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Things may seem overwhelming at first but they will get easier as you play more. Remember, you're not alone, everyone had to learn how to play. Making notes may help. - Riviat
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Gazette 1996-03-18
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1996 Gazettes | Gazette 1996-03-18
  The Avatar Gazette                  Vol III, No. 2 March 18th 1996
   (A Sunlight Through The Shadows Production)
  The Avatar Gazette is published once a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to avatar-request@stolaf.edu and including the
  following in the body of your note:  subscribe gazette <your email
  address> <your name on the mud>

  Telnet to Avatar at: walrus.com 3000
  The Gazette Staff: AsaMaro, Marat, Arundel and Contenda.
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1996, Joe DeRouen.
  All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by
  Joe DeRouen are also copyrighted (c) 1996 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written 
  permission will result in prosecution to the fullest extent
  of the law. 

                     Table of Contents

                Page     1      Introduction
                Page     1      Table of Contents
                Page     2      AsaMaro's Editorial 
                Page     3      Back Issue Information               
                Page     3      Avatar Web Page Information
                Page     2      The More Things Change by Marat
                Page     4      Avatar Player Bio: Buttercup
                Page     4      Avatar Immortal Bio: Mendek 
                Page     5      Avatar Immortal Bio: Ragnarok    
                Page     6      Vlad's Story by Ragnarok
                Page     8      Newbies Ask by Arundel          
                Page     8      Warlock Proposal by Crowe
                Page    11      Random Thoughts by Contenda
                Page    12      The Confrontation by Shazam
                Page    14      Avatar E-Mail List by Alisa
                Page    20      Avatar Events Summary by Leorick
                Page    21      Intellitech Walrus advertisement


                 *  16 Years?  *

This is the 16th issue of the Gazette, which we've been doing now for,
oh, just about 16 years now.  Well, okay, it just feels like it
sometimes.  I guess it's really only been a year and a half. 

                   *         *        *  

With the last issue, I sponsored a contest offering a free level to the
player who came up with the best idea for a new class.  Crowe won, with
his effort on the Warlock.  Check it out, elsewhere in this issue.
Congratulations, Crowe!  Track me down anytime in the game and you'll
get your free level! 

                   *         *        *    

Of course, the challenge from the last few issues is still in affect -
If you've never before written for the Gazette, write an article and
send it to me.  If it's good (meaning, if I publish it) you'll get a
level.  The free level applies only to Mortals and Heroes, of course;
Immortals and Angels will have to make due with only my gratitude. 

 --AsaMaro, March 19th, 1996


                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
ftp.walrus.com /pub/avatar/gazette.  There's a lot of other good stuff
available there as well.  Check it out!

                        Avatar's Web Page

While you're scuttling about the Internet, check out Avatar's Web Page at
http://www.walrus.com/~avatar.  Aegis has recently added a lot to the page,
so even if you've been there you should definitely take another look.


