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Gazette 1996-02-03
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1996 Gazettes | Gazette 1996-02-03 Part 1/2
  The Avatar Gazette                    Vol III, No. 1 Feb. 3rd 1996
   (A Sunlight Through The Shadows Production)
  The Avatar Gazette is published once a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to avatar-request@stolaf.edu and including the
  following in the body of your note:  subscribe gazette <your email
  address> <your name on the mud>

  Telnet to Avatar at: walrus.com 3000
  The Gazette Staff: AsaMaro, Marat, Arundel and Contenda.
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1996, Joe DeRouen.
  All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by
  Joe DeRouen are also copyrighted (c) 1996 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written 
  permission will result in prosecution to the fullest extent
  of the law. 

                     Table of Contents

                Page     1      Introduction
                Page     1      Table of Contents
                Page     2      AsaMaro's Editorial 
                Page     3      Back Issue Information                
                Page     3      Avatar Player's Page Information
                Page     3      Search For a Weasel by Marat
                Page     5      Avatar Player Bio: Peregrin
                Page     6      Avatar Player Bio: Shazam 
                Page     7      Avatar Player Bio: Ynnad       
                Page     7      Contenda, Get a Life! by Contenda
                Page     9      The Drow by Swiftsword
                Page     9      The Adventures of Kilger by Kariya
                Page    12      Zen and the Art of Avatar by Dizzy
                Page    13      A Guide To Avatar's Magic by Revenani
                Page    22      A Guide For All by Meko
                Page    24      Newbies Ask by Arundel        
                Page    25      News and Happenings by AsaMaro
                Page    25      Avatar Events Summary by Leorick


                 *  We're Baaack!  *

As some of you may have noticed, the Avatar Gazette has been . . . well,
a little late.  In fact, the last issue was released on October 30th of
last year.  I have been, to say the least, a little busy in that oft
talked about other world called "Real Life."  I took a little break from
the game back in December ostensibly to catch up on some real life
obligations, but things snowballed (which is hard to do in Texas!) and I
ended up not being able to come back full time til now. 

At any rate, we the staff of the Gazette (okay, me) apologize for the
delay and thank you for caring enough to write and ask where it was.  If
it wasn't for you, the players of Avatar, there would be no Gazette. 
Thanks for your support!  You should start seeing the Gazette a little
more frequently now.  Once a month is the plan.  If it doesn't happen,
pester me and cajole me and send me lots and lots of submissions. :) 

                   *         *        *  

Sigh.  Every once in a while, something happens that just makes you
shake your head in a sad and confused way and just wonder about people. 
A few days ago, someone hacked their way into the files of Avatar and
deleted everything, including the player files and the area files.

Thankfully, we keep pretty good backups.  As some of you probably
already know, a backup of the files made on Jan 29th was used and Avatar
was once again open and running.  A full backup from the day that the
event happened (February 1st) should be instituted soon, possibly by the
time you read this, and everything will be back to normal.

Why would someone do this?  I've been asking myself this question all
day long.  Why?  What did it accomplish, aside from making a lot of
Immortals (DaWiz, Ferret, and Mendek, for example) work really hard to
get everything back in working order.  Nothing was permanently lost, and
most of the players have been very understand about this inconvenience.

Do we know who did it?  Not 100%.  But we have some good leads, and are
working to get to the bottom of it.  Will legal action be pursued?
Probably not.  Something like this is very hard to prove, and electronic
crimes of this nature rarely result in any sort of punishment for the
guilty.  So, in essence, the guilty party got away with it.  But things
will catch up to him or her, eventually.  It's called Karma, folks, and
it almost always works.  What comes around goes around.  Do something
bad to someone else and, somewhere along the line, something bad will
happen to you.  You've made your own bed, Mr. Hacker.  Don't let the bed
bugs bite.  :)

(If you have any information at all about this crime, write to
snikt@walrus.com and let him know what you know.  He'll appreciate it
and probably give you a level or two if the information is solid.) 

                   *         *        *    

Of course, the challenge from last issue is still in affect - If you've
never before written for the Gazette, write an article and send it to
me.  If it's good (meaning, if I publish it) you'll get a level.  The
free level applies only to Mortals and Heroes, of course; Immortals and
Angels will have to make due with only my gratitude.  

                   *         *        *    

As all of you have no doubt noticed by now, we're up on a great new
site; Intellitech Walrus!  Lag has been at a minimum while MUD enjoyment
has been at a maximum, thanks to Snikt and Walrus owner Michael
Rosenthal.  Intellitech Walrus is a really great system, not even
considering the MUD; for fifteen bucks a month, you get a shell account
with a whopping 10 Meg of storage space.  Who could ask for anything
more?  They also have some great deals on PPP accounts and several other
pricing levels.  If you live in the 212 New York area code, you should
really check into getting an account with Intellitech Walrus.  Check out
their web page at http://www.walrus.com or call them at 212/466-5000.
You can also request information via writing email to info@walrus.com.
Tell 'em Snikt and AsaMaro at The Avatar MUD sent ya! 

                   *         *        *    

I have a little contest for those who are interested.  Do you think
Avatar should add another class?  If so, what?  Write up a complete
description of a new class (with spells, abilities, etc.) and email it
to me.  Whoever sends in the one I like the best gets a level.  Please
realize of course that this contest is solely at the whim of the editor
of the Gazette and winning the contest in no way means that your
proposed class will ever see the light of the day.  In other words, it's
just for fun.  So, please, ladies and gentlemen - no wagering. 

 --AsaMaro, Feb. 2nd 1996


                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
ftp.walrus.com /pub/avatar/gazette.  There's a lot of other good stuff
available there as well.  Check it out!

                        Avatar's Web Page

While you're scuttling about the Internet, check out Avatar's Web Page at
http://www.walrus.com/~avatar.  Aegis has recently added a lot to the page,
so even if you've been there you should definitely take another look.


                       Search for a Weasel
                            by Marat

I sighed as I woke in a realm filled with aggravation and sadness. A
weasel had been in the henhouse so to speak and rocked the very
foundation of our world. Fortunately, great wizards like Ferret, DaWiz,
Mendek and Snikt restored our world to some stability and would continue
to return us to the realm we love. Still, I am left with a great
curiousity. Who is this weasel who slunk in on electronic feet and tore
the throats of our hens, who sunk his sharp, paranoid teeth into our
eggs and sucked the life from them?

As an investigative reporter and frequent wanderer of the realm, I
thought I could get to the bottom of this mystery. I began my quest for
the answer in the Dwarven Catacombs. I searched the burial grounds to
see if anyone lurked in the shadows. I just found shadows, so I asked
him if he had any ideas.

