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Gazette 1999-10-16
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     ___The Official AVATAR___________________________________
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     ________________________________________ 16 Oct, 1999 ___

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     Table of Contents

          1. Editorial by Dizzy 
          2. Excerpts from Versuchi's Dragon Journal
          3. Angels, the Unsung Heros by Clocks 
          4. The Three Journeys by Niki
          5. Ack! Imps! by Phi

     1. Editorial by Dizzy 

Like most men, I only have a few passionate obsessions.  There's a very
short list of things that I've devoted my life to, and I'm willing to die
for.  Although most are simple and uncomplicated, one or two are
altruistic or esoteric, and at least one is involves complete a food
group;  there is only one all-consuming obsession that I want to tell you
about today.

This past Thursday marked an anniversary for Debbie, my wife, and I.  It
was the 25th anniversary of our first kiss.  I remember everything about
it... the quality of golden October sunlight and the sparkle of Autumn
foliage on the Blue Ridge Parkway....her shyness, my ineptitude (which I
like to think was compensated for by my enthusiasm and thouroughness), and
the sheer electricity of the moment. 

We were married a year and two months later, and after two children, three
grandchildren, a pocket full of major league career changes, moving to a
new part of the world every few months, and body parts that no longer work
they way they were designed to..  .. Every moment is still cherished. Each
kiss still Electric. Her glance and sweet smile mean more to me than
treasure of any other variety.  For me, she is Deus ex Machina (easy Latin
translation...look it up on the web). 

Do I love her? Obsessed by her. Passionately. I'll probably be back next
year with another tribute to Debbie. And the following year, and the next,
etc., etc.  If enough body parts continue to work for another 25 years,
I'll be back to tell you again about our first kiss.  My advice to you is
find yourself a Debbie, and that will change Everything.


     2. Excerpts from Versuchi's Dragon Journal 

Entry on the Day of the Sun, 13th day in the Month of the Forest

I have once again returned to city of Midgaard after a long session of
self contemplation at the Monastery to the north. I have been drawn
irresistibly back Jake's bar, The Dragon's Bane, something about the place
challenges me. Maybe it's the sweet music played by the Gypsy Ceilican on
his Fae harp, or maybe I have just picked up a taste for the local
specialty. On my next long meditation I will investigate this strange
lure, but I digress from what I wanted to write about. 

A reward was posted at the Bane today to bring a strange dragon cult to
justice. It seems they have set up a stronghold in the northeast mountains
of Wildwood and are slaying all who enter lest they disturb the Ancient
Bronze Wyrm, Kastinius, that resides there. There are also reports of a
Hydra being in the same mountains, hiding behind this mysterious cult. 
The reward for the eradication of this cult is the dragons treasure and
some fine armor sleeves if proof is returned that the Wyrm is dead.  Now,
being a dragon, dragon cults don't bother me that much. But that is not
the problem with this situation. The true problem is that a loathsome
wyrm, not a true dragon at all, and a scum-of-the-earth hydra had taken up
residence on Dragon Mountain. This I can not stand idly by and let happen.
By Gorn, something has to be done and I am just the dragon to make it
happen.  I will commence packing and leave this very day into Wildwood to
destroy this cult who profanes my races name in their worship of a wyrm. 

Entry on the Day of the Sun, 20th day in the Month of the Forest

It has been one week since my last journal entry and I am almost to my
destination. I had forgotten how long of a trek this was. Wildwood itself
is not dangerous as long as you leave the local beasts alone. However, its
many paths lead to some of the darkest areas of the realm where it is
wisest not to be alone. Luck and good maps have kept me on the right paths
so I have not strayed into any of these vile places. 

Now I must prepare myself with prayers and magic defenses to see the end
of this cult. I will return to my journals with the results of my
endeavors. May Gorn lead the way. 

Entry on the Day of the Bull , 22nd day in the Month of the Forest

When I first entered the Dragon Mountain I thought that I might be in
trouble. It was teeming with warriors and seers protecting the lizards (I
refuse to even think of them as dragon relations). At every turn these
warriors and seers attacked me on my climb. Unfortunately for them, the
seers carried something that aided me more than it did them. Each was
carrying an Elixir of Dragonkin, a very strong healing potion devised by
my race and given to the dragon offshoot races as persuasion to go away. 

I used these potions to keep myself strong and healthy as I battered the
cultists into oblivion with my fists. This left me ready to battle the
Hydra without pausing to rest or taxing my own resources. Of course this
was a great boon to me since I greatly underestimated the Hydra. Who would
have thought that it would have more heads then I could knockout with my
multitude of punches. The beast landed some ferocious blows on me until I
came to my addled senses and remembered my training, a monks hands are not
his only weapons. My feet came to life to strike blows along with my
hands.  This little upstart didn't even know what hit him. 

