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Gazette 1995-09-17
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1995 Gazettes | Gazette 1995-09-17 Part 1/2
  The Avatar Gazette                  Vol II, No. 10 Sept. 17th 1995
   (A Sunlight Through The Shadows Production)
  The Avatar Gazette is published twice a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to jderouen@crl.com and including the
  following in the body of your note: subscribe gazette <mud name>

  Telnet to Avatar at: ifu.net 3000
  The Gazette Staff: AsaMaro, Marat, Arundel and TMeat. 
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1995, Joe DeRouen.  
  All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by
  Joe DeRouen are also copyrighted (c) 1995 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written 
  permission will result in prosecution to the fullest extent
  of the law. 

                     Table of Contents

                Page     1      Introduction
                Page     1      Table of Contents
                Page     1      AsaMaro's Editorial
                Page     2      Back Issue Notice
                Page     2      Avatar Player Bio: ReRun
                Page     3      Avatar Immortal Bio: Darkyn
                Page     4      Newbies Ask by Arundel
                Page     5      Mars Suck by Tmeat
                Page     6      A Trip Home by Slitha
                Page     8      Snikt Tells All by Snikt
                Page    10      AsaMaro Interview by Arundel
                Page    13      Arundel Interview by AsaMaro
                Page    17      Animals, Animals by Marat
                Page    19      One Big Happy by Tmeat
                Page    27      Avatar Birthdays by Ambrosia
                Page    27      News and Happenings by AsaMaro


                 *  A Challenge  *

This is our thirteenth issue, but only our second with the new name.
Really, in a way, it's the first, since the last issue was more or less
only an announcement issue.

To get everything back on track and get those submissions rolling in
again, The Avatar Gazette is going to be holding a quest.  A quest
that's already had it's first winner, in fact.  

For those of you who've never submitted a story (or those who have but
not since the name change) here's the quest; write a story or essay. 
Submit it to the Gazette.  If I accept it for publication you get a
level.  That's right, a level!  You can only "win" this particular quest
once, but I'm likely to reward multiple contributors as well, with
practices or average damage adjustments or something like that. 

This quest is open only to mortals, of course, and is void where
prohibited by law.  (sorry Hawaii)

Slitha is the first to win the quest, with her excellent essay 
"A Trip Home: A Discussion of Lizardmen" located elsewhere in this
issue.  Congratulations, Slitha! 

Everyone else, get writing!  :)



                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
glenn.pcc.cccoes.edu in /PUB/GAZETTE.  While you're scuttling about the
internet, check out Avatar's WWW page at http://ifu.net/~avatar.  Check
out the Avatar Players' WWW page at http://www.crl.com/~lsaiken/far.html. 


                   * Avatar Player Bio *

Name: Rerun           RL: Dan Lantos        Age: 107  (RL) 18
Race: Troglodyte  Class: Ranger        Current Level: 16 Hero

Interests and Background:

Dan was born in and has lived his whole life in Connecticut. He
recently graduated from Choate Rosemary hall and is currently a
freshman at Skidmore College in New York state. He is working towards
a major in Biology, in hopes of eventually becoming a High School
Biology teacher. He has been playing AVATAR and its predecessor since
January 1995, and when he can tear himself away from the computer,
enjoys socializing, listening to his endless CD collection, and above
all, swimming. (In fact, upon arrival at Skidmore, Dan learned that
several of his swimming records are better than the school records!)
He is currently finishing his plans for a new area which he hopes will
be put into AVATAR soon.

Advice to Other Players:

I don't think I can stress enough how critical scrolls, potions,
wands, and staves are to the play of this game. There are plenty of
helpful items out there that make life much easier for lower level
players. I can't begin to remember how many times I died having a mob
in awful condition before I realized that If I had had a potion I
would be alive and the mob would not. Search around-- find the red and
white staves, find the crimson potions, find the rice paper scroll,
find everything. Whether you need to survive a battle, heal quickly,
or help a buddy, these magic items are invaluable.

Another key thing that every non-hero non-immortal needs to know is
that you MUST think ahead to the future and save practices. Although
spells and skills like 'create food' and 'change sex' are neat to have
as a low-level character, how much will the used practices help you as
a lvl 9 hero without sufficient practices to acquire Enhanced Damage?
Ask some higher-ups which spells are worth practicing, and only get
those that are. It is much wiser to save practices for advanced hero
skills than get every last one from your class. Heros only recieve
half the practices per level that characters 1-50 do, so you'll be
glad you saved those extras.


                  * Avatar Immortal Bio *

Name:  Darkyn           RL:  Jim H. Anderson    Age: 187  (RL) 19  
Race:  Drow             Class:  Ranger          Current level:  58   

Interests and Background:

I'm a Systems Administrator at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. 
Other than that, I do way too much - I'm a Bachelor of Music in Theory /
Composition candidate here and I also hold an Associate's Degree in the
Culinary Arts.  I play Magic: The Gathering, I used to be big into RPGs,
I Mud (surprised?), and I'm currently creating my own orchestra here at
St. Olaf:  The St. Olaf Pops Orchestra! 

Advice to Other Players:

"Don't be afraid to say 'Hi' to people - group!  Everyone here is
playing to have a good time, and if you're not sociable, you'll have a
harder time receiving your due accolades and levels when the going gets

Most importantly...about lag:

Chatting 'Lag sux!' helps nothing!  If you're experiencing lag problems,
your best bet is to go to a 7-11 and get some munchies.  Lag is caused
by the burdening of a major Internet backbone (eg, Mcinet or
SprintLink).  Adding to the bandwidth (by chatting or typing anything)
only makes things worse.  If you are looking for something to do, turn
on TV or get a drink - anything but complain about lag.  The Immortal
Staff knows about these problems, and we do nothing but flame mci/sprint
people on USENET for their handlings of Internet routing.  So, be calm,
for, as all things, lag shall always pass. 

Also, if you're confused by anything, remember three magic fixes:
'News', 'Help', and 'chat Can I bother an Imm for a moment?'.  :)"


                           NEWBIES ASK
                            by Arundel

Just last week, someone posted a note asking the oldest question in the
book...Why should I group? 

Picture this.  A group approaches a mob.  The Mage utters the word
'sleep', and the mob rests peacefully.  'Faerie fire' from the Mage
reduces the mob's armor class, then weaken makes the mob's muscles
slacken and look smaller, thereby reducing the mob's damroll.
'Blindness' reduces the mob's hitroll, and all this time, the stupid mob
is just lying there, letting all this happen to it.  It's asleep!

