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Gazette 1997-06-20
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1997 Gazettes | Gazette 1997-06-20
  The Avatar Gazette                    Vol IV, No. 3 June 20th 1997 
  Editor: AsaMaro  Co-Editor: Comwood
  The Avatar Gazette is published twice a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff 

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to gazette-request@walrus.com and including the
  following in the body of your note:  subscribe gazette AS <your email
  address> <real name - mud name>

  You can now view the newest issue of the Gazette online on Avatar
  by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game!

  Telnet to Avatar at: avatar.walrus.com 3000
  The Gazette Staff - AsaMaro, Comwood and Marat
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1997, Joe DeRouen and Kevin
  Jagh, All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by Joe
  DeRouen or Kevin Jagh are also copyrighted (c) 1997 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written permission
  will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. 

                Table of Contents

           Page     1      Introduction
           Page     1      Table of Contents
           Page     1      AsaMaro's Editorial 
           Page     2      Comwood's Editorial
           Page     3      Back Issue Information               
           Page     3      Avatar Web Page Information
           Page     3      What More Could You Ask For? by AsaMaro
           Page     6      Hero Bio: Jackalman
           Page     7      Immortal Bio: Weedz
           Page     8      Hero Bio: Spawn
           Page     9      Home at Last by Marat
           Page    10      Communication Within Avatar by Amadeus    
           Page    12      The Story of Desrodin by Stephen Curtis
           Page    14      Avatar Nostalgia by Comwood
           Page    15      Intellitech Walrus advertisement


                           * Additions *

It's been exactly fourteen days since the last issue of the Gazette,
which means that this issue is exactly on time.  Hooray!  Comwood, I
certainly couldn't have done it without you!

This issue begins the first of a series of articles detailing how
certain Avatar players came to be on Avatar.  The first installment is
written by myself, and is a sort of experiment.  Let me know what you
think of it.  And if you're interested in writing a similar essay for
future issues of the Gazette, please let me know.

You'll also notice an article at the end of the issue written by Comwood
and entitled "Avatar Nostalgia".  Look for more articles like this in
future issues.  If you've been on Avatar for a while and want to try
your hand at writing a similar article, we'd love to see it! 

We're going to be adding other new features to the Gazette as well,
including a social column (birthdays, MUD marriages, etc.) and a letters
page.  That said, write me some letters!  Let me know what you think of
the Gazette, or Avatar in general.  I'll print as many letters in the
next issue as I can fit it.

Last but not least, this issue marks Marat's return to the staff of the
Gazette.  We'll be adding more staff members to the Gazette soon, so if
you think you have what it takes - good writing skills and dedication to
write interesting articles - write Comwood or myself (asamaro@walrus.com
or comwood@escape.com) and let us know.  We'd love to have you aboard.

 --AsaMaro, June 20th, 1997


                          * New Versions *

Hello Everybody,

It seems as if things are getting back on track with the gazette these
days. Our intention is to continue to bring you 2 editions of the
gazette every month without losing any quality towards it. We have some
upcoming improvements for the gazette in the coming months such as more
articles, playing tips, social events and happening in Avatar and even a
bit of nostalgia for most of you who haven't been around throughout all
of Avatar's years. 

In the coming months we are also hoping to start offering two versions
of the Gazette. One version will be in the standard plain text format
(like what you are reading now) and the other will be in an executable
E-Mag type format which you can run from your computer. Doing a Gazette
in E-Mag format gives us even more versatility in what we can bring to
you. For instance, in addition to the already popular articles, we will
bring you both graphics and sound! As I have already started working on
this project I would like you to submit any artwork or music files you
feel would be publishable. Please make sure this is your own work or
have the written approval of the original author before submitting it
(Yes, we like to avoid copyright infringements :) ). 

Once again I ask that any other contributions or ideas you have to
improve the gazette be mailed to myself at Comwood@Escape.com or
AsaMaro@Walrus.Com. One of us will get back to you promptly! Come help
us bring you the finest quality Gazette any mortal or rather Immortal
can bring you :)

 --Comwood, June 20th, 1997


                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
ftp.walrus.com /pub/avatar/gazette.  There's a lot of other good stuff
available there as well.  Check it out!

