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Gazette 1995-02-06
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1995 Gazettes | Gazette 1995-02-06
  The Farside Gazette                    Vol II, No. 3 Feb. 6th 1995

  The Farside Gazette is published bi-weekly by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Farside Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to jderouen@crl.com and including just one
  word - Subscribe - in the body of your text

  Telnet to Farside at: mud.atinc.com 3000

                 *  The Future of Farside  *
                         (a contest)

Want to win a free level *and* help out Farside in the process?  Well
then, by all means, read on.

All you have to do is write an essay (100 words or less) on any *One*
thing you believe would help make Farside a better world in which to
MUD.  Good essays will contain the following:

      * What exactly is your idea?
      * How would the idea be implemented?
      * Why should the idea be implemented?

The best essay (along with the top two honorable mentions) will be
printed in a future issue of the gazette, and the awards will be
presented the next time you're on Farside (and a suitable IMM is
present) after the issue has hit the press.

Again, first place receives a *Level*.  Second place receives his or her
choice of 250,000 gold or an item of appropriate level.  Third place
receives 100,000 gold.

Entires will be judged by a panel of five immortals and the results
(along with the winning essays) will be printed in the next gazette.

The top three ideas will be looked at by the Powers That Be at Farside
and may or may not be implemented, RoX be willing.

Anyone can enter, including immortals.  However, IMM's level 59 and
above can't receive a level.

Send all entries (by Feb. 28th) to jderouen@crl.com via internet e-mail.
Forum/Merc mail is also acceptable.  Notes on Farside are *not* an
acceptable form of entry, and all notes containing entries left on
Farside will be ignored.

Thanks for reading,

p.s. Special thanks to Johnus and Wisquatuk for (separately) informing
me of the bcc: option to get rid of that massive header of subscribers.
We'll soon be going over to a listserver so it won't make much
difference anyway, but their help was greatly appreciated.


                 Back Issues of The Farside Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available for FTP at atinc.com in
/pub/mud/gazette .  While you're scuttling about the internet, check out
Farside's new WWW page at http://zeus.atinc.com/mud.html .


                   * Farside Player Bio *

Name: Arundel                  Age: (Game) 59 (RL) 28
Race: Troglodyte   Class: Warrior              Current level: 23

Interests in Real Life:

Originally from Brunswick, Maine, USA, Arundel now lives in Taipei,
Taiwan, and teaches English to adults.  He's been married for three and a
half years and has three dogs.  Outside of Farside, which he plays every
day, his primary interests include his wife, Nancy, and reading anything
from historical novels to fantasy novels to murder mysteries to his
students' compositions.  Arundel only started using computers two years
ago and only got on the Net in August.  Because of the help other people
have given him, he really enjoys helping people who know even less than
he does.  This trait spills over into Farside; he will never forget being
led to his corpse for the first time by Wish, unaware that this could
even be done.

Advice to other players:

"Group.  I know that sounds cliched, but it's the way I feel.  There are
only two reasons to group (outside of the camaraderie)--with players
higher than you, so you can mooch xp, or with players lower than you, so
THEY can mooch xp.  The latter is what I spend most of my time doing.
Even though I am only getting, at most, 12xp per kill, it's nice to see
them getting upwards of 30.  Believe me, people remember this, and other
players notice.  When it comes time to worry about your own level, group
with someone right around your own level and one or two players below
yours.  This way, you can kill more frequently and take less damage.
Twice, while playing, I was enjoying the group and suddenly WHAM! I got
the purple message. WHAT!?! I LEVELED!?!  Stranger things have been known
to happen...

When in groups, be polite.  Don't start talking with the other players
unless everyone is resting or sleeping.  Don't be impatient...people have
to check their equipment, higher levels have to completely strip down,
put on their healing gear, rest, and put their fighting gear back on, and
other players have to eat, drink, and rest for mana.  If someone in the
group loses their link, DON'T go into combat.  That player is temporarily
unable to recall.  As a group, you should set recall to your present
location, lead the player to a safe room, and then recall to where you
were.  NEVER expose a character to danger in this situation.  Nothing is
worse than logging back on an hour later to find yourself getting spammed
by Aelmon, no equ, no corpse.

