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The Gazette for 2006-04-17
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 2006 Gazettes | Gazette 2006-04-17
___The New Official AVATAR_________________________________
     ________                          __     __
    /  _____/ _____   ________  ____ _/  |_ _/  |_   ____
   /   \  ___ \__  \  \____  /_/ __ \\   __\\   __\_/ __ \
   \    \_\  \ / __ \_ /    / \  ___/ |  |   |  |  \  ___/
    \______  /(____  //_____ \ \___ \ |__|   |__|   \___ \
           \/      \/       \/     \/ 
___________________________________________April 17th, 2006

                /.--.\                The Avatar Gazette
                |====|               For subscription info,
     ==         |`::`|                 read HELP GAZETTE
     ||     .-;`\..../`;_.-^-._
    @/\@   /  |...::..|`  | |  `|    Edited by Ayanna with
     |:'\ |   /'''::''|   | |   |     help from the Avatar
     |\ /\;-,/\   ::  |=========|   Immortal Staff and Track
     ||\ <` /  >._::_.|=========|           Members
     || `""`  /   ^^  |   | |   |
     ||       |        \  | |  /
     ||       |    |   |\_|_|_/

Special Edition Gazette Revival - Table of Contents

1) A Letter from Ayanna

2) Hotel Avataria by Trancecast

3) A Glimpse in to Chalmus’ Past by Waite

4) The Blade Cinta – Part 1 by Kariya

5) 2005 Lowmort Builder Contest Areas Quest by Pliny

6) Top 10 Hero Levelers April 1st-10th by Daeron

7) Top 10 Lord Levelers April 1st-10th by Daeron

8) Quirky Help Highest Facts by Daeron

8) Submission and Publication Schedule by Ayanna

9) What We Are Looking for in the Gazette by Ayanna


A Letter from Ayanna

As I expected, the turnout for the first edition was rather
scarce, however, I am confident that we will be inundated
with submissions this time around!

I would like to appeal to all players to submit articles, no
matter how poor you think they may be. The old axiom holds
true, especially when it comes to writing, "you are your own
worst critic".

For more information on submitting articles and the Gazette
publication schedule, please read the last 2 articles
included in this edition.

I really enjoyed the set of articles I got for the last
edition, I would also like to thank everyone who contributed
ideas and concepts.

Keep the stories flowing!

- Ayanna


Hotel California by Trancecast

The following is an excerpt from the Quest that Kariya ran
for song lyrics.  Let's all give a shout for Trancecast's
rendition of Hotel California...geekified.

In a realm full or mortals,
Kayeosse in the air
Warm smell of the meadow,
Hits the red dragon's lair.
Up ahead in the distance,
I saw a shimmering sprite,
It was late and heighten sense fell,
I lost my magic ball of light.
Cerdwyn stood in the doorway,
She just sent me a tell.
I mischanelled to myself
this was Snikt's basement or equally hell.
Then she lit a wax candle,
Six tics I'm to waite,
Unscrambled voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say.

Welcome to the hotel of Avataria!
Pick a remort race, surge 5 disintegrate.
Plenty of mobs at the Hotel Avataria.
Any time of year, a hidden imm is here.

The mortals are textually twisted,
So many classes to defend.
They've got a lotta of laggy, laggy spells,
to fail in the end.
Dancing weapons in the courtyard,
No commander, it's det.
Some players are female,
Some aren't sure quite yet!
So I called up the mollusk,
Please continue to whine,
She said
I've been terrorizing hero chat since, 1999.
And still those restores are coming from far away,
Random hogs in the middle of the night, when I'm AFK!

Welcome to the Hotel Avataria!
We've got saving grace, pack some milks in case!
They're living it up at the hotel Avataria!
Follow me at home, and honk the gnome!

Clerics do the healing,
Pink lowmort rings of ice,
And Snikt said,
You are all just prisoners here
Of my demonic advice.
In the UD's chambers,
The imms gathered for the feast,
The rogues stabbed it with their enchanted knives
But they lost to Leman's beast!
Last thing lords remembered,
They couldn't shift back to Thorn,
They were stranded without spells,
Why did the priest have to spell them with Gorn?
Relax said host senior,
We are coding to deceive.
You can type quit any time you like,
But you're webbed and can never leave!

This songs original lyrics come from Hotel California, which
can be located at:


A Glimpse into Chalmus' Past by Waite

One night we find Chalmus the alchemist locked away in his
laboratory.  As usual he is performing experiments with his
new fascination: a strange stone that he bought from a band
of gypsies.  Despite all the wonderful results he has had
with it so far, Chalmus still doesn't completely grasp how
the stone reacts to alchemy.  One thing he has learned is
that scanning the aura of the stone enhances its alchemic
powers.  It also fills the room with a pleasant purple glow.