                        Avatar's Web Page

While you're scuttling about the Internet, check out Avatar's Web Page at
http://www.walrus.com/~avatar.  Szi has recently added a lot to the page,
so even if you've been there you should definitely take another look.


[This is the first in a series of articles detailing how current Avatar
mortals and Immortals found the MUD.  This, the inaugural installment,
is my story.]

What More Could You Ask For In a MUD?
by AsaMaro

I first joined the ranks of Avatar - then Farside - in August of 1994. 
Marat (my real-life girlfriend and MUD wife) and I had been playing in a
MUD called Legends on a Bulletin Board System called Texas Talk in
Dallas. After finally reaching the rank of Immortal in the game, we were
aghast when the BBS owners decided to close down the system.  Having
been Immortals on the system and having built several areas for the
game, we suddenly found ourselves without a similar creative outlet. 
What were we to do? 

I'd heard about the Internet for years - as well as MUDs - but for
whatever reason hadn't quite had the urge to "get connected."  But with
Legends gone, Marat and I decided to take the plunge.  We both purchased
Internet shell accounts on CRL and began searching for a suitable MUD to
satisfy our role-playing needs.

Several systems - and about a month - later, we stumbled onto Farside. 
Though we were both well versed in BBS MUDs like Legends, we found
Farside to be quite different.  People from all over the world - not
just Dallas! - roamed the virtual dungeons and towns, and game syntax
was different as well.  We quickly adapted, however, with the help of a
few friendly Immortals like Aegis, Mendek and Theo.  (of course, Aegis
would inadvertently kill me later, by awarding me an ambrosia potion that
killed me when I drank it - but that's another story!)

With myself playing a Drow martial artist and Marat playing a half-elf
Mage, we began grouping with players such as Stepovich, Ryu and Lurch. 
Slowly, we started to work our way up through the mortal ranks towards
that ever-elusive goal of hero.  Because I write for a living and have
the luxury of setting my own hours, I was able to dedicate more time to
the MUD than Marat could; as a consequence, I gained about ten levels on

Around level 46, I had the idea to start the Avatar Gazette.  I
approached RoX, (remember, this was still Farside, and RoX was the Imp)
Dizzy and Snikt with the idea of writing a newsletter based on the game,
and all three were enthuastic about the project.  After the first issue
was released (on December 15th, 1994) Snikt told me I could become an
Immortal after I reached Hero.  Ecstatic, I thanked him, and told him I
wanted to help Marat reach Hero first, and then become Immortal.  He
told me to just let him know, and that was that.

Playing night and day, I reached Hero about three days later. 
Impatient, I "forced" Marat to group with me so I could help her reach
Hero level 1 and thus ascend the heavens to Godhood.  Finally, with the
help of a few friends, Marat reached Hero.  I gave her all of my gear
(including a +20/+20 sword I had won from Lok in a quest) and went off
to find Snikt.  (Of course, even back then it was illegal for someone
who was about to become an Imm to give away their gear.  So if you ever
run into Snikt, don't tell him, okay?)

Snikt happened to be on the MUD - but then again, isn't he always? - and
with nary a nod he raised my level to 54, the first rank of Immortality
at the time.  I was an Immortal!  I danced a little dance of joy, kissed
Marat on the lips, and began learning the commands of the trade.  Soon
thereafter, other Imms began to congratulate me on the Imm channel.  Imm
channel?  What the heck was that?  I had a lot to learn.

                         *          *          *

Let's go back in time a little, to 1981, in a place called Carthage,
Illinois.  That's where I grew up, and that's where my love of Role
Playing Games began.  I first played Dungeons and Dragons at the ripe
old age of thirteen, skipping the occasional school day here and there
to play with my best friend.  We didn't exactly understand the rules,
but we didn't care - we were having a blast!  

Around that same time, I got my first computer: a Commodore Vic=20.  My
reasons for getting the computer were similar to my reasons for buying
an Internet account - to play games.  I had seen the Scott Adams series
of text adventure games in a computer store in the mall, and I had to
have them.  I convinced my parents to spring for the computer, claiming
it would help me in school.  Little did they know.  Soon, I'd purchased
all of the Scott Adams games - Adventureland, Pirate's Cove, The Count
and The Impossible Mission - and had solved them all.