My last point about groups is simple. Follow the leader.  Decide who will
lead, and don't take off on your own.  If a mob flees, wait for your
leader to chase it.  If you kill a high-level mob on your own, you have
just robbed your fellow groupees of the xp that they paid hp for."


                   * Farside Player Bio *

Name: Shelby                      Age: (Game) 55 (RL) 18
Race: Elf          Class: Cleric               Current level: 29

Interests in Real Life:

Shelby lives in Rockville, Maryland and has been playing Farside since
October of 1994.  When she's not mudding, she enjoys reading, chatting
on the phone, shopping, driving (especially the Shelby Cobra 427), ice
skating, in-line blading, and, when she can work it into her busy
schedule, working out at the gym.  She also thoroughly enjoys travelling
and will be visiting Amsterdam, Holland for the second time when her
current semester is over.  Shelby was born and raised in the suburbs of
D.C, the good parts, where she was just 14 hours shy from becoming a
bicentennial baby.  She's presently a full-time freshman at the
University of Maryland where she's studying international business.
She also works part-time for a tax attorney, who
fights the Internal Revenue Service for a substantial fee.
She has 2 brothers, an older one who just graduated the University of
Texas at Austin, and a younger one who is a Junior still in High School.

Advice to Other Clerics:

"The most important advice has already been stated.  Grouping is very
important.  Don't be bashful if you need to ask someone for help.  Most
people are more than willing to help you.  At the same time however,
don't expect or demand help.  Definitely be courteous and respectfull to
everyone.  Don't whine.  Explore everywhere.  Also - remember, Heroes
and Imms are not the only ones who can do CR's.  And most of all - have


                  * Farside Immortal Bio *

Name: Melanie       Age: (Game) 86 (RL) 19
Race: Human       Class: Mage               Current level: 57

Real Life Interests and Background:

Melanie currently resides in PEI Canada and enjoys reading, writing, and
poetry.  Having grown up with so many family members (8 siblings!) she's
a big family person, though her family hasn't all been in the same
province since her oldest sister's wedding seventeen years ago.  Being
the baby of the family (she says) was almost like being an only child,
except for all the noise.  Now that she lives on her own, the only thing
she really misses is her dog Frisco.  Melanie's philosophy of life can
be summed up in the poem that she wrote:

        Friendship means:
        Always forgiving
        Words spoken in anger.
        You never can stay upset,
        When the person in the world who
        Means the most
        Does something you just don't get.
        Sticking up for each other, if someone else is mean
        But cursing out each other when something goes wrong
        What else are best friends for,
        but to carry your world on their shoulders?

Advice to Players:

"Be nice, be friendly and don't whine... it pays off in alot of ways.
People are more likely to WANT to group with you and you'll make friends
that you might keep for a long time.  If you wouldn't do it in front of Rox
or Snikt... chances are you shouldn't be doing it :)"


          Ryu had a quest in which he asked for submissions for the
story of Farside.  The entrants were given 2 weeks to write the story,
and the stories were then judged by various Imms.  Here is the winning
story, written by Draeger.  Good Job Draeger!

                THE STORY OF FARSIDE
                     by Draeger

    In the elder days, the world was young. The high god Rox
forged our world from the primordial mists that were nothing.
Snikt, creator of the forces of evil and Dizzy, supreme entity
for the forces of the light, joined with Rox to form a powerful
triumvate to look over their many vassals. The ruling triad
created many mysterious and exotic lands, and inhabited them with
many strange varieties of beast and man. After the creation was
done, and the mists and vapors of nothingness had withdrawn to
leave behind our world, The ruling three ascended to the heavens,
to allow the world to develop for itself.
     Soon afterwards, as the various peoples of the world
intermixed, a powerful kingdom appeared. It's ruler name has been
forever lost to mortals, yet it's achievements have not been
forgotten. Many cities were built fair and high, their towers
scraping the skies. Deep were the mountains delved, as the
dwarves mined for gold and iron. Fair were the underwater
city-states of the lizardmen. A golden age of prosperity had
settled over the land.
     Yet Snikt was not inactive. He recruited a host of lesser
gods to join his cause, and soon evil outbalanced the good. A
dark cloud of despair soon hung over the lands. Cities were
abandoned, and the dwarves left their mountain homes. Evil things
soon resided in many places once fair.
     Many years have passed since then. Our land is once again
becoming prosperous. Our cities are once again rising from the
ashes of the past. The land is now being fought over by many
inhabitants, some for the cause of good, some for evil.
Dizzy and many true and angelic gods combat the evil influences
of Snikt on our fair lands. Adventurers travel the world hoping
to either destroy the scourge of evil, or to allow the domination
of Snikt and his evil brotherhood. The fight yet rages to this
day, fair adventurer. You too, shall take a part in it.


