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Author avatar sub sites

Posts: 23
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Joined: 22.01.07
Posted on Jan 31 2007 01:36
Will there be links added from the main site to the quest page, builders page and other avatar sub sites that were linked from the old page, I cant seem to find them.

Then again, my wife always tells me that I have a 'boy's look'



ps site is good and I realise that some things are making there way to the site and will be added as time marches on.

To imagine is to live, to live is to create, to create is to imagine
Rhousrod 88979002 mattandkylie@ozemail.com.au http://southernwifi.net
Author RE: avatar sub sites

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Posts: 19
Location: Eastern Canada
Joined: 23.03.06
Posted on Jan 31 2007 16:55
The quest site is currently accesible via the Main menu at the top left. I can't speak for the builder/design sites though.


Mind over matter.
Scrambled Trout 2944684
Author RE: avatar sub sites

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Posts: 46
Joined: 28.09.05
Posted on Feb 02 2007 13:29
The builder page is currently getting an overhaul (who would have guessed). When we are there with it we will make the link available the same way like the quest site (main - quest).

The elements of the former design subsite and web subsite are integrated into the main interface - Ud statistics, idea list. Task list is under construction.

As Daeron mentioned, the questsite is available through the main menu.

Anything else I am missing?

Author RE: avatar sub sites

Posts: 23
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Joined: 22.01.07
Posted on Feb 03 2007 07:42
Thanks for you response, it is good to see that things are coming along, thank you for your response and I hope that in the days, weeks and months to come, that your task list gets smaller, not longer Pulse

To imagine is to live, to live is to create, to create is to imagine
Edited by Hylaeus on Feb 03 2007 07:43
Rhousrod 88979002 mattandkylie@ozemail.com.au http://southernwifi.net
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