Still playing D&D with my friend, I began to read about these marvelous
text adventure games from a company called Infocom that were far more
advanced than the Scott Adams games could ever be.  One in particular -
Zork - caught my attention.  Unfortunately, my Vic=20 couldn't play
these games.  Heck, the Vic=20 didn't even have a disk drive.  Christmas
was coming up, though, so I asked for a Commodore 64 as my "big gift". 
It was granted, and before long I was playing (and solving) Zork, Zork
II, Zork III, Deadline, Suspended, and all the other Infocom games. 

Years passed, and my Commodore 64 was replaced by a Commodore 128.
Living in Dallas, Texas now, I still played D&D, and still played
Infocom games.  In 1985, I discovered BBS's.  Later that year, I joined
a BBS named FIAWOL and played in an online D&D game.  Things were
different back then, as BBS's only had one phone line.  You'd call up,
write what you wanted your character to do in the message base, and call
back the next day to see what the Gamemaster had posted to move along
the game.  I had never played D&D like this before, and loved it!
Sadly, the game didn't last very long - the GM disappeared off the face
of the Earth, and the game was cancelled.

So what did I do?  I started my own game on the BBS.  The game was
called "Ranjok", for a reason that I can't remember.  It was a huge
success and continued for two years, until I had to move back to
Illinois.  I made a lot of good friends running that game, some who are
still friends to this very day.  One even plays on Avatar; an Immortal
named Tanisha.  

A year later, in 1989, I moved back to Texas.  I finally shelved my
Commodore 128 and bought an IBM PC-compatible Epson 8088 system with a
huge 30 Meg hard drive.  I began a new obsession; finding all of the
Infocom games for the PC.  Not long after that, Infocom was bought by
Activision and text adventures became a thing of the past.  I still miss

I didn't play many RPG's or D&D-style computer games til 1994, though I
did continue to frequent BBS's.  One such BBS was Texas Talk, which
hosted this curious game called Legends.  Feeling that old RPG urge, I
began to play the game.  You already know most of this story, but one
thing you probably don't know is that I met Marat in Legends.  I was in
the game, trying to level, when she ran past me, chasing a troll.  I
followed her, finally catching up to her in a cave.  We talked, we
killed monsters, we talked some more, and then we necked for hours on
the back of a huge blue dragon.  Somewhere inbetween, we fell in love. 
The rest, as they say, is history. 

                         *          *          *  

Zoom to December of 1994.  With only one Gazette under my belt, I had
just become an Immortal.  Promotions came fast and furious back then;
there were no Immortal meetings, and thus no set time and place for
advancements.  Snikt, Dizzy, or RoX would come on, see me, and advance
me a level.  Before long, I'd reached level 59, the highest I could go. 
Well, at least that's what I thought.  Two annoying female mentors
(don't ask) and one Dizzy and one DaWiz later, and I was level 60, which
is essentially equivilant to today's Senior level.

The promotion came right after a crash, a crash which fortunately
deleted me from the game.  I say fortunately because, when rebuilding
me, Dizzy decided to grant me that last elusive level.  Hooray!  Marat
soon gained level 59, and things stayed much the same for a while.

Things get hazy here, but Marat and I had just been given host access to
correct spelling mistakes when the Farside/Avatar (RoX/Snikt) split
occured.  Deciding to go with Avatar (for us, it wasn't even a choice)
we - along with DaWiz, Mendek, Mega, Crom and a lot of other hard-
working Imms - we began to help Snikt build a new and better MUD. 

At some point, level 60 became level 61, and then level 910, along with
the title of "Host Senior".  Both Marat and I enjoy that status, and
work hard (though for most of 1997 you could say we've been "hardly
working" - hey, we had to have a vacation sometime!) to help make Avatar
the best MUD on the 'Net.  The Gazette is now in it's fourth year of
publication, and Comwood (who, ironically, was there way back when we
first joined Farside, but left for a long time and only recently
returned) now helps me put it out in his role of Co-Editor. 

Countless levels, 24 issues of the Gazette, several hundred hours of MUD
time, lots of MUD friends, one denial (by RoX, that old goat!) and a
successful computer journalism career later, and I'm still here.  What
can I say?  It's been a wild ride, as I'm sure it will be for several
more years to come.  After all, Avatar is my home away from home.  What
more could you ask for in a MUD? 


