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Gazette 2004-01-23
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 2004 Gazettes | Gazette 2004-01-23
___The New Official AVATAR___________________________________
     ________                          __     __
    /  _____/ _____   ________  ____ _/  |_ _/  |_   ____
   /     ___ __    ____  /_/ __ \   __\   ___/ __ 
       _   / __ _ /    /   ___/ |  |   |  |    ___/
    ______  /(____  //_____  ___  >|__|   |__|   ___  >
           /      /       /     /                   /
___________________________________January 23, 2003__________

               /.--.              The Avatar Gazette
               |====|              For subscription info,
               |`::`|              read HELP GAZETTE
    /\   /  |...::..|`  | |  `|   Produced by Angel Kenji
    |:' |   /'''::''|   | |   |   With assistance from
   @| /;-,/   ::  |=========|   Shadowwing (Lord alt)
   `|| <` >  >._::_.|=========|     New Hero/Lord stats
    || `""`  /   ^^  |   | |   |
    ||       |          | |   /

Apologies to everyone for the LATE sending on the January
Gazette. Computer problems can really cause a snag for an
online community like ours! My apologies, and I'm working
on getting the February one back on track.

Keep those submissions coming! I have received quite a few
submissions from some of our very talented players as of
late, and it only makes YOUR Avatar Gazette better!

This is what is in store for you this month:

Latest Avatar News and Area Building Contest

Winterland Holiday Quest Results

Quest Points are in! by Kariya

Ubercon III

New Hero / Lord Stats by Shadowwing (Lord Alt)

Chocolate Eclair Torte Recipe by Angel Kenji

Monthly Quest by Angel Kenji

From the Essence of a Man? by Laucian the Beloved

An Interview with Pyki by Ebnodon the Dreamer

Website of the Month - Avatar Quest Site


Latest News

Immortal Kariya would like to remind everyone that quest
items are not to be traded or sold unless previously
mentioned in the quest. There seems to have been some
confusion about this in the past. Quests are there for
everyone's enjoyment, not for the profit of a few
enterprising businessmen.


Devastant is pleased to announce the opening of the 2004
AVATAR building contest! Exact details are available at
But the long and short of it is, to create a chain of
hero-level islands akin to those depicted in ancient Greek
myth, such as The Odyssey.

Read the details of the website for more information. This
is a rare opportunity to really contribute to the look and
feel of AVATAR, so, if you are interested, don't pass it up!


I want to forward a note I received from Laucian. He had
just lost all of his AC gear, and was planning on attempting
UD in a few weeks. Laucian was a bit distraught, but it is
very nice to see the spirit of community is alive and well
in Avatar. Read below.

Number:  1039                      Board:   personal
From:    Laucian
To:      kenji (Read)
Date:    Sat Dec 27 01:37:38 2003
Subject: lost gear
Remember that gear I lost?  I need you to
please do me a very important favor.  Leviathin and Spyki
have shown what true Avatar spirit is about.  First Leviathin
offered to give me the ac gear he was saving for
his alt.  I compensated him, though I believe that he should
be given recognition by my word to you angels.  Spyki
also helped me with some stuff.  Now I have full ac
gear and more.  I wanted to make this known because
of their unselfishness and kindness.  When no one else would
help, they stepped in.  Thank you.
-Laucian The Beloved


Winterland holiday quests

Well..if there is one time of the year even the Dark One plays
nice, it has to be the holiday season. This season I pledged
not to kill people without reason and even be so kind to
spread a little lo..lov....happi..well you know what I mean.

It didn't come easy though. Anessa started talking to me
several months ago, mentioning how we should encourage the
players to share gifts with one another. She also pointed out
this group of people, waiting to find a place to sell their
holiday season goodies. It took her weeks, and even some
prayers to Dyah Yuyun Utami to convince me to actually help her.
First I came up with some ideas of my own. A face-hugger for
everyone? Excursions to the flaming pits of the dark fire? But
no, there was no denying the will of these two women.

So I summoned these salesmen, gave them their own stores and
asked Anessa what to do next. She mentioned that she and
Raskar had been busy gathering gifts and presents from many
Avatarians and that she wanted to hand these out right before
the holiday season really started.

