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Gazette 2003-09-05
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 2003 Gazettes | Gazette 2003-09-05
___The New Official AVATAR___________________________________
    ________                          __     __
   /  _____/ _____   ________  ____ _/  |_ _/  |_   ____
  /     ___ __    ____  /_/ __ \   __\   ___/ __ 
      _   / __ _ /    /   ___/ |  |   |  |    ___/
   ______  /(____  //_____  ___  >|__|   |__|   ___  >
          /      /       /     /                   /
__________________________________September 5, 2003__________

              /.--.              The Avatar Gazette
              |====|              For subscription info,
              |`::`|              read HELP GAZETTE
   /\   /  |...::..|`  | |  `|   Produced by Angel Kenji
   |:' |   /'''::''|   | |   |   With assistance from
  @| /;-,/   ::  |=========|   Fernando (Lord alt)  
  `|| <` >  >._::_.|=========|     New Hero/Lord stats
   || `""`  /   ^^  |   | |   |   Lady Mirana
   ||       |          | |   /     Story writer
Another short Gazette this month. I'm looking for a few 
players to step up and write stories, articles, anything
that you think would go good in YOUR Gazette. Email me
at gazinput@outland.org if you have an idea. Or just speak
to me in-game.

Here's what you can look forward to this month:

Latest news

The Rebuild by Kymranth

Poll Results - Connection Speed

New Hero / Lord Stats by Fernando (Lord Alt)

Doing Your Own Corpse Retrieval by Angel Galen

The IMM Days by Immortal Kariya

Interview with Nirro by Ebnodon

Website of the Month - Aejase by Khazaad


Latest News

Quite a bit of news as of late. Let's get right into it.

I am very sad to report the official retirement of both 
Reuben and Domovoi as Immortals. Both of these Immortals 
held very dear places in my heart for quite a long time.

Reuben was the first Immortal to ever sic me. That's right,
I made a sandwich joke. This was back before the HELP 
REUBEN helpfile had an obvious warning about making that 
comparison. Reuben then came to me afterwards and smoothed
things over with a little light conversation, just to let 
me know that there were no hard feelings. That went a long
way to a new player to let me know something about the staff
of Avatar.

Domovoi was always one of the first to mset someone's name 
to something witty, like the time he renamed me to Angel 
Benji. To this day, I haven't lived that one down.

Both Immortals were well known for their wit and charm. Both
were willing to do anything, answer any question for the 
players. Both Reuben and Domovoi have left their permanent 
imprint on Avatar, and their jokes, social interaction 
and just their presence will be missed. I hope to see each
of them around on occasion, even if just to trade quips 
on channels. 

Thank you, Reuben and Domovoi for all you did for Avatar. 

There has been a raging discussion going on the boards
and through the hero & lord mailing lists about camping
and the upcoming Lord Astral Projection. While the 
discussion hasn't been too heated, it has been very
enjoyable. I'm glad to see the boards and lists being
used. Even if it meant 28 emails in one day ;)

We have introduced 2 new races for you to try and enjoy. 

Kobold is now available at character creation. Hobgoblin is a 
remort race for Goblins. Please see HELP KOBOLD and HELP 
HOBGOBLIN in-game for more details.

People have already been finding out a lot of information 
about them and are eager to share their knowledge. However, 
please spare a thought for those people who haven't yet had a 
chance to try out the new races and/or want to find out about 
the races for themselves.

Please do not post notes giving away specifics. If you have 
one of the new races and people ask you for more information 
then please use tells, buddychats or group tells. Thanks in 
advance for your co-operation and consideration for other 

The "Enchant Armor", "Enchant Bow" and "Enchant Weapon" 
spells are now divinely influenced. Happy experimenting to 
find out exactly what this means.

Demonseed, High Elves and Minotaurs will now be able to take 
part in HOGS. Enjoy :)

The Ultimate Dragon Quest is meant to be a challenge for 
Heroes and anyone successfully completing it should be 
justifiably proud.