                             Hero Bio

Name:Jackalman  RL Name: Johnny Leon      Age: (Game)290  (RL)19    
Race:Orc        Class:  Warrior           Current level:Hero 999

Real Life Interests:  

"Love to play sports and enjoy playing them. My favorite is baseball,
LET'S GO METS!! hehe Also love to play video games. I started mudding in
Novemeber of 1996 and just love the people you meet on here. I attend
college in the fall in and spring in New Jersey. Listen to all kinds of
music basically especially Mariah Carey *swoon* hehe  Right now i'm
aspiring to receive a degree in computer engineering. Basically, try to
live life and try not to let stupid stuff bother you."

Advice To Players: 

"Make lots of friends because that is the basis for the mud. You enjoy
their company and kill <insert big nasty mobs>(as Sersta would put
it..hehe) as a group.  That's how I learned to mud, I made friends with
clerics and mages, so I had a great group through my mortal existence.
Learn the aspects of mudding and don't be shy to ask questions. Just
basically have fun." 

Where Does Your Name Come From:

"Well, my name was supposed to be Jackal but my name couldn't be put on
this mud because it's a mob name. I use this handle in Duke and
Warcraft2, so I just thought i'd put it here also. At first I didn't
think I was going to mud too much, but asual, it became ADDICTING! Don't
we all just hate that..heheh"


                           Immortal Bio  

Name: Weedz    RL Name: Jim Rea   Age: (Game) 1 year  (RL)   29
Race: Gnome     Class:  Cleric    Current level: Supreme (890)    

Real Life Interests:  

"My interests vary widely, IRL.  I spend a lot of time in front of my 
computer, but I usually have some sort of music or sporting event 
going in the background.  I enjoy problem solving of any kind, 
including installing as many kinds of software on my computer as 
possible, then figuring out why the heck my machine just crashed."

"I enjoy spending time with young people in and educational setting.  
I have been teaching at the high school and college level for several 
years now and I truly feel that I have found my 'niche'.  I am a 
graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School and I have taught 
Constitutional Law and Government at several different levels.  I 
thoroughly enjoy any truly intelligent conversation, and completely 
loathe people who are too clueless to realize that there is more than 
one side to every discussion."

"Currently, I live in Dallas, Texas with my wife and dog."

Advice To Players:
"Persevere in situations that seem overwhelming. I can't tell you how 
many times I came close to deleting as a low mortal.  Knowledge of 
the MUD is of paramount importance.  The more you know, the more 
effective you become. IMO, the best way to gain the necessary 
knowledge is to be sociable and group with as many different people 
as possible."

Where Does Your Name Come From:

"It originated from my years spent as a bartender.  When you were 
completely overwhelmed with customers, you would be 'Lost in the 
weeds'.  Since Avatar was my first mud, and Weedz was one of my 
first characters, it was very fitting, IMO."


                             Hero Bio  

Name:  Spawn            RL Name: Jamie Johnson     Mud Level: Hero 921
Class: Ranger           RL Age: 22                 Mud Age:580 (1126 hours)

Personal Info: 

"I live in West Virginia, and was raised in a small town (about 5,000 pop.)
Went and earned an Associate Degree in Computers and Information Processing.
I've sat in front of a computer for the most part of my life, around age 7.
Back then it was me and the old Commodore 64 (loved that little computer).
I plan on going back to school sometime (I Hope) and get an architectural
degree.  No kids - the wife says she's ready, I tell her, 'Why? you have me!'
I consider myself just a big kid and probably always will.  The kids will
come later when we get settled more financially."

Some Advice for New players:

"Learn early how to get to areas from the major recall areas. (Nom, Aelmon,
Sol). The better you know the mud, the better player you become.  This leads
to something else.. Exploration.  when ya can't find a group.. don't sit
there for 30 minutes asking to group.  Put your Group flag up (group me) and
then go explore, get maps, chances are.. you'll find someplace you've never
been to before or find some new gear you can use.  Also, learn what certain
Wands, staffs, scrolls, and pills do. If you don know.. save your money and
buy Identify scrolls, or pester a friend with a mage to id them for you.
And last but certainly not least... read the help files.. you just might
learn something."