I begged her several times if we could please add 'slay' tokens
in this gifts but she denied me..again. Instead I was told to
start giving out those often-rumored quest points and heh..why

So we came together, asked around for holiday traditions and I
forced four families to celebrate their special celebrations
with us. So we could all see what it's like to celebrate
Christmas, Yule, Chanukkah and Festivus. We all had a good
laugh as we watched people wrestle the head of the family in
order to end the Festivus fun but to no avail. The party went
on and on.

We ran two fun "quests" where everyone online at the point we
started could line up for a nice (random selected) present. Or
the questpoints. Sometimes it got confusing, but luckily we all
made it through without harm. Some people got some good gifts
out of it (others probably not-so-good but that's the luck of
the draw) while there were those that selected the Questpoints
and walked out with the maximum for this event, ten!

While this was going on, it was revealed that Raskar (and design
staff member Friede) weren't paying attention when they ran around
with the bag of candy they promised me they'd get. A tear had
opened up in the bag spreading gumdrops, candy canes and other
sweets all over the MUD. Players went searching for them, and
turned them in with me, for some more questpoints.

All in all we (the staff) had a great time, and those that joined
us seemed to enjoy it too. Maybe it isn't so bad to spread p.p..
pp..p.peace and l..l..lo.. you know what word I mean every now
and then! Thanks to all who donated items, alts, spells, and what
not, and thanks to the quest staff and Imms for helping make this
a great day for all of us. No matter what you celebrate have a
great holiday!




Finally! They are here! Your life is complete! Questpoints!
Awesome! At long last!

As you can tell I am quite happy with this. Soon I hope you
will feel the same. But first let me tell you what questpoints
are. They are points you can earn in a quest. If you win a
quest you might get them. It's simple isn't it?

It does mean the old system is gone. The system where you
logged on and heard that this guy got this really cool super
weapon in a quest, while all you got in the quest you won
last week was some potions. In other words. Fair rewards and
prizes for all.

How does it work? Let's say you participate in a large quest
which involves lots of  danger and thinking. And let's say
you and your group win. Then you will be rewarded a certain
number of questpoints. So let's say the number of winnable
points for this one is one hundred. You and your 4 man group
(so that's 5 people) split up the points, each earning twenty.
Were you to win this quest all by yourself you get all hundred
points just for you.
The number of points should be the same for every quest of the
same difficulty level.

This way we eliminate any unfairness in prizes and difficulties
that we have currently. Of course, the system might need some
tweaking in the future but you'll hear all about that once we
have killed yo..i mean..once we have tested it a bit.

Now what can you do with those points?

Type 'help qpcatalog' on Avatar. It is explained there, along
with all the things you can get. But in short..You can exchange
the points you have earned for upgrades on items, your character
and what not. You can contact the Quest Master at any time about
turning in your points for a prize.

The Quest Master is the only person who can actually add and
take away points, as well as hand out prizes.

Questpoints are a simple setting in your pfile, so you don't
have to carry around thousands of tokens. This also means they
are part of your character and thus not transferrable. If you
wish to see if you have earned any questpoints already type
'questpoints' in the game.

So..this is the story of questpoints in short. If you wish to
know more you have several options.
See any helps in the game..check the site of the Quest Team,
or contact me, Kariya (YOUR QuestMaster) in the game.

- Kariya

So, now that you have read about Quest Points, I know what you're
thinking. "But Kenji, I never seem to log on at the right time
for quests! I work too much, I go to school, I live in a funky
time zone!"

That's okay! Here at the Gazette, we have made arrangements with
the Quest Master to now reward contributors to the Gazette with
Quest Points!

I am still looking for short fantasy stories, game-themed
articles, recipe ideas and ASCII art for future Gazettes. Email
your submissions to gazinput@outland.org  Be sure to include
your main alt's name in your email. (Or the name you want QPs
credited to.)

Email me if you have a large or multi-part story idea as well.

Angel Kenji


Ubercon III

We said we'd be back for more - and we meant it! UberCon III
will be held February 27-29 at the Radisson Suites
Meadowlands, adjacent to the Mill Creek Mall in Secaucus.
As promised, we're planning for more guests, more dealers,
more games, more prizes, more fun!!

