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Gazette 1996-05-25
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1996 Gazettes | Gazette 1996-05-25
  The Avatar Gazette                    Vol III, No. 4 May 25th 1996
   (A Sunlight Through The Shadows Production)
  The Avatar Gazette is published once a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to avatar-request@stolaf.edu and including the
  following in the body of your note:  subscribe gazette <your email
  address> <your name on the mud>

  Telnet to Avatar at: walrus.com 3000
  The Gazette Staff: AsaMaro, Marat, and Contenda.
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1996, Joe DeRouen.
  All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by
  Joe DeRouen are also copyrighted (c) 1996 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written 
  permission will result in prosecution to the fullest extent
  of the law. 

                     Table of Contents

                Page     1      Introduction
                Page     1      Table of Contents
                Page     2      AsaMaro's Editorial 
                Page     2      Back Issue Information               
                Page     2      Avatar Web Page Information
                Page     2      Immortal Bio: Dorsai
                Page     3      Angel Bio: Drowboy
                Page     4      Hero Bio: Aspasia
                Page     5      Mortal Bio: Squeak
                Page     6      Mob Bio: Simba (by KaizerSoze)
                Page     7      Last Chance pt. II by Contenda  
                Page    10      As The Crow Flies by Marat
                Page    11      Avatar Survey Results by Contenda
                Page    14      You've Been Mudding Too Much by Rerun
                Page    14      You May Be In The Wrong Area by Nagrom
                Page    15      Remember When by Snikt
                Page    15      Avatar Birthday List by Contenda
                Page    15      Intellitech Walrus advertisement


                 * Gazette Goes Bi-Weekly! *

This is the June 1st issue, believe it or not.  It's early, to be sure,
but it's the one I had planned for June 1st.  Needless to say, there now
won't be a June 1st issue, since this is essentially it.  Got it?  :)

The next issue will, however, be out on or before June 15th.  The one
after that will be out on or before July 1st.  In other words, we're
going to attempt to put the Gazette out bi-weekly.  It's a big endeavor
(we all have lives too, you know) but one that, with your help, we think
we'll be able to accomplish. 

That isn't the only change the Gazette will be going through.  You'll
notice that this issue is a little slimmer that some of the past issues.
That's intentional.  In doing a once-a-month newsletter, we were aiming
at about 50k worth of material; since we're doing twice-a-month now,
we're going to aim at about 25-30k worth of material.  The news should
be more up to date, the articles more tight, and your mailer will thank
us for the reduction in strain upon it's sensibilities.  <g>

                   *         *        *    

In order to keep with the new deadline, we're going to need more
submissions.  If you have something to write about that you think the
rest of Avatar would like to read, but all means - write me!  Fiction,
essays, humor, editorials: if it's fit to print, we'll print it!

As always, first-time mortal contributors will receive a level if their
submission is accepted.  

 --AsaMaro, May 25th, 1996


                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
ftp.walrus.com /pub/avatar/gazette.  There's a lot of other good stuff
available there as well.  Check it out!

                        Avatar's Web Page

While you're scuttling about the Internet, check out Avatar's Web Page at
http://www.walrus.com/~avatar.  Aegis has recently added a lot to the page,
so even if you've been there you should definitely take another look.


                  * Avatar Immortal Bio *

Name: Dorsai     RL Name:  Andy Dail      Age: (Game)418    (RL)30   
Race: Half-Orc   Class:    Ranger         Current level: 910

Real life interests:

I'm a currently a contractor for Union Carbide.  I serve as a Microsoft
Windows NT systems administrator. This usually keeps me on the road 5-7
days a week. In my spare time (now there's a joke) I like to write
fiction and hang out by the ocean.  I've been playing on Avater for
almost two years now.  Between my Imm and my main mortal (Marik), I've
logged approximately 2000 mud hours. 

I started out as the "Quest Imm" on Avatar, but now work with Crom and
Mega. Together the three of us compromise the "Area Staff."  We try to
maintain game balance in an overall scope  on issues relating to mobs,
equipment and level range of areas.  We also handle all new area
proposals and submissions.  I also take a perverse pleasure in
tormenting the anti-pet faction of the mud.  It's a character flaw, but
one I am comfortable with. 

