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Newbie Tip
Take the time to read room and mob descriptions carefully. There are often hints which give clues about hidden items, quests or warnings about particularly dangerous areas. - Riviat
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Gazette 1996-02-03
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1996 Gazettes | Gazette 1996-02-03 Part 2/2
 A Guide For All
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 You Must Crawl Before You Can Run
 by Meko

I. Mud School

     a.) Train your wisdom to the max possible with the spirit
     b.) Kill lizard, rat, upstairs in the tree and downstrairs kill the 
troll,spider,critter,goblin and blob.
     c.) Wear all gear you receive in mud school
     d.) you sould kill all mobs in mud school until you make third level.
     e.) Make sure to read and learn all commands before leaving mud 
school for this is your base for mud life.

II. The Meadow

     a.) Allways Consider (Con <mobs or creature> before attacking, this 
may save your life
     b.) Try to get a feather from the Golden Hawk in the meadow for this 
is leveling gear, The golden feather is +1 to wisdom and +1 to consistution.
     c.) Visit the Trapper and stock up on some food for this is the 
easiest way to get food in this area, The Trapper is 2w and 3 south of 
Nom (the west side of the tree of knowledge)
     d.) Visit Jim the Peddler and get a satchel and a water skin the 
satchel is a hold container and the water skin is for drinking when you 
are not near a fountain, also a water skin can be filled at any fountain 
buy typing (fill skin).

III. The Training Village

     a.) The Training Village is 7 north of Nom (the west side of the 
tree of knowledge).
     b.) Making Friends
          1.) Making friends can help you in the long run in your Mud life.
          2.) If you make good friends you will be there for each other and 
can make arrangements to be on togther.
          3.) You sould never abandon your friends, alway ask how they 
are even if they are grouped with someone else.
     c.) Grouping
          1.) Grouping will make mud life much easier and enjoyable.
          2.) A good group could consist of: A Warrior/Ranger; A Mage and 
a Cleric; A Warrior/Ranger for tanking (Tanking is the one who start the 
attack against a mob or creature) A Mage for suppost combat spell and 
protections spells, A Cleric for healing and protection spells.
          3.) If a member of your group dies offer help if you can not 
help seek help!
     D.) Seek Trainee's
          1.) Seek the Mage trainee he has Glasses which are leveling 
gear, Glasses are +1 to Wisdom.
          2.) Seek the Female Trainee she has a small necklace which is 
also a piece of leveling gear, this is great for spell caster to get more 
mane when they level, and also great for all classes the higher the 
intelligence the fast you will learn skills; The small necklace is +1 to 

IV. The Dwarven Daycare

     a.) Seek dolls they have Pink Ice Rings which serve a dual purpose 
one they give you hp and two they give you stength, this start you on Hit 
Point Gear; The Pink Ice Rings are +1 to strength and add +6 Hit Points.
     b.) Seek the Nanny she has a linen robe which is leveling gear; The 
Linen Robe is +1 to Wisdom.

V. Learn Your Areas

     a.) Learning your areas and making notes to where a item is may make 
life a little easier to kill a mob later; I.E. You may need a Glow Worm 
to get past something that you have had diffucultly with, or you may need 
to go get that Pink Ice Ring for a new party member. This way you will 
always know where it is...
     b.) Alias is a command that helps you get from point A to point B 
without flaw if the alias is entered correctly. See help Alias.

VI. Be Curteous Alway

     a.) Greetings to all (generic) when you enter the Mud this may tell 
party member of your that you are on the Mud.
     b.) Spamming
          1.) The definition of spam is the Alias of rapidly changing you 
gear or the repeating of a statement over and over.
          2.) It is rude to spam in recall in recall areas I.E. Aelmon 
and Nom.

     c.) Recycle
          1.) If you have gear that you no longer use or need give it to 
some that can or needs it.
          2.) The Donation Room was made for the porpose of recyling' 
Gear I.E. weapon and armor ect... may be found in donation; Donation is 1 
east and 1 down from Nom; the west side of the tree of Knowledge. Never 
sac a item you have got from donation 1 it is rude 2 it is not good play!

VII Corpse Retrieval (CR's)

     a.) It is good practice to do your own CR's.
     b.) If you were lost or in a aggressive area dont be shy ask for a CR.
     c.) Never! ask a Immortal for a CR they are too busy to do them and 
if you do it will cost you, Would you like to loose that weapon or armor 
that you worked very had to get. Well? Anyhow ask a hero or a angel ( ask 
a angel by the pray <message>. There is one exception if there is no hero 
and no angel on then ask a Immortal for a cr there will be no penalty.

VIII Helpful Hints

     a.) Hero's you recieve messages that tell you when a new player 
comes on the Mud, Greet them, it makes them feel as if they belong!!!!
          1.) Hero's if you have the time when a new person arrives to 
the mud try and assign someone near their level, this keeps the recycle 
of items going and this way you dont have to get items so much later 
which means more playing time.
          2.) Assigned personal stay with the newbie till he makes 3rd 
level and ask and answer any questions they may have, this will give them 
a good solid start and foundation.
     b.) Learn your Range Command and Hero's refer the player's to it 
I.E. Range 1 5 would give mobs and areas that are good for those levels.

IX Examples of Problems and how to Deal with Them.

     a.) Dying To Much
          1.) Group with people, Con everything you are going to attack, 
carry potions.
          2.) Do not go after mobs that are bigger than you!

     b.) Money
          1.) Kill mobs that carry full set of gear I.e> guards and sell 
the gear.
          2.) Auction your old gear, enter quest and use the token for cash.
     c.) Enchantments
          1.) Getting enchantment can be done by your friends, or going 
to the Lamia area and getting the tattered scroll from the mimic's for 
     d.) Rude Players
          1.) For a couple of days every time I got on a player asked me 
to get this for him and go get that for him after the third day I got 
tired of it, So I solved it like this I went silent mode and turn off all 
channels and also put it in my title that I did not want to be bothered.


                          Newbies Ask
                          by Arundel

This space is normally used to answer questions from newbies. No
question, no matter how intelligent, is ever ignored. However, I have
not received real questions from any newbies in several months, so I
need some requests. 

Questions should be sent to: jring@transend.com.tw

You can ask about anything concerning gameplay: pets, armor, equipment,
alignment, areas, etc. 

I'll look forward to reading your questions!


                           * News *

This section won't be here next month, as Leorick's Avatar Events fills
this niche quite nicely.  The Gazette will, however, be carrying a
summary of the Avatar Events newsletter each issue.  (See next item) 
Kudos to Leorick for his newsletter! 


Avatar Events Summary
by Leorick

 -> Level ranges of areas have changed, use 'sector' to check it out.
 -> Loads of bugs fixed (trip, fighting, throw, etc..)
 -> AutoTitle!  You can keep old title when you level
 -> New damage messages
 -> Pills identify now!
 -> New item slightly better than spiked collar.. Explore!
 -> New commands! - 'Last' and 'Prac 0'
 -> Quest tokens changed : type 'help tokens' for new exchange rates

Check out the complete Avatar Events newsletter; E-Mail Leorick at
"morr@upei.ca" and he'll mail you a copy. 


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