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Gazette 1996-04-27
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1996 Gazettes | Gazette 1996-04-27
  The Avatar Gazette                  Vol III, No. 3 April 27th 1996
   (A Sunlight Through The Shadows Production)
  The Avatar Gazette is published once a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to avatar-request@stolaf.edu and including the
  following in the body of your note:  subscribe gazette <your email
  address> <your name on the mud>

  Telnet to Avatar at: walrus.com 3000
  The Gazette Staff: AsaMaro, Marat, Arundel and Contenda.
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1996, Joe DeRouen.
  All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by
  Joe DeRouen are also copyrighted (c) 1996 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written 
  permission will result in prosecution to the fullest extent
  of the law. 

                     Table of Contents

                Page     1      Introduction
                Page     1      Table of Contents
                Page     2      AsaMaro's Editorial 
                Page     3      Back Issue Information               
                Page     3      Avatar Web Page Information
                Page     3      Sprites Are Refreshing by Marat
                Page     5      The Phenomenum called HOG by Contenda 
                Page     7      Avatar Player Bio: Sibyl
                Page     8      Avatar Immortal Bio: Crom
                Page     9      "I Need Your Help" by Crom
                Page     9      Avatar Immortal Bio: Swiftsword
                Page    10      The Last Chance by Contenda
                Page    14      Newbies Ask by Arundel          
                Page    15      13 Commandments of Mudding by Rerun
                Page    15      Avatar E-Mail List by Alisa
                Page    21      Avatar Birthday List by Contenda
                Page    22      Intellitech Walrus advertisement


                 *  Changes  *

Avatar is going through a lot of changes now, with the addition of new
races (and the tweaking of old ones) as well as the impending remap.  I
want to think everyone for sticking with the game as we strive to make
it better, even when it means logging in and finding your Sprite can't
even pick up a 7-Up.  Things will get better, and, in the long run, more
enjoyable for the player.

                   *         *        *  

One thing that won't really change very much, though, is the Gazette. 
It'll still say it's a monthly production, but only come out about every
month and a half.  Always keep 'em wanting more, I say.  :)

                   *         *        *    

One minor change to the Gazette, however, is the addition of a "Letters"
page in next month's issue.  That's right, you can now send e-mail to
myself for publication in the Gazette.  It'll be similar in style to
letters you see in paper magazines like Newsweek and Time, though you'll
probably never see any mention of Bill Clinton or Bob Dole.  Well,
unless someone builds a "Washington D.C." area, but hopefully that won't
happen anytime soon. 

Letters should cover either a) something relevant to Avatar in general
or b) something that was been covered in the Gazette.  Letters should be
"ready to print"; in other words, letters with a lot of spelling errors
or grammar errors will be thrown out.  Likewise, long and rambling
letters (even if spelled correctly) that go on and on about what jerks
the Imms are will have a much less chance of getting published than
short, concise missives that comment on or argue for a specific point.  

I'm hoping to publish about five letters an issue, give or take a few
depending upon the letters received.   

Please send all such letters to asamaro@walrus.com.  Include the words
"Gazette Mailbag" in your subject line, if you will, so I'll be able to
tell what it is a bit quicker.  

                   *         *        *    

You may or may not have seen the advertisements I posted in Merc and
Forum earlier this month for an assistant to help me with the Avatar FAQ
and other similar endeavors.  Thanks for all the applications, they were
all appreciated and there wasn't a bad apple among the bunch. 

I've chosen Alisa, a hero, to be my assistant.  She's already helping me
update the FAQ.  I'm not sure when v2.0 of the FAQ (Frequently Asked
Questions) will be out, but when it is it'll be even more comprehensive
and informative than it was before.  Keep an eye on the Gazette as well
as Forum, Merc, and the Avatar web page for more information!

