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Shoutbox Archive
laazarus on January 19 2010 21:54:10
back on front page of TopMudSites
The Town Crier speaks: on January 15 2010 23:08:35
The website is back up! *cheer*
Hylaeus on January 15 2010 22:20:50
We have dropped 2 spots on MudConnector and are no longer on the front page of TopMudSites, get voting!
Rhodry on January 06 2010 20:07:25
oh I had to get the IP from a web source, just to get on the website, and the mud
Rhodry on January 06 2010 20:04:47
Looks like the IP changed,, probably the DNS for your ISP hasnt updated yet, it hasnt for mine yet
Zarf on January 06 2010 18:08:17
Is it down? I've not been able to connect all morning.
Ebnodon on January 04 2010 23:50:52
Happy New Year!
Quarx on January 01 2010 16:40:29
Happy New Year All!!
Hylaeus on December 31 2009 21:55:49
Happy New Year AVATAR
laazarus on December 25 2009 20:16:35
merry xmas from rio!
Morague on December 25 2009 18:12:42
Happy Christmas AVATAR
Slowdraw on December 25 2009 09:21:13
I'd like to wish a merry Christmas to everybody who celebrates as well.
Wiseman on December 25 2009 06:09:07
Merry Christmas to all!
Hylaeus on December 25 2009 00:21:36
Merry Christmas AVATAR!
Hylaeus on December 20 2009 21:34:04
We are only 24 on TopMudSites, vote more!
laazarus on December 10 2009 14:46:43
something wacky - ping works fine but traceroute stops finding anything after p15-0-0.bltmmd-lcr-03.verizon-gni.net (
Fain on December 10 2009 14:33:06
Bale killed UD @ 999, I've got the Girth to prove it. I haven't seen Anessa on lately, but she definitely ran it - the Girth reminds me ever time I wear it!
Kariya on December 07 2009 11:56:18
Bale did the UD (and was killed) on 2009-10-04. Thats the last one we have in our UD records on the mud.
Anessa on December 05 2009 02:36:33
RE: Bale's UD.. Did I run it? If so, catch me in game, show me the girth and I'll update our records. It IS possible I forgot to make a note.
Fain on December 03 2009 23:40:23
I think you are right; that Bale's remort right after killing UD screwed it up somehow. That or it's Anessa's fault.
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Feb 02 2021 17:46
ISO IMM assistance with Multireg Issue (figured i'd try on here)...

Jun 12 2020 14:13
ISP-related maintenance issues. Should be back in next couple hours

Jun 12 2020 13:23
Game down?

Apr 22 2020 13:33
Expired security certificate on wiki throwing up blocking page in all browsers (https://avatar.mel

Jan 16 2020 06:33
flap flap flap

Shoutbox Archive
Game Updates
Feb 28 2021 21:57
Imperial has become a Bladedancer.
Feb 28 2021 18:55
There is a disturbance in the realm as Visaran fails to become a Lord at sublevel 449.
Feb 28 2021 18:33
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Feb 28 2021 18:23
Hindsight successfully morphs from Hero 663 to become Lord Hindsight.
Feb 28 2021 18:15
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!