"I heard of this great crime," whispered the eerie shadows, "but I have
no clue. Perhaps someone jealous of the prosperity in this realm.
Perhaps someone who lets the shadows in his heart overwhelm him."

I diplomatically thanked the shadows and left. Boy, is he melodramatic;
yet, he had given me something to think about it. Who would have a
motive? I donned my spiderweb armbands so I could fly and went to see
some harpies.

On my arrival, the harpies screamed and hissed at me. I smiled back and
asked them if they had any ideas about the incident in the realm. The
larger of the two harpies standing on the cliff edge with me left, but
the smaller preened her feathers with her pointy talon and hissed in my

"Definitely a land dweller. None of the air beasts would be so spiteful.
Only something without wings would do this. That I can tell you." She
hissed again, said "say hello to AsaMaro, that cute husband of yours,"
then flew off to the east.

Harpies are such flirts. I shook my head, rolled my eyes and sighed. Flying 
creatures are so fey. Perhaps a dip in the ocean and a conversation with 
some fish would net me some answers. I checked my gills, dove in and 
rounded up four fish. 

"Tell me," I bubbled. "What do you know about the disturbance in the

The three smaller fish motioned to a bigger fish indicating he could be
their spokesperson. The big fish cleared his fishy throat and gurgled
"We do not know what to think. We are supremely grateful that order has
been essentially restored. We think the worst is over and we know the
realm will go on to greater glories in the future."

I must have looked desperate or sad because the fish spoke again.

"I wish we could give you an answer. I do believe it to be a land
dweller, someone sneaky, someone conniving and definitely someone with a
grudge. I'm sorry I know nothing more," he burbled as he turned and swam

I couldn't blame the fish or any other realm resident for not knowing. I
was beginning to get a mental picture of this perpetrator. Who held a
supreme grudge against the realm of Avatar? I decided to interview one
last person: a Guard of the Light in Midgaard. I walked down Thalos
Street until I found one.

"Oh, guard. May I ask you what your opinion is of the attempted destruction
to Avatar?" I stood relaxed waiting for his answer.

"Ahem. Yes, well, as you know I am sworn to protect Midgaard and since
that lies in the realm of Avatar, everything that happens to the realm
is of some interest to me," he said in a deep voice. He huffed his
moustache and spoke again, "I wish I had a clue who the scoundrel was. I
would spare him not a moment of mercy. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue.
I saw nothing on my watch and none of the township's citizens have
answers. I am sorry. I hope justice is done."

"I hope justice is will be served, also. Thank you, guard, you may
return to your duties," I said imperiously. He marched away, pausing to
smile at a young girl who was humming tunelessly.

With a heavy heart, I retired my quest to find the weasel who had
disrupted so many lives here in Avatar. The answer might never be
discovered, but the realm would persevere and flourish as it has done.
That thought lifted the weight from my shoulders and I decided to take a
stroll through the gardens of White Lotus. The gardens are not in good
shape, but lovely songbirds reside there and their song would be the
perfect tonic after such turmoil.

As I walked the path in the garden and listened to the birds sing, I
began to mull over who I would talk to next and what sort of questions I
would ask.  Nothing particular came to mind, though I would like to know
why crystal spiders need weapons. 


                   * Avatar Player Bio *

Name: Peregrin         RL: Tim Shibata         Age: 263 (RL) 17
Race: Half-Orc         Class: Warrior          Current level: Hero 160

Interests and Background:
Peregrin was born, and has lived his entire life in the city of Thousand
Oaks, CA.  He graduated High School a year early, and is currently 
taking the year off before he starts college.  Besides playing AVATAR, he 
also enjoys playing the piano, reading books, playing videogames, and 
holding long conversations on the phone.

Advice to Other Players:

"Get to know people around your level.  Though you may not realize it at 
the time, people within 5 levels of you can become valuable groupies 
later on.  Those of us who are 10+ levels above you might help, but 
usually our help will consist of helping you find equipment.  Those who
are closest to you in level can group with you to get XP.  Besides, you'll 
be joining these people in herodom, so you might as well get to know them.

Also, be considerate of others.  When in a group, use good etiquette, and 
treat others as you'd like to be treated.  You won't believe how much more
people will like you, and in turn want to group with you, if you are polite."

                    * Avatar Player Bio *
 Name: Shazam            RL: Jeff Eidsness       Age: 17yrs (RL) 20  
 Race: Human             Class: Mar              Current level: 31   
 Interests and Background:
 I was raised a Navy brat and spent most of my life in places such as
 Hawaii, San Diego and Guam. My dad retired here in Washington State about
 4 years ago, he liked it here so we stayed. Avatar is a way to get out 
 and do something (if even virtual) and not have to drive half an hour
 to the nearest town. Interests? I dunno, just normal guy stuff, mainly.
 Stereos, motorcycles, RC Planes and Fimo tend to keep me busy when i'm
 not mudding. I try to write as much as possible, but it's mostly for 
 me, seeing as some of my perspectives are lost on 'normal people' :) I've 
 been trying to get folks from Avatar to exchange post cards with me, (always
 looking for an excuse to write something...) but so far, i have yet go see
 any.. :) post a note if you are interested and i'll repost my address.  

 Advice to Other Players:
 Ack. I'm usually asking others for advice. I've been playing for 3 months
 now and have yet to get past level 31 (exactly 17 of which are attributed
 to Hand of God :) Everyone says group. It's true. It works. Be polite. 
 NOTHING makes me madder than when i'm fighting a mob and someone three
 levels higher walks in steals the kill and says "I lost over 700 xp 
 cause i died, i need all the xp i can get." Everybody dies, everyone 
 looses xp, equipment etc. I lost all my equ due to a bug, and Dorsai 
 and Frey rebuilt my char. With no equ and no money, I was really stuck.
 Mars rock, but even WE need equipment. Markin gave me some of his gear 
 he outgrew in the HOG fest, then Milton, Taris (or was it Talen, ack)
 and I managed to kill Diana (even then only because taxyd sancted and 
 healed me during battle) and get her gear. With out Markin, Talen and 
 TaxyD, I would have been stuck along time. Be courteous. Be helpful if 
 it's not a giant inconvenience. Someone somewhere helped you once.. pass 
 the favor on. We're all here to have fun, what fun is wallowing around 
 all by yourself? Not everyone is good enough to be able to hero in 60 


                *Avatar Player Bio*

 Name:  Ynnad        RL:  Danny Tracy     Age (RL):  18  MUD: 175
 Race:  Half-Orc     Class:  Ranger       Current level: Hero 97

 Interests and Background:

 I entered existence one fine December day in 1977.  I lived in
 Maysville, Oklahoma (don't blink, you'll miss it) until the end of my
 sophomore year when I made it into the Oklahoma School of Science and
 Math (OSSM).  Now, during the school year I live at the OSSM dorms on
 the University of Oklahoma campus.  Of course, I had barely heard of
 the Internet, much less MUDS, when came here.....now I'm addicted ;P. 
 In my free time (huh, what's that?) I like to play AVATAR (of course),
 read science fiction (I'm a huge Tolkien fan), listen to music, hang
 out with friends, and work on my homepage.  What do I dislike? 
 Uhm...the tons of homework I have, country music, and VI editor :).  I
 started playing AVATAR last January, so that makes about a year I
 have played. 