Advice To Players:

Everything from level 1 to level 1000 is a team effort.  Grouping will
make the game more enjoyable (And easier) for almost everyone. I realize
some people prefer solitude, and I respect that.  We try to give players
on Avatar as many choices as balance will allow; it's part of the unique
charm of our mud.  If you will go out and explore, you will almost
always find something new you previously overlooked.  I guess, in
summary my point is this:  Playing a mud is a lot like living life, the
more you get out and do, the more you'll see. The experiences may not
always be positives ones, but you'll learn from them none the less. 

Where Does Your MUD Name Come From:  

I came over to Avatar (then Farside) During the mass exodus from INN
(The Imagination Network).  Dorsai was a name I used there, so I kept it
so friends would still be able to keep in touch.  The name itself comes
from Gordon R. Dickson's Childe cycle  (Excellent reading for any SciFI
buff.)  The Dorsai are a race of mercenaries that haven't lost a war in
5,000 years. 


                  * Avatar Angel Bio *

Name: Drowboy   RL Name: B. Cappas        Age: (Game) 138   (RL) 21
Race: Drow      Class: Martial Artist     Current level: Angel 

Real Life Interests: 

I'm currently pretending to study law in Glamorgan Uni in Wales, UK. 
Unsurprisingly, I spend a lot of time on the MUD. Things I enjoy most
are lying around all day and getting through at least one good book -
sci-fi or fantasy preferably of course. I love role-playing and will
give most things a try at least once, but my first love has always been
D&D (Advanced second edition for those who are fussy).  On a slightly
more active topic, I love travelling with a passion and seeing new
places and exotic cultures. I've done a fair bit now, and all it tells
me is 'get out there and see some more!'. Half the time I don't live in
reality anyway, whether I'm mudding or not, so this section is rather

Advice To Players: 

Take time out from levelling to talk to people.  Information is vastly
more useful than eq and often harder to get.  Spending time talking to
people can teach you more about the game than you would learn by
yourself in a week. It can also make you invaluable friends who will
group or help you whenever they can.  Learn about an area before
blundering in. Try to walk places and get to know them, it help with
your own CRs.  When talking to people, a description is very helpful as
it gives an insight into your character, as do the types of socials and
emotes you use. Both of these are excellent communication resources in
Avatar. I use em all the time ;)

Where Does Your MUD Name Come From:

This is slightly complicated. Drowboy is a bit of a tongue in cheek joke
I have with myself. Drow as everyone knows are highly dangerous evil
implacable foes with absolutely tons of style. However, being a
matriarchal society, men are not looked upon favourably - especially not
young useless 'boys'.  Therefore, while being a cool drow, I am
simultaneously a pathetic boy.  A pathetic shade of cool - I suppose you
could say ;)


                  * Avatar Hero Bio *

Name: Aspasia   RL Name:  Tanya Westerman   Age: (Game) 140   (RL) 28  
Race: Sprite    Class: Psionicist           Current level: Hero 66

Real Life Interests:  

Real life interests...hmm...well, that's hard to say.  I'll give it a
shot anyways.  I enjoy designing graphics on my computer, reading books,
improving my vocabulary, writing short stories both for personal
enjoyment and publication.  I get a kick out of being obnoxious
sometimes, playing pranks, and generally not acting my age.  I enjoy
playing baseball, walks on the beach barefoot in the rain, cycling and
going for long drives.  Musically, I like classic rock, eighties stuff,
and all sorts of other musical types, with the defiant exclusion of rap,
house, and hiphop.  One of my passions is astral projection (which is
why I'm a psionicist) and trying to perfect the skill to the point where
I'm satisfied with it.  I have other paranormal interests, but that
would take a book to list it all.  I like keeping my webpage current
[plug mode ON] and you can visit it at
http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/1441 and find out all my nasty
secrets. [plug mode OFF]  When I'm not mudding, I'm usually curled up on
my futon reading, or at my computer writing.  I work, but that's never
been an interest of mine. :)