          Quest Preview: Nim Vechwill
                  by Crom

        A short gnome walks into the gathering in Midgaard square and
calmly steps up to the podium.  He looks around, sees some friends but
he doesn't smile today.  This usually jolly little gnome has news of
war.  The crowd quiets and Crom clears his throat.

     "Listen friends and Come to Arms,
         Our land is in danger.
      Grab your sword, wear your charms,
         Our land is in danger.
      Wear your armor, pray for courage,
         Our land is in danger.
      An army is coming, to rape and pillage,
         Our land is in danger.

      Listen friends and Come to Arms!
         A king is coming to destroy us!
      Ring the bells and sound alarms!
         He comes not to employ us!
      Guard the walls and seal the gates!
         Blood Ring Hills is coming!
      Make more arrows, unseal our fates!
         Hear the army's drumming!

      Listen friends and Come to Arms,
        Nim Vechwill is his name.
      Listen friends and listen well,
        He's coming for gold and fame."

        The crowd is still except for a small child screaming in the
crowd.  Then some men start grumbling and Crom steels his gaze on them
for silence.
        "A King from some land called the Blood Ring Hills is coming,"
he says simply.  How calm this gnome looks in front of this crowd,
proclaiming their doom.
        "I've sent out scouts and it would seem that his army will
arrive from the North on the 15th of February."  And with that he sighs
and lets the crowd scream with anger.
        "The 15th!!! How can we be ready by then?!..." one woman yells.
        "It has to be wrong, this cannot be happening!..."  is heard far
in the back.
        "I'll not stay to defend this city, I have no ties..."  and at
this Crom moves once more.
        "You WILL defend this city or I will cut you down myself!"  He
has been known to have an easy temper but nobody is willing to take
chances with him.
        "Now...we shall be ready and we can win!  But we all have to be
willing to fight.  This Nim Vechwill has already threatened us that on
the stroke of midnight he would attack, so we know when it will start.
Let us get organized, and not quibble over you getting a few cuts from a
hobgoblin."  And with that, the little gnome steps down from the podium
and walks back into the crowd.


                          That Darn Cat
                (An Interview with the Calico Cat)
                            by Marat

With pen and pad in hand, I climbed the many flights of stairs to the
very top of the High Tower of Sorcery. I stepped carefully into the
audience chamber, and quietly asked the Grand Mistress if she would mind
if I interviewed her cat. She sighed and said, "Why not ask her yourself?
I have little control over her." "But she is your familiar," I said to
the mistress. She sighed again, shrugged, and nudged the cat awake.
"Someone wants to talk to you," the mistress hissed into the ear of a
very large cat.

The huge, calico cat stretched, yawned, blinked and smacked its lips
sleepily. "What can I do for you," she purred. "I want to ask you a few
questions," I said in my best imitation of a reporter. The cat settled on
a cushion and I sat in a not too comfortable chair in the chamber. We began.

Marat: Tell me the basics about you, please.

Calico Cat: I am the Grand Mistress' familiar. (I hear a derisive snort
from said Mistress.) So I am always with her. We stay here in the
audience chamber waiting for guests. I lead a fairly simple life. Eating,
sleeping, scratching the furniture.

M: It is quite a climb to get here. Does that bother you?

CC: Oh no. I never leave. I have everything I need here. (The cat points
to a corner with a litter box in it, a cabinet full of Fancy Feast cat
food, and a few scattered toy mice.) And besides, I am constantly
entertained by all the visitors. By the way, they rarely climb those
stairs either. I see them teleporting in here all the time. A little
tiresome, seeing all those shimmering portals open.