The cleric utters the word 'sanctuary' and the warrior is surrounded by
a white aura which halves the damage taken.  'Shield' from the mage
helps the armor of the warrior, who, admittedly, is standing there rather
dumbly as all this goes on around him.  'Bless' gives the warrior added
points to his hitroll, and then 'giant strength' from the mage adds to his
capability to inflict damage. 'Fly' from the cleric keeps the warrior from
getting tripped, which steals attacks from the warrior.  'Frenzy' adds
even more to the warrior's hitroll.

OK, now comes the good part...the thief. He sneaks around the sleeping
mob and takes out some sort of piercing weapon...BACKSTAB!!!
Have you ever seen this at work? Ugghhh...not pretty. Immediately, a 
LARGE chunk of the mob's hit points disappear, at which instant the
mob stands up to face the now cowering thief...and the thief is rescued 
by the warrior, who, protected and pumped up with spells, now takes
all the damage for the group as he inflicts major damage himself.
Meanwhile, lethal spells are pouring onto the mob from all sides as the
spellcasters pull out all the stops and rain everything from little glowing
balls of light to entire meteor showers down on the hapless beast.
The cleric, of course, is keeping watch on the warrior...and as soon as
is necessary, the warrior is filled with a warm feeling as a large number
of his wounds are healed.

Then the mob dies. Good ending, huh?  What's this sword do?
The mage identifies it.  How about this helm? +2/+2? OK...Thanks,
Mr. Mage.

OK...here's another scenario. Two warriors and a mage are plowing 
through New Thalos.  One by one, the nomad merchants shed their
blood on the dusty streets. One warrior hurt? OK, the other warrior
attacks. Meanwhile, the mage is casting those deadly spells left and
right. Each kill is only bringing in, maybe, 20 exp...but with the
expanded group, and two warriors sharing the damage, they don't
have to stop until each person has gotten over 100 exp...then they go
outside and heal.

Ahhh...healing time. Sitting around the campfire, chatting...now here
is the true advantage of grouping. Healing is no longer boring.  You
have someone to talk to.  You make friends with someone halfway
around the world.  You find out what the other people are like.
Suddenly, having been distracted by conversation, you look at your
prompt and realize you're ready to kill again...Now, choose one of the
two scenarios above.  You're in a group.


                      Mars Suck
                      by Tmeat

        (Originally published on the Avatar General Board 
         Monday August 28th 1995.  Reprinted because 
         it made AsaMaro chuckle.)

Mars DO suck!

It's TRUE!

We need an equalizer.  Here are several skills that I think
would create a healthy game balance:

c 'sarin gas' - kill everything in the room.

c 'b-52 carpet bombing' - kills everything in the entire area.

c 'live or die' - give the martial artist the ability to choose who
   lives and who dies. (this includes players as well)

c 'recode mob' - enables the martial artist to rewrite a mob for maximum xp,
   minimum hassle.

c 'imm password' - allows a martial artist to log on as an imm.

c 'delete snikt' - allows a martial artist to delete snikt.

c 'overlord' - gives the martial artist full control over the mud, locking out
   all other imms.

These few skills, available at level one, would give the martial artist
the needed abilities to fairly compete on the game and make it more
enjoyable for everyone involved. 

TMeat (eagerly awaiting these new skills to be implemented)


                        A Trip Home:
                   A Discussion of Lizardmen
                         by Slitha

   I was asked a while ago to tell a little bit about what it's like being
a Lizardwoman in the realm of Avatar, so I decided to combine telling about
my race and telling about my recent trip back home (honest, I'm not lazy, I
just have an appointment to dethrone the Mezomasters with some of my 
companions, and I wouldn't want to miss it).

First of all I'll introduce myself.  I am Slitha (no last name, Lizardpeople
don't usually bother with them, tho sometimes one carries the name of their
tribe with them.  Sometimes I'm called L'gathwi, which means "of the tribe
Gathwi" in Lizgat) and I have traveled Avatar for more than 90 of my years.
With any luck (and the will of the gods) I'll reach the level of hero in
a short time, and become one of the few Lizard clerics who answer directly
to the gods.  Enough of the history tho..

I'd had a rough time recently (most of my 38 deaths piled up in a manner
of hours) and I'd decided to take a hiatus and visit the tribe where I was
born.  The trip was an easy one, if long, but within a few days I reached
the swamplands where the tribe Gathwi has lived for at least a few centuries.

The tribeland was much the same: swampy, overcast most of the time, with a
few patches of sun here and there quite delicious to rest in.  A hunting
party found me while I was still a mile away from the village, and I might
have had to do some fast talking (traditional Lizard tribesmen are VERY
suspicious by nature) if the party hadn't included one of my clutchmates
Kastath and two of my hatchmates Alth and Sillis......perhaps I'd better 
explain.  My parents were killed shortly after my egg had been laid, but 
this was no great surprise (if you think YOU die easily you should be an  
untrained tribesman) and what often happens when a clutch of eggs is 
left parentless
the clutch will be moved to a communal nest.  Kastath and I share the same
egg-mother and egg-father, so we are clutchmates.  Alth and Sillis were
part of the nest we were moved to, so their egg-mother is my 
hatch-mother, so we are hatchmates.  A little confusing I understand, but
to make it simple Kastath, Alth, and Sillis recognized me and accompanied
me back to the tribe.

I know the proper thing to do upon entering the village would have been to
immediately pay my respects to Chief Thosk.  However I decided to save the
unpleasantries for later, and first see G'stiliwik, the village Sleio, or
Witch Doctor.  

I'll pause here to explain a bit more.  Lizard tribes around Avatar may
differ in small ways, but they share many things in common.  One thing is
this: Lizardpeople are born, hunt for the tribe, and die.  It is NOT common
for Lizardpeople to seek their fortunes away from the tribesland.  The one
or two who venture to do so aren't exactly exiled, but they're looked at
askance.  They're not "normal".  The things they are required to do are
not "normal".  So that makes me strange enough as is.  What's wierder is 
that I'm a Lizard*woman* and decided I wanted to undergo the training that
would help me survive in the outerlands.  (Tho five deaths in three hours
isn't exactly "surviving" but hey...)