Advice To Players: 

Although mudding can sometimes infiltrate your life so that you find
yourself wishing you could save on gas and portal somewhere, just
remember that it IS a game, and the objective of any game is to have a
blast.  The nice thing about this game, and Avatar in particular, is
that friendships are formed, romances (can) blossom, and while it is not
necessarily a good thing, it can become your social life.  Friends? 
I've never met mine!  :)

Where Does Your MUD Name Come From:

Well...it sounded rather mud-ish, so I decided to use it.  I stumbled
upon the name in a book called, "What Shall We Name The Baby?" (I use it
to get names from for my writing).  The meaning of the name...well...I
could relate to most of it. :)  'Aspasia: "The welcome" (Greek). 
Aspasia, the mistress of Pericles of ancient Athens, (here comes the
true part) was famous for her intelligence and charm.'  There you have
it.  :)


                  * Avatar Mortal Bio *

Name: Squeak     RL Name: Ari Serim        Age: (Game) 45    (RL) 11  
Race: Troglodyte Class: Warrior            Current level: 19    

Real Life Interests: 

I am a kid who goes to school at Johnson Park, in Princeton, NJ (Home of
Princeton University). I live in Kingston, NJ which is where I have
lived basically my whole life. 

I enjoy doing many things including swimming, soccer, basketball,
football, reading, surfing the web (you can get to my homepage through
the AVATAR homepage), and sometimes I play magic, but mainly in the

A.V.A.T.A.R is my second mud, and the best that I've ever seen. It is
the only mud where I've actually seen the same person twice, and there
is usually someone on around your level. 

I especially enjoy how much players are able to interact throughout the
game, and the commands are very easy and helpful.  

Advice To Players: 

My best advice (which you might or might not want to take) is to just
have fun, to group a lot, always look for better eq, but not to waste
money.  It's pretty fun to have a couple million gold coins.  Always try
to help a newbie by donating money, or rescuing them while you help them

Never get too caught up in it, and be prepared to always lose eq,
because if you try, you'll always end up with new eq.  And if you see me
online at any time, just ask for help if you need it. 

Where Does Your MUD Name Come From:

One day, I invited a friend over to show him the MUD. I said "Hey! Let's
make a new character. What should I name him?"

"I don't know." he replied. 

"What about Squeak?" I added, in an attempt to think of a simple name.

That's how it all got started.


Mob Bio
by KaiserSoze

                  * Avatar Mob Bio *

Name: Simba         RL: Washington MacIntosh      Age: Eternal (RL) ?   
Race: Apple Picker  Class: Mob (Corleone Family)  Current level: 5
                    Area: Village Orchard

Born in California state sometime in the early 1940's, I began life
actualy as a peach picker.  This job proved far too dangerous due to
numerous attacks by ninjas.  I moved to Washington state to seek new
employment in the form of the far less dangerous task of apple picking. 
Or so I thought! 

One day a few men appeared out of nowhere offering me a job as an apple
picker for their orchard, they said I would meet interesting people all
the time and have a good experience there, also I'd get paid double, and
they had a great health care plan: if I ever croaked they said they'd
revive me.  At this time I probably should have asked myself "Simba, how
on earth would you die from picking apples?"  unfortunately for me I
signed the contract then set up and shipped my way off to a place called

Now I am forced to pick apples for every greedy, flash-in-the-pan
adventurer that comes along.  Unfortunately I'm pretty low on the mob
scale so I'm beaten quite often.  And for what?  A lousy rusty machete? 
I die several hundred times a day, only to be drop-kicked back to the
same tree with the same machete.  Now do you still wonder why I'm always
tired and dirty, and hate my job?  I don't think a new machete is too
much to ask. 

I've been a good guy; never aggressive!  I never kill someone unless I'm
attacked first; and I certainly don't swipe everything off your rotting
carcas when I do wipe ya out.  I filled this bio out so that all can
hear my plight!  Please contact your local IMM and tell him to get me a
new machete at least! 