 Advice to Other Players:

 The most important advice I can give you is HAVE FUN!  Try to role-play
 when you get the chance, because it really enhances the game.  Take time
 to meet people and learn the game, don't just be a powermudder.  When
 and if you need help, ask politely for assistance.  That will get more
 attention than shouting "I want a CR!"  The Heroes, Angels, and Imms
 are glad to help with any problems you may have as long as you are civil.


                        Contenda, Get a Life!
                            by Contenda

Contenda stretched and shook the sleep from her eyes. She looked around,
it was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, and the soft clouds were
gently strolling across the sky.

She lay there for a moment, and thought....this is the life!

After rummaging around in her satchel for a second, out came a pot pie,
an apple and her waterskin. Leaning back against the tree, Contenda took
a bite of the apple, wondering what will come of the day. The biggest
decision she had to make was which way to travel.

While eating her breakfast, she thought about her life. She had no
worries, and no one to worry about. She was responsible only to herself,
and she kind of liked it that way. Freedom. Avatar was a great place,
and she considered herself very lucky to live here.  She had made some
friends since coming here, and they were very dear to her.

Contenda stood and brushed the crumbs of her meal off her cape. "Well,
time to shove off", she thought. Gathering up her things, she decided to
walk west.  Sounds of small game were barely heard through the forest in
that direction.

"Hey....do you want to group?"


"Group what?", asked Kara, clearly puzzled.

Nancy jumped as she exclaimed, "Huh?"

Looking around, Nancy was momentarily stunned. Her office was as
cluttered as usual, and there were both Bosses Day and birthday helium
balloons floating near the ceiling, the latter proclaiming "Over the
Hill!!".  The radio was playing classic rock, some Tom Petty at the
moment, and printouts were scattered across her desk.  Kara was sitting
in the visitors chair, with some receiving documents on her lap, and a
strange expression on her face.

"I asked you whether these needed to be entered, or do I just file
them?", asked Kara.

"Um....Let me see".  Nancy reached across her keyboard for the papers.
Shuffling the papers on her desk, she felt quite un-nerved. It was as if
she had been day-dreaming.  She had the oddest sensation of a fresh
fruit taste on her lips. She licked them.

"These are just supplies, so fax them to Finance, and then file them"

"OK. Did you know the fax was acting up again? Why do they buy such
cheap equipment?"


"Equipment? Where do I get that?" asked Newbster.

Sighing, Contenda held back her impatience. After all, she was new to
this land at one time also. She fondly remembered all the people that
helped her, and smiled at the memories.  She realized that she needed to
somehow repay these kindnesses.

She looked again at Newbster. He stood with a defiant look on his face,
and nothing much else except the dead field mouse he had dangling from
his hand.

Making a nest of leaves up against the tree, Contenda pulled an Oatmeal
Cookie out of her satchel, leaned up against the bark, and patted the
ground beside her.

"Come sit. Now, when you get back to Nom, enter the Tree........"


 The Drow
 by Swiftsword

 Deep in the Darkness,  The gloom of the dungeon 
 enveloped the young Drow Warrior. 
 Pacing back and forth as far as the length of chain 
 would allow him. He scarcely felt the cold, his one thought was escape.
 Pulling the warm piwafwi of deep purple evermore tightly around him.
 He considered his plight.
 No one could hear...
 No one could see...
 No one could help...
 The chain was his enemy now. Each link, each bolt, each screw...
 Keeping him from his freedom...
 He was alone.   
 He could do nothing.  
 For now he slept.
 The silent eerie dungeon remained.
 Shrouded in silence, waiting.... As...
 As he finally spoke his last words...
 "Dream of Me." As I am no more... 
 Remember me....
 For I shall join the *Angels*.. 

The adventures of Kilger
by Kariya

It was a cold winternight and KIlger, a young man who was one day away
from his seventeenth birthday sat on the floor near the fireplace,
listening to his cousin Kariya , who was telling about his big
adventures in the outside world. He was so jealous of his cousin.  He
too would like to fight monsters and meet elves and faerie queens. But
his father wouldn't let him go. So for now he had no choice but to listen
to Kariya. 

'So there I was, outnumbered by those orcs when suddenly my old friend 
Rackhir sneaked up and he asked if I needed a hand! I answered that I sure 
could use him and together we killed all of those dirty monsters!'

Kilger's thoughts drifted away and suddenly he pictured it was HIM 
fighting there. With one slice of his mighty sword he slew a huge orc and 
with a blast of magical fire he....His father woke him up from his dream.
'Come on, son' He spoke. Time to go to bed..this is no place to sleep!'
Kilger obeyed his father and went to bed.

The next morning the whole family was gathered in the kitchen to 
congratulate him in his seventeenth birthday. His mother had made a dish 
that could feed an army for a week just for this occasion. After their 
breakfast his father told him he wanted to speak to him in private so 
they went to his father's study, accompanied by Kariya.

'Son, you are seventeen now.. a fine age! It is time for you to spread
your wings and see the world! I know you always wanted to be an
adventurer.. soon you shall be one! Last night I had a long talk with
your cousin and he sees a great adventurer in you. A young man who some
day will be a great spellcaster!' His father spoke. 'A spellcaster?'
Kilger asked amazed and awestruck. 'Yes..you will make a great mage'
Kariya answered him' You have the fire of magic in your eyes, even
though you are only seventeen..'

Kilger was surprised that so sudden he was allowed to seek fortune and 
fame and adventure in the outside world. This was what he had always 
dreamed of, but seemed so far out of reach and now.. now finally!!
Kariya noticed the excitement on the young man's face and tried to make 
him get his senses back by reminding him that the path he wanted to walk 
on was not an easy one and that it would be filled with many perils and 
dangers. But Kilger was determined and vowed he would conquer all.