Chief Thosk was against it of course.  It's not that Lizardwomen can't do 
ANYthing in a traditional tribe.  Women hunt just as well as men, and some
have been known to become Head Warriors and Sleios.  However, women are
NOT supposed to leave the tribeslands.  The most important thing women
do is have babies, and while running the risk of dying in order to bring
food to the tribe is acceptable, risking death to gain experience is NOT.

If it hadn't been for G'stiliwik I'd have never left the tribe.  Lucky for
me G'stiliwik dislikes Thosk as openly as is healthy, and he seemed to 
like the idea of training up a Lizardwoman to be an Adventurer.  The only 
thing I had to agree to was that I would follow the will of the Gods, and 
train in the healing arts as well as the fighting arts.  I didn't have 
any problem with this, so for the next ten years or so G'stiliwik trained 
me to fight with weapons and spells, and to heal myself and others.

When you're planning to be an adventurer, your training is a little 
different than a normal Lizardperson.  Normally a Lizard serves the gods 
of the Lizards alone, including the Almighty Eldritch.  However if one is 
planning on going out into the world one needs to serve more than one 
god.  I spent half a year training with a Drow cleric to learn the will 
of Asamaro and the other Drow gods, and of course G'stiliwik had to hunt 
around to find a cleric who served the god of the gods Snikt.  There were 
so many other clerics of other faiths I trained with that I couldn't 
possibly name them all (G'stiliwik would probably box my ears and tell me 
I'd probably forgotten all the names, and he might be right, but I'm not 

One also has to make a change in one's.....eating habits.

You see, in a Lizardman tribe the head Warrior and the Head Hunter are
one and the same.  That's because Lizards most often hunt sentient 
creatures.  I'm not proud of this, but I'm also not ashamed of it. It's 
simply the way I am.  A Lizard tribe might choose to fight a nearby human 
village for the purpose of enlarging the Lizard tribeslands, but the 
attack would also serve the purpose of providing food for the tribe.  One 
of the best meals I can remember consisted of roasted drow and stewed 
human, but we won't get into that.  Safe to say, one cannot go around 
snacking on one's companionsif one is going to be an Adventurer.  So I 
had to take an oath not to hunt other Adventurers.  That way you can be 
sure I'm not going to think of you as a meal when I get hungry.  I'm 
tempted mind you, but I wouldn't worry...

G'stiliwik seemed happy to see me, and was glad to see I'd continued my 
training while in the outerlands (I'm especially proud of the spell that 
enchants weapons, and was happy to teach it to my old master).  He 
accompanied me to Chief Thosk's hut, and stood back with a smirk on his 
face while I made the ever-so-long-and-pointless formal greeting one is 
required to give the Chief.  I could see that Thosk desperately wanted to 
poke fun at me for the Common accent my Lizgat sometimes gets, but that 
kind of thing isn't allowed during a formal greeting.

I made my stay as short as was minorly polite, (Thosk tends to boast 
overly much about the sucess of the tribe since I've left.  I'd love to 
challenge him one of these days because I'm FAIRLY sure I'd win, but even 
if I did I'd accomplish nothing.  Lizard tribesmen will NOT follow 
Adventurers, even if they beat the Chief.  It's just the way it is), and 
then left with G'stiliwik to pay a visit to the Head Warrior Tassomil.  
She'd been another Lizard who'd I'd looked up to while growing up, sort 
of a sign that a Lizardwomen can be powerful.  She's not really all that 
special really, the position of Head Warrior has been held by a woman for 
three or four generations actually, but she put up with me tagging along 
with her on hunts without complaint.

I talked with Tassomil for a while, giving her some news from the outside 
(nothing I think she was really interested, Hunters usually like to hear 
what tribe has killed whom and which elf-village looks right for the 
taking, and I didn't have any news like that) and then I retired to a 
spare hut for the night.  

Nothing else of interest happened in the three days I spent there.  A 
young huntress attempted to oust Tassomil out of her position (one has to 
either kill the present Head or make more kills on a full moon than the 
Head.)  The challenger chose the former, and Tassomil killed her pretty 
easily, but things like that aren't really worth mentioning.

After three days rest I returned home, bearing a new bag of holding 
G'stiliwik had taken off a human corpse after a recent hunt.  I was also 
pretty well rested and ready to take on a few more of the tougher 
monsters that lurk in Avatar.  (I took a pounding, but I DID manage to 
beat the Unfinished Doom on my own, so I guess the rest was worth 
something after all).  


               Snikt Tells All
                  by Snikt

In reality Ive been Imp-de-facto for a long time, and RoX just squashes
me when I need it. 

RoX started squashing me a LOT more when Harp came on board.  This, in
addition to the fact that I can code competently, made me aware that
maybe I should leave. 

But, since this was my site, I couldn't very well leave. I looked at
other sites, hoping to get a free account such as this one is for me, so
both RoX and I could run like ROMII and MadROM do, as sister muds. Same
code, slightly diff.  philosophy. However, I hadnt realized how strongly
RoX's urge was to "protect his wife's honor", which he thought I was
busy stomping on via the phone with him, although imo it was in the best
of intentions. 

I hadn't meant to piss him off. But he became surly, and thought I was
ATTACKING Harp. I was not intending to. 

This tension continued. RoX refused to speak with me for a few weeks. I
could not run the mud for him without communication from him. I was
getting frustrated.  Maybe you could all tell.  :) It culminated in a
phone call to him last Friday. 

I was prepared to split the mud then. In all honesty, I changed his
password, which was MINE (ie, user kjagh), he used my account here, to
prevent kneejerk reactions that others had warned me against.  It was
changed for 5 minutes.  During the conversation, for "some reason" he
decided to log in and discovered the change. 

I changed it back, and later,  HE decided that I was getting L70.  Since
I have in fact been imping for as long as I've been here almost, it
meant very little.  But I figured if he took my concerns seriously, then
it was an okay compromise. 

Monday night, Lori started being antagonistic when I told her not to
call me names, even in jest, as she had just done. 

Next morning, we spoke for several hours via exec and he decided to
delete with Lori. He told me the code was as much mine as his.  He also
orginally told me we could keep the name Farside. He rescinded on that.
Additionally, he then used my password to modify the existing code, and
DELETE all the SCCS files (archives of the code) that I had. On TOP of
that, he deleted the old code (ironhands) from when we were crashing. I
had been using that to slowly "unrollback".  Anyhow, the code has been
copyrighted to all three of us (IH/RoX/.) since March.  I stole nothing. 
I backstabbed no one. Ethically I was not in the wrong. I just choose to
start my own mud.  Im sorry if RoX CHOSE not to run it with me. I'm
sorry RoX is hurt also. 