                   *         *        *      

Special thanks this issue go out to Contenda, who's doing some great
work with the Gazette.  She has two very nice articles in this month's
edition and she's taken over the Avatar Birthday listings as well.  (See
"Avatar Birthdays by Contenda" elsewhere in this issue for more
information)  Contenda has added a lot to the Gazette staff so I thought
a public show of thanks was in order.  So... "Thanks, Contenda!  You're
doing a great job!"  

                   *         *        *        

Speaking of Contenda, she has also created a Avatar survey that she's
been sending out on Forum.  Results of the survey should appear in a
future issue of the Gazette.  If you haven't seen the survey, email  
Contenda@Skyenet.net for more information.  

                   *         *        *          

Of course, the challenge from the last few issues is still in affect -
If you've never before written for the Gazette, write an article and
send it to me.  If it's good (meaning, if I publish it) you'll get a
level.  The free level applies only to Mortals and Heroes, of course;
Immortals and Angels will have to make due with only my gratitude. 

 --AsaMaro, April 27th, 1996


                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
ftp.walrus.com /pub/avatar/gazette.  There's a lot of other good stuff
available there as well.  Check it out!

                        Avatar's Web Page

While you're scuttling about the Internet, check out Avatar's Web Page at
http://www.walrus.com/~avatar.  Aegis has recently added a lot to the page,
so even if you've been there you should definitely take another look.


                    Sprites are Refreshing
                          by Marat

I was bothering some phase dragons, posing long silly questions that did
nothing but irritate them, and then laughing hysterically at their
confusion. Sue me, I was bored. But, I realized that I had seen many
complaints about sprites. Maybe the realm would just be better without
them. I decided to ask a few people . . . er things. 

I sauntered up to a Survivor guard and asked him if he had any thoughts
on sprites. He stared at me intently, grunted without much expression,
then ignored me thoroughly. I suppose that could be taken as "no

I was working up a sweat, so I went to the ice cave in the islands of
the pirates. I asked a very frozen prisoner what she thought of sprites.

"Ssssssprites," she shivered, "oh, I suppose they are fine. They don't
seem very hardy. Certainly couldn't survive around here, but then again,
I am not surviving too well either. Do you have a blanket?"

I didn't, but I produced a hot cup of Earl Gray and offered it to the
prisoner as I gracefully left for more hospitable climes. I decided to
picnic on cold antelope sandwiches and sparkling apple juice in the
Valley of the Elves. A cooshee stole my last sandwich as a valley elf
scout approached me with a stern look.

"Sir elf? Can I ask what your opinion of sprites is?" I asked politely.

The scout relaxed his guard just a bit, then spoke imperiously. "We
wouldn't seek out sprites to harm them, but we do not want them in our
valley. We aren't much for other races, except perhaps the occasional
gnome. We allow them in to repair equipment sometimes."

I thanked the elf, offered him some sparkling apple juice, which he
refused mumbling something about being on duty, packed up my basket and
continued my interviews.

Who else but a sphinx might have the answer? I risked sand in my
slippers to stand beneath the towering visage of the great sphinx. I
intoned in my most regal voice, "Oh, great sphinx. Should sprites be
allowed to stay? Are they a valuable part of the realm?"

I waited. Sand blew into my eyes. A sandman whirled past me. I coughed.
I sighed and left. I went to rest by the West shores of Crystalmir Lake.
A rather vile, but talkative rat began chatting with me, so I asked him
the question I had asked others.

The rat picked an errant piece of corn from his teeth and said, "Sprites
are tasty. I caught one once. Very juicy."

"So you want sprites to stay in the realm I assume?" I asked a bit
nauseous from his previous statement.

"Of course, and even if I can't feed on them, they are an okay sort.
Cute little things, all sparkles and wings. If I may get a bit
philosophical?" The rat questioned.

I nodded as if to say, of course.

"We need all types in a realm such as this. Each race, each monster,
each animal has something to contribute. Even if it is only as a snack."

The rat giggled at his bon mot and I joined in to show I am a good
sport. Actually, the rat had given me the best answer.