His father then left the room and returned only moments later giving him 
a small dagger and a shield.' Here my son.. these I had made for you when 
you were born.. may they serve you well!' Kilger thanked his father and 
hugged him. After this he went into the next room to say farewell to his 
family. Then he returned and said 'I am ready!'

Kariya swung back his black cape and only now did the two men see his
equipment. All the armor was black and shone in the morning sun. There
was an aura of divinity surrounding him and both Kilger and his father
suddenly realised that Kariya wasn't just a mere mortal but one of the
fabled immortals. 

'It's time to go.. prepare for a short but bumpy ride!' Kariya spoke,
and he raised his hands and both he and Kilger were surrounded by
supernatural black flames which lifted them up and carried them away to
a place far far away. 

Kilger flew high through the air alongside Kariya enjoying the flight, 
and wondering what magical or supernatural events were in store for him 
in the future. After a short while they started to move slower and also 
decrease in altitude. Just as sudden as they journey had started it ended 
in front of an old shaman. 

Kariya spoke to the shaman: 'Nom, I have returned with a new adventurer! 
Think he will pass the tests of the tree? ' Nom looked up from the fire 
in front if him and looked Kilger over. 'Yes' he replied, after which he 
stirred up the fire and took a sip from the small fountain next to him.

Kariya told Kilger 'hmm..the old man must like you..usually he doesn't 
answer..all he does is sit here and mumble ancient spells that heal and 
protect  you.'

The two waved to the old man and left. 'This..is the ancient tree of
knowledge!' Kariya said when they arrived in front of a humongous tree
that towered over them The top was in the clouds and it was about as big
and broad as Kilger's house far far away. 'Here you can learn all the
basics about adventuring, lets climb in!' The two climbed in the tree
and when they stood on its branches Kilger could feel the power flow.
The spirit of the tree surrounded him and filled him with wisdom. 

Suddenly he saw a tunnel of light. He hesitated with entering and looked
at Kariya for help..The great Immortal just nodded and gestured that
Kilger should go in. The young adventurer walked bravely towards the
light that came from the tunnel and entered. The tunnel was long and the
light seemed to change with every few steps they took. Along the way he
learned much about the ways of this world and he gained a lot of
knowledge about the art of adventuring. 

Suddenly he stood eye to eye with a lizard. It was wounded badly and
Kilger wondered what to do now. 'Kill it!' Kariya spoke 'This is a test
to see if you know how to use your weapons, my friend!'

Kilger slowly raised his sword and said softly: 'Oh please forgive me,
but I have to do this, don't I??' And with one mighty hew of his sword he
slew the lizard. Kariya urged him to move on and not look back but just
before they left this room he looked over his shoulder and saw the
corpse has disappeared already!! Then suddenly, something moved in the
shadows and a big fat rat rushed towards them. Kilger quickly sliced the
rat and the corpse dropped at his feet. 'Look at this corpse' Kariya
said calmly 'It has some valuables hidden in its fur!' Kilger did as his
cousin asked him and found a bracelet which just happened to fit him
perfectly.  They quickly moved on again and soon they arrived in what
Kariya called the 'combat school'. Kilger peeked in the rooms
surrounding him and he saw monsters everywhere! He looked at Kariya for
advice, but he just stood there grinning and then said with a demonic
look on his face 'kill em, buddy...kill em all!!!!' Kilger nodded,
looked at his sword and took a deep breath.. 

Some minutes later he stood in front of Kariya again, his sword was
bloodstained and he was now all geared up in garments and pieces of
equipment he had looted from the corpses of the monsters.  'Kariya, why
do I suddenly feel stronger and more powerful than before?' He asked his
mentor. 'You have reached a new level in you life, Kilger' The Immortal
answered. 'Right now you have proven yourself worthy of your presence
here and will be known as a real adventurer. This feeling of more power
and strength will happen more often if you keep it up like this..Soon
you will develop magical powers as well I think. Yeah..you'll have your
share of adventure and fame , my young friend! Don't you worry about
that. But now I will leave you..you don't need my help anymore at this
point. Two pieces of advice though. Set out into the world now and seek
the hawk with the golden feather and if you want to train your powers
and skills return to the tree..it possesses wisdom beyond your dreams
and will be able to teach you anything when the time is there!  Now..so
long my friend..may the Gods be with you!'

Kariya surrounded himself with those mystical black flames and Kilger
was alone.. but he was ready!!!! 


ZEN and the Art of Playing the Game -- AVATAR
              by Dizzy

        A few years ago an excellent book was published entitled, "ZEN
and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance".  The author used humor and
common sense to teach his readers about how to enjoy life, maintain a
Hog (bike, chopper, motorcycle....not Hand of God) and peacefully
coexist with our fellow man, no matter what distractions or irritations
compete for our attention or emotions.  I recommend it to anyone that
can still find a copy....just when you think you're having a wonderful
time reading a funny book, you realize that the author reached out and
touched some aspect of you life and whole new avenues of possibilities
open up before you.  It isn't a "How To" manual, or a nuts and bolts
cookbook; it is a book of philosophy that gives you to tools to sort the
nuts and bolts and discover "How To" on your own. 

        This article is less about lists of things to do on AVATAR, than
it is about a philosophy of MUDding.  We all MUD with different
motivations and widely varied goals, but the essence of why AVATAR
exists is the same reason any game is created: for personal enjoyment. 
The aim of this article is to impart a philosophy of how to maximize
your enjoyment of the game, without getting wrapped around the mechanics
step by step instructions to run there, kill that, snag EQ and level
quick (all of which are part of the game and *Fun* to do, but are more
by-products than motivating factors). 

        Some of you are PowerMudders.... nothing excites you except the
accumulation of EXP and yelling, "LEVELLLL!!!!!" as frequently as
possible.  Levelling every 10 minutes would be just peachy with you. 
Others of you achieve nirvana when you can find another player that's
into Role Playing and they'll happily be Spock to your Bones.  Some of
us like to just hang out and chat for the social aspects of MUDding. 
Any of these approaches is Very Cool and there is room for everyone's
idea of "How It Should Be".  If you're a Lone Wolf type of MUDder,
you'll have fun treking endlessly through our world, Groupies can always
find somone(s) of like mind to spend time with....that's the beauty of
MUDding: Maximum flexibility, minimal invasion of "Personal Space"....If
you wanna MUD naked or in a Tuxedo, nobody cares or will even know
unless you broadcast it like the 11 O'Clock news. 

