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Get into the habit of saving using the SAVE command when you have gotten your gear back from your corpse after dying. This is in case the MUD crashes and reverts you to a saved version of your pfile when you had no gear. - Riviat
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Gazette 1995-10-30
Articles | Archives | Gazette | 1995 Gazettes | Gazette 1995-10-30 Part 1/2
  The Avatar Gazette                   Vol II, No. 11 Oct. 30th 1995
   (A Sunlight Through The Shadows Production)
  The Avatar Gazette is published twice a month by AsaMaro in
  conjunction with (and full permission of) The Avatar Staff

  The Gazette is written in 100% pure ASCII to assure maximum 
  compatibility for all readers using whatever system they use

  Subscribe by writing to jderouen@crl.com and including the
  following in the body of your note: subscribe gazette <mud name>

  Telnet to Avatar at: walrus.com 3000
  The Gazette Staff: AsaMaro, Marat, Arundel and TMeat. 
  The entire contents are copyrighted (c) 1995, Joe DeRouen.  
  All rights reserved.  Individual articles not written by
  Joe DeRouen are also copyrighted (c) 1995 by the individual
  in question.  Any unauthorized reproduction (or changing of said
  contents) of the Gazette without fully expressed written 
  permission will result in prosecution to the fullest extent
  of the law. 

                     Table of Contents

                Page     1      Introduction
                Page     1      Table of Contents
                Page     2      AsaMaro's Editorial
                Page     3      Back Issue Information                
                Page     3      Avatar Player's Page Information
                Page     3      Avatar Player Bio: PPC   
                Page     4      Avatar Immortal Bio: Ryu    
                Page     5      The Rodent's Corner by Marmot
                Page     6      Hints for Success by Tmeat
                Page     7      Newbies Ask by Arundel
                Page     9      Advice For You by Sunfire
                Page     9      One Big Bug Note by ReRun
                Page    10      Tale of An Outside by Nagrom
                Page    12      Stats Corner by Terrapin
                Page    13      Immortal Task Report by Leorick
                Page    20      Secrets of Success by Proteus
                Page    24      Avatar Birthdays by Ambrosia
                Page    24      News and Happenings by AsaMaro


                 *  Drow Power  *

As some of you may or may not know, AsaMaro started life as a Drow
martial artist.  Even though he ascended the ranks of Immortality back
at the start of January, he's still a drow.  I'm working on the
quintessential AsaMaro home page (http://www.walrus.com/~asamaro) and as
such I need a picture of a Drow to represent AsaMaro.  I have one up
there already, but it's not quite what I want.

Thus, this challenge.  I need a GIF, JPG, BMP, TIF, or just about any
other graphic format of a Drow.  If you have in your possession such a
picture, or can create one, let me know.  Write me at
asamaro@walrus.com.  If I use your picture, you get a level.  (Mortals
and heroes - Angels and Imms just get my heartfelt thanks. <grin>)  Can
you help me out?

                   *         *        *  

Of course, the challenge from last issue is still in affect - If you've
never before written for the Gazette, write an article and send it to
me.  If it's good (meaning, if I publish it) you'll get a level.  The
free level applies only to Mortals and Heroes, of course; Immortals and
Angels will have to make due with only my gratitude.  

ReRun, Proteus, Sunfire, Terrapin, and Nagrom all took advantage of
this challenge, and all won a level.  Their stories appear elsewhere in
this issue.  Congrats guys! 

                   *         *        *    

As all of you have no doubt noticed by now, we're up on a great new
site; Intellitech Walrus!  Lag has been at a minimum while MUD enjoyment
has been at a maximum, thanks to Snikt and Walrus owner Michael
Rosenthal.  Intellitech Walrus is a really great system, not even
considering the MUD; for fifteen bucks a month, you get a shell account
with a whopping 10 Meg of storage space.  Who could ask for anything
more?  They also have some great deals on PPP accounts and several other
pricing levels.  If you live in the 212 New York area code, you should
really check into getting an account with Intellitech Walrus.  Check out
their web page at http://www.walrus.com or call them at 212/466-5000.
You can also request information via writing email to info@walrus.com.
Tell 'em Snikt and AsaMaro at The Avatar MUD sent ya! 