That's one of the reasons I refuse to enter into a slam war.Yes, I
really am Sorry. None of you except Ironhand could know how much. RoX
has helped teach me more unix, and SCCS , and majordomo, etc than anyone
and was a good friend.  I will miss him, but until this cools down, or
until he finds a site, he will not speak with me via the phone. I don't
need anyone, including those present, to wanna hurt Farside/AVATAR if
they are asked or choose to leave this game. You are all welcome to stay
here.  You are welcome to help RoX at the same time

Balth was told a few things that were not entirely true, and that was
where the letters came from. 

All I ask is that you understand that I have played a role in the past
to help farside grow. I may have to change that role (evil, whatever) to
help it grow into the future. 


                 So just who IS this AsaMaro guy?
                    An Interview with AsaMaro
                          by Arundel

     You're reading it.  Your eyes are getting tired, but you can't stop.  
It's really long, but there's SO MUCH you want to read...It's the Gazette!

OK, so, sure, we ALL take it in little bites, read a little more each 
time we log on.  Maybe you even skip an article or two...I mean, who 
needs to read Newbies Ask when you're a 40+ level mage?  Sure.  However, 
without it we wouldn't be able to check on  the friends we used to group 
with...we wouldn't have some of the imagery that brings Avatar to life 
for us...and we wouldn't be able to see who'd Immed, who'd heroed, and 
whose birthdays were this month.  It's all the creation of one man, the 
person who decided to set it up and pester people to submit things.  
Yeah...that's right....Me.   Oops...nope....AsaMaro, life mate of Marat 
(RL love) and Editor Extraordinaire.  

Arundel:  How long have you been on this mud?

AsaMaro:  Since June or July of 1994, I think.

Arundel:  How did you get interested in mudding?

AsaMaro:  Andee (Marat) and I used to play on a game called Legends, on
          local BBSs here in Dallas.  It went down after we'd been on
          there for over a year.  We'd created areas (we'd become gods)
          and everything.  *sigh*  So we went looking for these things 
          called "muds" on the Internet.  We checked out several, but
          none seemed to fit our tastes.  Then we found Avatar (Farside
          then) and we liked it, so we decided to stay. 

Arundel:  What about Farside appealed to you?

AsaMaro:  It seemed easy to understand, the people were friendly, and I
          got to play a drow martial artist, which seemed neat. I'd
          never played a drow on an on-line game before.  And I used to
          play D&D and always liked playing a Drow.  I played D&D since
          I was 11 I think.  Stopped several years ago, not really sure
          why.  I also always loved the Infocom games, and muds remind
          me of that. 

Arundel:  How old are you now?

AsaMaro:  I'll be 27 in 14 days.

Arundel:  Happy birthday...

AsaMaro:  Thanks!

Arundel:  Now I know why you haven't tied the knot yet...you're still young.

AsaMaro:  Young being relative.  I always feel old with all the 17 yr 
          olds on here. 

Arundel:  Yeah, me too...

AsaMaro:  I've seen a couple of 10 yr olds... When I was 10, I couldn't
          do these things. :)

Arundel:  OK...so you played your Mar...when did you Hero? 

AsaMaro:  I heroed in Dec of 1994.

Arundel:  And Imm?

AsaMaro:  I immed about 2 weeks later.  :)  I could have immed right
          after I heroed, but I wanted to stay around and help Marat and
          a few others get exp. 

Arundel:  OK... Now, the Gazette. How did you get this idea?

AsaMaro:  I've written an electronic magazine called Sunlight Through
          The Shadows (with Tmeat) since July of 1993.  And  I've
          written professionally for computer Currents Magazine for over
          a year now.  I am a writer, and that's what I do.  And I saw a
          niche that I could fill here.  I saw a chance to do something
          that no one else was doing, that I thought people could enjoy
          and read.  And that could help give the mud even more of a
          sense of community than it already had.  I was lvl 42 when the
          first Gazette came out, I think. 

Arundel:  When was that?  I seem to have come in kinda late.

AsaMaro:  Dec. 15th 1994.

Arundel:  Of course. Maybe I wasn't so late...

AsaMaro:  I've done altogether 12 issues of the Gazette. With the help
          of excellent writers like yourself, Marat, Tmeat, Marmot, and
          some others, of course. :)

Arundel:  I remember when you first gave me an assignment...any idea
          what issue that was for? 

AsaMaro:  You had a bio in the Feb. issue, I remember that.  Let me
          think a second. (thinks REALLY hard...) Feb. 22nd.. A
          warrior's responsibility.. Arundel :)  I had to drop to DOS
          and look through the back issues... 

Arundel:  What else do you do around here?

AsaMaro:  Together with Crom, I wrote the definitive builder's guide for
          area builders.  Well, I guess not so definitive, as I'm about
          to update it.  I edit stuff - areas, typos, bugs (along with
          Marat - actually, she does almost all of that these days) and
          I'm working on a FAQ about Avatar.  My official title is
          "Avatar Editor" - I edit and write stuff. 

Arundel:  Do you have a little character? for fun?

AsaMaro:  I have a lot of character! ;)

Arundel:  Count form is what I meant.

AsaMaro:  Just kidding.  :)  I do have a lvl 35 character that I play
          from time to time.  He's been lvl 35 for a long while - he
          kind of ran out of steam. 

Arundel:  Must have some really old equ...

AsaMaro:  Of course.  All the really *good* stuff.  <grin>

Arundel:  How much time do you have to spend on Avatar every week to
          get your stuff done? 

AsaMaro:  Way too much.  At least 20 hrs a week.  A lot of that is spent
          dropped to DOS, though, working on adding imms rooms (another
          thing I do that I forgot to mention), working on the Gazette,
          etc.  And some if just spent talking with friends and slaying
          poor innocent fidos, I must admit. 

Arundel:  Fidos? you have a prejudice?

AsaMaro:  I find a perverse sense of fun in totally obliterating fidos
          with the slap of a longsword.  So sue me. 

Arundel:  What are your plans for the near future here on Avatar?

AsaMaro:  To steal all the code, leave, and start my own mud. :)

Arundel gasps.

AsaMaro grins evilly.

AsaMaro:  Just kidding!