The third Ubercon will be the biggest one yet, with Gabe &
Tycho from Penny Arcade; author and game designer MJ Young;
new art from fantasy and comic artist Phil Foglio; a return
of the hilarious independent movie The Gamers and the Dead
Gentlemen themselves; comic creator/writer Tony DiGerolamo;
writer and editor, B.D. Flory; comic creator Bill Holbrook
of Kevin and Kell fame; artists Chris Moreno and Jeff Menges;
and of course, Sluggy Freelance creator Pete Abrams and his
crew returning as Guests of Honor!

Visit www.ubercon.com for more information about Ubercon III!


Here are the New Hero and Lord stats for the month:


Please congratulate 40 characters who reached Hero 19+

Arfienel, Azagthoth, Chmeee, DeVir, Draw, Elron, Exploder,
Fenrir, Freki, Kalante, Kelrin, Khiner, Konoko, Leigh,
Liono, Lungorthin, Mcmurtry, Moab, Murzac, Nodens, Optimus,
Patris, Purgatory, Resiak, Rok, Rolodex, Rowena, Shizaam,
Sludge, Splat, Sulik, Swiftblade, Syphon, Tenaka, Tindra,
TPRFive, Yanyan, Zamiel, Zeal, and Zeklaine

May you all have continued success and happiness at the Hero

FAILED MORPHS: Akane, Alter, Asghan, Carnage, Memory, Nabliss,
Rosebud, Salim, Shaneele, Sourapply, Tenchen, and Vidstige


3 character(s) departed the realm.
Take a moment to mourn the following:

Atlantis,   Hero 418, drow  archer
Disharmony, Hero 134, drow  mage
Simi,       Hero 230, dwarf warrior

Disharmony has since rejoined the realm and wanders as a
lowbie, but may the others all find what they seek outside
the realm.

This is the top tenish levelers at the Hero and Lord tiers
during the last two weeks. Perhaps in two weeks, your name
will show up here too. good luck, and level a lot the next
two weeks.

Disclaimer: If you didn't show up in the list two weeks ago,
you won't show up here. Sorry.

Last rankings leaders

MEKRiTH      32                  Kilcannon    216

Top 10ish Lord levelers          Top 10ish Hero levelers

MakMorn      44                  Azariah      360
Lilone       39                  Ratava       347
Deceiver     36                  Scalybane    293
Lasiter      36                  Tara         231
Brie         33                  Phontam      210
MUNHiHAUSEN  32                  TiATi        193
Moiraine     29                  Erion        174
Volt         29                  Usagi        166
MEKRiTH      27                  Ether        161
Radiax       26                  Genocyde     159


8 Heroes morphed in the last two weeks. Please
congratulate the following on their success.

Anduril, Delvin, Elora, Glarg, Imam, Kilcannon, Quickblade,
and Scoobie

Lord remorts or rebuilds

REMORTS: Nebulate from kzinti to demonseed, and Rolodex from
troglodyte to troll



There were 2 Lord deletion(s) in the last two weeks.
take a few moments to mourn the following:

Droow,      drow  mage
Highlander, human cleric

May they find what they seek outside the realm.

Playing Tips:
How to run lowmort without spellups

1580/1580hp 1908/1908ma 308tnl -/-
LazyNewbie chats 'Can any1 spell me up?'

1580/1580hp 1908/1908ma 308tnl -/-
whois lazyn

[ 12 Mort War Ogr Wer M ] LazyNewbie the swordsman

How often have we seen this scenario? A lowmort who seems
to think that they just CAN'T run a low mortal area without
the benefit of Hero or Lord macro spells. Kind of makes you
wonder how players did it in the old days, before there
even were Lords?

A while ago, when I first became an Angel, I challenged
myself to try and run through all 51 levels of lowmort
without any macro spells, beyond what I could do for
myself. Surprisingly, I managed to hero a Kzinti Warrior
with only 9 deaths in about 4 weeks of playing approximately
an hour a day. That's not too bad a rate, in my humble
opinion. ;)

The first thing to remember is that the healers, such
as Nom, Sol and Aelmon, will automatically cast random
spells on lowmorts. These spells include Armor, Bless,
Refresh, and Cure Light. Sit here a few minutes and
get at least Armor and Bless.