However with the introduction of powerful sorcerer-created 
healing potions, the challenge level seems to have dropped 
drastically as almost every single Hero who has had sorcerer 
potions has defeated the Dragon. Whilst this is good for the 
person involved, it undermines the achievement of defeating 
the Dragon and devalues the Quest as it is almost a foregone 
conclusion that someone using Sorcerer potions will defeat 
the Dragon.

The more powerful sorcerer healing potions will no longer 
work in the Ultimate Dragon Quest. This decision was not 
arrived at lightly and we believe it to be in the best 
interests of the game and hope you will understand. Thank 
you in anticipation of your understanding.

As per the earlier article, Devastant will be carrying out 
spot-checks for the use of automatic Longshot triggers 
which are no longer permitted.

For the past few days, Avatar has suffered from an unstable 
link. Unfortunately, the instability is in the domain of our 
ISP, not our hardware. This means we actually can't do 
anything about it. The MUD has a safety code that detects 
when the link vanishes, and promptly suspends the ticks 
that power the game. When players are able to reconnect, the 
ticks will resume. On the right of the main page at 
www.outland.org is a link monitor - it updates every few 
minutes (though we may change it to update a little more 
frequently) - that will show either link up, or link down.

The safety code that kicks in when the MUD determines that it
no longer has a link to the net usually takes 30 seconds
to kick in, and 2 minutes before it transfers you to the 
meadow. Due to our instability of late, Cuendillar has tuned 
the numbers to 10 and 30 respectively.  


The Rebuild        by Kymranth

Kymranth ni'Kysylva is my name. I have always walked alone. 
Raised among the Gray Dwarfs, nedestro daughter to the Shaman 
of a very small village, I know little of the woman who died 
giving birth to me. My father once told me that he had met my 
mother one day while gathering herbs for his magic. "She had 
the white hair of a full gnome, but gnome she was not. She 
told me she had never met her father, and that her mother,
your grandmother, would only say he was a wizard."

Short and stocky like my father's people, there was enough of 
my mother in me to make my differences obvious. A white 
streak still runs through my dark black hair, which I wear 
pulled back into a long braid that when uncurled reaches 
almost to my knees. While still with the dwarves, I already 
wore somber attire, as befits one who grew up deep under-
ground, the only color was my medicine bag that I carried 
with me everywhere.

"Your grandfather's magic must run in you," father told me one 
day when the taunts and torments of other children made me cry. 
"Magic is uncommon among the Duergar. Most who claim it are 
like me, we know some of the magic of nature, but not the real 
magic that comes from within."

After that time, he began to teach me what he knew of herb 
magic and healing. Then one day, when I was but 14, a freak 
accident left one of my agemates near death. I fell to my knees, 
took a deep breath, and began to speak in a language no Grey 
Dwarf had ever heard before. The boy lived and was on his feet 
in minutes. The villagers panicked and began to fear me greatly.
Father said there was an entire world above our heads where 
there would be those who could teach me to use my inborn skills 
and talents.

So kissing my father good bye, I left the village of my birth, 
knowing I would never return. The surface world was hazardous 
to me. The very sun itself caused injury, but like others from 
the underground, I learned to deal with it as best I could.

I became a cleric in the service of Tul-Sith. Her priests 
trained me, and then sent me on my way. Like my own people, 
they were unsure what to do with me. So I walked the surface 
world alone. Occasionally, I would meet up with a group of 
adventurers, and travel with them awhile, exploring and 
learning more about this new world I called my home.

And shock of all shocks, I met my grandfather. Somehow, he 
knew who I was at first sight. He was a gnome and a mage of 
great power. He took me under his wing. I adventured further 
and further, eventually leaving the Midgaard plane as a lord 
and continuing my exploring among the outer planes. 