Some Advice to fellow heros:

"Do us all a big favor and read the helps.   I know I said it in the advise
to the lowbies.  But read them anyway.  If you thought you knew something..
read it anyway.   Next point of advice.. spend some pracs on the Locate
Object spell.  Use it.  I get sick and tired of seeing lvl 200 heros asking
'Where to get this item?'.  If you can't find pick ice rings.. maybe you'd
better Delete and explore some more than worrying about getting to hero.
Nothing aggrivates this Elven Ranger more than a hero that has no idea where
to get a pink ice ring... Makes me wanna kill my group mates... er.... wait
a sec.. I do that anyway... ;)"

Where My Name comes from:

"Well.. a while back.. I had a Description that explained it all.. but it was
about 6 screens long.. and I've changed it since then.  So anyway,
originally I took on the Character of Spawn that Todd McFarland created in
Image Comics.  Only problem was.. to me it wasn't too medevial, and then all
of a sudden there was mention of a medevial Spawn in the comics... I was
extatic. I once again fit and created a 2 screen description.  Along came a
day of a award winning Quest and I was casting dessicate (c des) and I
forgot the initial "c" and wiped my prized description.  So.. later that day
I sat down and redid it.. and thats where the 6 screen long one came from in
which I described that the Spawn that you saw on the mud was in fact, not
the Spawn in the comics nor was it the Medevial Spawn also found in the
comic.  In fact, I replaced that thought with the thought that i am the
predecessor to the Medevial Spawn. So now I am my own character with
independence... and one hell of an attitude ;)"


Top 11 Mortal Peeves  

                       Home at Last
                         by Marat

Slowly I wake, rubbing my eyes and trying hard to see through my blurred
vision. I stretch and feel my bones pop and my muscles complaining with
stiffness. I look around me and slowly recognize the bedroom I share
with AsaMaro in the realm of Avatar. All of the furnishings and
decorations are familiar but I realize I haven't seen them for a long
time except in dreams. 

I remember that for some time I have been struggling to wake here. I
would dream of immortals and battles and conversations with friends, but
then I would wake in a strange and unkind world filled with deadlines
and chores and evil, gloating taskmasters bent on undermining my morale.
But now, finally, I wake in the realm and know I must wander to see
things I remember and find things I don't.

I decide to go visit the angels in Nimbus. A chat with the angelic
shopkeeper might help me get my bearings. I hear the musical bell ding
as I enter and the chubby angel behind the counter beams at me. He asks
where I've been and I tell him "No where heavenly, I can tell you

He laughs, hands me a piece of angelfood cake and pats a nearby stool
for me to sit on. We chat amiably about the cloud-filled area and how
well all the angels are doing. I finish my cake, wipe my sticky hands on
the shopkeeper's smock and wave.

I decide to go back to my quarters to see if AsaMaro is in. As I walk
into my studio I find Asa petting my cat Pandora. I greet him with a
kiss and ask him if he can think of a part of the realm I should visit
to reacquaint myself. He suggests I think of all the old animals and
beings I used to speak with and I take his advice. 

I travel to Drow City to the Treasury hoping my old account was still
active - but I find only a dusty and empty place. Hopefully I still have
money in some account or another or I will be reduced to conjuring gems
to sell. I descend into Hell to see if those workmen have ever
finished their construction. But of course they haven't.

I say hello to one of the carpenters laboriously hammering nails but he
is too intent on his work and ignores me. I borrow his hacksaw and see
that I can now identify if a weapon is new. I find myself impressed with
this new insight and make a small sacrifice to a greater god. 

The light rain that had been falling stops as I alight near the Golden
Unicorn at the Petting Zoo. I love looking at the animal but it won't
talk with me even though I know it can. It acts sleepy and I figure I
should just wander on. I'm feeling more at home in the realm once more
as I see more familiar places and things.

My feet took me to the High Tower of Sorcery where I visited the Grand
Mistress and her calico cat for old times. I can remember spending hours
trying to kill that cat for its spiked collar. I can also remember my
foolish attempts to kill the Mistress for her emerald outfit and being

She greeted me warmly and magicked some hot tea into my hands. We talked
for an hour or so about trivialities. She said that visitors still
arrive frequently and she takes great pleasure in blasting away at them.
I thank her for the tea and the conversation and saunter away.