Since much of my magical healing power was used to recover from this
fight, I know I can not go on immediately to put the Wyrm in his place.
For now I will rest a bit outside his lair. Perhaps this will give him
time to strengthen his defenses. On the other hand, being a stupid wyrm he
may just be venting off his anger and breath on the rocks around him,
weakening himself before the coming conflict. I can only hope. 

Entry on the Day of Deception, 23rd day in the Month of the Forest

Having revised my assessment of Kastinius from what I learned of the Hydra
I entered his lair much more wary and prepared. This tactic greatly helped
to protect me from his first terrifying blast of breath. How can I
describe such a thing as this and convey its feeling to others. Being a
dragon I know first hand what breath weapons are capable of. But this
breath was more powerful than any dragons I had ever come across, it put
even my great fire to shame. How had such a loathsome beast as this
acquired a fire of such magnitude. 

Much of my gear was scorched in the inferno and all of the remaining
elixirs were lost. Why I didn't have the foresight to protect them like I
do my healing nectars Gorn only knows. Instead of worrying about something
I could not change I rushed into battle. 

The wyrms lair was huge, at least 1000 feet from floor to ceiling.  This
gave us both room to maneuver as we flew around the room. Even with all
this room I still could not seem to evade the Kastinius's awesome breath.
At moments during the battle I started to believe what an animate skull on
Dragon Mountain told me as I approached the lair, 'You're going to die!
You're going to die! Nyah Nyah! Nyah Nyah!'. 

These moments were only brief and were abolished by the knowledge that
Gorn was with me and would not let his vessel fail.  As I battled the wyrm
I finally felt that my own fire had been built up to the point where I
could unleash it on the beast.  With a great exhale I blasted the wyrm
with my fiery breath, engulfing him in flame. The gold treasure Kastinius
kept with him grew so hot it was evaporated in an acrid metal mist.

Though not nearly as powerful as the wyrm's breath, my flame was hot
enough to end the battle and end the life of the beast.  I now will carry
my proof of Kastinius's demise, some scorched scales, back the The
Dragon's Bane and least receive the armor portion of my reward. 

The joke is on me that the great hoard of gold was destroyed by my
comparatively weak breath weapon. Perhaps the temple will give me funds to
continue in my quests. Idle speculation can wait until I have traveled
back through Wildwood to Midgaard. With or without funds I still must
spend time at the temple to give my thanks to Gorn for seeing me through
this quest. 

     3. Angels, the Unsung Heros by Clocks 

Every time we log on to Avatar, its always the same.  Kill, group, portal,
kill, group, portal, enchat, donate, kill, group, portal,
drown......DROWN??!?!  What happens when we are ina position that is too
difficult for lowmorts or heros?  We pray for an gels of course.  The
angels of Avatar are the unsung heros who have given up levelling in order
to be able to help others, to help you, and to help me.  Yet very few of
us recognize just how important these folks are. 

We little realize that angels are so much more to avatar than CR machines
and bandwidth-users: the angels are friends of each of us who want to help
without expecting anything back at all..  Angels are players, too and are
an important component of the A vatarian social structure.  They provide
polite and informative chat, assist players with problems, introduce
lowbies to the intracacies of Avatar, and just generally promote the
welfare and playing experience that Avatar can offer each of its players. 

The next time that you die or need help or whatever you need and angel
helps, do something for them.  It can simply be talking with them more
often or chatting a cordial thank-you on an open channel or even posting a
note in recognition of their help. Wh atever you are going to do, do it
for them with a thankful heart.  Remember, angels are mortal too and are
just as susceptable to hurt and to morale loss as any one of us. 

     4. The Three Journeys by Niki

Part I: Journey of the Body

Glancing back at the relative safety of Aelmon, I squared my shoulders and
trudged north once more. My mission was before me. Not even the end of
time should delay it.

It was the year of growing up, for I was to fight the fabled Red
Dragon.alone. This legendary dragon was said to live in the sewers beneath
Ofcol, but because no one came out of the battle alive, it was said to be
just a myth. Determined to prove it was not a myth but real, I hurried my
pace past Farmer's Way, nearing Ofcol.

I had only a few precious supplies with me. I had first stopped off at
Chuckie, the mapmaker in Midgaard, but, alas, he had no map of the sewers
I wished to journey into. So, my knowledge was limited to hand drawn maps
and sketchy information I heard from friends. Afterwards, I stopped off at
the apothecary, and bought a handsome pile of fiery red vials, wincing at
their cost. 

Inch by inch, I was getting closer to this dragon I had only heard about.
I was not prepared by any stretch of the imagination, but would have
thought myself silly to turn back now. Shifting my trusty shield into my
offhand, I walked into the southern gates of Ofcol. Awestruck by the
sights of these unfamiliar arches looming over my head, I tried not to
gasp. I continued on, for my journey could not wait for me to stare at

Further on north, I ran into the Marshall of Ofcol; the quiet Diana.  Her
gear was pure platinum that shone in the sunlight. She stood silently,
ready to defend the great city at a moment's notice. I continued east of
her with but a sound, as I looked for the sewer entrances my friends had
said would be there. 