                            The More Things Change
                                  by Marat

    I woke from a short nap taken in a pleasant glen among peaceful sprites.
I vaguely remembered a dream of things changing around me and not being
able to keep up. This prompted me to realize that things in the realm of
Avatar are changing. So far, I have seen only good changes, though the
loss of some land is a bit sad. I cleared my throat and asked the
lounging sprites if they had noticed the changes.
    One of the tiny sprites buzzed in her tiny voice, "We have noticed
some movement in the land, some powers changing hands but we do not feel
this stress as we do not think we will be affected."
    I frowned which another sprite noticed and showing alarm she said,
"Do you think we will experience this change firsthand?"
    "I don't know, but I have heard rumblings that as the realm changes,
this land that you and the half-elves, trolls and others live in may
cease to be."
    At this, there was great hue and cry which I could not tolerate so I
left the sprites to their distress and traveled to see Marty the meat
guy in Ofcol. It was getting near dinner time and I wanted a side of
beef trimmed and cut into steaks.
    I ordered my meat then attempted to engage Marty and a citizen in a
conversation about impending changes to Avatar. The citizen looked at me
shyly and left. Marty harumphed and kept butchering meat. Finally, he
looked at me as he handed me my packages and accepted my gold.
    "I imagine the changes around here will be mostly good. My business
is booming and Ofcol is a crowded place, so I don't see much harm in
anything new. Have you heard something I should be concerned with?"
    I really didn't have an answer for Marty as I didn't remember any
discussion among the gods that concerned Ofcol, so I merely shrugged,
thanked him for the meat and beat a hasty retreat. I found myself in
Underdark walking along Sunrise and decided to ask a passing footpad
about the changes.
    He looked around surreptitiously and whispered as he leaned towards
me, "No repestable thief worries about change. We just take advantage of
it. If the city structure changes, we learn the new paths. If the
population moves, we move with it."
    With that, the footpad slinked into the darkness with a backward
glance that seemed foreboding. As I turned to walk away, a large and
imposing thug blocked my path.
    "I want to tell you what I think," he bellowed as he fingered his
gleaming dagger.
    I gulped and nodded my head in assent.
    "I worry about new things. I worry that Underdark will be no more. I
hear rumors that many things will be changed and that the control will
rest with a very few in power. I always suspect change when power is
limited to so few in charge."
    "I agree, sir," I said pleasantly still noticing that very sharp
dagger. "Yet, I do not know what to think of it all. I believe I will
wait to see what the future holds before I pass judgement."
    The thug nodded and motioned me on my way. Since Underdark was
getting me down, I went to the Haunted Forest. I realize that would seem
even more depressing but I knew that the crows there have distinct
opinions and I wanted to question one of them.
    I found a crow pestering a female zombie who shuffled off slowly
upon my arrival. I smiled at the crow which put him ill-at-ease as they
really don't know what to say to half-elves most of the time.
    "Sir crow," I began still smiling. "What news of the upcoming
changes have you heard and how do you feel about them?"
    The crow calmed a bit at being asked his opinion. He enjoyed
expounding on almost any topic.
    "I have not heard as much information as I would like but I have
noticed a change here and there. Much grumbling can be heard from the
heroes of the land as magical items are stripped of their boons and
monsters are imbued with more power. I had a polar bear pen pal but I
have not heard from him in some time and fear he is no more."
    "The land where the polar bears lived as ceased to be, friend
crow," I said softly.
    "Ahh, that would explain that. Well, I try not to be too harsh as I
know the powers that be are trying to improve this realm called Avatar
but I am somewhat nervous. I fear that power will reside in too few."
    I nodded my head in agreement with the crow's last statement. I
thanked him for his thoughts and waved goodbye. 
    "You sure you won't stay and chat some more," the crow cawed as I
hastily teleported away. 
    I felt like the general consensus was that change was fine as long
as it was good and a bit of fear of too much power in the hands of too
few. I wanted one more person's thoughts on the matter and went to the
Temple of the White Lotus to query one of the students there.
    "Student, how do you feel about change?" I asked one of the many
temple students practicing relentlessly.
    The student bowed and calmly said, "Change is a part of life and
even if change brings about the end of one world, it will open a doorway
to another."
    The student turned and went back to his kata. I pondered his
response and felt it was as much an answer as anything. We would all
have to wait and see. As things changed, we could react. But, until the
change came we could but suppose.
    I decided to take a pre-dinner walk through the Temple of Avatar
looking at the immortal statues as I had done many times before. The
poses ranged from impish to beatific and I was reminded that no matter
what comes to this realm, those loyal to its people will remain, if not
in body, at least in spirit.

                    * Avatar Player Bio *
 Name: Buttercup         RL: Kimberly Pullen     Age: 21 (RL) 20   
 Race: Sprite            Class: Mage             Current level: 6   
 Interests and Background:
 Kimberly was born and raised in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  She is
 currently in Atlanta, Georgia studying Computer Engineering at Georgia
 Tech.  Other interests include fixing computers, singing, and playing the
 Advice to Other Players:
 Don't be afraid to ask questions.  The other players are really nice people. 


