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Gazette 2001-10-29
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 2001 Gazettes | Gazette 2001-10-29
     ___The Official AVATAR___________________________________
        ________                          __     __           
       /  _____/ _____   ________  ____ _/  |_ _/  |_   ____  
      /     ___ __    ____  /_/ __ \   __\   ___/ __  
          _   / __ _ /    /   ___/ |  |   |  |    ___/ 
       ______  /(____  //_____  ___  >|__|   |__|   ___  >
              /      /       /     /                   / 
     ________________________________________ 29 Oct, 2001 ___
         _    |
          `   ~ )Telnet to Avatar at: avatar.outland.org 3000   
            -  //         Visit the Avatar web page at:
       ,,.--(_ ("""'^.     http://www.outlnd.org
      ;;( ,___, ,/~`;   
     ;' )/>/  '--,      
        | `   |"       
        "   "  "
     Table of Contents
          1. Editorial by Dizzy 
          2. Fine Midgaardian Cuisine by Silvius 
          3. Helping Others by Lord Sourapple 
          4. When the BattleField Ends (Unknown)
          5. A Message to the Heroes by Jethro 
     1. Editorial By Dizzy
Another action packed issued of the Gazette. Hurrah!
Apologies for the brevity of the editorial (I wonder how many of you are 
cheering...hmmm.), I've cobbled this issue together in record time while 
juggling the home and work requirements that inevitably arise before YABT 
(Yet Another Business Trip).  This time I'll be tracking between chilly 
Maine and sunny Floriday over the next 8 days, and I leave home at 3:30AM, 
Soooo, g'nite everyone! Go Yankees AND D-Backs!
     2. Fine Midgaardian Cuisine by SIlvius

Today we visit the fine establishment known as Irghum's Antharian Eatery.  
Located in a nice part of eastern portion of Antharia, the Eatery benefits 
from a clean neighborhood and ample patronage.  The aromas of bread baking 
and fish frying can be detected by even those with the least sensitive of 
noses from blocks away.
Though usually crowded by the local citizens and guards, there is always 
room for more diners at the Eatery.  Irghum works around the clock to keep 
his clientele stuffed and happy.  His cooking is some of the best fare to 
be had on the southern coast, or in the southern coast as the case may be.
On our recent trip to his restaurant we had the pleasure of being served 
first with and a seafood platter appetizer.  Fresh shrimp, oysters, and 
clams were among many of the heaped items that almost filled us up before 
the main course.  On our visit the day's special was a scrumptious swordfish 
steak saut ed in butter sauce, with a plate of sushi in accompaniment.  The 
swordfish melted in the mouth just like the butter it was cooked in.  The 
sushi was of the freshest catches and spiced to perfection.  Even the 
coloring and arrangements on the plates was culinary perfection.
To finish our meal, we dined on the finest caviar while watching the 
beautiful ocean view.  To top it all off, our bill was much less than one 
would expect from such a fine establishment.  I would highly recommend 
stopping by when in Antharia and sampling a taste of the fine food and 
atmosphere that Irghum has brought to our little world.
Silvius, sprite and food critic, but not food himself.
     3. Helping Others by Lord Sourapple
I have been on Avatar for 3.5 years.  I have seen many things.  Some of them 
have made me laugh, smile, sad and frown.  I can remember a time that, as a 
new lord, i thought i was invincible on the Midgaard plane.  i was gathering 
useful things.  In the middle of acquiring nectars and wafers, just west of
Vapul,  my computer and DSL line crashed.  this is something that has happened 
before, I had calmly rebooted my computer and reset my DSL modem; nothing 
happened.  15 min later i had to go back to work.  i still had no connection
and no corpse.  This also meant no gear of any kind.
I was gone for 3 hours before i got home.  Although depressed, i came back on 
looking to regear my alt, Sourapple.  i thought of all the work i had put in 
just to get all the gear that i had. Still a little sad, I notice a personal 
note.  My second one in 3 years.  It was Nadreck.  He just informed me that a 
hero, who could have taken my gear for a friend or an alt, notified him and 
Nadreck grabbed my gear and all my items for me.  Needless to say, i gave the 
hero a few levels that day to let him know i appreciated all the effort and 
kindness that he had shown.
Like every good story, it comes with a bad one.
I had made a new hero and wanted to group him for the first time.  i was lucky 
enough to find a group that i could join.  I did not reveal that i was a lord. 
I wanted to know if i could get a group for myself, not for my alt. Finally
after doing a few little runs, i acquired a group with experience players and
a very confident tank.  this can be a good thing and a bad thing.  After
stating the rules of the run, which were very harsh and unfriendly, the tank 
proceeded to complain all the way through the run and then threatened to 
ungroup who ever they thought was not acting fast enough.  He did not realize
that he could be playing with an experienced player.  Just appeared that he 
looked at my level and then shunned me.  If anyone knows my alts, i know what 
i am doing and pay attention always.
I guess my point is this. Never assume that a player with low levels is a new 
person.  Never assume a person with a lord knows all every person here needs
to help all.  i understand there might be  few people looking to gain levels 
with as little effort as possible, but i think that the majority of the 
players is just looking to have a good time and escape from life.  Please 
watch out for others and do what you can to help..........no matter how 
redundant it is. See you all on line. 
     4. When the BattleField Ends 
For a long time this war has gotten,
Too much of my life.
Its dreaded on for reasons,
That are becomming stife.
In times of trying pain,
When companions are on the line,
I wish back the days of a younger time...