And so Chalmus' latest experiment has a very familiar
beginning. He performs the next step of his spell, and the
stone's purple glow fades to a deep blood red. Chalmus casts
magical wards around him to undo any accidental affect, but
to no avail. Three large, winged demons burst through the
door.  They pick Chalmus up and lay him flat on his back,
like it when we experiment on YOU!" Suddenly all three demons
stab their sharp, twisted claws into his abdomen.

Chalmus sits up suddenly and gasps for breath.  He finds
himself in his bed, covered with sweat.  Habitually he
reaches to insure that his prized stone is still beneath his
pillow.  Feeling its familiar warmth, he breathes a sigh of

The fact that this is Chalmus' third nightmare in as many
Days troubles him. He begins to worry that his mind is not
as clearas it was in his younger days.  "Don't worry old
sport," he tells himself. "You're only troubled because you
don't understand it.  More research will make everything
clear." Thus the alchemist resolves to get back to work.
But not before breakfast.

Chalmus heads down to the kitchen to prepare his morning
meal. As he reaches to fetch an egg it dodges his grasp.
Again he tries to capture the egg and again it eludes him.
"How did this come to be?" the good magician wonders."Did
I inadvertently create this magical affect? Is my apprentice
playing a prank on me?  Or is it the work of that stone?"

While pondering this latest mystery, Chalmus nonchalantly
blasts the shifty egg with magical energy.  It emits a
high-pitched squeal and pops, scattering bits of shell all
over the kitchen.

"I must remember to pay Marcy a bit extra this month," he
tells himself.  "It seems that I'm becoming quite the slob
lately." Chalmus scoops the egg off the counter and quickly
devours it.

Once he is finished he heads straight for the laboratory,
not stopping to change his robe or tend to his hygiene.

On his way to the lab Chalmus encounters his only pupil,
Simon MacAlvay.  He addresses his apprentice.  "MacAlvay
my lad, how are you this fine morning?  If it's not too
much trouble, could you run out and fetch me some more
greenish-grey mushrooms? They've been most helpful in my
experiments, and I'm afraid that I'm fresh out."

But some troubling thoughts have been brewing in young
Simon's mind lately, and he doesn't feel like picking
toadstools this morning.  He says to his teacher,
"Honestly master, you never teach me any new lessons
anymore. All I do is fetch reagents while you lock yourself
up tinkering with that stone. Why won't you let me help you
work with it and discover its secrets?"

Chalmus sees that his recent behavior has hurt his apprentice.
Speaking calmly he defends his actions.  "I understand your
frustrations and I promise to pay more attention to you soon.
I fear that if you experiment with the stone you will come
to doubt some of the truths that I've shown you.  For the
time being, focus on mastering the lessons that I've already
taught you. As soon as I've unraveled the mysteries of this
stone I'll resume sharing my knowledge with you."

Simon knows that his plea has done little to change his
tutor's behavior, but for the time being he will let the
issue drop. "Yes, master," he says meekly, as he makes his
way out.
Later on, in a secluded glen, Simon MacAlvay thinks to
himself, "Chalmus is worried that I'll become more powerful
than he. I'm not going to let him limit my potential".  He
then pulls a small rat skull out of his pocket and begins to

* * * * *

Some time later Chalmus is working with his stone as usual,
when he has a sudden realization.  He hasn't made a shipment
to Midgaard in weeks.  Fearing that he will no longer be
able to pay his faithful staff, he quits his current project.
He puts the stone away in his robe and begins to focus on
some less stimulating work.

He's halfway done creating a batch of crimson fluid when a
minor incantation fizzles.  Annoyed, Chalmus sharpens his
focus and repeats the step.  Instead of fixing the mistake
his efforts exacerbate it, and the crimson fluid becomes a
dull brown. Feeling flustered Chalmus reaches for the
reassuring warmth of his stone.  To his shock he notices
that it's vanished.  He jumps with a start when he hears
something moving on the floor.

Looking down Chalmus sees a rat skull rolling around in
circles on the floor.  He can't do anything but stare as it
grows in size and rises up into the air.  It's only when
the skull opens its jaws and rushes toward him that Chalmus
snaps back to life. Chalmus skillfully casts spells to
disenchant whatever evil magic is at work within the skull,
but to his horror he realizes that his efforts have failed.
He has no choice but to cower as the skull repeatedly sinks
its teeth into his flesh.

Once again Chalmus awakes from a nightmare in a cold sweat.
"I guess that makes four nights in a row," he grumbles. He
reaches behind his pillow and is comforted when he feels the
warmth emanating from his stone. But then he feels something
else back there.  He pulls it out into view, and gasps with
astonishment when he realizes that he holds the skull of a
rat. It is only then that he notices the bite marks that
cover his arms and hands.