Part II: Journey of the Mind

Ah! There it was. Pulling the grate up with my hands, I climbed down the
ladder, losing my balance slightly and landed in the water with a splash,
water spraying over my once clean clothes. In fact, the water looked kind
of murky green, like it was slimy and old. I glanced up at the above
opening, and saw but a faint shimmer of the sunlight I knew had to be
there. I realized with a feeling of uneasiness that I was entering new
territory - none of my friends knew where to go from here. 

Clutching my satchel with various miscellaneous items to my form, I took a
hesitant step forward, not sure what to expect. I strained my ears, yet
heard nothing but the occasional drip of sewer water. I wondered quietly
if I should just run around, or try to formulate a plan of finding this
dragon. A few rooms after I entered this dismal maze, I came upon a small
bat who attacked me without warning. Dodging it's screeching claws and
hissing, I thrust my wicked knife into its breast. It fell into the cold
stream of water, where it thrashed about, dying noisily. For a while, the
only other opposition I encountered was a horde of small, hairy spiders. I
simply lifted my boot and squashed them, they were so small to me. 

Eventually, (was it a miracle?), I found my way into this cave. I am not
sure how I got there, but the wandering seemed to have paid off. I found
more formidable opponents here as well, including mud monsters and
maggots, to name a few for you. As I continued my quiet walk, I came upon
a lair that was unbelievably hot. Now, I knew where I was. I peeked around
the corner, scanning for danger and yes, there was the dragon, red as
fire, and breathing flames a mile high. I quickly moved back, a tad scared
at this beast seeing me, then, chastising myself for my foolishness. I
noticed a sign, which said this: 


Laughing a quiet, almost insane laugh, I took my wicked knife and
scratched in another message, something like this: 


Maybe for the dragon..

Part III: Journey of the Spirit

Tiptoeing back to the corner, I peered around once more. This dragon did
not seem to notice me. Yet. Thinking carefully, I thought of a nice
diversion to buy me much needed time. Pulling out a heart of a doe, I
threw it near to where the dragon was. It landed with a soft smack, and,
the dragon peered up, its curiosity aroused. I quietly walked in, my feet
making no sound whatsoever. It was there that I realized how hot the floor
was - looking down, I noticed the tiles were fiery red swirls that almost
hypnotized me right there. Struggling to remain my composure, I looked up,
and suddenly wished I hadn't done that. 

The dragon was peering at me, its curled lips twitching soundlessly. I
could only imagine what it was thinking at that moment. 'Foolish mortal..'
It whispered; each word more of a hiss than I could think possible. 'You
shall pay for disturbing me..'

I couldn't help it.

I screamed.

Tumbling back to escape the monster's wrath, I fell into a sharp. thing.
It pricked my back and made me wince. Sparing a glance down, I realized I
had fell upon a once alive knight's body, clad in silver armor. It was all
I could do not to soil my pants as I returned my gaze back to the dragon. 
It laughed at me, fire spewing out of its gaping mouth. Without a second's
hesitation, I fled from the room, dropping my weapons and armor in and
attempt to escape. Only once I was far away did I breathe again, for I was
terrified of the whole ordeal. 

Slowly, as I calmed, I tried to justify my actions. And the best I could
come up with was: 

Flee to fight another day. I had beaten the odds; I was still alive.  As I
recalled, I felt the safety of recalling surround me, almost tangible, but
not quite. 

There was one thing for certain -
I would be back.

     5. Ack! Imps! by Phi

One day long ago, a brave warrior, whom we'll call WarriorX, was runing
around midgaard exploring when he saw a strange creature, he called it an
imp. The strange thing came out of a nexus took up a piece of abandoned
gear, looked around, then went back into the nexus. 

WarriorX was very curious about this imp, so he jumped back into the nexus
just before it closed, and followed the imp. WarriorX saw many of these
akward creatures dressed up in gear much finer then his own. 

He grew scared of these imps and waited for another creature to open up a
new nexus back to his world, the world of Midgaard. 

When he returned home he began to spread the word of these creatures, and
their extravagent gear. Prior to this time the imps had not openly come
into a room with a creature of midgaard, they too were frightened of their
new discovery. They didn't sense a threat from the creatures of Midgaard
so they come and visit us frequently, taking gear that has long been

     The Avatar Gazette is what you've just been reading, and it is the 
     official newsletter of Avatar, it is published weekly by Dizzy, in 
     conjunction with The Avatar Staff.(Original concept by Asamaro).

     The Gazette is written in plain vanilla ASCII text to ensure that
     everyone can enjoy it regardless of computer type.

     To subscribe to the Gazette, send internet e-mail to
     gazette-request@avatar.walrus.com. In the body of your
     email put:

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     gazette, please send them to Dizzy via my e-mail address:

     You can also view the latest issue of the Gazette while playing
     Avatar by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game, or by surfing
     our web site!

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