cos the last part was about automated quests.

(Kariya) I give the floor to Zahri.

(Zahri) okay, thankfully Zahri pretyped stuff, so hold on a minute

Elvrysn whistles and cheers in appreciation!

(Kariya) pffft

(Dauthi) pretyped in the first person...

(Zahri) now we move to automated quests.... which I will also call a quest journal at times.

(Elvrysn) third

(Zahri) To recap, the automated quest code uses a 'quest journal' format which allows a player to see from anywhere in the MUD their progress for a certain quest, or for all active quests. What step were you on? What did Aelmon ask you to do again? - without having to re-visit Aelmon and look like a forgetful old Hero when you have to ask him yet again.

(Zahri) The intent is that this will allow more complex quests, especially at Hero and above, without the player losing track of where they are at and what they need to do.

(Zahri) Currently the automated quest code is in progress and edging closer to completion thanks to Pulse's heroic efforts. Some of the background setup and informational code is done, while the heart of the code (including both player and immortal commands for seeing progress) is partially done. Still to do is prog checks which check the status of the player's journal and overall testing.

(Zahri) Thanks for bearing with us - Pulse has gone above and beyond with the code so that everything we need is available from day 1. He has even anticipated things we didn't think of yet and added them.

Tanzarian has entered the conference.

(Zahri) At a cautious estimate, the timetable is still probably about 2 months out or slightly longer before players will see anything live. (Note: This estimate only pertains to the full automated quest system with the journal, not anything else quest related.)

(Zahri) questions?

WinterRose raises a hand - a question?

Clichy applauds loudly!

(Cerdwyn) queue is wr

(Zahri) WinterRose?

(Kariya) TBH, Zahri and I have had some heated discussions about wether we should wait until we're all done or roll stuff in now.

(WinterRose) What of the current quests, or is this quest journal intended only for new added stuff?

(Zahri) yeah it's been an interesting Spring

(Zahri) assume newly added, since you already know the old stuff

Arngrim has entered the conference.

(WinterRose) Thanx

(Zahri) but old stuff could be converted...just won't be the first round or the second or....

(Zahri) so assume newly added for now.

(Kariya) My idea is still to add some automated quests in july. Use these as test cases. Then when the journal code is done, we schale up up and away.

(Kariya) Were there any questions left unanswered?

(Cerdwyn) queue (for questions after presentation) is Elvrysn, winterrose

(Cerdwyn) elv?

(Elvrysn) I'm good

(Cerdwyn) wr?

(Cerdwyn) wr typing or already answered?

(WinterRose) I fear insignias are underused still - can the +HR/DR etc, immunities and similar be bound to them as well? Maybe make unlosable bonuses that way

(Zahri) well it's not like I want to flood the mud with insignias either

(Elvrysn) Oh, I'm not.

Elvrysn raises a hand - a question?

(Zahri) and stats add up quickly. everything is a question of balance

(WinterRose) Maybe make a single QP insig and bind to it bonuses as needed?

(Cerdwyn) queu elvrysn then we are done

(Zahri) like I think the wayside quest is a bit unbalanced, so that might get tweaked yet again if more stuff goes in

Seritay has left the conference

(Kariya) Also, not everything can be used with insignias.

(Cerdwyn) Elv?

(Elvrysn) Just a counter comment for Zahri. I like the idea of the once per ___ reset for automated quests. I have all the lord gear runs memorized and can camp them multiple times per hour. To me, if the automated quests reset like the eragora insignia quests, that would be beneficial.

Elfis raises a hand - a question?

(Elvrysn) thanks

(Kariya) 5 more questions (or less)

(Kariya) Elfis?

(Zahri) whats an example of an eragora once per reset please?

(Zahri) oh wait I know

(Zahri) ignore that. okay. thanks for the comment. :)

(Elfis) Just out of curiosity. Will the automation mobs be like one on mid and one on thorn? Or is that still something to be decided?

(Kariya) the qp redemption mob?


(Kariya) Most likely more than one (so yes, mid, thorn, if possible)

(Zahri) just need to test that it doesnt mess things up, but I don't see issues with multiple redemption mobs offhand

Pallidus raises a hand - a question?

(Kariya) Quick thought; it'd be the same mob twice. That might screw with mobprog code...

(Kariya) So we need to make several, with copied progs, etc..

(Kariya) Palli?

(Zahri) maybe. we'll just make Pallidus the acolyte test it, duck

(Pallidus) nevermind, asked and answered in my own head

(Kariya) Scary ;)

(Pallidus) and bring it on Zahri :D

(Kariya) Usually I never answer my own questions.

(Zahri) cackle

(Kariya) Final question! Anyone?

(Cerdwyn) 5

(Cerdwyn) 4

(Cerdwyn) 3

(Cerdwyn) 2


(Cerdwyn) 1


(Kariya) LOL

(Cerdwyn) No more questions

(Clichy) god...

(Kariya) Thanks for being here!

(Cerdwyn) Thank you all for coming

(Elfis) Thanks Imms etc.!

(Zahri) thanks for the fun

(Cerdwyn) Logs will be posted

Tanzarian has left the conference

Elfis has left the conference

Elvrysn has left the conference

(Nautilus) Thanks all (esp K&Z)

Dauthi has left the conference

Cerdwyn has left the conference

Arngrim has left the conference

Clichy has left the conference

Riviat has left the conference

Utopia has left the conference

Iktinos has left the conference

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