Sprites belong here as do centaurs. And, even if sprites feel they can't
pull their weight and that the gods are punishing them, the rest of the
realm citizens hope they will be patient and wait for the rewards of
their sparkling dispositions. And I promise that I will personally keep
the rats from nibbling on them.


                        The Phenomenum called HOG
                         An Interview with Snikt

I have to admit that my stomach was all butterflies, as I entered the
common ground that Snikt had chosen to conduct the interview in. Who
was I to presume that he would speak with me?

"I am fairly new to MUDs (I only started late last year), and AVATAR is the
one that I call "home," I said in a quivering voice. "Please excuse my

"Excused, we all were newbies at some point," Snikt answered.

I curtsey.

Snikt bows.

I blush, and decide to just get this over with. 

"Is HOG (or Hand of God) standard on other MUDs, or is it unique to 
AVATAR?" I asked after clearing my throat.

"Unique, to my knowledge," responded Snikt.

"So then where did the name come from?"

"I wanted a spell that I could use to test my combat algorithms (ie, from 0 
bonus to a gazillion bonus). It comes from a game called Rise of the Triad, a 
DOOM-like game, which gave you lethal abilities."

"Ah, my kids have that. Who plans, decides, and carries out a HOGATHON?
Snikt only?"

"Darii, DaWiz and/or Snikt (ie, Exec)."

"What exactly does the spell affect? Hitroll? Damroll? Any Defense?"

"HR and DR, no defense."

I chew on the tip of my pencil. "Does it add a flat number, or is it
a percentage? Is it a fixed amount, or does it vary on each HOGATHON/HOG?"

"It used to be variable, but I raised it to a flat +20,000."

"It has never happened to me, but I have seen it happening to others. Why
do so many peaple die during a HOG?"

"Simple, greed." The corner's of his mouth seemed to turn up slightly.

"Why is equipment lost?"

"It isn't unless they character in question is breathed upon, usually a
fault of ignorance of the area coupled with a sense of invulnerability

"And can it be prevented?"

"Kill squirrels only in the meadow?"

Ah, he doesn't seem to be such a bad guy after all! I feel a little more

"Why is it not reimbursed?"

"Administrative nightmare would ensue. Also, my attitude is that you "play
at your own risk" during a HOG."

"Who can give an impromptu HOG?"

"Execs only."

"Why has the frequency of the impromptu HOGs dropped off?"

Snikt thinks.

"Balance is a main concern for me, and HOGs are used when there is a system
fault (I screwed up the code, or a server reboot), or when general world 
morale is low. This isn't to say that it automatically happens these times, 
and never others. I've been known to do it randomly."

"Is there a special criteria that must be met, for an impromptu HOG? Or
is it discretionary?"

"Discretionary is a good word."

"The Golden Rule is "If you ask for a HOG, you will NOT receive one". Why
is this?"

"Cause mortals (and we have over 4000 pfiles) can get annoying when they
repeatedly ask ANYthing." There is was again. I was sure it was a smile.

"Do HOGs affect heroes differently than lower levels?"

"No, but they will NOT affect Lords."

"Is there anything a mortal should not do during a HOG?"

"Die? Get too greedy? Seriously, go to a place that you know well, but
is above your level and you feel that no one else uses it much."

"Do you have any HOG hints or tips for your loyal subjects?"

"As I said before, go the the rarer places, where mobs haven't been
cleaned out. Don't get too greedy. Group."

"Do you think that HOGs are appreciated, or expected? How do you think the
mortals feel about them?"

"Yes, no. Hopefully as a godsend (pardon the play on words)."

"How does it feel to the Supreme Being with the power to cast such a 
spell?" I gushed.

"Pretty cool, sometimes aggravating," Snikt answered with a smile.

"Thanks. I appreciate your time. Maybe I will see you at AVATAR sometime!"

"Thanks for taking the time to do a survey, I hope folks enjoy it!"

I curtsied once more, and received a low bow in return.

As I backed out of the room, I thought I heard him mutter "Every MUD has
it's Daemons..."