                   *         *        *    

This issue is one of the biggest yet, weighing in at a whopping 67k!
That should change shortly, as I tend to start putting it out more often
and distributing the great material a lot of you guys have been sending
me out over more issues.  Expect to see the Gazette on your electronic
doorstep a little more often, in a little bit smaller size.  

                   *         *        *    

Special thanks to Frey for sending me many of the new Imms petitioners
essays.  This issues includes Leorick's and Tmeat's.  Future issues may
include (with their permission) Revenani's, Meko's, Evii's, or any other
Angel who becomes an Imm.  We have a lot of good material in there, so
we're gonna share it with the world.  Let us know what you think.

Thanks, and Happy Halloween!



                 Back Issues of The Avatar Gazette

Back issues of the Gazette are now available via anonymous FTP at
glenn.pcc.cccoes.edu in /PUB/GAZETTE.  While you're scuttling about the
internet, check out Avatar's WWW page at http://www.walrus.com/~avatar. 

                      Avatar's Players Page

As some of you may know, Tmeat has created a page for all the players of
Avatar.  Check it at http://www.crl.com/~lsaiken/far.html.  If you have
a home page, write to Tmeat at lsaiken@crl.com and ask to be added to
the list. 


                    * Avatar Player Bio *

Name: PPC           RL: Devin Nate       Age (RL): 19   
Race: Human         Class: Warrior       Current level: Hero 27 
Interests and Background:
I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - and have lived here all
my life. I am currently attending the University of Calgary,
looking to get into management. What little free time I seem to
be able to piece together I use going out with friends, MUDding
on Avatar, adminning my home Unix system, as well I'm in the
process of teaching myself C. I started playing Avatar, then
called Farside, just over 1.5 years ago. This puts me with a
small group of people (mainly IMM's) who can say they are some
of the longest playing characters on Avatar. This is something
that I kinda take some pride in ;>
Advice to Other Players:
Well, I guess my own philosophy has been one of independence. I
have always relied on my friends and my own abilities to solve
those problems that always arise on Avatar. So my advice is
this, battle on, you are a center of power, make the struggle,
and eventually (but not without some hardships) you will be
rewarded; don't hurt anyone in the process, and help those who
genuinely need your help.


                  * Avatar Immortal Bio *

Name: Ryu               RL: Sean Gage           Age: 380  (RL) 19   
Race: Drow              Class: Mar              Current level: Retired

Interests and Background:

I was born on in Ashland, Wisconsin on November, 10 1975 (which makes me
really really really old) *cackle*  Since then, I have lived in Arizona,
Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Mexico, and various other "fun
and exciting" places.  As one of a family of 10, I learned really early
the value of fighting with ones siblings and therefore took up several
different forms of martial arts (several of which I am qualified and do
teach) to kick around my brothers and sisters.  While in High School, I
wrestled, ran Cross Country, and ran track.  I now go to the University
of Minnesota, Duluth and am a Computer Science major who spends entirely
too much time Mudding. (*he he he*)

As one of the first people who started a MUD (Me and my step-dad did
when I was about 13) I have been able to see the beginning of some of
the best muds. 

When I first started mudding there were only LP muds which I must say
are not that fun to play. Since then though, with the coding of Diku,
Merc, and Rom, the game playability of MUDs has improved drastically. 

For the future, Me and Johnus are in the process of setting up the
newest version of a MUD, it has a prototype code and has great IMPs

The things that I like to do are....hmm, how bout this: swim, waterski
(instructor for 3 years), run, train people in martial arts, hang out
with friends (a lot of whom play AVATAR), talk to Flute on the phone :)
and be a regular wiseguy ;)

Advice to Other Players:

My advice to you players is get to know as many people as possible
because long after you become a HERO or an IMMORTAL, the idea of
leveling gets boring and killing things just gets tedious.  What you
have left is the friendships that you gain from talking to people and
seeing what is going on in their part of the world :)  If you are just
starting out, you will not really need to group till level 22 or so, but
group anyways.  This will ensure that everyone around your level knows
who you are, and they will therefore, ask you to group later on when
grouping becomes more crucial.  Also, be nice to the other players. 
People tend to not like it too greatly when someone is cutting them down
(out of malice) a lot.  Lastly and most importantly, have:

     @@@@@@@@@@@   @@      @@   @@     @@   !!!
     @@            @@      @@   @@@    @@   !!! 
     @@            @@      @@   @@@@   @@   !!! 
     @@@@@@@       @@      @@   @@ @@  @@   !!!
     @@            @@      @@   @@  @@ @@   !!! 
     @@            @@      @@   @@   @@@@    
     @@            @@@@@@@@@@   @@     @@   !!!