One day, my grandfather disappeared. There was no sign of him 
anywhere. I searched the planes far and wide, even pledging 
myself to the warrior god Werredan in the attempt to find him.
But alas, I had no luck at all. One day I met up with a woman, 
another cleric. She told me, sadly, that my grandfather no 
longer walked among the mortals of our worlds. For days I wept, 
I cried, I felt lost. Deciding not to believe her, I struggled 
through more attempts to find him. I continued to fail. Meeting 
the cleric again, this time she gave me proof. Instead of crying, 
I screamed out in rage. How dare the gods take him from me? In 
my grief, a tiny voice said in the darkness "Do you want revenge?
Are you willing to give up everything you are to get that 

At first I ignored the voice. But it got stronger and stronger 
until one day I could resist it no more. I looked around at my 
surroundings. Standing on Thorngate, short, proud, full of anger 
at my fate. After all these years I knew not who or what I really 
was. The rolls of the lords would say that I was Kymranth the 
Duergar, a 150th Level Lord Cleric and worshipper of Werredan, 
god of war. I was powerful and respected, but did I want to 
continue on this path? The voices of evil were calling me to join 
them. I stood my ground, my hands to my head and cried out in 
rage "Take me, make me one of you!"

The next thing I knew, I was kneeling on the cloud above Midgaard. 
I was taller, weaker, different. I looked down at myself, I was 
naked. I was human!!! The dark gods have had their laugh. I will 
have mine. The power is mine.

Kymranth ni'Kysylva the human is a 2nd level Sorcerer.


Poll Results - Connection Speed

A couple of months ago, I conducted a poll on Debonair's 
message board site. There were several replies, and 40 votes. 
The results certainly aren't scientific, but it gives us a 
vauge idea into what kind of connections people are generally 

The biggest factor that could affect this is that 
people with dialup connections might not take the time to 
visit the site, and therefore this could affect the results.
However, for an amateur poll, it is a start.

The majority, almost fifty percent of players are using 
cable modems. And in fact, almost three quarters are using
some kind of high-speed internet access, whether DSL, cable
or T1-T3 modems.

Here are the poll results

Dialup < 56k                  9  22% ***********
Dialup 56k or greater         3   7% ***
DSL                           8  20% **********
Cable Modem                  19  46% ***********************
T1-T3                         1   2% *
Other                         1   2% *

Total Votes                  40     

In the future, I plan on doing more polls like this. Keep an
eye on notes and the message board. I would appreciate any 
votes or feedback I can get for future articles.


New Hero / Lord Stats by Fernando (Lord Alt)


30 Heroes morphed in the last four weeks. Please
congratulate the following on their success.

Adon, Aneria, Archeraplyxa, Becky, Burzum,
Cenor, Chutzpah, Cojar, Drenalone, Emyt,
Euphemie, Kwihree, Kychelybhyn, MEEP, Netalia,
Seraphym, Silvercross, TossJr, Ulic, Wilen,
Zarradyn, Arale, Aurion, Briney, Glitch,
Milliard, Neon, Tatilonas, Tiffany, and Tululah

Lord remorts or rebuilds

REMORTS: Kestis, Ravage, and Ryoga rebuilt into trolls,
Archeraplyxa into ogre, Grizzdrop into hobgoblin, and Aela
into griffon.

REBUILDS: Tytan, Kweitous, Kymranth, and Lore all rebuilt
as sorcerors


There was 1 Lord deletion in the last four weeks. 
Take a few moments to mourn Tattle, lizard man psion

Tattle has since rejoined the realm and wanders as a lowbie

These are the top ten levelers at the Hero and Lord tiers
during the last four weeks. Perhaps in four weeks, your name
will show up here too. good luck, and level a lot the next
four weeks.

Disclaimer: if you didn't show up in the list four weeks ago,
you won't show up here. Sorry.