I traveled to Solace to help the children find bugs and to chat with any
shopkeepers. Solace is still a busy place as I would expect. I strolled
to the Inn of the Last Home and briefly - very briefly - considered
ordering a flaming homer. I wish they just served a nice mug of coffee

Accidentally, I end up near an insane pygmy in the Cult of Bonk. I am
confused and disoriented so I transport myself quickly away. I am really
feeling at home once again in the realm and think I might visit one more
haunt before I return to my quarters to work in my studio.

So my last stop is to the Haunted Forest to get a delicious sweet Zombie
pie, sit on an old stump and enjoy it. I listen as evening overtakes the
forest and scary sounds emanate from the trees. Home at last.


           Communication and Relationships within AVATAR's
                 Muli-User, Multi-Caste Environment                        
                     -- an essay by Amadeus --

    My sucess in life has always come from being an incredible observer.  
You'd be amazed at how different the world looks if you take a moment to 
step back and look at the whole forest.  I suppose I sometimes forget 
that not everyone is able to see the whole forest, but yet only sees the 
trees around them, and I apologize for that.  However, one must 
continually strive to rise above the trees and see AVATAR as it is, not 
as it appears from one's perspective.  Let us take a look into three 
issues that pertain to AVATAR and see if we can come, together, into an 
understanding of the whole forest.
    First, there is the issue of relations and relationships.  One must 
understand that within AVATAR there are many different 'classes' of 
people, and those are further divided into multiple arrays.  For example, 
we have players from different countries, players from different sections 
of countries, players of different races, players with different 
political beliefs and religious beliefs; therefore, we create the first 
stumbling block to communication.  Also, within the mud environment we 
further divide ourselves into low mortals, high mortals, HEROS, ANGELS, 
LORDS, IMMORTALS, staff, and execs.  Here we have to strive to make a 
caste system work as fair as possible -- which has never happened in real 
    So, how can we understand and communicate with each other?  The only 
way I can possibly conceive is to remove yourself from the system and 
look at it as a whole.  Now, granted, this is easier the further you are 
on the ladder as you will have all the experiences of the other segments 
behind you; however, this is what we must strive towards.  Let's take an 
        I am a level 400 hero with a serious problem, I am bored.  As a hero,
        I know what it's like to be a low level mortal, a high level mortal,
        and a hero, that is all.  Therefore, my first thought is "I am
        jealous because the immortals look like they're having fun".  I am
        wondering why nothing is being done to help my situation, and why
        everytime I want to make the mud more interesting, I get in trouble.
Now, taking the concept that was mentioned previously, our goal is to 
look at the whole forest, rather than the section of the forest called 
heroes.  The level 400 hero needs to ask themselves "How would I fix my 
problem if I were in charge?" -- then mail the execs with the solutions 
you have.  "If I were in charge, how would I deal with me, as the 
troublesome hero?" -- then mail the execs with your answer.  If the 
player continues in this line of thinking, the answer should be 
resolved.  Of course, a companion to this method of logic is 
'professionalism' -- always be professional in your suggestions and 
conversations with anyone of authority.

    Another major concept on AVATAR that tends to lead us astray as far 
as working together and understanding each other is authority.  
       - Who has the authority?  
       - Who is in charge?   
       - Who makes the rules?  
Although it seems that the answer would be simple, it is not because of 
the nature of how AVATAR works and operates.
    AVATAR has a select few people that we call the execs.  They are in 
charge, and their word is final -- however, they do possess checks and 
balances:  the players.   For example, Snikt can make a rule and set it 
in stone; however, if all the players decide to leave because of it -- 
then he has a problem and will have to change his mind, essentually 
taking the authority from him and placing it back with the players.  
Fortunately, throughout the years players at AVATAR have placed their 
trust with the execs and although there are sometimes unpopular 
decisions, 95% of AVATAR's population follows their guidance.
    However, going back to the concept mentioned beforehand, all players 
have to attempt to see the whole forest that the execs see.  By this, we 
mean that although the execs work for the mud, they do not owe the mud 
anything.  Therefore, if a policy is set and a player abuses this policy, 
then they have leeway to respond in whatever fashion they so choose.  
    Always strive to see the mud through the eyes of people who spend 
many hours looking at what most people see as gibberish (C code) just to give 
everyone a good place to play -- the 'forest' looks much different when 
you do.