This is a public service message from your friendly neighborhood Ryu ;)



Life After Death  -or-  The Experiences of a Hero in the Real World
==== ===== =====        === =========== == = ==== == === ==== =====

By Marmot, the Late Rodent Hero

On an ominous day last June, the two forces that can destroy a character:
1) not being tolerated by the imms, and 2) not tolerating the imms
conflicted, and within a few short keystrokes, my character was no more. I
had died. To my dismay, there was no light at the end of a tunnel, no
elysian fields, or pearly gates. I awoke after death in an unfamiliar world
that no AVATAR character would recognize.

Perhaps the most striking thing i noticed was the appearance, the image,
and the dimension. I was no longer looking at words and nothing else... in
the 'real world' which I had just entered, there were arbitrary shapes and
forms that represented the words which we have become so familiar with.
There were arbitrary sounds representing some of these words as well. For
example, the dwellers of this earth have chosen to represent the word
"sword" with a long, sharp, metal implement, with a handle, a point, and a
single or double bevelled edge. The sound "growl" is represented here by a
gutteral vibration of sound waves.

As I discovered watching the news, death is THE terminal state here. It is
not a temporary hindrance to progress... it is a PERMANENT hindrance. There
is no corpse to retrieve; those who are most familiar with you have your
corpse enterred in the ground.

The channels for communication are far different here. The most basic is
speech, an auditory channel perceived by those within a short distance of
the speaker. Telephone is a means of extending speech over considerable
distances here. Television and radio are similar to what residents of
AVATAR know as an echo. Only those in charge can transmit one, and everyone
attuned will perceive it.

Transportation is much more complicated here. In AVATAR, one must travel by
foot, by portal/nexus/teleport/astral/summon, or by the talons of a red
sent from the gods. A world-dweller has the choice of several means of
travel, and many intriguing devices have been devised to facilitate travel
over varying distances with varying efforts.

Now that I have illustrated these differences, please allow me to relate my
experiences in the real world.

I quickly learned that it is unacceptable to kill someone or something in
order to get spending money. One must spend their time performing various
types of labor to gain currency. Furthermore, only humans (the only race
here) carry money: you would not be likely to find coins by ripping off a
poor dog or snail or sparrow or horse. So, my first task was to get a job.

Since it was too late in the summer to find a job, my parents accosted and
scolded me, a college senior, for not finding employment. I quickly groped
for my ring of holding to pull out my trusty Ciquala's sword. I realized
all too quickly that equipment does not pass from the AVATAR world into
this one. My parents noticed this as well, and asked me why on earth I was
sitting in front of the computer naked. Their impudent question obviously
enraged me, for is it not commonplace to see the recent-dead convalescing
at recall naked?

Since I did not have my weapons, I was left to the resources of my spells.
I extended my fingers in the air invoking the chain lightning of the gods,
but nothing happened other than eliciting curious looks from my parents. I
stood up in rage and shouted "Insolent beings! You will pay for your
intrusion with your lives!" I took a deep breath and assailed them with my
gas breath! Alas, no burst of flame engulfed them, and they retorted by
wincing, telling me to brush my teeth, and stop eating those garlic bagel

I could see that there was no choice but to flee, and after giving them
both major wedgies, flipping them over my shoulder, cackling demonically at
them, and finally hitting them in the knees with a crowbar and running away
laughing, I quickly ducked into my room. Being aggressive, my parents
followed me in and said "Don't you have 18 medical school applications to
finish??" I winced and looked at the pile of mail awaiting me on my desk.
After a short moment of introspection, I realized that completing my
biochemistry major, graduating from college, further characterizing the
bicoid-mRNA localization complex in the oocytes of Drosophila melanogaster,
and getting accepted into medical schools would all bring me more
"experience points" than slaughtering poor, innocent, cuddly mesomasters
and statues.