Top 10ish Lord levelers          Top 10ish Hero levelers

Tammo       121                  Mystified    457
Xoxo         97                  Respect      418
Laurien      78                  ZOB          394
Melanarchy   71                  MUNHiHAUSEN  352
Brahma       67                  Irxyn        344
Nebulate     62                  Valandrim    341
Mimi         59                  Lilone       330
Zen          57                  Mochi        301
Banerae      48                  Adonis       259
Shahk        45                  Cardamon     259


Please congratulate 108 characters who reached Hero 13+

Adeia, Aerga, Aiea, Alakaterai, Alcander, Alpha, Ashes,
Banquo, Blex, Borris, BoSS, Burst, Candyman, Cheat,
Cherrish, Chewey, Chrasilis, Clonk, Darkstalker, Didri,
Dragoneyez, Dregor, Eloric, Emah, Erfende, Esira,
Gerald, Glum, Govannon, Greyone, Grizzdrop, Haard, Heala,
Hiss, Huskey, Imperkanni, Ira, Ixcon, Jennet, JiUne,
Kadar, Kaitaama, Kangar, Kekoa, Kildir, Knives, KPAX,
Kri, Kyrzan, Laz, Limdul, Lorken, Loserific, MakMorn,
Malevor, Mandie, Melodee, Misery, Mozaic, Mythril, Nemi,
Neo, Newton, Nightcrawler, Nirro, Nylan, Obsidia, Oden,
Osheite, Pguin, Purgatory, Rahxephon, Raslin, ReCurve,
Rei, Rekattor, Rol, Rook, Runt, Ryhpez, Ryoga, Rysak,
Serador, SerpBow, Serysas, Sigma, Snowflurry, Somniare,
Spanishflare, SplatFate, Sprian, Straker, Strygo, Sukaira,
Swordstalker, Sycho, Tael, Tarin, Tebor, TiATi, Trevayne,
Turin, Tytan, Tzu, Urrick, VERLEGENHEiT, Wolv, and Zorae

may you all have continued success and happiness at the Hero 


2 character(s) departed the realm.
Take a moment to mourn the following:

Rasoul, Hero 185 griffon ranger, and Melodee Hero 755


Doing Your Own Corpse Retrieval
by Angel Galen

You died. It's going to happen many more times and you need 
your corpse back. What to do? If you died in an area without 
aggressive mobs  it's easy. You just recall back and walk to 
your corpse. What is recall you say? Quoting the helpfile:

RECALL is a command that will transport you to a preset 

HELP RECALL will give you more details, but take my word for 
it, it's one of the most useful commands that you will use. 
You just type: 'recall set' in the room you would like to 
make your new recall. This will work in most rooms. So, if 
you die all you have to do is: stand, down, recall and walk 
the rest to your corpse. You won't need mercy or gurney. You 
can do your own CR (corpse retrieval) :)

Remember that the gear you have while you end up on the cloud 
will eventually get imped (taken from you). It's only meant 
to make it easier to get back to your corpse in case you bump 
into mobs. When back at your corpse you type: get all corpse 
or even better: get all yourname. In my case it would be: 
get all Galen

Ok, let's say you're going to fight aggie (aggressive) mobs. 
Aggie mobs attack you if you walk in the room even if you 
don't attack them. If you died to an aggie mob, your cr will 
be tougher. You just died and are low on hp. And any 
protective gear would be in your corpse. In this case it's 
better to set recall at the entrance of the area or a part 
where there are no aggies. Try to walk back to where you died 
and keep scanning. If the aggie mob is still at your corpse
you can try to run in and grab your gear and get out fast 
before it notices you. This will not always work. You could 
die a few times before you're succesful. Let's say the mob 
and your corpse are in a room east from you. In your mud 
client you could pretype: east=get all corpse=west  If 
you're lucky you get all out of the corpse before the mob 
even notices you. If for some reason you can't pretype in 
your client, make an alias. 
example: alias cr east:get all corpse:west

If you have invisible gear in your corpse remember to have 
detect invis on you. Also, if you are carrying more than 
your base strength remember to have giant strength or wear 
whatever strength boosting gear you get from your corpse 
and go back to get the rest.