M: Why would someone come see you?

CC: Well if they are very brave and strong they would come here to battle
with my mistress. But mostly, I have a following of my own. This collar I
wear (The cat pats a gorgeous jeweled collar fastened about her neck.) is
in great demand. I know I like it. All covered in jewels and so spiky and
sort of mean and nasty looking. (The cat makes a noise that could be
either a purr or a giggle.)

M: Do you mind that adventurers come here to kill you?

CC: Does any monster really mind? It is the challenge. What we do. Our
paradigm so to speak. Bring them all on, I say. (The cat laughs until
tears roll down her face.)

M: You certainly are an enormous cat, if you don't mind me saying.

CC: No, I love people to notice my size. Why I can just eat up those
under level 20 or so. (The cat grins.)

M: Is there anything else you want to tell the readers of the Gazette?

CC: Well, let's see. Just a hint. Don't ever cast gas breath at me unless
you want my mistress to join in. And really everyone, come on up and see me.

I thanked the cat, created a rat for her to play with, put my
journalist's tools in my bag and started my way down the many stairs of
the Tower. Already, thoughts of who my next interview subject would be
whirled in my head as I made my way past golems and shoved my way past a
floating eye or two.


               The Viewpoint of the Thief
                       by Lurch

Ever check your worth and find out that you were missing major portions
of gold?  Curious to find out where it went? Well look no further than
your local fun loving, gold seeking thieves.  Although we can't actually
take your gold (lucky for you all) playing a thief does have its perks.
As usual we do not have the power of a warrior, the spells of a mage or
martial artist, or the ability to heal ourselves like a cleric.  What we
do have is great personality, good looks, and most importantly,
BACKSTAB!  We can do the single most amount of damage on farside in one
blow. Got a 400 hp mob?  A thief can knock him out one shot, no
questions asked.  That is more than any other class on farside can do.
Thieves also have dual, which is a very useful tool.

As far as spells go, a thief is limited in his mystical abilities.  The
combination of sneak, move hidden, and invis can make him enter and sit
in a room undetected by all but the most skillful of people.  You can
pick up the funniest things that way and play god for the newbies.  My
favorite is sneaking up on a hero that can't see me and have him asking
which hero i am.  It is truly an honor.  Detect hidden and invis are
also crucial to find those sneaky mobs with equip that you need.  Poison
is a spell that i never practiced but can be useful in a fight.  Cure
disease allows you to heal you and your friends when you get a MTD
<mudding transmitted disease>.  So far the only one of these that i have
heard of is Plague.  And that brings me to my favorite and most hated
spell.  Pass door.  You can go anywhere on Farside as long as a mortal
can reach it if you have pass door.  Find a lock you can't pick?  Just
cast one spell and boom in you go.  Unfortunately, if you don't know
what is behind door number three you could be in for a surprise.  I have
found the joys of dragons, demons, and other assorted mobs that have
nothing better to do than kill me.  Lucky for me i have about 100 lives.
However pass door can get you places a lot easier because you don't have
to grub around for the keys.  Who but a thief can actually walk to
Exodus to get completely black armour?  My all time favorite is stopping
into Dizzy's office for a quick cup of espresso.  Always hits the spot!

As far as other skills go trip, disarm, pick lock, and steal make role
playing a blast.  We make lots of money stealing from mobs, especially
in hell.

A thief levels quickly up to the mid 20's.  Once he hits that area he
finds out how much people like him.  He is asked to lead assaults
against vicious foes with his backstab with the promise that he will be
rescued.  Pity the fool that fails in the rescue!!  He can pretty much
group with the same folks through the thirties up until the mid 40's
when the group xp's just run out.  More than two in a group is a waste
of time xp wise.  This is when he makes friends with the HEROES!
Because unless he gets a cleric with him or has spent a week on potion
searches, he needs the hero's tanking and healing abilities.

Well what else can i say?  Thieves could use more skills <who doesn't
say that about their class>, but all in all are a very good class.  We
fight well and role play better.  And i highly recommend role playing.
We have seen an influx of weddings recently and i suggest trying other
things as well.  I can't wait to see kids on farside!  Now that will
take some creativity!  But just remember if you see a movement in the
shadows, hear a huddle of whispers, or suddenly feel lighter, a thief or
group of thieves is probably near by. Muhahahahahaha!