Arundel:  I'm going to print that...if I can get it past my editor.

AsaMaro: (chuckles) I'll have to talk with your editor.. hey, wait a
         minute! (looks confused) Anyway...To continue doing what I have
         been doing.  To make more gazettes, put imm offices in,
         *finally* finish an area I've been working on for 6 months! 
         And to keep spending time with my friends and enjoying myself. 

Arundel:  (looks out of questions.  He's blushing.)

AsaMaro:  Ask me what kind of stuff I look for in the Gazette.

Arundel:  What kind of stuff do you look for in the Gazette?

AsaMaro:  Somehow, I knew you were going to ask me that...Good writing. 
          Humor.  Insights into Mudding.  Stories.  Anything you'd like
          to read, I'd like to publish. 

Arundel:  Anything that fills space, huh?

AsaMaro: (bonks Arundel)  Humor especially.  I try to inject a lot of
         humor into the Gazette. Basically, anything at all, so I don't
         have to write as much. ;)

Arundel:  When are you going to add a Personals section, and

A little lightbulb goes off over AsaMaro's head.

AsaMaro:  The personals things might be fun, actually.  I appreciate
          everyone who writes for the Gazette. 

Arundel: Anything to say in conclusion?

AsaMaro:  Enjoy yourselves.  Its only a game.  (I keep saying that to
          myself over and over..) Keep the faith and don't take any
          wooden nickels. 


          From Newbies to Interviews to Troglydyte Armor, 
        and Everything Inbetween: An Interview with Arundel
                         by AsaMaro

He writes NEWBIE ASK and does interviews for the Avatar Gazette.  He
spends a lot of time helping newbies.  He's really proud of his cool
armor.  He's an all-around nice guy.  Yet, who is he?  Shortly after he
interviewed me, I decided to turn the tables on him and interview *him*.
Below is the transcript of that interview. 

AsaMaro:  Hiya, Arundel.  This is weird, me intervieweing you.  How long
          have you been mudding here? 

Arundel:  Yeah, it is really wierd to be interviewed...never been
          interviewed for anything. 

AsaMaro:  I haven't either, really.

Arundel:  I came in Sept. or Oct. of 94.

AsaMaro:  Had you played any other muds?

Arundel:  Nope...this was my first one.  Played AD&D a lot when I was

AsaMaro:  When did you become a hero?

Arundel:  Hero? Ummm...uhhh....  This spring? Yeah, that sounds right...

AsaMaro:  Do you still play AD&D?

Arundel:  Not anymore...got sick of the dice rolls. Long combat rounds. 

Arundel:  This is actually my second character.  

AsaMaro:  Who is your other character?  

Arundel:  My first character was Jring...  I died in the Cage Room and
          didn't know about CRs.  Just quit and came back with this one.

AsaMaro:  You live in Taiwan.  Where did you grow up?

Arundel:  I'm from Brunswick, Maine.  A small college town north of

AsaMaro:  How long have you lived in Taiwan?  Why did you move

Arundel:  I came here because I was intiimidated by the job market in
          the States in 1989.  I knew I liked teaching because I had
          taught guitar in college.  A friend of mine had been here, so
          he told me about it. 

AsaMaro:  What do you do?  An english teacher, right?

Arundel:  Yeah, I teach English to college students, government
          officials, housewives and business people at a government
          school here. I DON'T teach kids.

AsaMaro:  How old are you in real life?

Arundel shivers uncomfortably.

Arundel:  29.

AsaMaro:  When you interviewed me, you said you were married. 
          How long?

Arundel:  Four years...still happily, too.  My wife is just about to go
          back to school to study CAD-CAM. 

AsaMaro:  Does your wife play muds at all?

Arundel:  No...her English isn't good enough, even if she
          WERE interested.

AsaMaro:  Most of the people here's english isn't very good.  
          She'd fit right in.  :)  She was born in Taiwan?

Arundel:  We speak mostly Chinese (Mandarin) at home...yeah, she was
          born and raised here, in Taipei and hereabouts. 

AsaMaro:  Does she wonder why you spend so much time on here?
          Or do you get on mostly from work?

Arundel:  She hates it...but I tell her it's my social life. 

AsaMaro chuckles politely.

Arundel:  No, only from home. I play for a bit when I get
          home every day or so.

AsaMaro:  What is her name?  

Arundel:  Her English name is Nancy Mei, but her Chinese
          name is Mei Kwei-fen.  The Mei means plum.

AsaMaro:  A very pretty name.  Why did you start writing for the

Arundel:  Well, I studied writing when I was in college...Creative
          Writing was my major.  I hadn't written in a while, and wanted
          to write.  Then you appeared before me and asked for
          something...  in February 95, that was. 

AsaMaro:  Are there any other avenues through which you pursue
          creative writing?

Arundel shakes his head.

Arundel:  I ran out of ideas...and anything I write sounds superficial
          to me. 

AsaMaro:  Do you enjoy writing the newbie ask column?  

Arundel:  Yeah, I do...I like helping people. It's also fun to do the
          research...  which I have to do sometimes. 

AsaMaro:  Aside from writing for the gazette, what do you do as
          an imm on Avatar?

Arundel:  I help people...I hang out in the Tree and intro Newbies.  I
          like it...that's about all I really want to do here.  Being a
          low imm makes it hard...I can't snoop or advance yet, but I
          can give them advice.  I'd like to get higher just for the
          snoop and advance, but I don't particularly want additional
          duties, so I may never advance up the rungs of this Imm
          ladder.   I really like helping newbies. 

AsaMaro:  Do you like the changed that have happened/are happening?

Arundel:  Yeah...I think Avatar is going through some growing pains
          right now. New class, new Imp, and a lot of new stuff to make
          it more playable.  I think the coders are looking for a game
          you can play for two years, not just one...  By which I mean,
          once you hit Imm, you don't play anymore, so they want to make
          the game playable for longer.  I roleplay the trog a
          lot...look at me.  I helped write a Trog area. 

AsaMaro examines Arundel                 

This is an Imm. You have committed
a GRAVE transgression in looking at it.
Prepare to die.
Arundel is in perfect health.