                    * Avatar Imm Bio *

 Name: Mendek            RL: Doug Lute          Age: ?  (RL) 24
 Race: Half-Elf          Class: Warrior         Current level: 910

Interests and Background:

I'm a science/technology guy by background, so fantasy/D&D is quite a
divergence for me.  I started playing with, then programming,
computers about 10 years ago on a Tandy Color Computer, and graduated
with a Bachelor's in Computer Science in December.  Four years ago,
the FAA screwed up bigtime and awarded me a Private pilot's license,
which I use to eliminate excess cash.  I've been at Avatar (then
Farside) since early June of 1994, made hero in November '94, and
Immortal in December '94. I'm a tinkerer; as a child I destroyed many
valuable things as I took them apart.  Now I use those skills (and a
ham radio license) to destroy the neighbors' cable television
reception, and in my new job as a programmer/analyst.

Advice to Other Players:

Don't let MUDs addict you... oops too late.  Ok, then... take time
to learn, and interact with your fellow players.  There is a false
perception that the best players go from level 1 to hero in a week.
This is not true.  Those that do, do so because they have been
mudding for years or because they have a *lot* of help.  But those
are not the best players.  The best players are those who are
willing to slow down to answer a question, to talk with a person who
may need to talk, to perform a CR, to explore, to appreciate the
effort gone into those unique areas, to lead a newbie from the meadow
to Aelmon, to load up food in the chest at Nom, to grtz a new level. 
You see, levels aren't everything.. it's nice to have a goal, but the
fun isn't in *being* there, it's in *getting* there. I miss grouping
for Tiamat, and for (and watching Diamante die at) the golems in New
Thalos :).

One other thing... most IMMs are very approachable.  I try to
include myself in that category.  We do our level best not to be the
Great Overseers, we try to stay detached and let the game run itself.
We don't normally snoop people (it makes me dizzy) except to solve a
problem, and we don't log people unless they really ask for it (huge
log files = bad).  If you have a problem, a question, or something to
talk about, we are normally more than willing to help (unless we're
at work *sigh*). Talk to us!


                *Avatar Imm Bio*

Name: Ragnarok  RL: Ian Sebastian Licoscos  Age: 179 yrs (RL)22   
Race: Half-Orc  Class: Warrior              Current level: 890 

Interests and Background:  Ian was born in Santa Maria,  California,  
in an area known as the central coast.  In high school he lettered four 
times both in water polo and swimming,  and raced mountain bikes.  
Currently he is attending Cal State Fullerton,  has completed enough 
units for a BA in Psychology, and is finishing up a minor in computer 
science.  He currently goes to school,  enjoys Karate and swimming,  
and spends time with his friends on AVATAR,  the only place on 
the net he spends any quantitative amount of time.

Advice to Other Players:  For beginers,  find someone that seems to
know what they are doing and group with them.  Learn from them,  and
pass your newfound knowledge unto others.  And remember,  death 
really isn't a big deal.  For others that know how to play well,  
your relationships on AVATAR might come into play more.  Develop a
persona for your character,  and stick with it.  If there are several
sides to your personality you might create a character for each.  
Overall remember you are on AVATAR to have fun,  so try not to let
real life get in your way of yer life at AVATAR.  Have fun,  and
let others have their fun as well.  