When you have your gear back go to a safe place like sanctum 
to regenerate. Don't forget to type: SAVE after getting your 
gear back and after leaving a dangerous area. If the mud 
would crash soon after you get your gear off your corpse, 
it could be lost. You might also end up back in the aggie 
area. So, when you are in a safe place type: SAVE

Some last tips: Don't fight somewhere you or someone else 
can't do a CR.  You could lose your gear and it's just not 
worth it. Angels will often help you with CR, but try to do 
your own cr first. Angels are not CR machines. Instead we 
like helping you to become able to do CR's yourself. :)


Editor's note: This is the last in a three part series by
Immortal Kariya detailing his ascent from mortal to Immortal.
The first two parts can be found in the Gazette archive, 
available at http://www.outland.org/design/gazette.html

The IMM Days

I had wanted to be an Immortal for some time now, and also 
wanted to submit areas for the game. I downloaded the 
standard Merc version and was playing around with it at 
home, making my first version of the Temple of Utami area, 
creating a small office building all for myself as well as 
testing all the Imm commands.

I messed around with all the options in the game, creating 
rooms, making mobprograms and all sorts of silly stuff. I 
was ready for Immortality on the real MUD.

Then THE SPLIT happened. Suddenly there was chaos and 
confusion everywhere, old friends were gone, and a decision 
had to be made..where to go? To me it was obvious..Avatar 
was Farside, along with all the features and a lot of people 
that i knew and loved. Farside went in a total different 
direction right away. So Avatar it was. Luckily most of my 
friends stayed though Reflection and some others left and 
went with RoX..

Shortly after it finally happened. I was minding my own 
business when suddenly the sky in front of me was ripped 
open and Snikt appeared. He simply asked if it was true I 
wanted to be an Imm, and of course I said yes (with a little 
tremble in my typing.) 

A few seconds later it was done. I was a demi-God (no Angels 
or Acolytes back in those days) Grainger was assigned to me 
to explain some basics to me, but he soon saw I knew them 
already and released me into the world. (Not realising what 
a horrible mistake that was..*cackle*)

To this day I feel honored that I was made an Immortal. It 
still is one of the coolest things that ever happened to me. 
Well..actually the whole Avatar experience is one of the 
coolest things ever.

Soon after my ascension I had my whole gimmick down.  As 
Kariya the Evil Dark Ruler of Utami, with a little island 
which housed the temple of Utami,  I started working on 
dominating the world.

The following years went by faster and faster and it almost 
seems one big blur. It’s really weird but certain mortal 
events are etched into my mind and I can be very detailed, 
but many of my Immortal memories I cannot distinguish or at 
least I cannot say when what happened exactly. Then again, 
8 years is a long time.

I slowly climbed the ranks, helping with little things, 
nothing spectacular. I started working on my Legends of 
Utami, built several areas and hung out whenever I could 
to have a fun time myself and to provide players with a 
fun time. Many things changed over the years, but the good 
feeling I got when logging on to Avatar  never changed.

Every now and then I experienced a bit of burn out and 
didn’t log on that often, only to return soon after. 
I couldn’t stay away for long.

As years went by, I was passed by many in the Immortal 
hierarchy yet I also passed many others and survived 
even more. Great players came and went, bad players came 
and went but Kariya is still there..
Due to my eratic schedule I wasn’t always noticable but I 
always stuck around. I guess that little bit of reliability 
is one of the reasons I have made it to Host Senior.

In February the one event that I really never held possible 
or even considered happened. I met a large part of the Imm 
staff and some of the players of the mud. Snikt invited me 
to attend Ubercon and as a result I finally got to meet the 
man behind the myth. I had a blast there, getting to talk to 
Snikt, Crom, Mendek, Mega, Darii and all those other people 
I have ‘known’ for so long. I think I went from meeting 3 
mudders in eight and a half years, to about 50 in one weekend.