And thus, I won my independence from the immortals, and my life was given
to me in the form of knowledge and experience, as it was given to Adam and
Eve in Genesis. And thus the moral of my story becomes apparent: Quitting
AVATAR is akin to eating of the forbidden fruit, but once you have partaken
of it, the former paradise becomes lost in the jumbled oblivion of memory.


 Hints For a Successful Avatar Career
            by Tmeat

Don't know where to go for experience points?  Type range <yourlevel>
for a list of areas that might be good for you.  Also, you can type help
areamaps for a breakdown or areas and type help map, help meadow, or
help midgaard for several maps that may help.  Other maps are available
at the mapshop in Midgaard and the Dog in the southeast area of the

Getting your butt kicked by mobs?  You have several options.  Find
someone else to fight.  If that doesn't work, it might be your
equipment.  There is plenty of equipment available to protect you and
help you hit harder.  You can compare two pieces of equipment to see
which is better, but that doesn't tell you the whole story. 

Wear the equipment and see what your score is like and compare those
scores with your scores wearing other equipment.  Also check the
affects.  That way you can see if the piece does anything special.  You
can get a more complete look at the equipment by identifying it with a
spell or scroll.  ID scrolls are available at Nom and at the Magic Shop
in Midgaard. 

Ask around to see if anyone knows of any good equipment, and go on your
own searches too.  There are pages and pages of equipment on Avatar - so
many that few have ever seen it all.  Who know what you will find?  And
never pass up a shop in some foreign city.  Sometimes real treasures are
sitting there, waiting for you to buy them. 

Potions and edible magical objects are a big help too.  Don't just limit
yourself to the fiery-red vials at Aelmon.  There are potions that do
all kinds of things and can help you out tremendously. 

Still not doing too well against the mobs?  Well, one tried and true
method is to group with others.  Look for other players at watering
holes such as Nom and Aelmon.  Get in contact with them.  See if they
want to group.  Many times people will ask over chat for groupies.  But
remember, using chat is like yelling at a football stadium.  Some won't
hear you.  Some will hear you but will be busy.  Don't take a lack of
response as a personal attack.  Approach people one on one and you will
get a better response. 

When you die, keep your wits about you.  Freaking out doesn't help you
at all.  Try to make it back to your corpse.  Asking for a CR should be
the last resort.  Relying on yourself for corpse retrieval will make you
a better player.  But if you just cannot make it, because you don't know
the way back or their are aggressive mobs, by all means ask for a CR. 

Pets are a handy tool at times.  You can group with them and get some
protection, but be aware that they do draw experience point away from
you.  One trick is to use them while grouped with several other people. 
Ungroup the pet and, when combat starts, order the pet to rescue you. 
This will cause the pet to act like your shield.  If the pet hits last,
it will get the experience, but with several people in your party the
chance or that happening is slim. 


                        NEWBIES ASK
                        by Arundel

        One thing we all tend to forget is that while we are playing here
in Cyberspace, we need certain things in Real Life to help us through the
long hours at the keyboard.  After a little thought, I remembered how I 
would make it through the ten- to twelve-hour days I spent playing as a 

        Early on, I bought a small notebook to keep beside the computer.  
This is almost full to this day with directions from the old layout, 
email addresses of people I don't even remember, and items long-since 
deleted.  Every time I went somewhere, I would write down the 
directions...any time someone told me where to get a better piece of 
equipment, that information went into the notebook.

        OK...so that seems a little obvious.  However, what KEPT me at 
the keyboard were the following...

        You have to have the coffee maker there right next to you. 
Otherwise, you might miss some announcement, or you might get attacked 
and not be there to defend yourself (FLEE! FLEE! FLEE, DAMMIT!) The 
Thermos, of course, is for the milk for the coffee.  Now, of course, some 
people drink an AWFUL lot of coffee, so if you are one of them, be sure 
to keep extra grounds and a pitcher of water next to the coffee 
stand...you can brew up a fresh pot as soon as you pour out the last cup.