Arundel is using:
<used as light>     (Glowing) A Rushlight
<worn on finger>    (Glowing) A long Troglodyte Claw
<worn on finger>    (Glowing) Another, longer Trog Claw
<worn around neck>  (Glowing) A scaly fold of skin
<worn around neck>  (Glowing) A scaly fold of skin
<worn on body>      (Glowing) Slimy, scaly Trog skin
<worn on head>      (Glowing) A raised bone ridge .
<worn on legs>      (Glowing) Scaly legs
<worn on feet>      (Glowing) Clawed Feet
<worn on hands>     (Glowing) Muscular Clawed Hands
<held in offhand>   (Invis) (Glowing) (Humming) A Nasty Spiked Tail
<worn about body>   (Glowing) A scaly, slimy hide
<worn on wrist>     (Glowing) Rippling muscles
<worn on wrist>     (Glowing) Rippling muscles
<wielded>           (Glowing) (Humming) sword of Immortality

AsaMaro:  Yes, your armor is very cool.  :)  

Arundel grins evilly. 

AsaMaro:  I know you were offered imm at least twice before you
          accepted.  I know because I recommended you several times
          myself.  Why did it take you so long? 

Arundel:  I wasn't sure, and I liked playing.  I also knew that once I
          Immed, I wouldn't be able to help as much as I had been. 
          Heros are MUCH more powerful than Imms when it comes to
          helping newbies.  They know the equ better, they can give
          people things, and they can cast spells on newbies that allow
          them to hit level 3 in about half an hour.  Imms are limited
          by rules...it's frustrating sometimes. But I don't run out of
          mana anymore. 

AsaMaro:  What are your plans for the future in Avatar?  Any Gazette
          articles planned? 

Arundel:  Plans? I don't know...I like what I'm doing now. I wanna hero
          Arun, so I have a Hero to help people with.  Articles,
          yes...I'll be continuing the Newbies Ask column and writing
          other stuff as time goes on. 

AsaMaro:  Anything else you'd like to add or let people know?
          Is AsaMaro a fair editor?  <grin>

Arundel:  Yeah...doesn't seem to touch my stuff.  Let's me write what I
          want. Never corrects my phrasing. 

AsaMaro chuckles.                

AsaMaro:  sounds like a crappy editor to me.  

Arundel:  I like it...and he never puts words into my mouth.

AsaMaro puts some words in your mouth.

Arundel spits on the ground.

AsaMaro laughs.

AsaMaro:  Anything else you'd like to add?

Arundel:  Yeah...a lot of people spend to much time going
          for the level.

Arundel:  take time out every day to help the little ones...get them
          equ, cast ID for them, help them with their armor and general

AsaMaro:  Sounds like good advice to me.

Arundel:  It makes the game more interesting. Really.  Problem is, its
          been said before.  I'd like to see more play out of the races.
          Areas for each race, real role-playing...Dwarves and Elves
          have historically hated each other. How come they can group? 

AsaMaro:  Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule of
          interviewing me to let me interview you.  :)

AsaMaro smiles happily. 

Arundel:  Heheh....thank you for your time, too.

Arundel smiles happily.


                       Animals, Animals
                            by Marat

I was sitting in my studio, putting the final bit of red paint on my
most recent work, when I realize that it was about time I started on my
next Gazette article. Contrary to what my esteemed colleague Tmeat
thinks, I do not dabble exclusively in interviews (though this is a good
source of information, but so is skulking about in shadows eavesdropping
and sneaking up behind unsuspecting trolls; those trolls have no sense
of humour at all) but really consider myself a general purveyor of
Avatar information.

About the time I was formulating an idea my ever-so-annoying cat Pandora
began prancing and whining and making a general nuisance of herself. 

"What do you want?" I fairly screeched at the plump, grey pest rubbing
gratingly against my leggings.  Pandora blinked her eyes prettily,
attempting to appear innocent.

"I am bored," she announced imperiously. "I want a friend. Go, find me a

Why do all cats think they are royalty? Go, she said. Good heavens! Then
again, it would get me out of the studio and away from her highness and
perhaps into some well-earned mischief. I sighed and asked the royal
furriness what she had in mind for a friend.

"Oh, I don't know. Just some very clever and fun animal to spend some
time with. I always wondered what an aardvark would be like as a pal."

I smacked my forehead with my hand. My cat is such a goof. "Aard-
anythings make terrible pets. They have an enormous ego since they are
some of the first words in the encyclopedia. And they know it. I will
find you a friend, Pandora. Sniff some catnip and I will be back in no

I started walking. I have no idea what would be the best "friend" for my
cat. She has always despised other cats and ran from every dog she was
around so I would have to look elsewhere in the animal kingdom. I
tromped through the meadow until I found a slightly paranoid but
basically happy-looking brown bear. I asked him if he would consider
being a friend to my cat. 

"Is she one of those uppity sort of cats? Does she sleep most of the day
and then whine for food in the few hours she is awake?" the bear
grumbled while he scratched his stomach.

"Well, yes actually, that describes her to the letter. How did you
know?" I said, just a touch sadly as I could already tell this wasn't
going well.

"Most cats are like that," he growled, not exactly meanly, though not
too darn nice either. "I just can't handle those wretched cats. Why
don't you see if there is some soft, little bunny who would like to
listen to your cat?" The bear said that stuff about the bunny a bit
snidely, then he rumbled away in the direction of water and probably a
nice, shiny bass. 

The bear might be right. A bunny might be a good playmate for Pandora. I
meandered to the Holy Grove and found a likely candidate standing by the
glittering lake. I watched the furry, soft, oh-so-cute little bunny hop
amidst the towering trees and then asked very softly, if the bunny would
like to meet my cat. The bunny cowered and shrank and whispered an
incredibly soft response.

"No, I would not like to meet your cat," the bunny hissed and then
hopped away wildly, almost landing in the glittering lake and then
almost running headlong into a towering tree. 

I was beginning to think the word was out about my cat. She could be
demanding, aggressive, whiny, selfish, and downright mean. She was
definitely my cat. I sighed a self-effacing sigh, sat down on a rock and
thought about this companion my cat wanted so.

As I was walking around the pond in Midgaard, I happened on a duck, but
before I could even ask he was quacking at me most offensively.

"Don't even think about it," the duck quacked quite loudly. "A cat and a
duck cannot be friends. And while you are at it, just rule out sparrows,
robins, any other birds and anything smaller than Pandora like bugs and
mice. They aren't going to want to befriend your cat because to me and
all the little animals of this realm, she is just teeth and claws and a
stomach." The duck snorted at me derisively and waddled off angrily.