   Last Chance For Contenda pt. II
             by Contenda

"Well, what did you think?", I asked. "I thought it was most
excellent. It was exciting, it was informative, it ..."

"It was all right, Contenda." AsaMaro said.   

"All right! All right?"                         

"It was all right." Asamaro repeated.         

"All right? It was fantastic! It was the best thing I have ever

"It could use some work." He smoothly transferred the sodden
toothpick to the other side of his mouth.

"But I groveled to get that interview! I worked on it night and
day for a week" I blinked back tears.

"You pestered Snikt until he agreed to the interview just to get
you off his back. He has patience, but you tested it farther
than anyone has before." Asamaro rummaged around in his top desk

"But, Asa..." I said, "You told me to go write an article, and I

"You are lucky that he left you in one piece," he mumbled. "I
guess that I just can't let you run wild out there. Somewhere

"I'll do better this time. I swear I will!" I laid my hand on my
heart. "Cross my heart, and hope to...."

"Ah, here it is," Asamaro pulled a tattered paper from his
drawer. "Go check this out"

An assignment! A real assignment! I snatched the paper from his
hand, and gave him a big hug.

"Ack!! What are you doing?" he said, propelling himself

"Thank you Thank you Thank you!" I cried, trying to get around
to the other side of his desk.

"Get out! And don't pester anyone! And stop shoving that silly
card in everyone's face!" AsaMaro held a large tome up as a
shield. A single large eye is stamped upon it's leather cover.

Since his face was starting to turn a bright pink, I thought I
better get out while I could. 

I got back to my hovel and started a fire in the pit. I put the
kettle of soup left from last night, on the tripod. While I
waited for it to heat up, I brought out the ragged paper that
Asamaro had given me. Holding my breath with excitement, I
slowly opened up the paper. 

Here it was! My first assignment! He must think an awful lot of
me to actually give me an assignment. My first article must have
really impressed him. Of course, he would never say that to me.
But I bet, inside he is just bursting with pride!

I smoothed out the paper, on the trestle table. 

                         "PLAGUE AT NOM"

Oooooh!!!! This could have possibilities! I would have tons of
people to interview, and lots of research to do. This could even
mean an extra edition of the Gazette. Maybe I could even track
down the cause of the plague. Think of all the innocent citizens
I would help. My name would be a household word! I would be

I pranced over to the kettle and stuck my finger in. Ouch!! The
soup is hot. Very hot. I ladled some out into a bowl, and sat
down by the fire. 

After I finished my meal, I wandered out to the stream, and
filled my buckets with water. I made a nest by the fire and
washed the rancid taste of the soup from my mouth. Once I got
comfortable, my mind wandered to the love of my life. I wondered
what he was doing now. I wondered if he was healthy and happy.
We had such good times together, I mused, as I twisted the ring
I still wore on my finger. I dozed off, still thinking of him.

The morning sun woke me. I stretched slowly, then realized that
I had work to do today. I jumped up and ran over to the table
where I kept the tools of my trade. I popped the my hat on my
head,  and put my notebook and pencil in my pocket. I slowly
picked up the press card that I had had laminated yesterday. 

My bad!! I forgot to ask AsaMaro about my expense account. I'll 
have to remember to get with him on that. I'm sure that he wouldn't 
want me spending my own coins on these very important supplies. 
I know that he simply forgot to mention it to me. 

Contenda recalls!

Great! A lot of people were laying around under the tree. 

"Hi! My name is Contenda. I'm from the Avatar Gazette." I said,
flashing my press card.

Everclear shivers and looks very ill.

"Oooh, I am so sick!" groaned Everclear.

"Well, that is why I am here!" I bubbled. "I am here to help you".

"Please help me, it hurts so bad....." 

Everclear writhes in agony as plague sores erupt from his skin.

Cast 'mass aid'

Everclear looks relieved as his sores vanish.

"Thank you very much, Contenda!" he said as he stood up. 

"No problem! Now, where did you contract this horrible
disease?", I asked as I pulled my notebook from my pocket.

"Um...I don't know."

"Well, where were you when you first noticed the sores?"

You feel hot and feverish.

