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Gazette 1999-02-07
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1999 Gazettes | Gazette 1999-02-07
     ___The Official AVATAR____________________________________
        ________                          __     __
       /  _____/ _____   ________  ____ _/  |_ _/  |_   ____
      /     ___ __    ____  /_/ __ \   __\   ___/ __ 
          _   / __ _ /    /   ___/ |  |   |  |    ___/
       ______  /(____  //_____  ___  >|__|   |__|   ___  >
              /      /       /     /                   /
     ____________________________________February 7, 1999______

         _    |
          `   ~ )Telnet to Avatar at: avatar.walrus.com 3000
            -  //         Visit the Avatar web page at:
       ,,.--(_ ("""'^.     http://www.walrus.com/~avatar
      ;;( ,___, ,/~`;
     ;' )/>/  '--,
        | `   |"
        "   "  "
     Table of Contents

          1. Editorial by Darii
          2. Milestones
          3. Fiery Sword Is What I Came For     by Alucardaemon
          4. From Darii's Kitchen: Soup?
          5. Avatar Theme Song     by Hume, the Griffon Warrior
          6. Immortal Bio: Copycat
          7. A Mudding Disaster by Zornundo
     1. Editorial by Darii

OK, it's been a few weeks now, and I'd like some feedback. What do you
love in the Gazette and what could you live without? I've been trying
a few new things and I'd like to know what's working and what isn't.

I've been shamelessly passing on my favorite recipes, by request
actually, but is it a thing you like or has it served its purpose?

Do you like fiction? How to articles? We've done some book lists,
but I've used few book reviews because they were really just listings,
not "reviews" that provide information about the book.

I've had a problem finding people to give them their levels for the
pieces they've had published, and may have to resort to pfile changes
instead of trying to do it in person!

Please remember that all submissions are welcome, but we don't promise
to publish them! Published things *do* earn the author a level, so
please be VERY honest about the source of your contribution. I regret
that I simply do NOT have time to acknowledge your submissions, but
if you put    Gazette   in the subject, it will go to the right mailbox!

Suggestions, submissions, and general feedback is welcome. Please send
them to darii@walrus.com

     2. Milestones......A new feature for the Gazette

Immortal promotions this past Friday, February 5, included Raven to Demi
(850) and Reuben to God (870).

Adele has been inducted into the Angel ranks. We welcome her.

Although the exact date seems to be shrouded in the mists of time,
this month marks Drowboy's THIRD anniversary as an Angel.

     3. Fiery Sword Is What I Came For   a poem by Alucardaemon

Fiery Sword Is What I Came For

Gleaming with white, the sword was lit
Glowing with passion, the sword was long, a bit
The fire in the middle, showed the everlast of the blade
When I touched it, the light began to fade
The fire still burned deep within the sword
Inscribed it said 'To wield, you must be a lord'
I shrugged it off, and tried the blade
After all, that's for what it was made
I dropped the blade as I picked it up
Blood spilled as if dropped from a cup
>From the fire, the blood oozed, spreading around gore
"The fiery blade is what I came for"
                  / /
                 / / (   /(  ) .    ) .       .   ,   /(    )   /
             .  / ( (  (  )/  (){  /  ()    }  } ((  / /   /  /(
 ,-----------|/  |-~~~-~~~-~~~~~~--~~~~~---~~~--~--~--~~---~~~~~~---
|\\\\\\|   |___________________________________________________
|\\\\\\|   |                                                   /
 '-----------|/  |--------------------------------------------------/
             '   (
     4. From Darii's Kitchen: Soup?

My Famous Split Recipe for Soup...Split Pea or Lentil  EASY TO COOK!

1 lb.bag dry split peas or lentils <-- they look nearly identical
         but peas are green and lentils are brown
fresh carrots, onions, potatoes and frozen corn
  how much? 2 lbs of carrots and 5 onions are good for one pound dry
            peas or beans. BUT you can EASILY add double that, or half
            depending on what YOU like.
for split pea: bay leaves (2 or 3)  (or not!)
for lentil: sherry and/or catsup (or not!)
and lean, cooked ham if you are not a vegetarian!

You will need a big pot. (at least 3 quarts) If you have 2 big pots and
a freezer, you can make BOTH kinds at once for NO more work, and freeze
the rest. (Put it in ziplock bags when it is cool)

1. Rinse the dry peas/beans in a strainer or bowl
2. Fill the pot half full of water (about 8 cups) and 2 teaspoons salt
3. Add the peas/beans to the pot. DO NOT use both peas and beans in one
   pot! Use one or the other!
4. Bring to a boil and then turn it down to just below medium
   NOTE: when it thickens, you need to stir periodically to keep it from
   sticking to the bottom.
5. When the peas/beans are soft (35 min?) add peeled sliced or hunked
   carrots and onions peeled and cut into 6 or 8 wedges. Size depends
   on what you like. If you have an onion hater in your midst, make the
   hunks big so they can remove them easily. Chopped onions (fresh or
   frozen) will disappear into the soup.
6. Personal choice: some people like potatoes in these soups, some
   don't. Add peeled, cut potatoes in step 5 if you like. I like to add
   the corn when the soup is nearly finished so it does not get tough.
7. Seasoning is very personal and there is no wrong way to do it!

   If you like ham, add it to the end of the process so it
   stays soft and juicy. If you like ham taste, but not the ham,
   sometimes it is the cloves that are the "taste" you like.. try
   sticking 4 cloves into an onion and tossing it in at the beginning.

   Split pea is fine with bay leaves and salt. Not much else is needed.
   Many people like corn, green peas, and potatoes in split pea.