        What inevitably happens when you drink a LOT of coffee? besides
hypertension, I mean? Right...so this is where the bottle comes in. There 
is a way to attach a tube to the top of the bottle, eliminating the need to 
stand up...Umm, ladies, I haven't even thought about what you can do, sorry.
Now, don't forget the cap for the bottle.  Cap it tightly after each 
use...During or after long rounds of combat, or when we level, some of us 
tend to thrash around in our seats.  Yup...don't kick it over...

        OK, so most of you don't have this problem...enough said.  
Lighting a candle saves the need to remove both your hands from the 
keyboard...just pop a butt in your mouth and lean forward. Don't burn 
your bangs...

        I prefer Stephen King, Tom Clancy, or Anne Rice.  The only 
problem with *really* good books is that some mudders, not as dedicated 
as the rest of us, will actually TURN OFF THE COMPUTER to READ A BOOK!!!
Now, I know YOU wouldn't do that...but these books come in handy when 
you're healing. Sure, you can read the notes on the boards, but those 
only last so long...You've gotta have something else to do besides run 
socials past the other people at Aelmon (besides, if you're doing 
socials, you aren't sleeping, so you're healing too slowly anyway.)
Just make sure you keep an eye on your prompt...people hate it if you 
phase out. And tap your return key once in a while...

        You'll have to experiment with this one.  I prefer bologna, 
bananas, lettuce, and ice cream.  Don't put any bread in there...You see, 
you need nutrition once in a while.  Since your phone line is being used, 
you can't order out for pizza (though, I confess, I once turned off my 
computer to order pizza...yes...I did...), so you have to blend things 
together. This way, you can suck nutrition in through a straw EVEN WHILE 
YOU ARE FIGHTING.  It leaves BOTH HANDS FREE! Now, don't eat too much, or 
you'll have to leave the keyboard...

BEN GAY or some other ointment
        Ointments won't solve your carpal tunnel syndrome, but it sure 
makes your hands feel better.  I personally use something called Tiger 
Balm that we get over here in the Far East, but you may have to settle 
for a substitute.

        OK, I hope this all helps. I remember having to leave the 
keyboard a few times, only to find some aggro mob had come along or my 
group leader had woken me and dragged me into combat. DON'T leave the 
keyboard...it's fatal.

And enjoy.


                          Advice For You
                            By Sunfire

The best classes for the levels shown:
1-2 All same
3-4 Clerics
5-35 Warriors
35-50 Mage
Hero Clerics

Levels 1-2: All classes are basically the same at these levels since you
aren't able to practice any skills. 

Levels 3-4: Clerics are good at this point since they have the spell
"cure light wounds"

Levels 5-35: Warriors rule supreme at these levels because of their
skill enhanced damage and short healing times. 

Levels 35-50: Mages get some of the best offensive spells in the game at
these levels making them the most useful class to be. 

Levels hero: Mainly all classes are the same except for warriors which
don't have enough mana for many spells and clerics since they already
have healing spells. 


         One Big Bug Note
             by ReRun

This article is essentially a big bug note. There is an odd phenomenon
here on AVATAR. It is like no other. In my opinion, it must be remedied.
You see, I have always enjoyed all the different clever synonyms for
"hurt" that this game uses... 25 not including 'miss'.  But there's one
thing. There is room for 26 of these verbs, but by some gross oversight,
the word "devastate" is used twice! Once is "devastate!" and the other
is "***DEVASTATE***". What makes this particular verb worthy of a second
chance? Why should it deny an equally powerful verb the chance to be
coded into this splendid game of ours? It shouldn't. 

My purpose in writing this article is to propose replacements for one of
the selfish Devastates. (But, because I like the decimate-devastate
sequence, these are all replacements for the BIG devastate :) ) I hope
you like them. Perhaps, with your support, we can overturn this foul
etymological injustice. 