* * * * *

The laboratory is filled with a faint purple glow as Chalmus
egins yet another experiment.  But to Chalmus it's not quite
the right color purple this time.  "Perhaps today isn't the
right day to work on this," he says.

Instead he turns his concentration to a golden plate that
hangs on the wall. The ancient disc is inscribed with
Chalmus' family lineage and history.  He carefully takes it
down from the wall and places it on the table.

Focusing intently, Chalmus balances the plate on a puff of
air, so that it hovers in the middle of the room.  Chalmus
continues to concentrate upon the plate, causing it to
resonate as he pours more and more magical energy into it.
Abruptly the plate explodes, sending shards of hot metal
through the air. They shatter his beakers and tear his
scrolls. They pierce his clothing and sink into his body.

He stands there, bleeding and cackling, transmuting
anything and everything as it pleases his whimsy.  He
pauses for a moment and screams to himself, "This doesn't
matter. Nothing matters. Life is but a dream.  It's time to
have some fun."

The poor assistants that Chalmus employs hide themselves
away in fear.  Meanwhile, Simon MacAlvay sits alone in his
chambers, thinking to himself, "it seems to be working...
things finally seem to be going my way."


The Blade Cinta – Part 1 by Kariya

For so long we walked the fine line between dark and light.
For so long we were able to stave off his dark heritage.
But this time I didn't notice the writings on the wall...
I didn't see what was happening to him...
Was it a lack of competency on my part?
Was he hiding the signs that well that I did not notice?

Could it have been the conjunction of the realms?

The books spoke about times like these, when the different
realms and realities intersect and influence one another.
New worlds are born and old ones destroyed.

Perhaps the conjunction affects him more than any of us
could have anticipated? Yet still that wouldn't explain why
he would actually align himself with those demons. Why he
would take up his weapons against all he holds dear.

Of course he had his spells before, where his demonic side
took control. But he never sought to take over the temple.
He never turned against me...not since...he was the Pengacau.

Back then Kariya was a general in the army of his demonic
father, Belag. He wreaked havoc on the worlds he conquered,
eventually marching upon the temple. It was there that I was
able to get through to him, that our love finally revealed
itself. The legends were right. Kariya was destined to be my
champion. He was destined to be the wielder of the blade that
harnesses my darker side.

The blade Cinta.

But since then he has always fought against his demon
brethren, siding with me against the darkness. Those of his
own flesh and blood are his sworn enemies.

There were signs that Killl'gher was active, plotting to
free his kin, to attack the temple. But Kariya claimed his
half-brother was no threat.

In the mean time, Kariya, my love, started brooding more and
point that something was wrong. Yet I didn't...

When Belag himself was released I finally realized what was
happening. Only a few are powerful enough to break the seals
that keep this fiend locked inside the pinnacle of Angkher.

I confronted Kariya, looking him in the eye and finally I was
able to see the malice that was in there. I was distraught as
he revealed his plans.

After taking over the temple, he would conquer this realm,
setting it ablaze with his dark fire. This time he would be
the one in command, not Belag.

He even invited me to sit on the throne next to him, as a
supreme ruler in a world of chaos, forged by death and

I pleaded him to turn back, to embrace the light, but it was
hard.. The dark fire was burning bright in his soul, there
was hardly anything humane left about him. Yet eventually I

I begged him to halt his attack, if he really loved me. A
look of doubt appeared in his eyes. In the mean time, the
heroes of Avatar were taking the fight to the demonic horde
which had gathered inside the temple walls already.

Their valiant efforts stopped Belag and his brethren from
getting a foothold in this world. Yet it was not quite over
yet...In fact, little did I know that our trouble was only


2005 Lowmort Builder Contest Areas Quest by Pliny

As an incentive to explore these new areas, there is a small
scavenger quest - which nobody responded to from the last
issue of the Gazette.

Would you like information on this quest?

Instead of leaving you all out to dry, this is what is
Needed in order to win the scavenger hunt:

a protection evil item
a move hidden item
a cure critical wand
a weapon with hitroll, damroll, hp, mana and constitution

And you will also need to find the replacement items for:

red dragonorb (+2 int, +2 wis, sanctuary staff)
red dragon claw (+5 damroll, -10 ac)
red dragon claws (+2 damroll hands)
red dragon torso (+2 hitroll, +3 damroll, -10 saving throw)
silvery gloves (+4 hitroll, archery bonus)
silvery breast plate (+3 str)
silvery leg plates (+3 int)
silvery helmet (+3 wis)
silvery boots (+3 dex)
silvery arm plates (+3 con)

NOTE:  ALL items must come from the new areas introduced due
to the area contest, those areas are: Centaur Hollow,
Laboratory of Chalmus, Cryptid Hollow, Moss Village, The S.S.
Mutgar, Qass Tomb, Thrall Swamp, The Walking Woods,
Tul-Sith's Hospice, Westwood Outlook, and Catacombs of Solace.