                    * Avatar Player Bio *
Name: Sibyl    RL Name: Alyssa I. Pierce   Age: (Game) 61 (RL) 19 
Race:  Elf     Class: Mage                 Current level: 24  

Real Life Interests:  

Real life?? You mean I'm supposed to have one of those????  Oh, yeah... 
Well, I am a Biology major at Austin Peay State Univ. in Clarksville,
Tennessee.  I am 18 (19 on Apr. 23) years old, and I'm married to a
really strange green- eyed guy who is also a level 5 character named
wassel.  We are going to have a little munchkin sometime near the end of
August (it will be a girl munchkin):) When I'm not MUDding or actually
*gasp* going to class, .....err, wait a second, that doesn't happen too
often.....oh, yeah, I guess I'm reading or swimming or running my mouth
with my friends. I'm very good at that talking thing.:) Currently, I'm
just waiting for the semester to get over so I can quit worrying about
horrid things like Chemistry exams. 

Advice To Players: 

Make lots of friends.  If you're a mage or a cleric, you're probably
going to need someone to tank for you at some point.  If you're someone
who can tank, those healing and armoring spells get real useful.  Anyone
who plans to level needs the help of all the classes.  Since grouping is
just about mandatory, it is necessary to realize that a good group
consists of multiple classes.  The more friends you have, the more
likely it is that you'll be able to find people to help you out when you
need it. 

Oh, yeah, and try to have fun even if you die 6 times in one day.


                    * Avatar Imm Bio *

Name: Crom                 RL: Adam Casbarian    Age: Unknown (RL) 23  
Race: Gnome                Class: Cleric         Current level: 910  

Interests and Background:

   A short gnome sits in a clearing, piling stones into some sort of 
model city.  He seems very intent on the placement of an ugly little
pebble so doesn't notice you staring at him.  You cough politely 
and he ignores you.
  "Pardon me, what are your interests?" you ask politely.
  "Uh...I'll get back to you on that," he replies without looking up.
   He works for another three hours and then wakes you up from under
a tree.
  "Football, drawing, basketball, painting, baseball, teaching math,
volleyball, computers, television, renting movies, weightlifting,
camping, hiking, mudding, and uhm...uhm...I forget.  Now, I have
some stuff I need to do so goodbye."
   He concentrates and a ball of fire forms over Crom's head.  With
eyes closed, he raises his hands and does some strange gestures.
The fireball jerks abruptly, the size of a house, and hurls straight
down and envelopes Crom in flames.
  "Drat," is spoken from the fire.  It slowly burns away and Crom
is gone.

Advice to Other Players:

   Weeks pass and you track down Crom in an alley of Ofcol.  He has
a charred stick in his little gnome hand and is drawing plans on
the side of a building.  You tap him on the shoulder and Crom
promptly ignores you.
  "What advice do you have for me to be a better player?" you ask.
   Grumbling he puts the stick in a pouch.  Looking you up and down,
he finally replies, " Go kill creatures.  That's what they're there
for.  You can use potions or pets or wands or staves or pills or 
groups or special equipment to achieve this.  It's all out there 
for you to find.  If you want to socialize, do so.  If you want 
to gain experience, kill a rabbit or something.  Don't be afraid
of death and don't cry when you lose a precious item.  This world
we live in is very like a game.  Treat it as such and be a winner."
   With that, he pulls out his blackened stick and goes back to doodling.