        So. No matter how socially adept or inept you may be, and
regardless of race, religion, personal creed, cleanliness or dress
habits; here's how you can get more out of your time on AVATAR:

BE FRIENDLY... An ancient proverb tells us that if we would have
friends, we must first show ourselves to be friendly.  AVATAR has a rich
supply of social commands that allow you to express any combination of
emotion and temperament.  "Smile" at people.  "Drool" when you feel
silly. "Bonk" someone when they are being foolish.  Every MUDder know
that eventually you're going to need friends for practical reasons one
day (Dying...YECH!), you'll also find that its just plain more *FUN* to
ride a roller coaster with some buddies that it is to ride by yourself. 

YOU GET BY GIVING... Paradox you say? Nope, another ancient proverb. 
Human nature dictates that we become emotionally attached to whatever we
invest ourselves in.  If you invest yourself in helping newbies (run 'em
around for 5 or so levels), you'll discover a sure fire method of
creating lasting relationships.  They'll love you...they'll worship
you....they'll be there for YOU when you reach level 31 and need someone
to group with you to get EXP.  Just killed a mob with EQ that you don't
need?...Don't sacrifice it, make a friend and GIVE IT AWAY.  You'll
find that they will never forget your kindness and you will have made a
friend for the duration of your stay on AVATAR. Pay attention to other
peoples needs...when someone asks to group be the first to volunteer,
you'll discover that you're having the time of your life. 

DEVELOP A MAGELLAN COMPLEX... Exploring is some of the best fun you can
have.  Next time you level, park your irreplaceable EQ with another
character and take off in a direction you've never been before. Write
down every move...see what you can find...if you die, so what? You
haven't lost much EXP and no EQ at all!!  Cartography is a forgotten art,
but mapping the MUD yields huge benefits: you become the "Shell Answer
Man", you can lead vast armies of newbies into the yawning mouth of Hell
(as a bad example), and best of all you always know where to go for EQ
and EXP. 

ATTITUDE CHECK!...  Learn to gauge your emotional state before you
engage your mouth.  If you aren't having fun....frustrated, angry, in
mourning (over your latest death)...take a break.  Either chill out at
Nom or Aelmon for a few minutes, or go see how many twinkies and cokes
it takes to make you physically ill. Log off for a hour, or a day.  Play
"connect the dots" with your little brothers freckles using a laundry
marker.  You will NOT make points with your MUD friends, Heros, Angels
or IMMs by expressing your anger or frustration. Let the emotion drain
away and then present a logical argument (if you still feel strongly
about it)....and only present it once.  Don't make a habit of arguing,
or nagging, or whining. 

BE A QUEST BEAST... Join in every activity that's going on.  If there is
a quest starting up, don't whine because the planned reward is pink
instead of orange.  The more you PARTicipate, the more you become a PART
of AVATAR.  Hold your own mini-quests for newbies!  Gain a reputation as
a "team player" and don't be surprised if your knowledge, attitude, and
personality cause you to rise quickly to the top....who knows? Mebbe
even into the ranks of the IMMortals! 


       A Guide To Avatar's Magic     
       by Revenani

       (Adapted from Revenani's Immortal task paper by AsaMaro)

         Potions, scrolls and other magic items are  often very useful
 in Avatar.  I have catalogued potions, scrolls, staves and wands.  I
 also will include a few well known pills and other magical items that
 don't specifically fit those named categories. 