Top 10 Hero Levelers April 1st-10th by Daeron

1 .)  Warierlo       (353)
2 .)  Vickie         (277)
3 .)  Evenfall       (218)
4 .)  Zharn          (177)
5 .)  Lasiter        (176)
6 .)  Bimpwocket     (153)
7 .)  Phoebus        (146)
8 .)  Lama           (130)
9 .)  Shindara       (123)
10.)  Mepharic       (113)
       Aylen          (113)


Top 10 Lord Levelers April 1st-10th by Daeron

1 .)  Draxi          (47)
2 .)  Drifter        (37)
3 .)  Cronus         (31)
       Samchay        (31)
4 .)  Jaguar         (28)
5 .)  Tern           (26)
6 .)  Waite          (22)
7 .)  Halandra       (21)
8 .)  Cyzarine       (16)
9 .)  Ravyn          (14)
       Aurion         (14)
       XannTariann    (14)
10.)  Glander        (12)
       Lancy          (12)
       Fin            (12)
       Rapid          (12)

Quirky Help Highest Facts by Daeron
TOP 5 Druid
#1:Totem         (Drow)
#2:Talmais       (Elf)
#3:Brody         (Drow)
#4:Keiriasel     (Elf)
#5:Doodad        (Drow)

TOP 5 Minotaur
#1:Rift          (Berserker)
#2:Soltar        (Warrior)
#3:Grazz         (Berserker)
#4:Fitwon        (Warrior)
#5:Arguile       (Bodyguard)

TOP 5 Dwarf Cleric
#1:Kalahn        (Hero 479)
#2:Livia         (Hero 340)
#3:Pepin         (Hero 257)
#4:Kaise         (Hero 20)
#5:Fundelmorf    (Hero 19),
    Hornfel       (Hero 19)

Is there a special combination you'd like to see be included
in the Gazette?  Email gazinput@outland.org as well as
daeron@outland.org for consideration!


Submission and Publication Schedule by Ayanna

The publication schedule for the Gazette will be as follows,
barring RL interference.

Submission dates: 31st, 15th
Publication dates: 15th, 31st

Articles submitted by the 31st/15th will either be published
Or returned for edits by the 15th/31st, respectfully.

We would like to have our first player-based Gazette (meaning
you provide us with the articles!) by April 15th, so get
those articles submitted no later than March 31st!


What We Are Looking for in the Gazette by Ayanna

WE WANT YOU...to submit Gazette articles!

You may think that you cannot write...but, you never know.

What types of articles do we want? Creative ones! For some
ideas to get you started, review the list below.

Newbie help info - do you have any tips or stories that
Helped you learn a valuable lesson when you were new to
Avatar?  If so, you can share them and they could be
published and henceforth known as part of Avatar's history!

Area help info - Are there areas that are just inherently
difficult to run?  Do you have a trick that has helped you?
to overcome these difficulties?  Again, share them and they
could become part of Avatar's history! (No quest spoilers,

In-theme fiction - Short stories, poetry, recipes, etc.
Keep it MUD or Fantasy related please!

Reviews - Areas, quests, movies, books, music, etc.  Again,
Be sure to keep in-theme, a review of 'I, Robot' wouldn't
exactly be appropriate on a MUD that's fantasy based, would

ASCII Artwork - If you aren't too good with words, how about
pictures?  We'll gladly accept new submissions of ASCII art
for both the MOTD and the Gazette.  To see what past ASCII
has been for the MOTD, please read help history.  To view
past ASCII for the Gazette, please visit our online archive
located in the design section of our website www.outland.org
(After our webhost move is completed!)

Send submissions to gazinput@outland.org. Prizes/Rewards will
be given dependent upon the quality of the article submitted
and whether it gets published.


This is the new Avatar Gazette. It is published with the
permission and cooperation of the Avatar staff and edited by
Ayanna. (Original concept by Asamaro and Dizzy.)

The Gazette is written in plain vanilla ASCII text to ensure
that everyone can enjoy it regardless of computer type.

To subscribe to the Gazette, send internet e-mail to
majordomo@outland.org.  In the body of your email put:
     subscribe gazette username@hostname (MudName - RealName)
e.g.subscribe gazette snikt@outland.org (Snikt - Kevin Jagh)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, criticisms,
compliments, or (best of all) articles that you've written
for the Gazette, please send them to via email to the
address: gazinput@outland.org  Please use 'Gazette' as your

You can also view the latest issue of the Gazette while
playing Avatar by typing 'help newgaz' anywhere in the game,
or on the design web site at

Original credit for Ascii art or other submissions is given
if known.


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