"Um...sitting here under the tree."

You scream in agony as plague sores erupt from your skin.

"Eeeekkkk!" screams Everclear as he runs out into the meadow,

Cast 'mass aid' 

I mutter as I start jotting in my notebook. "Apparent source of
disease unknown"

Your sores vanish.


"That ought to set her back a few notches."

AsaMaro chuckles as he closes the large book. When he latches
the brass fittings that hold it shut, the misty cloud above it


                             As the Crow Flies
                                 by Marat

     First my editor says "don't worry, I don't want to put out a Gazette
until June 1," so I'm thinking I have so much time. Suddenly, he puffs
into the room in his periwinkle haze, toes the ground and says "maybe a
little sooner." He looked so hopeful and cute, I just had to try. He
also mumbled something about how much he missed the interviews I used to
wrangle from sundry monsters throughout the realm.
     "I will try another in-depth interview," I exclaimed to myself,
startling my cat, Pandora. I bamfed her so I wouldn't have to see that
surprised and alarmed look on her face and started a trek to the Haunted
Forest to bother my old pal, the crow.
     Just off the Ocean Trade Route, I found the dark trail that leads
into the Haunted Forest. A bandit leapt from the bushes to block my way
east. I just bonked him on the head and walked away.
     The forest is unquestionably creepy and I hurry through the gloom
to talk to the crow. Unfortunately, I encountered a werewolf skulking
around the trees. I cleared my throat and said, "Greetings, Sir. Have
you seen the crow about?"
     "That irritating avian is probably in the clearing. What do you
want with him?" the werewolf growled menacingly.
     "Just to chat. That crow and I go way back. He keeps me up-to-date
on the realm gossip and I bring him snacks."
     The wolf snorted and loped away. I continued tracking the crow and
patted the bulk of the corn I was carrying with me to give to the crow.
I walk quickly past an apparition that gives me the chills and almost
run smack dab into a zombie.
     The zombie grins her toothless, decaying grin and offers me a sweet
zombie pie. I tell her I'll pass for now, but thanks anyway. That darn
crow must be around here somewhere.
     I walked past more zombies, a grue, a poltergeist and was almost
gored by a black unicorn then finally in a field of dead corn I find the
crow (I call him Seth). He is strutting about quietly, so as not to
disturb the big slobbering grue squatting nearby. 
    I wave a greeting, smile and say "Seth, how are you? I brought you
some corn. Good thing, I don't think you are harvesting here."
    Seth smiles in his beaky way and replies, "Thanks, what can I do for
    "I want to interview you, just briefly, about your life in the
haunted forest."
    Seth, the crow, bobs his head in agreement and beckons with his
glossy black wing to follow him to a more private section of the
Marat: Tell me, Seth, what is it like to lurk in the shadows and wander
       this dead corn field? 

Seth: It's my life. I can't really complain, except I could do without
      those dull zombies always wandering around offering everyone sweet
      zombie pie. Have you ever tasted that stuff? 

M: Well, yes, actually I have and I sort of like the pie. But the
   question here is how do you like it in the haunted forest? 

S: I have never known a different life. I have talked to lots of
   adventurers and I hear about different places: museums, great cities,
   places among the clouds. But, I think I would feel melancholy if I
   wandered to far afield. 

M: What about the other inhabitants of the forest?

S: Oh, most of them leave me alone. The grue has a tendency to lumber
   around me and try to scare me and the werewolves just howl with
   laughter when they pretend to consider eating me. Yet, all in all,
   the other folks here aren't bad. I hear there is a nasty-tempered ice
   dragon around but he is not on my route. 

M: Your route?

S: Sure, I am a crow. I flitter about, looking for food to nibble,
   beings to chat with. I make the rounds. The unicorn and I like to go
   tickle those mean trees and watch them try to squirm. 

M: Is there anything else you want to tell me?

S: Hmmm, not really. I hear there are changes abroad. I don't know what
   to think. I know some people are frightened that any change will be
   bad and will upset their way of life. But, I tend to take the long
   view and not worry about it til the change has happened. 