One of the most interesting things happening in the recent 
past has been the addition of the Track Members. With the 
arrival of the three Builderlings a fire has been lit under 
the whole building process, and as I result I have been 
doing more things as well, from creating an area, to fixing 
little bugs in them. I also have some ideas and plans 
for new areas I would love to implement..I hope the world 
is ready for them!

The latest development in the mud and my life on it is of 
course Reuben's decision to leave us, and me volunteering to 
try to fill the void he has left. Yes, I am the new Quest 
Master. An enormous task awaits me, to go through Roob’s 
legacy and start up the Questpoint system he first set up, 
to get the Quest Track on the road and to make sure that 
the whole Quest system becomes one smooth sailing ship.
Hopefully I can get this done within the next few weeks. 
I am confident I will though as I got the help of some 
great other Imms and many players.

So this is my story of my life on Avatar over the past 
nine years. It’s not complete and some things that 
shouldn’t have been left out (or have been forgotten) 
should be in here, but this is the way I recall it.
For nine years Avatar has been an important factor of 
my life. Logic says that the day the mud and I part ways 
will happen, but for now I cannot even imagine it. And if 
it does happen I hope it’s a long way from now. Because 
right now I am having too much fun still with all of you 
out there. 

Thanks for the memories, the fun and for the friendships 
and for the things to come still. I’ll see you in the Dark 


----- Interview With ----------------------------------
-----     Nirro      -------- A role-play interview, --
----------------------------- By Ebnodon the Dreamer --

Hello everyone!  This is the first edition of 'Interview 
With.' The first of many in-character interviews with people 
of AvatarMUD.

This month, we go in search of answers about Nirro.  He was 
a bit shy about it, but hey it makes things more interesting.
Happy reading!

Ebnodon the Dreamer

Q: Full Name
A: Nirro... (Just Nirro, sorta like Cher)

Q: How old are you?
A: 72 years old, 109 hours.

Q: Your race and class?
A: Kzinti Rogue.

Q: What is the most heroic thing you’ve ever done?
A: Went into the depths of hell to save a friend from evil 

Q: What are you scared the most?
A: Losing my gear.

Q: What is your favorite meal?
A: Human Legs.

Q: What is your goal in life?
A: Remort into a dragon.

Q: If I tell you ‘UD’, what comes to mind first?
A: Mightyspryte, and his lovely, yet inspiring death.

Q: If you could create the ultimate weapon, what would you 
name it?
A: Black Spear of Death.

Q: If you could invent a new number, what would it be? What 
would it represent?
A: Mik - the number just before infinity.

Q: What is the funniest thing you ever heard on chat?
A: I don’t usually keep chat on.

Q: If I could grant you a wish, what would it be?
A: Give me a dragon.

Q: Any words of advice for our players?
A: Don’t wander into open portals during a hog, you will die, 
and will lose gear :(


Website of the Month - Aejase  http://www.aejase.net

A few people have already approached me and asked when I 
do a website review of Aejase. I've held off on doing 
Aejase for a couple reasons. First off, I wanted to do the
'official' website before I reviewed any player-created ones.

Second, and more importantly, I wanted to emphasize sites 
that were not 'spoiler' sites.  I like to encourage people to
find their own answers, or at least try to at first. That said, 
let me say that I am incredibly impressed by Aejase's site. 
There have been many times, as a new lowmort, as a fledgling 
hero, even as a one-year Angel that I have used Aejase to 
discover some new part of the game. Let's face it. Avatar 
has over 20,000 rooms, 10,000 items and 15,000 mobs. There 
is no way, even for me having played Avatar for three years 
that I could have learned every nook and corner of the game.