         The ones I found I found by the locate spell and tracked them to 
 mobs or locations to the best of my ability.  This list is by no means 
 exhaustive or complete, but reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) 
 effort can produce these items.
 Blue-green vial - Bought at Aelmon for 450 gold.  Level 0 item.  Level 45 
 spell of 'cure poison' - comment - usage is obvious, easily obtained.
 Turquoise vial - Bought at Aelmon for 150 gold.  Level 0 item.  level 14 
 spells of 'cure light' - comment - usage is obvious, easily obtained.
 Yellow vial - Bought at magic shop in Midgaard for 420 gold.  Level 0 
 item.  Level 12 spells of 'detect invis' - comment - usage is obvious, 
 easily obtained.
 Vial of Bottled Moonlight - From Fluttering Nixie in Faerie Ring - Level 
 10 potion.  Level 14 spells of 'fly', 'cure poison', 'cure critical'. - 
 comment - Good potion to have for a low level, particularly in poisonous 
 Purple potion - Off of Large Hobgoblin and the main reason why they are 
 slaughtered wholesale.  Level 1 item.  Level 18 spells of cure blindness, 
 sanctuary. - comment - if I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believed it.  
 Sanctuary being literally a life and level saver, this potion is one of 
 the most valuable, reasonably obtainable and used.
 Glowing Blue Potion - Bought from Elvira in New Thalos for 467 gold.  
 Level 0 potion.  Level 12 spell of sleep. - comment - easily obtained if 
 a bit expensive and a bit of a trek for one sleep spell.  Usage obvious.
 Deep-green potion - Bought from Elvira in New Thalos for 1870 gold - 
 Level 0 potion.  Level 10 spell of 'stone skin', 'blindness'. - comment - 
 Stone skin is a good spell, but 1870 is steep for regular usage.
 Crystal clear potion - Bought from Elvira in New Thalos for 1309 gold. 
 Level 0 item.  Level 9 spell of 'detect invis' - comment - detect invis 
 is almost a MUST for this game.  If you gotta pay, you gotta pay, 
 particularly since it cannot be cast on you except for holy sight.
 Dark blue potion - Bought from Elvira in New Thalos for 935 gold.  Level 
 0 potion.  Level 10 spells of 'detect evil', 'refresh'. - comment - costs 
 less than buying a refresh, but isn't overall a potion that's going to 
 sell so much that Elvira needs more warehouse space.
 Amber Potion - Off of the nanny in Daycare.  Level 5 potion.  Level 29 
 spells of 'cure light' and 'armor'. - comment - one of the better, more 
 easily obtainable potions.  Good for levels who can whomp on a nanny and 
 win.  Good for emergencies, and armor is always good to wear for the 
 well-dressed magical adventurer.
 Fiery-red Vial - Bought from Aelmon for 5250 gold.  Level 0 potion.  
 Level 49 spells of 'cure critical', 'cure light'. - comment - despite 
 high cost, it is HANDS DOWN the biggest selling item, as anyone at Aelmon 
 can see.  Whole aliases and containers are devoted to buying, storing, 
 and using this necessity.  Many people depend on these vials to play and 
 would be crippled (at least emotionally) without them.
 Black Potion - Found on the ground in Old Thalos.  Level 10 potion.  
 Level 17 spells of 'blindness', 'sanctuary', 'giant strength'. - comment 
 - Another of the best potions available, costing nothing as long as you 
 can sneak past the lamias.  It is invisible, however, and so that is 
 prohibitive to lower levels.  But for someone who knows where it is and 
 how to get it, it's a free ride to some very good spells.
 The next 4 potions are off of the Mad Alchemist in High Tower of Sorcery.
         Milky-white potion - Level 23 potion. Level 13 spell of 'word of 
 recall' - comment - I think we could do without this one.
         Effervescent potion - Level 23 potion.  Level 17 spells of 
 'detect evil', 'invis' and 'detect magic' - comment - good potion to 
 have, for those who can't cast it.  
         Green potion - Level 24 potion.  Level 21 spells of 'blindness', 
 'teleport', 'cure blindness' - comment - Now we know why they call him 
 'Mad Alchemist'.  This potion just makes you waste an identify.
         Bright red potion - Mad Alchemist - Level 23 potion.  Level 14 
 spell of 'cure critical'. - comment - Good potion, but not worth the 
 trouble of killing the Alchemist if you're actually gonna get HURT doing 
 it.  On the other hand, the leather pouch is a good container, and people 
 will wonder what a 'silver stirring spoon' is for conversation.  Overall, 
 the Alchemist is a curiosity and the realm of thieves and people with 
 time and hp to burn.
 Clear potion - In the Tightrope Walker's wagon in the circus.  Level 4 
 potion.  Level 29 spells of 'fly', 'remove curse', 'continual light'. - 
 comment - This is a good potion for low levels, even if it won't really 
 get rid of one of the 5 cursed dolls they're carrying, most likely.  It's 
 free, it's easily obtained, and fly is a blessing for low movement.
 Healing Potion - Bought at Nom for 1500 gold. Level 0 Potion.  Level 1 
 spell of 'cure critical'. - comment - Good, easily obtained healing if 
 you have the gold.
 Nectar - Obtained from Hermes, Poseidon, Gru-Dzek, Hera, Ares, 
 Hephaestus, Appollo, Athena, Zeus, The Alchemist, Gzug-Therva, Prad 
 Datse.  Level 51 potion.   Level 51 spells of 'heal' 'heal'. - comment - 
 This potion is hero-range, and are worth killing to have, if you are 
 going on a long trip (say... a religious pilgrimage to Buddha).
 Ambrosia - Obtained from Hermes, Poseidon, Hera, Ares, Hephaestus, 
 Appollo, Athena, Zeus, The Alchemist.  Level 45 potion.  Level 27 spells 
 of 'dispel evil', 'heal', 'heal'. - comment - another hero range potion 
 comparable to nectar.  Also, they make great gifts!  Just tell anyone 
 under level 38 to use 'em NOW.  Care should be taken in quaffing, as once 
 I was killed as a newbie when I quaffed one after winning it in a quest 
 and I had been beating up on nice things.  Just a thought.
 Murky-green potion - Obtained from the green troll in Old Marsh.  Level 9 
 potion.  Level 44 spell of 'cure critical' - comment - hey, it's a heal, 
 and it's free.  No complaints.
 Blue Potion - Off of blue poisonous spider in Haon Dor.  Level 8 potion.  
 Level 14 spells of 'cure poison', 'cure critical', 'cure critical'. - 
 comment - good spells.  Of course, it's hard to get past the spiders, if 
 you're lower level most likely you'll need to use it immediately after 
 getting it, if the queen or other spiders don't assist and make that 
 moot, 'cause you'll need a CR.  Other than that, a nice little potion.
 Orange Potion - Found on the ground in Old Thalos.  Level 10 potion.  
 Level 20 spell of 'detect hidden' - comment - see black potion above for 
 circumstances of obtaining, also invis.  But it's free.
 Ceramic Vial - Off of Ceramic Vase in the Museum - Level 28 potion.  
 Level 25 spells of 'cure blindness', 'cure critical', 'prayer'. - comment 
 - really only for those who want to take the chance of going from the 
 frying pan to the Xor.  Let me put it this way.  I wouldn't take it.  Nor 
 have I ever practiced prayer, and if I do, I'm reeeeeeeally bored.
 These next 5 potions are off of the Vampire Lab Assistants in Ciquala's Lair:
         -Grey Potion - Level 51 potion.  Level 31 spells of 'energy 