******************** I NEED YOUR HELP! **********************
*                                                           *
*  Ello there!                                              *
*                                                           *
*    This is Crom, an area builder on Avatar.  I am         *
*  currently working on a new map possibility and I need    *
*  your help to pull it off.                                *
*    We're making a list of possible mobiles, their levels, *
*  and their descriptions.  Trolls, hobbits, and other      *
*  fantasy creatures are piled into books that many have    *
*  read.  Although I could try and think of them all, I'd   *
*  rather not miss any.  Any help you can do would be       *
*  much appreciated.                                        *
*    Just mail the creature name, what level you think it   *
*  should be, and a short description of what it looks      *
*  like, how big it is, etc.                                *
*    This list will then be compiled and listed by level    *
*  and alphabetically.  We can then use it to create        *
*  creatures at the right level in the right area.          *
*                                                           *
*                                        Sincerely,         *
*                                                           *
*                                          Crom             *
*                                   email: crom@walrus.com  *
*                                                           *
*  P.S. I own the AD&D books so you don't need to send      *
*  me descriptions of those creatures.                      *
*                                                           *


Name: Swiftsword  RL Name:Jack W. Schollian  Age: (Game) 683 (RL) 49    
Race:  Dwarf      Class: Warrior             Current level: 890
Real Life Interests:  
I am a web offset pressman. I have been printing T.V.Guide for over 28
years. My hobbies include electronics. I design my own circuits and make
my own circuit boards. I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1974.
My Ham call is KB5EL. I build computers and do some programming.
Presently learning C++. (I hope) (*Grin). I love to hunt and fish. I
have been an avid Bow Hunter for about 25 years. Aside from playing here
on Avatar I enjoy reading fantasy books. And of course I love flirting
with the cute gals on Avatar. :) The written language is a wonderful
tool. I also write poetry. I am Mud married to Evii who has been a very
good friend and whom I have the utmost respect for. :) And whoever says
an old dog can't learn new tricks hasn't met me. :). 

Advice To Players: 

My advice to players is as most say. Group as soon as you learn how to
play the game. Make friends with new players close to your level. And
don't expect to become grouping pals right away. Always be respectful to
other players.  Be most respectful to the Hero's and IMM's. They can
save your bacon when you least expect it. :)  I owe a whole lot to a
very dear friend. A man I have known from the start. I met Arundel on
this mud and we became group mates from time to time over the past
couple of years. He helped carry me thru difficult levels. And I was
able to repay his help in kind.  And I owe a lot to the old IMM's and
Hero's on Avatar. Many whom kept me interested in playing here. :) And
among all be kind to everyone. You might be playing with an IMM in
mortal form. IF you see Packrat. Say hello to him :) He is my thief. And
a darned good thief I might add :) maybe I can steal you some armour
someday :) That's about all I have to add for now. Ask me questions
online if you see me. I am always willing to help out new players. And
old players also. See you on the mud. 


The Last Chance for Contenda
by Contenda

"OK, Contenda, but this is your last chance!"

"Thank you, thank you."

Contenda grovels at Asamaro's feet.

"I swear that I will do it. I will write the best article that
you have ever seen"

"Well, I doubt that. But...if you are out bothering other
people, then you won't be here bothering me. I've got to say that you
are persistent. Then the only thing to do is give in.....So go!!"

"Thanks, Asa!!"

"And don't call me Asa! It took me a long time to choose my
name, and I certainly don't appreciate it being shortened to sound like
some Solace prostitute."

AsaMaro growls.

Bowing my head, I  hastily  made a fast exit! Wow!! I did it! I
rummaged in my satchel, and brought out the press card that I
had had made up last week at Skinner the Printer.

                   |       Contenda         |
                   | Investigative Reporter |
                   |     Avatar Gazette     |
                   | (Contenda@Skyenet.net) |

I lovingly held it so that the light would hit it in different
ways, illuminating the light blue inset, cascading across the glittering
border. As much as I loved the way the gold trim around the outside
sparkled, I cringed at what it had cost.  I wondered if I could
put this on my expense account. For that matter,  I wondered if I
even HAD an expense account. Sure...sure. All the top notch reporters
have those. Don't they?

Well, I was pretty tired after all the work I had put into
getting this job, not to mention the mental stress.  I decided to post a
quick note on the general board, and then off to sleep for me.