              Your loyal death seeking thief,

              Lurch, Crime Master, Seeker of Nim Vechwill


                Flute's Last Day
           (or The Dreaded Underdark)

           {As Remembered By Johnus}

It was Flutes last day of adventuring before going on a long journey,
and she wanted to see some of The Land of Farside that she had never
seen.  Draeger approached and asked us if we would like to travel to the
Underdark, a place where we had never been.  The three of us decided to
make the long trek, and Obiwan, being adventurous as he is, decided to
come along for some fun, and maybe to learn more of the art of fighting
from some more experienced adventurers.  Draeger used his track ability
to find some drow, and sooner than we thought, we were deep in the
lightless Underdark.  We chanced upon some drow soldiers, but they died
quickly before our swords.  After quickly stashing the corpses so no one
would know we were there, we continued on, taking in the sights of the
beautiful, but very deadly place.  Being invisible most of the time, we
slipped by several drow, and somehow along the way, we ended up in some
type of theives guild.  We killed several thieves who tried to backstab
us, and soon we were all tired, wounded, and ready to go home.  We
prayed for recall, but by some strange event, we found ourselves cursed,
and unable to recall.

We decided to just try and walk home, we became utterly lost in the
process.  Draeger tried to track something outside of underdark to find
a way out, but before we knew it, we were ambushed bye the leaders of
the guild.  Draeger and I tried to hold off the leaders so the less
experienced clerics could escape, but I soon saw Draeger fall by the
hand of one of the thieves.  I was seriously wounded, but still trying
to defeat these great opponents, and protect Obiwan and Flute at the
same time.  While attacking one, i saw Obiwan fall by the dagger of a
thief.  I yelled to Flute to run for her life, and we both fled, hoping
that the thieves would not chase us down.  We yelled and shouted for
help, and cried for our slain companions.  We were lost, very wounded,
and missing valuable companions.

Suddenly, some Heroes and Immortals came to our aid.  They had heard our
cries for help, and had decided to come and help us.  We heard battle
cries from the room where the thieves had been, and soon heard death
cries and final insults from the thieves.  Flute and I returned to our
slain companions bodies to find that they had been ressurected, and were
re-claiming their possessions.

Still being unable to recall, a hero volunteered to lead our way.
Somehow during the walk home, I became seperated from the group.  I
continued on, and found myself in a house with no exits.  I prayed and
pleaded to recall, but to no avail, I could not.  I wandered around the
house, but found no way to leave.  I ended up chatting with a maid of
the house until an Immortal could help me out of my predicament.

Flute is now gone, but she will probably never forget that day, and I
have not been back to that evil place, and probably will never go back.


          Hoaxville Romance
             by Slinky

[Forward:  I just wanted to attempt to set the tone for Slinky's story.
It has lloth of Marat, and I think you'll all enjoy reading it.  So
settle down and get comfrey with a fuzzy blanket, cook up a batch of
fries with some Diamante catsup, shove it into your chops, and chewie
away!  When you're full, Slitha back to your screen and read Slinky's
story.  And be preapred to groan a lot. -AM]

In the quiet town of Hoaxville in the local saloon, a disturbance of
dust and wind was making its way.  A highwayman in a Beau tiful Ford
truck Strahd in carrying a Bayonet.  His face was Shaggy and Crom's were
on his face.  The robber looked around and seeing the bartender
nervously mixing drinks.  He walked towards him and pointed his gun to
where his balthazar and laughed with an evil smirk on his face.  The
bartender cried. "Let's not make a Rack et hir!"  The young cashier
said, "Men hit the dek! He's got a gun!"  The highway robber cocked the
gun and said "Theo later dude!"...<BAMMM!>...  blood went spraying and
splashin on the bar tables and mirrors behind the bar.  The robber
checked his reflection and grinned.  The robber then cackled and yelled,
"anybody next?" Suddenly a young attractive barmaid came in.   It was
Melanie, who wore so much perfume, it made the robber dizzy.  She was
looking quite slinky.  She said, "hey Mik, whatchya doin here babe?" The
robber fell into a trance by gazing into her eyes and began to
passionately make out with her.  He said, "Your lips are like ambrosia
and your eyes are like pools." She said, "your not bad yerself sweetie."