Vvlad's story 
by Ragnarok

     A disheveled man sits in Aelmon's shadow,  leaning
against a fountain.  He looks like he has just seen a
demon.  You,  weary from adventure,  begin to speak with
him.  In minutes you become enraptured by the tale he
begins to tell.  
     It is a cold and wicked night out on the moors.  A
woman lies in her bed shivering from cold... and from
fright.  The men of the village of NewCoomb left two days
ago to meet the threat of orcs that have come down from
the mountains in great numbers.  The door calves in with
a loud CRASH!  A burst of lightning crackles across the
sky, illuminating the grotesque face of a muscular orc. 
He wears a necklace made of human fingers,  is covered in
a green semi-scaly skin bearing the scars of many
battles,  and a baneful grin full of lust and anger. 
When the night concludes,  all she remembers for years to
come is the ungodly stench of the orc,  and the way his
horribly rough hide scraped against her helpless body.
     *nine months later*  Lightning again crackles in the
sky above the moors.  A newborn child screams in
annoyance as it emerges into this world.  A mother's
cries of anguish echo through the night.  She takes one
look at the disfigured child and casts his body into the
drainage ditch outside.  The villagers quickly forget the
incident,  having thought the child too weak to survive. 
For a few minutes lightning shows the features of this
"abomination" in a grotesque manner,  casting a picture
of the child in a sick caricature on the retinas of
onlookers.  After a restless night the village goes back
to sleep.
     *several years later*  No one in the village of
NewCoomb thought twice as to whether the child lived or
not.  Any human child would have died within minutes. 
They were ignorant.  This was no disfigured human,  this
was the spawn of a triumphant orc and his hapless captive
of a night.  This child had the constitution and strength
of an ox.  He survived out in the moors.  Where most
things never dared venture,  he thrived.  And within him
thrived a vast hatred for all that lives.  A deep hatred
of humans,  and especially of women.  Having been cast
out of the arms of his own mother, he never learned
remorse or sympathy,  only hatred...and lust.  A lust for
     Terror soon struck the village.  People started to
disappear.   Children were heard screaming in the night, 
only to be found impaled on crudely fashioned stakes. 
Others were found dead in their beds,  necks cut...  and
devoid of blood.  The villagers were terrified,  and soon
sought to kill the demon that was feeding off of them...
and in their search found the lair of Vvlad.  He had been
living in the house his mother had abandoned.  What they
found is both sickening and insane. They found Vvlad's
latest 'lovers' which,  sickeningly were the corpses of
his latest victims.  Enraged, the villagers came at him
attacking with scythes,  with axes,  with anything they
could find.  With the speed of a demon he slayed them all
utilizing what few things he had.  His great strength, 
his great agility, a knife.  But his most useful tool he
had was his inhuman hatred of the living,  and his lust
for blood. After that day,  all that remains of the
village of NewCoomb is a few disheveled huts,  a lot of
restless spirits,  and unholy ground permanently stained
with blood.
     As the man finishes the tale you find yourself happy
to be safe,  safe in peaceful Midgard.  As you take a
deep breath in relief the man looks at you and shakes his
head.  He tells you this is not a tale,  but a true
story.  He also informs you that Vvlad is alive,  and in
the area.
     Where can Vvlad be today, you ask?  He is rarely
found at all, and when he is death ensues and blood
flows.  He even has a companion now.  A feline warrior of
great beauty and even greater battle prowess.  Most call
her EvilCat.  They work together in their quest to soak
the world with the blood of innocents.  The signs of
their passing are obvious.  Children impaled on crude
stakes fashioned from bones,  women and children
murdered,  men torn to shreds as by the claws of a wild
beast,  and most of all by the rivers of blood.  Great
streams of blood that flow from the hundreds of corpses
left in the wake of their bloodlust.  As the lands they
pass through become boggy with the blood of their many
victims,  they are becoming even more efficient at
slaughter.  And more efficient at terror.  They no longer
kill everyone,  but prefer to terrorize their victims.
They like to let one man survive,  to spread their tale.
     As you shudder and begin to ready yourself for your
next adventure,  you realize that this man must be the
sole survivor of...  something.  If you are lucky you
will never find Vvlad,  and have your ear included in the
trophies he wears on a string about his neck.    


                          Newbies Ask  
                          by Arundel

This space is normally used to answer questions from newbies. No
question, no matter how intelligent, is ever ignored. However, I have
not received real questions from any newbies in several months, so I
need some requests. 

Questions should be sent to: jring@transend.com.tw

You can ask about anything concerning gameplay: pets, armor, equipment,
alignment, areas, etc. 

I'll look forward to reading your questions!

[In the last issue of the Avatar Gazette, I held a contest; whoever sent
me the most interesting proposal for a new class would win a level.
Crowe won, and here is his proposal.] 

Warlock Proposal  
by Crowe

        Warlock (elementalist) Class (Note: Adapted from the Warlock OCC 
in Paladium book Rift Conversion Book 1)

        Warlocks are attuned to nature on a primeval level. They are 
concerned with power, change, anarchy and freedom. A warlock binds 
himself to now man or god, he's a free spirit to wander the world. They 
can become Kings or Emporers or restict themselves to a nomadic 
lifestyle, all in the course of a single lifetime. They appreciate the 
forces of nature and bend them to their will.
        These practitioners never preach or try to convert others. Though 
they may congregate in guilds of up to 100 members. They have no formal 
religion or political structure. Warlocks show great repect towards the 
forces they control as well as other warlocks.
        Warlocks must choose an elemental life sign from which they draw power 
(water, air, earth, and fire) but for MUD purposes Warlocks are all 
purpose elementalists. I've consolidated the spells from all 4. 
Otherwise having players pick an element to control would be too messy 
not to mention take up a lot of memory.