 drain', 'energy drain', 'create food'. - comment - Ok, the energy drain I 
 get.. but.. CREATE FOOD?  Anyone in Ciquala's lair probably doesn't need 
         -Fizzy bottle - Level 51 potion.  Level 30 spells of 'word of 
 recall', 'sleep', 'poison'. - comment - Huh? *scratches her head* I 
 suppose as a last resort.. wait!  Let me try this ceramic thingy too!
         -Beaker with Yellow Liquid - Level 50 potion.  Level 31 spells of 
 'harm', 'poison', 'sleep'. - comment - better than the fizzy, a good 
 potion for use in desperate circumstances.  Or not-so desperate and just 
 wanting to see if it actually works.  But at a level 31 spell setting, 
 the heroes who are capable of getting this potion probably won't be 
 using it on mobs they fight.  Give it to lower levels.
         -Vial with milky liquid - Level 52 potion.  Level 31 spells of 
 'faerie fog', 'pass door', 'invis'. - comment - 'pass door' is decent for 
 those who can't cast it, especially in those few cases where you NEED it 
 to get something or somewhere.  A convenience potion.
         -Black potion - Level 50 potion.  Level 31 spells of 'shield', 
 'infravision', 'create spring' - comment - What's with the vampires?  Are 
 they going on picnics all the time?  They don't eat, they don't drink!  
 Is this necessary?  Different from the sanctuary black potion because it 
 is not invis.  Overall the vampires are a curiosity but not an overall 
 source of useful potions.
 Peach tonic - Off of the visitor in the museum.  Level 26 potion.  Level 
 34 spells of 'refresh', 'refresh', 'create food' - Now HERE'S the 'create 
 food' spell to have.  The pouch for travel regenerates these tonics.  
 It's worth fighting for.  And you only need one.  Good deal.
 Soap - Bought in magic shop in Midgaard for 10500 gold.  Level 35 item.  
 Level 15 spell of 'poison'. - comment - At these prices?  Build or bribe a 
 character to cast poison for free.  That's a lotta gold.
 Wafer with Essence - Off of Administrator Gru-Dzek, Prad-Azoz, Gshtunga, 
 all in Padmasa.  Level 50.  Usable by low levels, however, although it 
 can't be saved.  It's a pill so it does not state which spells on 
 'identify', but Sanctuary and Heal are the results.  Difficult item to 
 classify because usually you have to be a hero to get it, but heroes 
 can't eat them.  So they are the joy of low levels when gifted.
 Opal - On the museum floor.  Spells of 'create spring', 'detect invis', 
 'detect evil'. - comment - If you're in the museum, pick one up, what harm 
 can it do?
 Topaz - On the museum Floor. 'dispel magic', 'heal', 'shield'. - comment - 
 Looks ok until you realize 'dispel magic' will strip your spells.  Good for a 
 webbing or 'faerie fire' if you need it.  Same usage as any other 'dispel 
 magic', the heal and shield just being extra.
 Garnet - On the museum floor. 'change sex', 'stone skin', 'protection' - 
 comment - Well, for those who want protection, from attack or the 
 opposite sex, this is it.  Of course, now you've got the new opposite sex 
 to deal with.  Good for those more concerned about staying alive than 
 social interaction.
 Glow Worm - Off of the Cleric in Dangerous Lands - level 7 (worm?).  8 
 charges of level 19 'blindness' - comment - THIS item is a blessing, as 
 long as you can avoid being blinded yourself getting it.  This is the 
 best blindness item available, it's free, and it's easily accessible.
 The next three potions are obtained from the Storage Room in the Valley 
 of Elves:
         -Brown Potion - Level 5 potion.  Level 11 spells of 'energy 
 drain' - comment - Nice!  And it's FREE.  Well, if you can get past the 
         -Crimson potion - Level 5 potion.   Level 11 spells of 'energy 
 drain' - comment - See above.
         -Speckled potion - Level 6 potion.  Level 11 spells of 'cure 
 critical' - comment - This comes under the 'it's a healing and it's free, 
 grab it and recall' category.
 Scroll of Identify - Bought in the magic shop in Midgaard for 2100 gold - 
 Level 0 scroll.  Spell of 'identify' - comment -  Expensive but necessary 
 if you're not a mage. *obligatory smirk*
 Termination Sentence - Off of the Administrator in Padmasa.  Level 51 
 scroll.  Spells of 'detect evil', 'detect invis' - comment -  More of a 
 joke item than anything else.  Not worth killing for, but a curiosity.
 Scroll on Blue Paper - Off of the Enchanter in High Tower of Sorcery.  
 Level 15 item.  Level 44 spell of 'enchant weapon' - comment - Enchant 
 weapon is an expensive spell.  This is worth obtaining to avoid having to 
 suck up to mages who are hoarding their mana anyway.
 Ancient Scroll - Off of Viil, Kalamindroph, Silvak - I don't honestly 
 know where those mobs are, they're no tel, no nexus, etc., but I managed 
 to locate one on a player and identify it.  Level 49 scroll.  Level 40 
 spells of 'enchant weapon'. - comment - Since I couldn't actually GET one 
 I can't recommend ease of procuring one.  Stick to Blue Scrolls.
 Scroll of Evil Plans - Off of Heruta Skash Gzug, Gshtunga in Padmasa.  
 Level 51 scroll.  Level 55 spells of 'flamestrike'. - comment - Again, a 
 hero item that is generally gifted to lower levels who then use them to 
 beat the bejesus out of things.  Flamestrike is deadly to nannies and 
 horses and otherwise scary mobs.  Flamestrike's deadly to a lot of things.
 Scroll written on Human Skin - Off of Kzinti captain in Maze of the 
 Kzin.  Level 30 scroll.  Level 43 spells of 'enchant armor' - comment - 
 If you're getting the death gloves, pick up a scroll!  What can it hurt 
 if you're willing to blow up your armor anyway?
 Old Scroll - On Scribe's assistant in High Tower of Sorcery.  Level 16 
 scroll.   Level 10 spell of 'create food'. - comment - Nice to have but 
 buying at the trapper is probably easier.  Stick to peach tonic if you must.
 Bound Scroll - On Master Scribe in High Tower of Sorcery.  Level 22 
 scroll.  Level 16 spell of 'armor', 'teleport', 'protection'.  can also 
 be held for -6 ac. - comment - Looks good 'cept for the teleport.  That's 
 random.  Use with care.
 Tattered Scroll - Off of mimic in Old Thalos - Level 12 scroll.  Level 24 
 spells of 'enchant weapon'. - comment - This is a good one.  Mimic is 
 easy to get to and easy to kill after a certain level.  
 Wrinkled Scroll - On Giant Spider in Wildwood.  Level 2 scroll.  Level 11 
 spells of 'earthquake'. - comment - You GOTTA be kidding me.. I killed 40 
 spiders for THIS?  Not one of the new up-and-comers.  
 Scroll - On Master Scribe in High Tower of Sorcery.  Level 21 scroll.  
 Level 21 spells of 'blindness', 'curse', 'sleep'. - comment - Nice to 
 have against mean types.  All good offensive spells.
 The next three scrolls are located in the Storage Room in Valley of Elves:
         -Rough Scroll - Level 8 scroll.  Level 11 spells of 'detect evil' 
 - comment - sure, why not?  It's lying around with the rest of them.
         -Rice Paper Scroll - Level 6 scroll.  Level 11 spells of 'cure 
 critical' - comment - Heal is always good.
         -Faded scroll - Level 6 scroll.  Level 11 spells of 'create 
 spring' - comment - Water's nice.
         -Soft Scroll - Level 6 scroll.  Level 10 spell of 'heal' - 
 comment - This scroll would be worth the trip on it's own.  Add this 