This may not sound like much, but to a level 4 mob, that
extra -20 AC from Armor makes a lowmort character a much
tougher foe. Just these few spells can definitely buff
a character up.

I have also found a few goodies throughout the game that
every lowmort should stock up on, to improve his chances
of survival. These items include:

Blue Lizard Tongues from the Blue Lizards in Freeport.
These little beauties are Sanctuary pills, good for about
8 tics. It's not much, but a godsend when fighting tougher
mobs like Grunkaa.

Healing Potions, to include the Turquoise Vials from Jim
in the Meadow, Fiery Reds from the Apothecary in Midgaard,
and don't forget the brandishables.

Lowmort characters often don't have enough movement points
to get through an entire area on their own. Stock up on
Refresh potions, like the Cotton Candy, available from
the vendor in the Circus.

To afford all these goodies, take advantage of the loot
you encounter on mob corpses. Loot every corpse you can,
and either sell or sacrifice the gear, then sacrifice
the corpses as you go along. Carry a few Crystalline
Goops from the Enchanter's Tower as 'Remove Curse'
pills for those annoying times when Snikt curses you.

Some players get into the mindset of Hero runs, where
you can run for 20-30 minutes continuously, before
needing to rest and heal your character. In lowmort,
you can't do this without the boost of spells. It may
be necessary to let your Warrior regenerate before
taking on that tough fight with Fizzdop and his
sidekick. Be sure to keep a close eye on your stats,
and flee as necessary.

The last thing I'll focus on is the CONSIDER command.
Players seem to forget this command at the worst
possible time. Remember to CON your mobs before
fighting them, each and every time. Two Trog Hunters
can have very different stats, due to the way that
the game loads mobs. (Think of Dungeons & Dragons,
where mobs' hit points are rolled with hit dice.)


Sinful Dessert

Anessa and Merck have both shared their recipes, but I would
like to share one of mine. This is an easy, no-cook, no-bake
desert that should hopefully show you that not only am I
Avatar's furriest Angel, but I also have a sweet tooth to
rival KoalaKnight's!

Chocolate Eclair Torte

This is one of the simplest deserts possible. Enjoy.


1 Box Graham Crackers
2 8 oz boxes Instant Vanilla Pudding
1 9 oz container of Cool Whip topping
3 cups milk
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1/2 tsp almond extract

place single layer of whole graham crackers in bottom of 9"x
13" pan. Blend next five ingredients together in large bowl.
Pour 1/2 of pudding mix over crackers. Place 2nd layer of
crackers on pudding mix. Pour the remaining pudding mix over
the 2nd layer of crackers, then place a 3rd layer of crackers.

Chocolate Frosting:

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
3 tbs milk
2 tbs white karo syrup
2 oz melted baker's chocolate
3 tsp soft butter
3 tsp vanilla

Mix well and spread on top of 3rd layer of crackers. Chill
desert for 24 hours, serve chilled. Enjoy the sugar rush.


Monthly Gazette Quest


o======|=====================> <=====================|======o

From The Essence of a Man
by Laucian the Beloved

In the night I forever live.  The Darkness my blanket, my
friend.  It seems as though things never come. Sometimes to
travel into the night is to get away from the things we know
we must ultimately face, but face them we shall.  Sometimes
it is to find ourselves, if we should choose to truly look.
Many do not choose the latter.

In my life I know I have hurt others, as others have hurt me.
If only there was a way that I could clear the debt of my
past?  But what is my past?  I cannot remember, for too slow
it returns to me. I know the path that is before me, as it
calls to me and I answer.  Now, 'tis time to await the
opening of this path to my eyes.  But will this path
herald that which I truly seek?  Will it bring to me love?
Time and time again I loved, and time again I was hurt.

Maybe this is why I bring pain to others.  Why it seems
that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to face the
things that haunt me.  It seems as though if I get close
to someone, it turns to dust. In my mind lies more than
anyone could ever know.  Thoughts swarm around my head
like locusts, never leaving me be.  Even those in my
life I seem to push away, and for what?  To save myself
agony?  To try to keep from heaping more turmoil upon my
head?  Nay, perhaps it is fear. Fear of becoming something
that other people would notice.