        One thing maybe to work into play and restict Warlocks a little 
is the Brotherhood, or Etiquette Between Elemental Forces ie: between 
Warlocks and Elementals. No Elemental will attack a Warlock unless 
neccesary, provoked, or attacked first. Even if ordered to kill a Warlock 
the Elemental will first state what it must do, apologize, and state that 
it know that the Warlock may feel compelled to fight back. After that the 
Elemental will attack without hesitation or mercy. As one of the powers 
of the Warlock they can summon minor elemental forces, Fragmented 
essences. I've left out Summoning of Greater Elementals feeling they're 
too powerful for a class already this powerful, as you may see by the 
spells later on. Warlocks will NEVER let an Elemental that they have 
summoned die in their service. Only a Warlock who is the foulest of the 
foul will allow this to happen. Even the most minor Elementals should not 
be allowed to die. The Warlock should release the Elemental before it 
dies. A simple command like 'release <elemental>' should suffice.

        On to spells:(I'm including brief descriptions of the spells, 
since I know nothing of coding I'll just compate them to existing spells, 
I've also included what I see as a useable slist)

Shards of Ice (Water):The Warlock instantly creates and fires shards of 
                      from his palm. Equal to magic missle.
Flame Lick (Fire):The Warlock creates a tongue of flame that leaps from 
                  the palm of the Warlocks hand. Maybe more damage than 
                  Chill Touch.
Detect Invis (Air)
Nightvision (Fire):Same as infravision or let them see in light 
                   (apmlifies ambient light)
Hopping Stones (Earth): Warlock controls stones ordering them to pelt enemies
                        Same as Balistic attack? maybe more or variable 
                        by level, higher level bigger stones.
Globe of Daylight (Fire): Same as continual light
Chameleon (Earth): Same as hide
Fiery Touch (Fire): Cloaks the Warlock in a fiery aura. Causes extra 
                    damage, maybe a small increase in dam roll.
Create Water (Water): Same
Blinding Flash (Fire): Same as cleric spell blindness.
Northern Lights (Air): Create a kaliedascope of swirling, damageing colors.
                       Equal to mage spell colour spray.
Earthquake (Earth): Same as cleric spell.
Create Spring (Water): Same
Walk on the Wind (Air): Same as fly
Hail (Water): A devastating area effect spell, causing baseball size hail 
              pelt down on an enemy group.
Control Weather (Air): Same
Cloud of Slumber (Air): Same as mage spell sleep. one target, but could 
                        be made an area effect spell. Would have to increase
                        level though.
Call Lightning (Air): Same
Breath Underwater (Water): Same as Water Breathing
Magnetism (Earth): Creates a powerful magnetic field that draws metallic 
                   items towards the center of the field. Could be used 
                   as a disarm. Weapons are pulled from the grasp of the enemy
                   but would not be able to be picked up until after 
                   field wears off (possible?)
SnowStorm (Water): Drops temperature, creates winds of 30mph and pelts an 
                   enemy group with snow and hail. More powerful version 
                   of Hail.
Travel Through Walls (Earth): Same as Pass Door
Track (Earth): Warlock talks with the Earth to track down an individual.
Fireball (Fire): Same
Fog of Fear (Air): Same as Fear. Once again, possible area effect. Or is 
                   Fear already area?
Phantom Footman (Air): Summons an Air elemental assistant. Is invis and 
                       can fly. Strong fighter. Level 25 on slist.
Sandstorm (Earth): Same as Ranger spell.
Breath of Life (Air): equivalent to a heal spell.
Phantom (Air): A more powerful version of the Phantom Footman. Invis, see 
               invis, fly, twice as strong as Phantom Footman. level 35
Little Ice Monster (Water): A tougher Fragmented Elemental Essense. 
                            Nightvision, Fasthealing. Very tough and very 
                            strong. level 40
Whirlwind (Air): Warlock creates a whirlwind with winds of up to 75mph 
                 that wil suck up anyone and anything not help down. 
                 Cyclone damage?
Tongue of Flame (Fire): Enables caster to hear and understand all 
                        languages but not speak them.
Flame Friend (Fire): Level 30 summoned elemental essense. Immune to Fire, 
                     takes double damage from water and cold (shrug)
Breath Fire (Fire): Equal to mage spell Fire Breath.
Hurricane (Air): Creates a more powerful version of Whirlwind with winds 
                 of 100-150mph in a 120ft area (area effect spell) 
Cocoon of Stone (Earth): Creates a Cocoon of Stone around the caster so 
                         that the Warlock can rest safely in dangerous areas
Little Mud Mound (Earth): Level 45 summoned elemental essense. Nightvision
                          great strength.
Blue Flame(Fire): Creates a magical flame that does not burn like normal 
                  fire but induces a burning, numbing cold. Target 
                  suffers a terrible numbing cold.
Plasma Bolt (Fire): The Warlock fires a bolt of plasma-like energy from his 
Tornado (Air): Most powerful area effect spell. A black funnel cloud is 
               center of the storm as 120-180mph winds rage about it. 
               Anything in its path will be scooped up, thrown about inside
               the funnel and finally tossed out of the funnel.
Wind Blast (Air): Most powerful single target spell. Warlock creates a 
                  titantic, but concentrated, blast of wind with hurricane
                  force at a target.
Create Golem (Earth): Summons a level 50 fragemented elemental essense. 
                      Immense strength and sanctuary. (takes half damage 
                       from all attacks)
Elemental Form (ALL): This is the one spell I'm not sure can be done. The 
                      caster takes on the properties of a creature of the 
                      elements. Effects include. Enhanced damage, fly, sanct,
                      invis, detect invis, nightvision. Originally the 
                      spell depende upon the force the Warlock 
                      controlled, Fire, you turned into a creature of fire.
                      I've combined all these together. This might seem really
                      powerful, but the effect would last, say, half as long
                       as sanctuary, say 4 hrs at level 50.