I smiled at Seth and thanked him for the interview. He didn't reveal a
lot of himself. I, for one, know he has a wicked sense of humour. I
waved at him and took to the air thinking I might go have a cup of tea
with this ghostly knight who always seems bored. I think everyone should
take the crow's view on change and not worry about the future until it
is the present.


                Avatar Survey Results
                     by Contenda

Boy, did I get in over my head on this one! I did not expect the
questionees to question the questionnaire. I  got a lot of advice
on how to conduct a survey, especially an international one.

I believe that our next survey will be much better. I am looking
forward to it already.
We had 49 responses. This number is a little low if you look at the
number of pfiles at Avatar, even when you consider that most players
have more than one character. I guess that people thought they had
better things to do than complete a silly survey. Notice that those
people have not leveled easily lately. Anyway, this causes the results
of this survey to be not totally representative of the entire population.
Please remember this when looking at the results.

Lets get down to the nitty gritty:

The average AVATAR player is a college educated 24 year old single
male from the United States. Now let's break this down into detailed

The average age of the Avatar player is 24, with the youngest being
11, and the oldest  44. I wonder what kind of grades that youngster
is getting. I also wonder about the sex-life of that 44 year old.
What a minute!!! He also has 6 kids, so I guess we can determine from
this that Avatar has Aphrodisiac qualities.

82% of the players are male, and 78% are single.  I have heard the
remark lately that men are stupid and have to have fantasy lives,
but I think it is more a case of women are more intelligent and can
combine their fantasy lives with their real life successfully. :P
As for the amount of single people here, who would want to marry a
person that spends most of their time on-line whining because no one
will group with them?

16% have children. Of the people who do have children, the average
number is two. One player does have six children, and I wonder when
he finds time to play. On the other hand, as a mother myself, I
understand his need for a fantasy world where no one ever says to
him "Can I have the keys to the car?"

73% are from the United States, with most of the players from the
Midwest. That surprised me. I thought that most would be from the
west coast. Only one person  admitted to calling in from California.
Other countries represented were Taiwan, Brazil, Netherlands, Canada,
Estonia, West Indies, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Every player is either in high school, or has already graduated. Each
player who has already graduated from high school is either in college,
or has graduated. Does that make sense? I'd say that makes us a fairly
intelligent bunch, regardless of how we act while playing.

41% of the players work, 41% are still in school, 16% do both and 2%
are homemakers..

Of the players still in college, only 26% have some sort of computer
related major, and 29% either declined to answer (probably because
they haven't figured it out yet.)

Of the players that are working, 25% are blue collar (labor) and 61%
are white collar. 14% have decided that they fit no mold, and wear
collars of pink or beige. A T-shirt and no collar at all were also

29% are self employed. All of these claim to be of the white collar
variety except the T-shirt guy. I hear that he owns a computer store,
and you know how those people are.

The average number of characters played is 3. The highest number is 7.
One guy couldn't remember how many he had. I hope that he isn't like,
in charge here or something,

47% play other Muds, and 53% play only at Avatar. Is this because Avatar
is so good, or are these people just to lazy to find another place to
play? Or maybe other muds won't let them play there anymore? Naw...it's
because Avatar is so good. A few of the top "Other Muds" listed were
Farside, Exiled, Nitemare, and Madcat.

The majority of the reasons for playing muds were fun and relaxation,
or social reasons. Two players claimed that they only play because they
are addicted. The challenge was also mentioned as a reason.

The average amount of time spent at Avatar weekly is 11 hours, the
average spent at all muds is 16 hours. The highest amount of time
claimed per week was 55 hours. I repeat, 55 HOURS A WEEK playing a game!
I just double checked the figure, and yes, you are right, it is pathetic.

The average length of time playing at Avatar is 13 months, and for
playing at any mud, 19 months. There is a some confusion, I think, on
this one, caused by the split of Farside and Avatar. I think some of
the people counted them both as one, they claim they have been playing
at Avatar longer than it has existed. Please refer back to the paragraph
where I assumed that Avatar players were a fairly intelligent bunch. 