Even now it seems as though there is one who I would be
able to care for, but perhaps I just can't face the
truth. Perhaps I am afraid of what she might bring to me.
Could she not bring me Truth and Love?  Is that not what
I seek? And yet I reject it because of my own fear and
anger.  When I seek to overcome it, I find that it has
overcome me. What will come of this?  Where will I go
from here?  I know that a change comes on swift winds,
for I can feel it deep within. I know the time is coming
to face my demons, but what will come of it?  Will I
prevail?  Or will they once again knock me down into the
pits where I am ensnared by my own devices.  I guess only
time will tell.

I pray to The Lady that she should bring to me Love, Truth
and Light.  Let not this child be burdened by the things
of the Past.  Let not this Man find himself buried in the
anger and hatred that burns inside him. I pray to The Lady
Galiandre, she who could quench the rage within, that she
would take away the things that I face.  That she would
bring to me Love and Happiness, those things that seem
only too distant.  Love and Honor shall be my Way...

May my Hands Heal and not destroy, may my words bring love
and life, and not hate and death. Let my ears listen for the
loving call that should hopefully one day come. Let my touch
be gentle and loving. Let my eyes gaze upon the beauty of
she who would stand by my side. Let my feet follow the path
of Truth and not deceit. Let my essence not be of betrayal,
but of loyalty to those around me. Let my love be accepted
by one who could see me for who I am, and not the vices that
plague me.

Written By:
Laucian The Beloved

Est Solarace Oth Mithas
"My Honor is My Life"

Horas Nulles Nisi Aureas
"I Count None But Golden Hours"


----- Interview With ---------------------------------------
-----      Pyki      -------- A role-play interview, -------
----------------------------- By Ebnodon the Dreamer -------

Hello everyone!  This is "Interview With." An 'in-character'
interview with people of Avatar MUD.

For this issue, the colorful Pyki is interviewed. Evil by
nature, he isn't afraid to speak his mind. We can't really
tell what he'll come up with next! Or can we?

Enjoy the reading!

Ebnodon the Dreamer

Name: Pyki
Race: Demonseed
Class: Cleric
Age: ?

Q: What is your favorite meal?
A: Kobold tenderloin with a side of field mice en croue and
fresh meadow greens.

Q: Please tell us about one of your worst nightmare.
A: Becoming good.

Q: What is the worst thing that ever happened to you?
A: I failed in my transformation to become a lord. Too evil
I think.

Q: What is your favorite war cry?
A: My earthquake is better than yours.

Q: If you could create the ultimate weapon, what would it
be called?
A: My left hand, 'mob slap'.

Q: By some strange miracle, you get to spend 24 hours in
the future. You are allowed to bring back one item. What
is it?
A: Myself, as a lord.
(Ebbie: uhmm Pyki... that's not an item...)

Q: If you could be an animal, what would it be?
A: Merline's tiger, darn animal lives in the lap of luxury.

Q: What does your dream house look like?
A: The obsidian tower, Lezgnar is my fiancé.

Q: What do you think needs the most improvement on
A: Warriors need updating.

Q: What would you implement if it were your choice?
A: A few socials.

Q: Please give us a few last words for our readers...


Website of the Month - Avatar Quest Site

This is the new 
Gazette. It is published with the
permission and cooperation of the Avatar staff by Angel Kenji.
(Original concept by Asamaro and Dizzy.)

The Gazette is written in plain vanilla ASCII text to ensure
that everyone can enjoy it regardless of computer type.

To subscribe to the Gazette, send internet e-mail to
gazette-request@outland.org. In the body of your
email put:

subscribe username@hostname (MudName - RealName)
eg subscribe snikt@outland.org  (Snikt - Kevin Jagh)

Your real name is optional for the Gazette list.
eg subscribe snikt@outland.org (Snikt)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms,
compliments, or (best of all) articles that you've written
for the Gazette, please send them to Kenji via my e-mail
address: gazinput@outland.org  Please use 'Gazette' as your

You can also view the latest issue of the Gazette while
playing Avatar by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game,
or on the design web site at

Original credit for Ascii art or other submissions is given
if known.

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