Board 1
Note to All
Note subject Attention:New Gazette Reporter
Note + I am pleased to announce that I have just been named the
Note + new Investigative Reporter for the Avatar Gazette. Having
Note + some pretty big footsteps to follow (Na na nana na Tmeat!), I
Note + would appreciate some story ideas. Please send any ideas
Note + for good stories to me at Contenda@Skyenet.net.
Note + Thank you.
Note send

I went back to my hovel, and fluffed up the scraps of material
and newspapers that I called my bed. I would have to do something
about this place soon. I was still grumbling to myself about having to
sleep alone - again - when I fell asleep.

In the morning, the first thing I did was check my email. Darn.
No responses to my message. 

I guess that I will just have to beat the streets to get the
scoop. Rummaging around, I found the pencil and notebook that I
bought last year, when I first applied for this job. I made sure
that my new press card was in my pocket, and slapped my new
fedora on my head, tipped of course, at a rakish angle. 

Stepping out in to the bright sunlight, I made for Nom.

Contenda recalls!

Good! A group of people were sitting around the tree.

"Hi. My name is Contenda, I'm from the Avatar Gazette," I said,
flashing my press card.

"Hi." said Everclear.

"I'm looking for some ideas for a story for the Gazette. Do you
have any ideas?"

"Can you give me a free level?"

"Err...no. But I can get your name in print!"

Everclear leaves north.

Undaunted, I approached another.

"Hi. My name is Contenda, I'm from the Avatar Gazette," I said,
flashing my press card.

"Hi there. " said AnNihIlaTor.

"I'm looking for some ideas for a story for the Gazette. Do you
have any ideas?"

"Err...I'm new" 

Whois annihilator.
[1 Mar Elf M] AnNihIlaTtor THe PrInce oF WaiLs

Contenda sighs.

OK. Nobody ever said this would be easy. I thought I should
probably check my email. Drats. Nothing yet.

"Hi. My name is Contenda, I'm from the Avatar Gazette," I said,
flashing my press card.

"Can't you see I'm bleeding to death?" said ShiningStar.

"I'm looking for some ideas for a story for the Gazette. Do you
have any ideas?"

"Are you dense? Either heal me or leave me alone!"

"Hi. My name is Contenda, I'm from the Avatar Gazette," I said,
flashing my press card.

"Hi." said Tylianna.

"I'm looking for some ideas for a story for the Gazette. Do you
have any ideas?"

"What's the Gazette?"

"Hi. My name is Contenda, I'm from the Avatar Gazette," I said,
flashing my press card.

"Hi." said Dreadlock.

"I'm looking for some ideas for a story for the Gazette. Do you
have any ideas?"

"That's a real pretty card. Can I have it?"

"Hi. My name is Contenda, I'm from the Avatar Gazette," I said,
flashing my press card.

"Group me," said Ihmagodd.

"I'm looking for some ideas for a story for the Gazette. Do you
have any ideas?"

Ihmagodd now follows you.

Contenda leaves north.
Ihmagodd leaves north.

Contenda leaves west.
Ihmagodd leaves west.

"Will you please stop following me?," I asked very politely.

"Group me, "said Ihmagodd.

Whois Ihmagodd
[2 War Hum M] Ihmagodd rules!!

"I'm on an assignment right now."

"Group me"

"Go away"

"Group me"

Cast summon Tiamat

Tiamat suddenly appears.

Contenda recalls!

Sighing, I returned to my cottage. When I feel optimistic, I
call it a cottage. I looked around at the sparse furnishings, and
once again wondered how I was going to make it. Since my husband had
left me, nothing had seemed to go right.

I checked my email. Nothing yet.

I lovingly laid my new press card on the table along side of my
hat and notebook.

Stretching out on my pallet, I thought back over my day. Pretty
constructive all in all, I thought.I made a few contacts, and got
to flash my new card quite a bit. I guess all new reporters start
this way. It will take time, but before you know it, I will be
world renown for my investigative reporting. I will bring forth
issues that are important to all citizens of Avatar. I will right
the wronged, and free the oppressed! I will become the next immortal
...I will.....