One player has been playing for muds for 10 years. Hello? Haven't you
figured it out yet? It's a game.

82% read the Forum mailing list, and 84% read the Gazette. Of the
players that read the Gazette, 50% like the player bios the most. 11%
prefer the hints, tips, and player information. Not one person
mentioned me. <Sniff>

89% say that their character's personality reflects their own, but most
admit that they are more outgoing and flirtatious at Avatar than in
real life. A few confessed that they don't kill mobs in real life either.

What are some of the things that the players like about Avatar? Over
half of the answers mentioned the friendly players that we have here.
That's great!  Some of the people mentioned the friendly and helpful
imms and staff. Nobody mentioned the heroes. One person even likes the
bickering that goes on. Go figure.

Some of the bad things.....well you already know them. The lag, the
whining,  the nagging, the politics, the lag, the heroes, the bickering,
the flaming, the lag, etc. The attitudes of the imms, and the relations
between the imms and the mortals was mentioned a couple times. Just like
real life.

Ok. Now I want to meet this average Avatar player. We actually have a
player who is a college educated 24 year old single male from the United
States. Mr. Average Avatar Player, please stand up and be acknowledged!!!!


Top Ten Ways You Can Tell You've Been Mudding Too Much
by Rerun

10)  You actually say the word "say" before you start to speak.

9)  You walk around your neighborhood wearing a complete set of armor,
    including a pair of swords. 

8)  Upon meeting a stranger, you introduce yourself as Darksword.

7)  Your entire diet consists of Pot Pies and water.

6)  You stop strangers on the street and ask them if they'd care to group
    for experience points.

5)  You wake up in the morning and try to portal to work. When you realize
    you can't, you say "DOH!".

4)  When you get depressed, instead of committing suicide, you just delete

3)  Intending to say the word "equipment", you accidentally say the letters

2)  Having accidentally run over a squirrel with your car, you do not
    become upset. Instead, you shout, "DIE, FOUL MEADOW FIEND!!!"

1)  You subconsciously write little sideways smiley faces on your
    hand-written homework. 


You May Be In The Wrong Area If...
by Nagrom     

You may be in the wrong area if...
....You type 'where' and see it was created by Snikt.
.... Tiamat's parents are in the next room.
.... You see the corpses of Darksword and Belgaleen.
.... An angel bamfs to you in order to help with the impending CR.
.... You see Snikt running the other way screaming.


Remember when...
by Snikt

Blue scrolls were 15/15 and usable and gettable by L19? 

Warriors had Dual?

Farslayers rocked?

You could order shoppies to drop all their stuff and sell it to them?

You could buy Ambrosias?

Warriors got Enchant Weapon (15/15) by level 45?

You could order mobs to oload anything (mobprog bug)?

Motorhead played here?

Who remembers parties of 45+ folks getting 45exp for each hp of damage
to the Brontosaurus, and then watching everyone die cause the
40/24/40/40 godtwinked character tanking the fight fled (I think her
name was Bertha or something)? 


                   AVATAR Birthdays for June
                         by Contenda

                Birthday                Player

                06/01                   Gadzooks
                06/08                   Kromlee
                06/19                   Grandknight
                06/22                   Monsune

If you would like to add your birthday to the list (you know, so
people can send you presents) either catch me at Avatar or send it
to Contenda@Skyenet.net


                 Intellitech Walrus

As all of you have no doubt noticed, we're up on a great Internet site;
Intellitech Walrus!  Lag has been at a minimum while MUD enjoyment has
been at a maximum, thanks to Snikt and Walrus owner Michael Rosenthal.
Intellitech Walrus is a really great system, not even considering the
MUD; for fifteen bucks a month, you get a shell account with a whopping
10 Meg of storage space.  Who could ask for anything more?  They also
have some great deals on PPP accounts and several other pricing levels.
If you live in the 212 New York area code, you should really check into
getting an account with Intellitech Walrus.  Check out their web page at
http://www.walrus.com or call them at 212/466-5000.  You can also
request information via writing email to info@walrus.com.  Tell 'em
Snikt and AsaMaro at The Avatar MUD sent ya! 


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