I guess the friend would have to be larger than Pandora but not so large
it would harm her, and it would have to put up with her frequently foul
disposition and love her just the way she is. I couldn't imagine
anything filling the bill. I thought of various farm animals, but knew
that I didn't want hay or mud in my studio to accomodate cows, horses or
pigs. Most dragons have really busy social schedules so I couldn't
impose on one of them.

I returned to my studio, defeated. I admitted to my cat that I hadn't
found her a friend, that I could find no other animal that was the
perfect pal for her.  She rolled her eyes at me, flicked a piece of
crunchy cat food into the air, caught it in her mouth and grinned.

"There is one animal in this realm that is the perfect friend for me."
She purred as she said this and looked very smug, I might add.

"Well, I can't imagine which animal that is. I tried everything short of
a snake." I exclaimed and stomped for good measure.

"Silly Marat, humans are the best animal for a cat friend. And you are
the best human to be my friend."  

At that, Pandora jumped lightly onto my rumpled bed, curled up and fell
asleep, leaving me to realize I was the only one who would love her even
though she was whiny and presumptuous and demanding and irritating and
furry.  I must admit, she is a pretty good friend to me, too.


                  One Big Happy
                    by TMeat

        The thundering in the heavens had stopped finally.  The gods had
been at it again, fighting amongst each other like so many mythological
entities do.  But as I opened the window I saw that the land was littered
with the charred, decaying corpses of a whole slew of immortal beings.
        My wife crawled out of bed and looked over my shoulder.  She
pointed up at the sky and I looked.  Exblazoned in the aurorae was the
words "AVATAR."
        "Love, are you going to write an article about this?" Meko asked,
wiping the sleep out of her eyes.
        "You got to be kidding honey.  I ain't gonna even MENTION this.  I
value my pfile too much."
        She looked at me with a blank expression.
        "I mean . . ." I tried to explain my position to her.  "If it doesn't
effect game play, why should it matter what the imms do to each other?"
        She continued with that blank expression.  I tried to think up a
better excuse for being a coward.  None came to mind.  Her eyes continued
to pierce me, unmoving.  I looked at her.

<Linkdead> Meko the red-hot potato is here. 

        I rolled my eyes.  Great.  Oh well, I would read my mail until she
reconnected.  The first was from the LOL, the League of Lizardmen.  Ever
since my lizardwoman wife had divorced me and I married a human, the LOL had
been all over me about being a traitor to my race.  Geez.  They had more
time on their hands than they knew what to do with.
        Another letter was from the Citizens Representing Angry People.  They
just wanded to remind me that they were still highly upset about my last
article and were still waiting for an apology.  Yeah, right.  
        And still more mail.  It went on and on and on:

Number:   105                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Sun Sept 27 01:45:32 1995 
Subject:  problem

ive been playing this game for severl days and i think is is way
to hard
on mages.  i just got killed by a head an no one helped me.

Number:   107                       Board:    general
From:     ObZerV                    To:       all Fopaw
Date:     Sun Sept 27 01:49:25 1995 
Subject:  re: heads

Fopaw, I suggest you stay out of the Mob Factory until you get
to a higher level.  Or group with someone.

Number:   108                       Board:    general
From:     Kazora                    To:       all
Date:     Mon Sept 28 02:04:03 1995 
Subject:  porting to wrong mob

Perhaps there should be a way to call up a list of mobs that have
the same name so you have some idea who you are teleporting to.

Number:   109                       Board:    general
From:     Sleestak                  To:       all Kazora
Date:     Mon Sept 28 02:29:40 1995 
Subject:  re: teleporting

Kazora, that is an interesting idea.  We will look into it, but
part of the charm of teleporting is that you always have to chance
of ending up with an agressive mob 20 levels higher that you are :)
Sleestak, Immortal Extrodinaire

Number:   111                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Mon Sept 28 03:23:54 1995 
Subject:  lions
whoever made this game is stopid for putting those lions in the sircus.
they ate
all my stuff and no one will help me get it back.

Number:   121                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Tue Sept 29 05:12:47 1995 
Subject:  rude
observ, it was very rude of you to not help me when so nicely asked.
Everyone should
know what you did and someone should make a big sign or something saying
when an area
is dangerous.

Number:   122                       Board:    general
From:     ObZerV                    To:       all
Date:     Tue Sept 29 05:27:15 1995 
Subject:  re: rude

Fopaw, once again, I was busy.  But I told you not to go beyond the
great wall at your level.

Number:   136                       Board:    general
From:     Abcraple                  To:       all
Date:     Tue Sept 29 05:18:23 1995 

Could we get Aelmon's brother Shecky, or whatever, to sell 
firery-red vials somewhere, like, say one north one west of
Aelmon.  The description at Aelmon's is that it is the one
safe place in AVATAR, but with all of these spam attacks, I 
Abcraple, not Snapple

Number:   137                       Board:    general
From:     Sleestak                  To:       all
Date:     Tue Sept 29 07:46:03 1995 

Abcraple, good idea.  We are looking into it.  But if we did that,
no one would come to Aelmon's any more. :)
Sleestak, Immortalis Impeachabus

Number:   154                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Tue Sept 29 12:34:41 1995 
Subject:  Rude People
the people on this game need an attitude adjustment.  no one will grup
with me
even when I ask nice.  Especially Observ.  He should be kicked off.

Number:   154                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Tue Sept 29 12:43:30 1995 
Subject:  apalogy
sleestak is making me apologize.  i don't know what for.  obserV
it when he lost all of my equipment in that botched CR job in the lion's
But Sleestak is making me opologize, so I apalligize.  But ObsrV, leave
the CR's
to the Hero's, please.  Some of us Can't afford to loose out equipment.

Number:   159                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Wed Sept 30 03:29:07 1995 
Subject:  Her fault
Kazora got me killed when I grouped with her.  I just wanted everyone
to know

Number:   160                       Board:    general
From:     Kazora                    To:       all Fopaw
Date:     Wed Sept 30 03:32:14 1995 
Subject:  Sorry

I'm sorry Fopaw.  It was an accident.  I didn't mean to get
you killed.

Number:   168                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Wed Sept 30 06:13:52 1995 
Subject:  game sux
this game is too hard,  I AM GOING TO QUIT>  nO ONE CARESA BOUT ANYONE
eLSE oN This
game anyway>

Number:   171                       Board:    general
From:     Abcraple                  To:       all Sleestak
Date:     Wed Sept 30 06:17:31 1995 
Subject:  Schecky's revenge
Sleestak.  Perhaps Shecky could be there as a back up for Aelmon.  
There could be sign at Aelmon saying that people who buy vials in 
big quantities should go one north one west to Shecky and could spam
all they want there.