Aejase has a very important role in helping players help
themselves. Exploring an unfamiliar area can be rather
intimidating. I remember the first time I went to the 
House of Beasts (LeMans' house) or to the Moose Lodge.
Both of these are intimidating areas, almost overwhelming.
Having Aejase available to tell me to look out for the 
pine cones, or the Beast Lemans was very helpful to me.

But how often do we hear players on chat begging for help
getting gear that is out of their reach, because a search
engine said that it was an appropriate level for them. (ie
Red-Eyed Gem) or looking for Benlad's Axe, the mythical
+8 HR weapon for level 10s.

Aejase is a search engine, and is only as good as the 
information that players submit. Therefore, anyone who
is going to use Aejase needs to be cautious, and not 
take every listing in Aejase as gospel. 

My soapbox aside, let me talk more about Aejase. It IS 
a great website. A very helpful search engine, where 
you can look up the stats on weapons, equipment, mobs
and even areas. All of the stats in Aejase are entered
by other players, so the accuracy is not necessarily 
100%, but it is still a great source of guideline 

There are also two great features about Aejase that I 
really like. One is that you can search for the ideal
level gear for each stat (Wis, Int, Con) for your 
level range.  The other is that you can look up the 
best gear for armor class (tank gear) or hit roll/
damage roll (hit gear). You can also look up mana gear
using this same feature.  This will allow you to find
the ideal set of gear for your level to suit your 

Overall, Aejase is a great utility that every Avatar
player should have in their list of bookmarked sites. 
My hat off to Khazaad for an awesome site and a great 
utility. He has done a great service to the Avatar


If you haven't already heard, Snikt had a brief rest in a 
hospital for what has been called a "mini-stroke." He is 
now home, and doing fine. 

Out of respect for Snikt's request to NOT send flowers or cards, 
and instead to use those funds to help support Avatar, I would
like to remind everyone to take a moment and donate a few 
loose dollars to keeping their favorite mud running. Lift the
cushions of your couch, empty the change slot of your car, 
and dig the coins out of the lint screen of your dryer. Every
dollar adds up, and will help Snikt keep Avatar going strong.

DONATE by going to www.paypal.com and send $$ to 
snikt@outland.org.  If you are opening a new account, using 
snikt@outland.org as your referral name gets Snikt a $5.00 
bonus for free! 

A reminder that the MERC license prohibits us from requiring
donations or rewarding donors for them. All donations are 
exactly that, DONATIONS.

This is the new Avatar Gazette. It is published with the 
permission and cooperation of the Avatar staff by 
Angel Kenji. (Original concept by Asamaro and Dizzy.)

The Gazette is written in plain vanilla ASCII text to ensure
that everyone can enjoy it regardless of computer type.

To subscribe to the Gazette, send internet e-mail to
gazette-request@outland.org. In the body of your
email put:

subscribe username@hostname (MudName - RealName)
eg subscribe snikt@outland.org  (Snikt - Kevin Jagh)

Your real name is optional for the Gazette list.
eg subscribe snikt@outland.org (Snikt)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms,
compliments, or (best of all) articles that you've written
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You can also view the latest issue of the Gazette while
playing Avatar by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game,
or on the design web site at 


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Aug 16 2022 03:24

Aug 02 2022 22:13
Daeron is running Push Your Luck now. Mini-HoG just ended!

Jun 30 2022 04:23
It is!

Jun 28 2022 23:55
Testing. Testing. This thing on?

Aug 17 2021 05:50
Halfway through August and so many events yet to go! Log in now to join our newest event.

Shoutbox Archive
Game Updates
Feb 28 2024 16:16
There is a disturbance in the realm as Sorator fails to become a Lord at sublevel 497.
Feb 28 2024 15:24
Barkbeard has become a Wizard.
Feb 28 2024 03:05
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Feb 28 2024 02:46
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Feb 27 2024 23:24
Xinderoth has remorted into a High Elf Mage.