   Lastly, we must touch upon another issue that further hopes to drive 
lines through the communication of AVATAR: emotion.  By emotion, I mean 
that we, as humans, respond to certain stimuli in a particular way.  For 
example, if one player insults another player in malice, then the player 
being insulted will probably respond aggressively.  Now, it is very hard 
to avoid this reaction and it is also very hard to know when this 
reaction is warrented, especially in an environment where all we recieve 
is words printed on a screen.
   Ultimately, the best policy for any player when it comes to conflict 
and/or disagreement is to state the opinion without any emotive input.  
By this, I mean that if someone says something or does something that 
bothers you, the response should be to the point and without emotion.  
However, the catch 22 on this method is that most humans interpret 
non-emotion as aggression and/or indifference.  Let's take an example 
again of the level 400 hero we spoke of earlier:
        The hero's first intuition as a human is probably to send a mail
        to the mailing lists with something like this: "I'm bored to tears
        and all of you lazy immortals are just sitting around chatting 
        instead of finding me something to do.  Please get off your lazy
        hineys and do something".  However, consider this, which should
        get the same message across without the negative response:  "As
        a hero I just wanted to report that we need to add more things
        with which we can occupy our time.  Perhaps an immortal could
        inform me of how they spend their time online and that would help".

So, through the second statment the hero has stated the same material in 
a way that does not directly offend anyone; however, states the point in 
the same tone in which the hero initially intended to state it.

    Communication within AVATAR is more complicated than almost any other 
online mudding situation, and we must constantly strive to overcome any 
obsticles that we face in this situation.  AVATAR is like a small room 
with hundreds of totally different people trying to get along and work 
together for the mutual enjoyment of everyone.  Keep up the good work.

Amadeus - 11/9/96


The Story of Desrodin
by Stephen Curtis

Desrodin thrust deep, his sword tasting blood. He withdrew the
long, slender blade from the corpse it was housed in.  Desrodin
immediately dropped the blade, for a more favorable weapon: Necromancy.
He sat three black candles in the form of a triangle around the cadaver.
He began to recite the chant. The cadaver stirred, awoken by magical
threads taking hold of it. Comepletly loyal, devoted, answering any
command. This was his quest. An army of the undead.  The incantation was
finished. The undead corpse of the White Knight arose, and turned to face
his master.  It was complete. The animated corpse was under his control.

        Long ago, Desrodin was a good cleric. He respected laws. He was
friendly, and enjoyed life. Now, to him, it stank of rank death. Seduced by
darkness, one might say, for he craved power. He found it, in Necromancy.
The world was his.

        "I command you - kill a white knight. Bring the corpse to me."
        The cadaver shuffled off.
        He was testing it, to make sure no flaw existed, for Necromancy
can be a deadly art.  Waiting for over an hour, Desrodin became
impatient. As he was about to try his luck again, his creation shambled
in from the forest. It was in poor condition, it looked as if it had
suffered great wounds. It dragged behing it a white knight, with its head
        "Bring him here. Lay him on the ground."
        The cadaver did as it was commanded.
        Desrodin spread the candles out again, and began reciting the
spell. The corpse twitched. It was coming back. His heart raced, knowing
he had succeeded. The corpse stood, then went to stand by its
fellow. It was a ghastly sight, the headless knight. It gave Desrodin
great pleasure.