A loud slamming of the saloon doors broke the silence and a young
maverick came walking in looking as cool as ever with a vest and some
jean trousers.  He was wearing a sonia cd player and some sunglasses.  A
barmaid asked him, "What'll it be?"  He replied "Macaroni and Cheese
Please! and a sergey, er I mean a Geyser..."  (Darn dislexia) The young
cowboy turned up his cd player full volume pumping out the old
song..."boom boom oh...rox me amadeus!...boom boom oh, rox me
amadeus...amadeus amadeus, amadeus...."  The robber then sneered at the
cowboy card player and said, "Man oh Man, its been aegis since I've seen
you!  You old master mind.  Think you can just walk in here with out a
greeting eh?"  The cowboy said, "well, if it isn't my old nemesis.  You
have quite a bit of gus interrupting my meal here. You trying to raise
some hell sir?"  The old robber growled and snarled.

The robber then cocked his gun tightening his grip with an iron hand.
With his quick wits, the cowboy took a pepper shaker and blew pepper
into the robbers face.  The robber sneezed uncontrollably, "Snikt!
Snikt!"  The cowboy snickered..."Blex you!"  and with that, punched the
robber in the face while his eyes were closed.  The robber started
yelling, sneezing with his stuffy nose screaming "Lenny at him! Lemme at
him!"  The cowboy replied in mirth, "W' asamaro with you? got the
sniffles? ha ha ha! "  The robber then opened his teary eyes and started
swinging his fists at the cowboy.  <Smack!> <Slug!> <Smash!> <Bam!>
<Boom!> <Crack!> <Bung!> The fight was turning the whole place
upside-down.  At the apex of all this excitement,  the robber then took
the barmaid Melanie by the neck and pointed the gun at her head and
said, "one more step and I'll shoot!"  Melanie screamed.  The cowboy
unzipped his zipper and pulled out a magnum and fired three shots to the
robbers chest.  Melanie cryed "My Hero! Oh thanks for res cuing me!" The
cowboy blew the smoke off and said, "it was nuthin!"  She said "nothing
my foot!...you amos lost your life!" He then said, "Well, I have to
admit, that was mega-fun."  Melanie then did her Arsenio Hall imitation
and let out a "Ryu ryu ryu ryu!"

That evening, two lovebirds rode off into the sunset until later that
night when they decided to stop off at a local inn.  Unpacking his
samson ite and plopping onto the soft bed the maverick said, "wait here,
I have da take a wiz" The barmaid stared dreamily into his eyes as he
walked out toward the outhouse winking at her.  Coming back, the cowboy
playfully snuck up from behind taking little steps of which lightly
echoed throughout the room.  He then went behind her back and said,
"Boo!"  The cowboy then gave the barmaid a long and passionate kiss
making her feel really dazed.  The two continued to make out and xeon
lights flashed as two shadows merged together behind a silk vale...and
then the lights went out.


        - Eternally Yours -
             by Strahd

The sun had long been gone from the skies of farside. At least for this
day. Only four more hours until sunrise. I wondered if I would find
something interesting before then. Lately it seemed like adventure was
something people did only in books and legends.  Tonight was to be
different. I could feel it. Something definitely was going to change

Maybe I would find one of those rich and stupid warriors that seemed to
be all to common in Hoan Dor. Ah, but what kind of adventure would that
be. Playing with their small minds for a while until that grew tired,
and then making off with their shiny coins. No, hopefully that was not
what was in store for me tonight.