 scroll to the 3 potions and 3 other scrolls you get in this room and 
 you're a happy li'l adventurer.  Best miscelaneous cache of items that 
 I've seen at such a low level and obtainable with reasonable effort.
 Energy Scroll - Off of Large Elemental in Elemental Canyon - Level 25 
 scroll.  Level 19 spells of 'cure critical', 'refresh' - comment - I'm 
 probably biased, but I think Elemental Canyon is comparable to "The 
 Hunting" for heroes.  It's a deathtrap, yeah, neat stuff, but you're 
 probably gonna get a CR somewhere along the way, or breathed, or.. or.. I 
 still don't like going there :)
 Elemental Staff of Earthquake - Off of Alchemist in Elemental Canyon - 
 Level 13 staff.  3 charges of level 7 'earthquake'. - comment - 
 Earthquake is an area spell with those area spell cautions.  But if 
 you're willing to chance that there's no invis or hidden mobs that you're 
 going to annoy, go ahead.
 Sauron's Staff - From Sauron in Mordor - Level 18 staff.  5 charges of 
 level 34 'acid blast' - comment -  Ooooooh!  Nice!  Of course, fighting 
 him to get it isn't fun.  But it just might be worth it.
 Bronze Staff - Off of Bronze Statue in the Museum - Level 34 staff.  
 9 charges of level 29 'acid blast'.  Save vs. breath -2 if held. - 
 comment - Again, acid blast is nice.  Worth having and using.
 Merlin's Staff - Off of Merlin in Camelot - Level 47 staff.  63 charges 
 of level 40 'dispel magic', save vs. spell -3, mana +10, cursed item. - 
 comment - Who needs 63 charges of 'dispel magic'???
 Black Staff of Control - Off of the Giztherai King - Level 45 staff.  15 
 charges of level 45 'charm person' save vs. spell -5. - comment - Great 
 name, huh?  And 'charm person' is very good.  Especially for those 
 hard-to-not-get-breathed items like Amulets of Ra.  I'd probably wear it 
 just for the name, great, huh?
 Ivory Staff - Off of Alchemist in Olympus - Level 49 staff.  2 charges of 
 'chain lightning' - comment - Sounds good, but there's those area spells 
 again.  Use with caution.
 Ciquala's Staff - Off of Ciquala in Ciquala's Lair - Level 51 staff.  
 Charges of level 55 'heal'.  'detect magic', int +3, dam roll +10 if 
 held.  Cursed item. - comment - Very few heroes leave home without 'em, 
 as everyone gets healed.  Of course, it's nice to make sure everyone's in 
 hp gear or there might be some fights.
 Silver Staff - Off of the Hydra in Dragon Tower - Level 26 item.  20 
 charges of level 26 'faerie fog' - comment - Uhh.. faerie fog.  Never 
 used it, don't plan to, certainly ain't gonna kill a hydra to get it or 
 carry the staff around.
 Cloudy Glass Staff - Off of a Shedu in Yggdrasil - Level 15 staff.  8 
 charges of level 9 sleep. - comment - Another death trap area.  But sleep 
 is nice to have.  Just hope it doesn't fail :)  Level 9 ain't that high.
 Ice Staff - On a puddle in Elemental Canyon - Level 8 staff.  3 charges 
 of 'frost breath' - comment -  This is a great staff to have, and the jug 
 is also great to have off of the puddle.. but.. do you have ANY idea how 
 many %$&*@# puddles there are?  Lack of patience aside, it is a very good 
 item for a low level.
 The next five items are out of the Binder's Cabinets:
         -Black Rod - Level 23 rod.  3 charges of level 19 'dispel evil' - 
 comment - Not much call for 'dispel evil', but why not take it along with 
 the rest, you could at least sell it?
         -Wooden Stick - Level 23 stick.   10 charges of level 19 'bless' 
 - comment - Bless is a staple spell.  Worth having, definitely.
         -Metal Wand - Level 22 wand.  4 charges of level 20 'energy 
 drain' - comment - Nice spell, take it and use it!
         -Burnt Staff - Level 22 staff.  4 charges of level 20 'blindness' 
 - comment - Blindness is another nice spell.  Good for sleeping mobs that 
 you have the time to blind over 'n over.
         -Red and White Staff - Level 22 staff.  4 charges of level 19 
 'heal' - comment - the MAIN reason why the Binder gets raided in shifts.  
 This is a great staff, free, practically, if you can pass door or steal 
 the key, or a fight away if you can take the Binder.  All together this 
 cache makes for a NICE set of magical items.
 Wand of Fire - Off of white mistress in Little Haven - Level 20 wand.  2 
 charges of level 15 'fireball' - comment - It's ok but nothing to get 
 worked up over.
 Wand of Lightning - Off of a spark in Elemental Canyon - Level 5 wand.  2 
 charges of level 10 'lightning bolt' - comment - Lightning bolt is a nice 
 spell.  If you're a low level and happen to be in the canyon anyway, use 
 it, you might be able to stay alive longer.
 Golden Wand - Off of the Hydra in Dragon Tower - Level 26 wand.  11 
 charges of 'dispel magic' - comment -  Notice the ratio of 'dispel magic' 
 on wands?  Seems like the better the spell, you get 2 or 4 charges, for 
 something like 'dispel magic' you can go as high as 63.  If you REALLY 
 want one, get it off Merlin.
 Elemental Wand of Wind and Air - Off of Eddie or Alchemist in Elemental 
 Canyon - Level 13 wand.  1 charge of level 12 'gas breath' - comment - 
 like the other items in the canyon, not worth hunting on it's own sake, 
 but if you get it, hey, use it.
 The next three wands are bought at Braheem's in New Thalos:
         -Grey-Silver Wand, 3060 gold.  Level 19 wand.  3 charges of level 
 13 'call lightning' - comment - HOW much?  Bribe a mage instead.  Or go 
 to the canyon and beat up sparks, eddies and puddles.  You might die, but 
 you will get all your gold back.
         -Wand of Oak, 2040 gold - level 16 wand.  10 charges of level 5 
 'armor' - comment - Might be worth it!
         -Pink Wand, 850 gold - Level 9, 4 charges of level 2 'faerie 
 fire' - comment - Faerie fire is an immensely useful offensive spell.  As 
 long as it doesn't fail due to the low level of the spell charge, stock up!
 Silvery Wand - Off of Wizard in Fizzdop's lair - 2 charges of level 4 
 'bless' - comment - Yes, bless is good, if you're there, might as well 
 take it, but otherwise, just sleep at Nom 'til you get a bless :)
 Elemental Wand of Fire - Off of a flame in Elemental Canyon. Level 5 
 wand.  3 charges of level 16 fireball. - comment - One of the better 
 items in the canyon for low levels.
 Spectra Wand - Off of Half-elf in dangerous land - Level 10 wand.  2 
 charges of level 10 'color spray' - comment - Probably one of the only 
 ways to kill that room-ful of sprites.  If you don't die first.  Color 
 spray is good but comes with the aforementioned area spell cautions.
 Blue Diamond Wand - On Lucky in the Faerie Ring -Level 14 wand.  13 
 charges of 'create food' - comment - This is a good solution for food.  
 Not as elegant as the peach tonic, because it does eventually burn out, 
 but good.  Better than buying pies ad nauseum.
 Blazing Sun Wand - On the floor in "Through a Hole in the Sand" in The 
 Great Pyramid.  Level 41 wand.  24 charges of level 35 'harm'.  Save vs 
 spell -5, save vs. rod -5 if held. - comment - That's a nice one, when 
 you go buy twice to get those sandy rings, pick up a pair.
         Well, there you have it, more than you ever dreamed you'd know 
 about the wonderful world of Avatar Magic :)


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