1) #>#> EVISCERATES <#<#

2) --)> *DESTROYS* <(--

3) (*)(*)(*)> HURTS THE FEELINGS OF <(*)(*)(*)

4) -=>--==>> ***DAMAGES*** <<==--<=-

5) ///>>> UPSETS <<<\\\

6) @@@ LIQUEFIES @@@

7) %%% injures really really badly %%%


9) =>+>+> MINCES <+<+<=

10) )))-=> DOES AWAY WITH <=-(((

11) <*><*><*>VIOLATES THE PERSONAL SPACE OF<*><*><*>


  A Tale of an Outsider
  by Kratos (as told to Nagrom)

I had that dream again last night.  It still makes no sense.  Why do I
constantly dream of that dancing troglodyte?  Uuugh.  Horrid creatures. 
Ok, maybe dance is the wrong word.  After all he was killing people
while doing it, but it looked like a dance.  Some of these flashlifers
(humans) I have met call the 'dance' Martial dance, I think.  Any way,
He is doing this dance in front of, I guess on a dwarf.  Not that I mind
that of course. 

Why this is going on I do not know.  Occasionally I hear those wizard
sounds in the background.  By the voice I judge them to be a human (ha!)
and an elf.  This goes on for some time as the dwarf is being hammered
ruthlessly by the troglodyte and magic missile spells.  Now I notice
that he pulls out some sort of globe which he smashes against the
ground.  Then there is a blinding flash. 

That's it.  Nothing else.  It makes no sense.

I first started having this dream 18 years ago.  Just before I was cast
out of the valley for being unelven.  As if an elf can be 'unelven'.  I
just want to crunch their bones!  I mean this greatly upsets me. 

Some stupid human (!) cleric waltzes through and declares me possessed. 
Can you believe that?  And they believed him!  I wondered around four
years hiding on the edge of civilization.  Finally I snuck in this tree
which seams to be the hub of some disgustingly interatial society.  I
saw an elf talking to a dwarf! 

Anyway I snuck into this tree late one night and began wandering around
the voice rooms.  What?  No, you wouldn't believe it if even if I tried
to explain.  I found a room full of cages with living creatures chained
to the walls.  One of those odd fits came over me and I found myself
hacking them to pieces.  That is not the worst part.  I ate them.  Maybe
I am unelven after all.  I enjoyed it.  I then put on all the clothes
and armor I could find. 

A plan was beginning to form in my mind.  I didn't even realize it yet. 
It was a very simple and direct plan without subtlety.  Unelven.  I
passed out.  A few hours later I found myself stalking poor woodland
creatures.  At once recognizing an elf a deer walked over to me.  I
remember looking into those beautiful brown eyes as my sword smashed in
the head.  I don't even remember doing it.  I realized after this kept
on that someone (maybe I _am_ possessed) continued to hunt poor
innocent, creatures on this meadow, that I was learning how to fight.  I
still did not know why. 

Two days later something else happened.  From my position from behind a
bush I witnessed the most foul deed I have ever seen!  An elf kissed a
dwarf!  I lost it.  I was about to kill them both when a rock flew from
the ground by my feet and hit the elf in the head.  He fell unconscious. 
I ran.  Over the next few days I learned to send small objects forward
at a deadly speed with my thoughts. 

I continued to study the way of the warrior and practice my special
skill.  I lost the compassion of an elf.  I began to desire fresh meat. 
I also began to become more impatient.  I was changing.  I became less
and less an elf. 

I was more like a human or some other aggressive creature.  Like a ...
no.  couldn't be. 

The reflection I saw in the river a few days ago must be an imagination. 
It is not real.  It cannot be real.  Besides the image of the grinning
troglodyte and then the sober human were quickly replaced by my own.  It
is as if they looked through at me from some far side of the world. 
They cannot be inside me.  I am not possessed. 

But the memories...  I remember my life as an elf.  But I remember other
things as well...  What was that glowing globe? 

Anyway 2 years ago I was finally ready.  I had learned new skills.  I
could fight.  I could mentally hurl stones.  I could create shields just
by thinking about it.  I could increase my strength and decrease other
people's strength.  I was ready to return home as a hero or a conqueror. 
Preferably a hero.  I still did not realize how different I had become. 

On the way I met an old friend.  He would not even acknowledge my
presence.  Again I seemed to become someone else as I killed him.  I
took his head as a gruesome prize.  I then continued on my way.  They
refused to even let me in the valley.  Disappointed and angry I left.  On
my way back to my hiding place in the meadow I met two elves who began
insulting me.  Although I knew I could not survive I threw myself at
them.  It did not go well.  I watched the sword streak towards my head. 
It was over. 