Warlock Skill List

1. Meditation        Shards of Ice
2. Flame Lick        Detect Invis        Nightvision
3. Hopping Stones        Globe of Daylight
4. Chameleon
5. Fiery Touch        Create Water
6. Blinding Flash        Northern Lights
8. Earthquake
9. Create Spring
10. Walk on the Wind
13. Hail        Control Weather
14. Cloud of Slumber
15. Call Lightning
17. Breathe Underwater
20. Magnetism        Snowstorm        Travel Through Walls
22. Track        Fireball        Fog of Fear
25. Phantom Footman
27. Sandstorm
30. Breath of Life        Flame Friend
35. Phantom
38. Whirlwind        Tongue of Flame
40. Little Ice Monster
41. Breathe Fire
43. Hurricane
45. Coccoon of Stone        Little Mud Mound
47. Blue Flame
48. Plasma Bolt
49. Tornado
50. Create Golem        Elemental Form           Wind Blast


Random Thoughts
by Contenda

Well, here I sit all broken hearted. The article is due, and I
can't get started.

(Forgive me, AsaMaro, but when you are desperate, anything can
look good.)

The really hard thing for me to do is get started. Once I have
an idea, or a glimmer of one, the words just pour out. To get
over that first hurdle is the tough part. And that is where I am

So how about some help?  Do you have any ideas? What would you
like to read about? Has the fine staff at the Gazette left
anything to be said? If you can think of anything at all, please
contact me, either at Avatar or Contenda@skyenet.net.

One of the things I have noticed at Avatar, is that it looks
like the best characteristics in everyone's nature, are the ones
that are depicted by your character. In a perfect world, you
could choose your personality, and I think here at Avatar we are
very close to that. Oh, some people are rude, or thoughtless,
but I don't think they realize that.


The Confrontation
by Shazam

(This all happened quite a while ago, when both Shazam and Milton were
levels 30 and 31 respectively.  I hope it can prove that multi-playing
doesn't have to interfere with role-playing.  Milton and Shazam are very
interrelated, and have a lot to do with each others development.)