FLASH!! A blinding light illuminated the hovel.

Rubbing my eyes, I sat up. "Asa?"

"Don't call me that!" he snarled. "What's this I hear about you
pestering people at Nom?"


"And let me see this silly card you have shoving in people's
faces", he hissed as he scooped up my card from the table. "What
is this crap? Who ever said you were a reporter? I said you could
try to write an article."


"And further more, why would you ever think you could replace
Tmeat? What on earth has got into you!!!" he shrilled. He tossed
the card to the floor.

"Aahh...I ....er...um..."

"You straighten up...and you better come up with a good piece for the
Gazette. That's my name at the top, you know!"


"I have spoken," he quietly said, and with another flash of
searing white light, he was gone.

I crawled over to where he had tossed my press card. Very
carefully, I wiped the grit from the gilded edges, and held it
to my heart.

I checked my email. Nothing yet.....


                          Newbies Ask  
                          by Arundel

This space is normally used to answer questions from newbies. No
question, no matter how intelligent, is ever ignored. However, I have
not received real questions from any newbies in several months, so I
need some requests. 

Questions should be sent to: jring@transend.com.tw

You can ask about anything concerning gameplay: pets, armor, equipment,
alignment, areas, etc. 

I'll look forward to reading your questions!


::: The 13 Commandments of Mudding :::
    by Dan Lantos, Rerun, and Chispen

1) If thou art not sure, it's aggro.

2) Thou shalt always forget to deposit thy money before wandering into
   elemental canyon or training village. 

3) Thou shalt always get stuck helping or being helped for 2 hours the
   night before a test. 

4) Thou shalt be herothanked by and feel obligated to help only the most
   annoying of players. 

5) Thou shalt always misspell the target of portal or nexus.

6) Thou shalt only lose thy concentration on thy most mana-costly
   spells; and on those, multiple times. 

7) Thou shalt always just have run out of vials.

8) The one time thou shalt miss backstab is against Primus while Hogged.

9) Malyse did it.

10) Someone will always have stolen its eq and left it alive.

11) The one round thee decidest to kick instead of trip, it will cast
    Meteor Swarm. 

12) If ever thy pfile is to corrupt, it will be inbetween the acts of
    getting a fabulous Quest sword and registering it. 

13) If ever thee and the mob thou art fighting are both in awful
    condition, thy sanct will wear off. 


Compiled by Alisa (with help from Contenda)

NOTE: Send all questions, corrections, comments, suggestions, and
complaints about this list to Alisa (ncarter@cris.com) and NOT to

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Zipper                        witemeye@nicanor.acu.edu
Zoran                         www.pitton.com/~darkone


      AVATAR Birthdays for April and May
               by Contenda

      04/04                   Nite
      04/08                   Chang
      04/20                   Elentari
      04/23                   Sybil
      04/24                   Buttercup
      04/26                   Pameran
      04/26                   Rebsem
      04/27                   Cupid
      04/29                   Malyse

      05/03                   Gavin
      05/29                   Shadowman
      05/31                   Flute

Please contact me either at Avatar, or by email at Contenda@Skyenet.net
to have your birthday added to the list. 


                 Intellitech Walrus

As all of you have no doubt noticed, we're up on a great Internet site;
Intellitech Walrus!  Lag has been at a minimum while MUD enjoyment has
been at a maximum, thanks to Snikt and Walrus owner Michael Rosenthal.
Intellitech Walrus is a really great system, not even considering the
MUD; for fifteen bucks a month, you get a shell account with a whopping
10 Meg of storage space.  Who could ask for anything more?  They also
have some great deals on PPP accounts and several other pricing levels.
If you live in the 212 New York area code, you should really check into
getting an account with Intellitech Walrus.  Check out their web page at
http://www.walrus.com or call them at 212/466-5000.  You can also
request information via writing email to info@walrus.com.  Tell 'em
Snikt and AsaMaro at The Avatar MUD sent ya! 


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