        Desrodin, keeping secrets for many months, grew in power.
His army was huge. Besides the knights, he had many oddities.
The five headed dragon, Tiamat, was among his ranks. For his
steed he had an undead pegasus. There were more than one hulking giant,
towering over thirty feet. Numerous undead red dragons accompanied him.
        He knew he was ready. It was time to lead his army against his
greatest foe, Snikt.
        Snikt sat in his war room, drinking a pepsi. He was assualted
with the prayers of many, bothering him like gnats.
        Death walks in the meadow? Stupid mortals. They are so confused,
thought Snikt.
        In a flutter of black wings, Drowboy appeared in his war room.
        "Snikt! We require your help! A powerful Necromancer is killing
in the meadow! Hundreds are dead!"
        Damn, Snikt thought. He is bleeding on my rug.
        "Sire! We need your help! He intends to take over Avatar!"
        "Aye, but it is true! Mortals die as we speak!"
        Heck, why not, thought Snikt. Appear before the mortals, awe
them, and get back to my pepsi. Even better! If this Necromancer fellow
is really there, I get to kill something! Yay!
        "Allright. I will appear before the mortals."
        "Thank you, sire!" Drowboy bowed and left for the meadow.
        Desrodin was quite pleased. He had turned the soil of the meadow
red with blood. Still, he saw no sign of Snikt. He was fairly disapointed
at this.
        In a flash of black wings, Drowboy appeared in the air and dove
at Desrodin! Desrodin raised his hand, and pointed at a red dragon. The
dragon took to the air, intercepting Drowboy. Drowboy fell to the ground,
covered in blood.
        "What was this? Why can't I see," thought Desrodin. His vision
cleared, and he saw it was the aura of the greatest of the gods. Snikt
had appeared.
        "Pitiful mortal. You thought to defeat the mighty Snikt? Foolish
        Desrodin raised his hand, and pointed to Tiamat. Tiamat took to
the air and flew towards Snikt.
        Snikt couldn't help but laugh. He made the slightest movement with
his hand, and Tiamat was halted. Color seeped through the dragon's veins,
and it was alive once more. It hovered in the air for a second, confused,
then turned to face Desrodin.
        Desrodin raised his hand, and pyrotechnics flew from his fingers.
The entire un-dead army defended their master. Or at least that was his
intention. Light flared again, and as the black spots cleared away, he
turned to his army.
        They were ash.
        Snikt advanced apon him. He made a feeble attempt to draw his
sword, but was paralyzed from fear.
        "Hmmmm," Snikt thought. "What is a fitting death for this mortal?"
His next thought made him giddy. He faced Desrodin, an evil grin on his
face. He pointed at Desrodin . . .

        "You there! Get me another pepsi!"
        The cadaver of Desrodin hurried to the fridge.


Infamous Nostalgia
by Comwood (with additional material by Snikt and AsaMaro)

I bet some of you out there have constantly wondered about such things
as: How was the universe formed?  Was God always in the position where
he is now? Was there life before any God? Or has everything just always
existed? You might also wonder ... Has Snikt always been an IMP?  If
not, how did he get there? Or was he just always.... There? 

Long before the split between Avatar and Farside we came to know this MUD as 
just Farside. Roughly 18,800 years ago (Figure out how many RL years that is 
:) ) there was Rox and he ran Farside.

Somewhere along the lines Snikt came to being as a player and as one of the 
quickest Imms to go up the ranks. Eventually Snikt rose to the last of the 
promotable ranks in Farside. Like many Imms before him and many Imms after 
him, he was faced with the same dilema, how can "I advance myself further 
beyond the ranks of that which I have achieved?". 

He first did quests by using his Immortal Hero (goto and immtalk only)
to get quest items from mobs and hold quests, hoping to get noticed and
thus advance. 

Snikt then thought up an ingenious way to get promoted:

One warm sunny day, Dizzy was on doing his massive chores as an
Immortal. Snikt came on shortly after that and possibly jokingly (98
percent sure intentionally) messaged Dizzy, "Rox told me to tell you to
promote me to level 58" shortly after... 


That's how Snikt came into power - and also how he lost power.  Oakley
and Zenith - Immortals at the time - didn't appreciate his contributions
to the mud (and didn't like sharing much, apparantly) and demoted him to
55.  This is when Snikt first spoke to RoX on the phone, and this was
the start of what makes the mud so strong; vocal communications amongst
the staff.  Within a few weeks, he was level 59 and started working on the

After that, his hard work, dedication and patience payed off - for he
eventually became the Implementor we all know and love (or sometimes
love to hate) today. 


                 Intellitech Walrus

As all of you have no doubt noticed, we're up on a great Internet site;
Intellitech Walrus!  Lag has been at a minimum while MUD enjoyment has
been at a maximum, thanks to Snikt and Walrus owner Michael Rosenthal.
Intellitech Walrus is a really great system, not even considering the
MUD; for fifteen bucks a month, you get a shell account with a whopping
10 Meg of storage space.  Who could ask for anything more?  They also
have some great deals on PPP accounts and several other pricing levels.
If you live in the 212 New York area code, you should really check into
getting an account with Intellitech Walrus.  Check out their web page at
http://www.walrus.com or call them at 212/406-5000.  You can also
request information via writing email to info@walrus.com.  Tell 'em
Snikt and AsaMaro at The Avatar MUD sent ya! 


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