        Sunlight filtered through the canopy above, creating a dappled
pattern on his loose fitting robes. It was a fine and pleasant day, he
had accomplished much already and it was only early morning.  Suddenly
the forest went quiet, birds ceased to sing, even the rustling leaves
had subsided. Shazam stopped in his tracks, straining his eyes and ears
for the source of the disturbance. Nothing. "No, wait...  something is
out there... I can hear it breathing..." From behind him came an
thundering, "BOO!" In a single fluid motion, he had turned, thrown off
his cape and drew a pair of gloves, each finger ending in razor sharp
claws and assumed a defensive stance. He saw nothing but a deer, with
its' head buried in the brush along the trails' side. He thought to
himself, "A deer?"

        "What or whom are you," he queried the beast. No answer. The
deer stared blankly at him, chewing some leaves. Shazam dropped his
claws and assumed a normal posture. 

        "Afraid of me? What are you, a wuss? You shoulda seen your face!
hehe!" laughter filled the woods. Although the speech was coming from
the deer, it's lips did not move, nor did it seem interested in him at
all.  Shazam walked up to the beast, thinking to himself, "Only one way
to be sure..." Swinging his claw in a deadly, massive arc, he aimed for
the beasts throat. Out of the bushes sprung a small figure, screaming
and waving it's hands. "Bamf!" The deer disappeared; his follow-through
nearly knocked him over. 

        Regaining his stability, he gazed upon the small, frail creature
he had come to recognize as a sprite. His anger was barely controllable,
hailing from the Viking clans, Shazam was a Martial Artist only in the
loosest sense of the word. He had nor desired the strict and logical
frame of mind necessary for any great amount of self-control. "What
right have you to interfere with my kill, mage?"

        "What right have you to destroy an innocent creature of the

        "It picked it's fight, it shouldn't have provoked me."

        "Hmpf. Typical of a human, you neither understand the ways of
magic, nor the way of nature. This ignorance is going to be you're
downfall someday. I just want to be there to see it." And with that, the
sprite raised an eyebrow, testing the human, looking for whatever
response it might be capable of. Shazam couldn't believe his ears, "This
childish weakling has the gall to call ME "iggnnoramiable, er.. 
ignamoosa...  whatever?! I'll teach him a lesson in the ways of nature,
the nature of pain!" Shazam drew his clawed hand next to his head,
fingers outstretched in a threatening demeanor. 

        "Those are some bold words, coming from such a little guy, they
just might get you hurt!"

        "ooOOooOOoo... violence... yes, you humans do have such a way
with it. Ironic how it hasn't gotten you anywhere... still if you want
violence I can oblige. I'll have you know there is more to fighting than
big muscles and fast steel." The sprite cracked a smile, "heh... foolish
human, I just hope he's not as good a fighter as he is dense." During
the entire conversation, had been sizing up the pseudo-mar, trying to
gauge what he was and wasn't capable of.  He certainly was BIG. Some of
the buckles on his armor were adjusted to the last notch, and straining
even then. Alas he could move too! Despite his size, he was just a
nimble, maybe even more so as compared to the more slender, lighter
sprites and thieves he had seen. The combination of power and speed not
yet fully mastered by the human was initially impressive to the sprite
who was dwarfed by comparison. This was going to be an interesting match
if nothing else. 

        "Are you not going to draw your weapon? Or do I get to run you
through without trying?"

        "Your bravery is commendable against a smaller opponent, human,
and so is your arrogance. I pledge to you now, you will have to try... 
Anything less than your best performance will do you little good, for
you understand little as far as I am concerned, you know not who I am,
nor anything about me. A basic tactical flaw. This is but a small part
of the ignorance that I claim to be your downfall." Again the mage
waited for a response. 

        The flurry of words and phrases threw Shazam off guard for a
moment. Regaining some composure, he replied in true barbaric fashion,
"Wrong, little one, I know who you are, you're Milton, the 'adventurer'
who stands behind real warriors, then takes credit for their skill and
power! I've heard all about you. No one here to hide behind now, is
there?  Just you and me you glory stealing leach..."  Shazam charged at
the mage, whom simply stood fast, feet planted on the ground. Seeing an
easy victory, the Viking thrust his left set of talons at the sprite
which merely ricocheted off their target. Momentarily astonished, he saw
the mage fade out of view right before his eyes; he had disappeared. 