After the War,
What is their left to be done?
After the War
What does a Soldier become?
The armies march on, 
I'm still the Blade's best friend,
I'll protect my hopes and dreams
Not fearing my life will end.
How many civilians will be lost
The numbers will be few,
Trained to attack our families,
Not much left I can do.
After the War,
What is left to be done?
After the War,
What does a Soldier become?
Found dead bleeding,
My end is surely near,
The gods left laughing..
Laughing in my ear.
Creature of Darkness 
Souls of Slain 
Allow me back to my feet again.
Its only  a matter of time..
Only a matter of time I dream,
Sought to waiting arms of
My Goddess once again.

-Dedicated to the many lords who put their corpses on the line :p 

     5. A Message to the Heroes by Jethro 
Try different approaches. Why perform the same runs
endlessly to reach a goal where you'll basically be
asked to do the same for a much longer time? The main
problem I see with most new players nowadays is their
unwillingness to try new things, risk equipment, or
even die. Running through Divide with a sprite isn't
really 'risk', I'm talking of a more...exciting way to
play the game. I, personally, have played almost every
class to Lord, and have found one thing immensely
different with each class. Each class has the
possibility to do something extraordinary. Heroes were
not meant to be mindless drones, following a tank
through the same stomping grounds endlessly. Heroes
were meant to interact, communicate, and adapt to
overcome any obstacle. Many heroes, nowadays, think "I
don't have enough hit points or enhanced damage mods,
I don't have a chance..". Veer your mind away from
hero being simply about being experience efficient
machines. Remember that Midgaardia is just a really
large mudschool preparing you for the next tier. Lord
is a much different game, a game where brute force
alone can do nothing, and where simple strategies can
make a whole world of difference. All of these
strategies can be experienced as a Hero, why not
before making the leap to Lord indulge yourself into
this knowledge? You may find that Lords 'respect'
certain other Lords as players, while giving a lesser
degree of respect to the rest of Lords. These
respected Lords have learned the most discrete aspects
of the game, enhancing their playing ability. These
respected Lords gather equipment and gain trust more
quickly. Trust...a vital component of being a
successful Lord. Without trust, you are just a
worthless cog in the workings of the group. Every
character within a group is trusted to perform his
duty as a class on every mob possible, if you break
this trust, Lords disrespect you and such a reputation
will stick for quite a while.
Another thing, playing different at Lord means
everything as well. Simply joining every run there is
and leveling quickly is a great way to level and meet
people, but you'll quickly find it's not the most
enjoyable thing in the world. Every once in a while,
try doing something extreme. Try creating a limited
size group and outperform some of the larger groups.
You'll find these more extreme runs will renew your
faith in Lord, and put a grin on your face after a
successful run. Heck, even after an unsuccessful run,
your heart may be pounding, your corpse lying at your
feet, but a grin of pure excitement will be spread
across your face. What I am trying to say is
efficiency will get you high in levels, but levels
mean nothing to people. People care about how you as a
player can perform. This performance can range from
pure entertainment to an all around casting, healing,
tanking martial artist, never away from the keyboard
for a moment. Don't be just another group member, be a
vital part of the group, deciding its faith with your
Once you accomplish this, you shall actually enjoy
leveling Lord despite the incredible monotony.

     The Avatar Gazette is what you've just been reading, and it is the 
     official newsletter of Avatar, it is published infrequently by Dizzy,
     in conjunction with The Avatar Staff.(Original concept by Asamaro).
     The Gazette is written in plain vanilla ASCII text to ensure that
     everyone can enjoy it regardless of computer type.
     To subscribe to the Gazette, send internet e-mail to
     gazette-request@avatar.outland.org. In the body of your
     email put:
       subscribe username@hostname (MudName - RealName)
       eg subscribe dizzy@outland.com  (Dizzy - Mark Mullins)
     Your real name is optional for the Gazette list.
       eg subscribe dizzy@outland.org (Dizzy)
     If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms,
     compliments, or (best of all) articles that you've written for the
     gazette, please send them to Dizzy via my e-mail address:
     You can also view the latest issue of the Gazette while playing
     Avatar by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game.

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