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Create a cleric alt to help identify all the items you find on your journeys if you find that you can't figure out what's trash and what's treasure. - Locqui
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Shoutbox Archive
Wiseman on November 25 2008 12:32:02
Indeed, you seem to have voting down to a fine art!
Hylaeus on November 25 2008 10:27:45
Fear my voting prowess!
Zahri on November 24 2008 21:20:22
Make sure when you vote for mudlists that you click through (there's a button that says vote now)
Lorac on November 23 2008 21:44:33
ii got another cool code to fix it press up,up,down,down down to right,right to left select <power button> cha ching u win every time
Lorac on November 23 2008 21:43:00
LOL Xiphoid sounds like something id say
The Town Crier speaks: on November 23 2008 16:41:49
All hail Mythica, UD slayer!
The Town Crier speaks: on November 23 2008 14:19:30
There will be a 5 minute HoG at 09:25 sys!
Xiphoid on November 21 2008 14:28:17
Sure, stick the CD in the microwave, then go to the Control Panel, click Add/Remove Programs...
Wiseman on November 21 2008 06:15:15
Does anyone know how to deal with Sacred 2 addiction yet? I'm having issues...
The Town Crier speaks: on November 20 2008 22:12:28
Let the shouting commence!
Xiphoid on November 16 2008 07:49:51
Thanks for the button Ebnodon
Ebnodon on November 15 2008 12:57:56
ah, just got your email. I guess you did say thanks I guess you're off the hook.
Ebnodon on November 15 2008 00:41:16
Oh and yeah.. Don't forget to say "Thanks Ebnodon" *nudge Xiphoid*
Xiphoid on November 14 2008 07:29:32
A new voting site is now available. VOTE FOR AVATAR!
Halari on November 14 2008 07:20:27
Look forward for many new quests available from our many new Quest Trackies!
Ferrix on November 10 2008 04:42:16
Great Quest yesterday, Skorn. I was very impressed!
Ebnodon on November 05 2008 01:50:37
For those who don't know, I've added a new cartoon yesterday, and also, the new web link for the cartoons is http://ebbiecartoon.branchfamily.ca
Vanusk on November 02 2008 04:15:22
Halloween Rules!!! Thanks for the cool treats!!
Cerdwyn on October 29 2008 03:01:51
You're welcome Wiseman! I'm assuming you mean the virtual version, they will see this too!
Wiseman on October 27 2008 20:30:51
Thanks to everyone who helped run ubercon - I don't know about everyone else but I sure had fun!
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Game down?

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flap flap flap

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Shoutbox Archive
Game Updates
Jan 15 2021 18:28
Aramitama successfully morphs from Hero 994 to become Lord Aramitama.
Jan 15 2021 18:27
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Jan 15 2021 18:13
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Jan 15 2021 14:03
Elysee successfully morphs from Hero 470 to become Lord Elysee.
Jan 15 2021 13:59
There is a disturbance in the realm as Razorback fails to become a Lord at sublevel 468.