        "What is this? Resorting to tricks and foolery? Show yourself
and fight!" Hearing the clearing of a throat behind him, Shazam spun
around just in time to see a gigantic fire ball leave Miltons' nimble
hands. It engulfed the Martial Artist and picked him up, throwing him
through the air, landing him on his back several meters from where he
started. Out of breath, and still smoking, he looked up to see the
little one standing on his chest, as if he were some kind of trophy! In
the faeries' dainty hands, he saw a giant, glowing dagger, which, in the
hands of the sprite, looked like a sword. Milton raised the blade up
above his head, planning to plant it firmly in the humans skull.
Ignoring the trauma and pain, the singed human swatted the dagger away
with one claw filled hand and swung at the mage with the other, creating
three deep, surgical quality wounds, which proceeded to bleed freely. In
shock, the mage sat trying desperately to devise a way to beat the now
charred human. He quickly pulled out a staff pointed it at the human and
from the end shot a mass of sticky webs, sticking Shazam firmly to the
ground. Milton breathed a sigh and collapsed, with his foe subdued, he
had a chance to work things out. With his mana being exhausted he had
few options left. Going near the webbed human wasn't a good idea due to
the fact he could see the flailing claws protruding from the sticky
mess. Out of rage, maybe desperation, Shazam flung a glove at the mage,
hoping to catch him in the head with a blade, possibly two. Rolling out
of the way, the tiny humanoid walked over to Shazams' convulsing body,
just out of reach of the 6" claws. He knelt down and began to think out

        "What to do..." Milton looked down to see his very open wounds. 
"Gotta do something about those... Hmm...I could just leave him here... 
no that won't work... he won't understand what I'm doing here. It'll
simply serve to anger him further. Hmm, and by the looks of things, I'd
hate to be around when that happens."

         "Too late, mage!" Milton looked up only to see a set of blades
streaking towards his head. In total reaction, a well aimed fingertip
shot a barrage of missiles at his assailant. They tore a giant hole in
the weakened armor, entering the surface of the skin, opening up a
sizable wound in the humans' chest. But it was in vain, it only served
to altered the charging humans' aim as three of the blades on his hand
entered the mages torso and promptly exited the opposite side. Looking
at the limp corpse, impaled on his gloves, he stood up feebly and
inspected the mages body. Determining it to indeed be dead, he noticed
the giant wound on this chest, were it not for the flood of excruciating
pain, he would have shrugged it off as testament to his bravery. As it
was, he fell to his knees, gasping for breath. As the adrenaline wore
off he was aware of the fact his entire body was covered with burns. As
he passed out, he had no idea that the sprite corpse had disappeared,
nor that he would be forced to confront Milton again... 


Compiled by Alisa (with help from Contenda)

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Avatar Events Summary
by Leorick

- Check out several relatively unused areas from the 'Miner's Guild', found
  1 down from Aelmon.
- Hitpoints and Mana _above_ max (ie. 200 of 100) will now decay as time
- Open/unlock/lock/pick doors works properly now.
- Max note-length has been shortened.
- Harpies, Ancalador, Little Haven areas removed.
- The Graveyard area {30 40} is now non-aggressive.
- Monitor and reply-lock now disable when the target quits.
- The 'Last' command now includes level.
- Restoration/Mass-Restoration spells removed.
- A memory bug has been fixed, we should be much more stable from now on.

Check out the complete Avatar Events newsletter; E-Mail Leorick at
"morr@upei.ca" and he'll mail you a copy. 


                 Intellitech Walrus

As all of you have no doubt noticed, we're up on a great Internet site;
Intellitech Walrus!  Lag has been at a minimum while MUD enjoyment has
been at a maximum, thanks to Snikt and Walrus owner Michael Rosenthal.
Intellitech Walrus is a really great system, not even considering the
MUD; for fifteen bucks a month, you get a shell account with a whopping
10 Meg of storage space.  Who could ask for anything more?  They also
have some great deals on PPP accounts and several other pricing levels.
If you live in the 212 New York area code, you should really check into
getting an account with Intellitech Walrus.  Check out their web page at
http://www.walrus.com or call them at 212/466-5000.  You can also
request information via writing email to info@walrus.com.  Tell 'em
Snikt and AsaMaro at The Avatar MUD sent ya! 


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