Number:   172                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Wed Sept 30 06:22:40 1995 
Subject:  FOOD

Number:   184                       Board:    general
From:     Kazora                       To:       all
Date:     Thu Sept 31 20:42:01 1995 
Subject:  Sleezak's Quest
I would like to thank Sleestak for the wonderful quest he ran.
I didn't win anything, but it was fun.  Thanks Sleestak!

Number:   185                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                        To:       all
Date:     Thu Sept 31 20:46:19 1995 
Subject:  quest
I died in Sleezak's crummy questt and lost everything I had.  Thanks
a lot.
no one will help me.  The people on this game are not at all supportive 
to the 
needs of others.

Number:   189                       Board:    general
From:     Sleestak                  To:       all
Date:     Fri Sept 01 02:19:42 1995 
Subject:  Underwear
Last night I lost my underwear, but Abcraple found it while grouped
with Stutzbaumenheizer.  Both won the grand prize of a rename.
Kazora, an honorable mention, will get a token.  Just pick it up
from me Kaz whenever you have the time.
Sleestak, Imortalus Pantsus

Number:   190                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Fri Sept 01 03:20:17 1995 
Subject:  lame
how come no one ever does one of my suggestions?  Or even replies to one
of my
suggestions notes.  I have had hundreds of good suggestions, but theyve
been all
ignored.  the people on this game have a big attitude problem so I quit.

Number:   192                       Board:    general
From:     Stutsbaumenheizer         To:       all
Date:     Fri Sept 01 03:59:04 1995 
Subject:  Problems
I am havi^>^> a ing all kinds of problm^M es figuring out how to work
this game. It
took me two hourse to try to figure out how to write this note.  Only
when grouping
with Abcraple have I gotten anywhere.  What is wrong with me?  Hav I
missed something?
I just don't know what to do.

Number:   193                       Board:    general
From:     Sleestak                  To:       all
Date:     Fri Sept 01 03:59:04 1995 
Subject:  Re: Problems
Stuts . . . etc,
What you should probably do is go back to the tree of knowledge
and read all of the rooms and follow all of the steps.  Then type
help and read the helps on things you are having problems with.
If that doesn't clear up your confusion, ask someone to explain
it to you, such as a hero.
Sleestak, Immortalis Trebekis Alexis

Number:   202                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Sat Sept 02 01:25:22 1995 
Subject:  quit
i understand now.  all of you have your little clicks and won't let
else in.  that's how grouping works, eh?  you don't care about anyone
but yoursleves.
everyone hates me.  I quit.

Number:   203                       Board:    general
From:     ObZerV                    To:       all
Date:     Sat Sept 02 01:27:03 1995 
Subject:  re: quit
Perhaps the third time is the lucky charm . . .

Number:   204                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Sat Sept 02 01:34:11 1995 
Subject:  fat head
observ is a big fat head.  you think i am not smart enough to understand
what you
said, but i do.  you will be sorry.  you should be kicked off.

Number:   205                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all
Date:     Sat Sept 02 01:49:14 1995 
Subject:  i want an apology
there are other muds you know, sleestak.  i shouldnt have to apologize
it is his fault.
he has been harrassng me ever since i have gotten onto th is mud.  he
should be
the one who has have to apologize.  he have been making everyone in theis
game miserable.

Number:   206                       Board:    general
From:     ObZerV                    To:       all Fopaw
Date:     Sat Sept 02 01:52:37 1995 
Subject:  re: i want an apology
Fopaw.  Ever since you first got on this mud I have retrieved your
corpses, gotten you better equipment, and told you of good places to
go for experience points.  If that has somehow offended you, I am 
But I refuse to group with you.  I am 30 levels higher than you.
Stop begging me about it.  You wouldn't be earning xp, or helping me,
you would just be ripping them off from me and depriving yourself
of the fun of grouping and helping out people near your level.
If you hate us all so much, why havn't you quit?  You have said you
would three times so far.  I wish you would make up your mind.  I
pay by the hour for internet access and don't want to have to pay
for the privilledge of being verbally assaulted over the CHAT
channel by you.

Number:   207                       Board:    general
From:     Sleestak                  To:       all 
Date:     Sat Sept 02 01:55:32 1995 
Subject:  Shappud Already
All right!  I have had enough!  You two move your discussion
SOMEWHERE ELSE!  This is for general discussion only!  If you
have a problem with this, see me or another imm.
Sleestak, Immortalis Unhappyus

Number:   211                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all 
Date:     Sat Sept 02 05:05:24 1995 
Subject:  sorry
I hada long talk with sleestak and id like to apologize to everyone. My
life is
not too good now.  my father died last year and two months ago i found
that my brother has aids.  iwas trying to play this game to relax but
it didn't
work.  im sorry.  ill go now.

Number:   223                       Board:    general
From:     Fopaw                     To:       all 
Date:     Sun Sept 03 01:23:31 1995 
Subject:  sorry again
id like to thank sleestak, kazora, and observ for talking to me last nihgt
I apologize
to you all and am sorry for being a giant butthead.  I will try to do
better and
ill start trying to help new people when i can.

Number:   244                       Board:    general
From:     Newgal                    To:       all 
Date:     Sun Sept 03 03:56:08 1995 
Subject:  IDIOT!
Fopaw is a big, hairy bastard.  The lions killed me and Fopaw lost
all of my stuff.  If people like that are allowed to play here
I think I will go somewhere else.  Could someone who knows their
butt from there elbow please find my equipment!

        I rubbed my eyes and looked over to my wife.

<Linkdead> Meko the red-hot potato is here. 

        "Still linkdead," I muttered and smiled.  Like I told Meko, the 
politics don't matter that much.  New faces come and old faces go, but we
are always the same - one big happy family.


                        Avatar Birthdays*
                       Compiled by Ambrosia

Macaroni.............................Sept 11th
Hanz.................................Sept 13th
Maverick.............................Sept 17th
Vader................................Sept 26th    

* There are a *Lot* of names to be added to the list.  Send birthdays
  as well as your character name to Ambrosia via a note in Avatar or
  (preferably) internet e-mail at Ambrosia@escape.com


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