I walked about the forest paths for a while, kicking dead branches and
listening for the satisfying 'thunk' as the blade of my dagger sank
itself into a tree, impaling whatever unfortunate creature happened to
be my target. I headed off in a random direction, hoping that in
straying from my normal wanderings I would find something new and

The brush thickened and the huge branches above now totally blocked out
what little moonlight there was.  Ah, such peaceful darkness. Only the
sound of a whistling dagger and a fallen foe could make it more

A dull flickering caught my eye in the brush ahead. Silently I crept
through the darkness toward my unknown target. A small clearing broke
before me, and in the middle stood a black marble statue. Not a
particularly valuable looking statue, yet it somehow sparked my

Now my mother told me once that 'curiosity killed the cat'. I shrugged
slightly at that thought taking note that I didn't really care for cats

The statue seemed to be rather demonic, with its multiple heads each
depicting some grotesque and contorted expression. Its black marble skin
pulsed ever so slightly with a deep red glow. I figured it was another
one of those stupid magicians tricks to keep superstitious idiots away
from the really interesting stuff.

Striding very confidently into the clearing, I pulled the hood of my
cloak back so I could get a better look at the statue. I paused
momentarily to toss a small rock at it, just to see if it was paying
attention to me. Nothing. So much for excitement. I walked around it for
a bit, checking for jewels or maybe a sacrificial token of food to munch
on. Nothing. I guess this was not too popular a figure.

Kneeling down in front of the statue, I could feel its black stone eyes
looking down upon me. I couldn't resist a moment of humor amidst all
this wonderfully exciting adventure. Mocking sobbing, I groveled and
babbled at the base of the statue as I had seen the many clerics in the
Temple of Midgaard do so many afternoons. 'Now that is the kinda life I
could handle.' I thought. 'Those gods must have it good. All that power,
and not a worry.' Chuckling softly to myself, I stood up and brushed
myself off.

I looked up into the black stone orbs of the statue, wondering what fool
this actually represented. A smirk crept up my lips as I thought to
myself that I could probably take this demon out with a couple daggers,
if not less. The eyes of the statue glowed a deep red and then faded. An
evil grin swept across my face. I shrugged and turned to leave.

But I was no longer in the clearing. Before me in the darkness towered a
huge silhouette.  Its blood red eyes boring into my soul. Huge jagged
teeth cracked into a deep grin in the darkness as my so prominent grin
quickly fell from my face. My mind quickly raced for a thought, an
action, a word....ah, I've got it..... 'Ooops'.......


             Additions to Farside
                 by AsaMaro

"Outfit" has been added.  Outfit outfits a player with sub-issue
equipment.  A great command for a newbie or a low level player needing
equipment to do his or her own corpse retrieval.
Syntax: outfit
        outfit <victim>

There were also several new socials added to Farside.  For a list of all
the social, type Social.

The spells Nexus and Portal were also added to Farside.  Check helps or
ask around for help on these spells.

Thanks Snikt and Co. for the new commands!


                        Farside Birthdays*
                       Compiled by Ambrosia

Gambit................................February  4th
Ambrosia..............................February  5th
Falkar................................February  5th
Darkyn................................February  7th
Arundel...............................February 26th

* There are a *Lot* of names to be added to the list.  Send birthdays
  as well as your character name to Ambrosia via a note in Farside or
  internet e-mail at Ambrosia@escape.com


                           * News *

Melanie and Fuzzy joined in holy matrimony at some point during the time
span of the last issue of the Gazette.  It missed making the news so I'm
including it here.  Congrats, guys!

After only a week as Hero, Marat was welcomed to the ranks of Immortal.
Congratulations Marat!

Vale, of his own decision, returned to Hero status.  Good luck Vale and
hope you enjoy once again doing those corpse retrievals and levellings!

Ambrosia and Reflection were raised to level 60, administration.  They
were appointed the titles of co-quest mistresses.  Congrats!

Johnus and Zaknafein gained hero on the same day!  Congratulations guys,
and good luck on your new career!

Gus was promoted to demigod!  Welcome to the ranks of the Immortals,
Gus.  Long may you be worshipped!

Terrapin gained level 51, joining the growing ranks of heros.
Congratulations, Terrapin, and good luck on those corpse retrievals!

Lurch became a hero, elevating himself to the status of master assassin.
Nice going, Lurch!  (We think) :)

Snickers brought honour to all the clerics of Farside by gaining that
long sought after title of Hero.  Congratulations, and good luck!

LSD gained hero status as well (congrats!) making February an all-around
banner month for newbie heros!

Marmot heroed right before this issue's deadline.  Congrats Marmot, and
welcome to the getting-to-be-long list of heroes.


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