   Lentil soup is darker and heartier. We love it with a bit of catsup,
   and some sherry. The alcohol cooks away, leaving just a deep, warm
     5. Avatar Theme Song      by Hume, the Griffon Warrior

Author's note: This is meant to be sung to the tune of the theme from
South Park. Those who do not know it may still enjoy it.

    Avatar Theme Song      by Hume, the Griffon Warrior

    I'm loggin' on to Avatar
    Gonna have myself a time

    Friendly  Angels everywhere
    Lots of Heroes giving spell-ups

    I'm loggin on to Avatar
    Goin' to leave my world behind

    Ample connections day or night
    No busy signals and less traffic

    I'm loggin' on to Avatar
    To level one more time

*Kenny mumbling right before he is eaten by the Ultimate Dragon*

    So log on to Avatar
    And be a tank of mine!

         _          __________                              _,
     _.-(_)._     ."          ".      .--""--.          _.-{__}-._
   .'_Snikt!_'.   | .--------. |    .'        '.      .:-'`____`'-:.
  [____________] /` |________| `  /   .'``'.       /_.-"`_  _`"-._
  /  / ./.   |  / / ./.    ||  .'/./.'.  |  /`   / ./.    `
  |  __/__/  |_/  __/__/  _/|  : |_/_| ;  |  |    __/__/    |
              /              /    '.    /.' / .-                >/-
  /'._  --  _.'  /'._  --  _.'   /'. `'--'` .'/   '._-.__--__.-_.'
/_   `""""`   _/_   `""""`   _ /_  `-./.-'  _'.    `""""""""`'`
(__/    '|     _)_|           |_)_/   kill or    __)  AVATAR ROCKS! 
  |_____'|_____|   __________/|;     BE KILLED!   `_________'________`;
  s'----------'    '----------'   '--------------'`--------------------`
       Stan            Kyle            Kenny              Cartman
     6. Immortal Bio: Copycat

Name: Copycat    
Age, Game: Oh dear, am I 873 already?  Age, RL: Oh, whew, I'm only 24.
Race: Kzinti - Trueblood    Class: Mage - Illusionist
Current Level: 890 - Supreme

Immortal Duties: Quest Master - Quests/Events/Games
                 Area Builder - not as cool as Dev, tho.
                 Hero Mentor - and possibly Savior. ;)

Real life interests:

Someone needs to let me in on this secret called "real life". I do
something when I'm not online that requires me to boss people around
and delegate responsibilities, and they even pay me for my power trips.
Is that what they mean by real life? I write often, and MUD a bit too
frequently, but I know for sure that the MUD isn't anything like this
elusive "real life" thing. So, what interests me outside of the mud, is
finding out what a real life is.

Advice for players:

Low mortals -
Learn the game. Yes, this is my moment of seriousness, live it up.
Learn all that you can as you advance through the levels. Knowledge is
truly power, and as you grow more powerful, you will find everything
you've learned to be invaluable. This may not seem important to you
right now, as a low mortal, but trust me. You will soon be in a
position to help others learn the game, and become skilled themselves,
and you'll regret not having paying attention.

Heroes -
Teach the game. You may not think of yourselves this way, but low
mortals look up to you. Even new heroes look up to stronger heroes.
You are in a position to guide the less knowledgable to knowledge, to
help the weaker become strong, and to usher each new hero into the
class with the capacity to survive on their own and become, each of
them, an asset to the hero class.

Lords -
Better the game. You are the 'cream of the crop', remember what is
expected of you. You are in a very admired position, and every other
player at one time or another may look up to you to set an example.
Be that positive example. If you show them right, it will trickle down
and everyone will be better for it.

Origin of MUD name:
Who knows where the word "copycat" came from. It's origin is beyond me.
But like I say; I could be anyone at any time. That includes you.

     7. A Mudding Disaster by Zornundo

A Mudding Disaster!

As every mudder should know, sustenance is a must in order to keep them
fingers strong and them eyes clear.  A favorite beverage for any mudder
is the caffeinated variety.  Holding true to that rule one afternoon, I
had a big mug of my favorite soda pop and was drinking myself to a full
bladder.  During one trip to my mouth, it sloshed over the rim and a big
fall of soda landed on my keyboard.  I was about to be grouped and the
keyboard fragged out on me! For example, after I hit the space bar, it
would type a comma and then space it.  There was no way I could do
anything!  I randomly hit other keys and nothing worked right.  It was a
disaster! With a little mudding ingenuity and a little time, I took that
keyboard apart and cleaned all the stuff inside.  It was amazing and a
glorious adventure, but I defeated the dirty keyboard monster!!!

                                 Zornundo is a 713th level Hero Warrior
     The Avatar Gazette is what you've just been reading, and it is the
     official newsletter of Avatar. It is published weekly by Avatar,
     edited by Darii, and produced in conjunction with the entire Avatar
     staff.(Original concept by Asamaro, and revived by Dizzy.)

     The Gazette is written in plain vanilla ASCII text to ensure that
     everyone can enjoy it regardless of computer type.

     To subscribe to the Gazette, send internet e-mail to
     gazette-request@avatar.walrus.com. In the body of your
     email put:

       subscribe username@hostname (MudName - RealName)
       eg subscribe snikt@walrus.com  (Snikt - Kevin Jagh)

     Your real name is optional for the Gazette list.
       eg subscribe snikt@walrus.com (Snikt)

     You can FTP back issues of the gazette from ftp.walrus.com in

     If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms,
     compliments, or (best of all) articles that you've written for the
     gazette, please send them to Darii via my e-mail address:
     darii@walrus.com. Please use 'Gazette' as your subject.

     You can also view the latest issue of the Gazette while playing
     Avatar by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game, or by surfing
     our web site!

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