I should have died.  Instead I found myself nude in a small room.  I had
been teleported away just in time.  I was later to find that a duplicate
of my body took my place to fool my attackers.  The result is that I had
to return to regain my possessions.  That is not what is most important
about the event however. 

Why would someone do this?  Would you do it for an outsider?  No.  I
have been accepted.  I am a member of this outcast civilization.  Even
if few know of my place in it. 

It is enough that you know.  You are my only friend.  You listen to me,
and you smile at me.  It is not a condescending smile, but a friendly
one.  It is nearly light.  The others will be waking soon.  I must
leave.  I will return tomorrow after everyone is a sleep. 

Oh, before I go, can I ask your name?

Nom.  I like it.  It suits you.  Quiet yet strong.  Tomorrow night then?
Ok.  Bye. 


                Stats Corner
                by Terrapin

The info channel is a thing of wonder. It tells all if watched carefully. :)
Well maybe not all, however it can tell a lot. Here, for your indulgence, are
the top ten killers, merciers, and restorers according to Terrapin's info
channel over the week of September 26th to October 2nd.

        Top Ten Merciers (does not count angel mercies)
10) Leorick    6               
 9) Metalkat   7         <--- top non-hero mercier ;>
 8) Sunfire    7
 7) Rerun      7
 6) Dookie     8
 5) Moonunit   8
 4) Striker    8
 3) PPC        9
 2) Terrapin  14         <--- inflated (mostly mercies of himself)
 1) Balim     23!!!

        Top Ten Restorers
8-13) Arundel
      Moonunit       *   All having asterisks by their name are heroes who's 
      PPC            *   duplicate selves restored the mud during Frey's quest
      Rerun          *
      Harlie         *
      Xanth    2
   7) Striker  3     *
   6) DaWiz    5
   5) Flute    5
   4) Elysium  8
   3) AsaMaro  8
   2) Frey    10
   1) Snikt   11 (but of course ;> )

        Top Ten Causes of Death
10-12) Dwarven Worker           6
       Nanny                    6
       The Guard                6    <--- in various locales
    9) Pigeon                   7
    8) Peddlar                  8
    7) Troglodyte Lieutenant    8    <--- dazed & terrapin mostly :)
    6) Insects                 11
    5) Inbred Beastly Fido     12
    4) Self kills (Joe by Joe) 24    <--- doesn't count 12 by duplicate mobs
    3) The Troll               27
    2) The Severed Head        29
    1) CHOICE !!!!             53!!  <--- hmmm... thought it was "choose life"

WARNING: It seems the toughest hero area is the hunting and the toughest low 
level area is the mob factory. 


                      Leorick's Immortal Task Report

Races of AVATAR:

        There are 13 different races from which to choose when you are
making a new character on AVATAR.  They range from Lizard-Men to 
Humans, to Sprites, and everything in between.  A short description of each 
race follows:

Humans: This is the standard race of AVATAR.  Above all races, they are 
------- the most prolific and seem to be the most durable.  They are very
        adaptable to any situation.  Unlike the other races, they have no 
        significant advantages except that they are the most common of the 
        humanoids of AVATAR.  However they also have no real disadvantage, 
        except that they have no real language that they can call their own.  
        Humans only have the ability to speak Common, while the other races 
        have the ability to speak both Common and their own racial language.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           0       0       0       0       0
(*) Beginning Stats:     13      13      13      13      13

Deep Gnome:  The "cousins" of the gnome race are more physical in nature.  
-----------  They left the villages and caverns to go deeper into the earth 
             and survive against the subterranean creatures dwelling deep 
             beneath the surface.  As such, their skin has deteriorated and 
             their mind is not as sharp, but they have become better 
             warriors.  Rebels from their home beneath the soil have been 
             seen in strange places.  In fact, there is a rumor of a band of 
             deep gnomes which inhabit the Murky Mountains.  Travellers 
             there beware!  Deep Gnomes can speak both Common and 'Deep 

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           1      -1       1      -1       0
(*) Beginning Stats:     14      12      14      12      13

Drow Elves:  Long ago, when elvenkind first began, an elf was born with a 
-----------  hatred of the wild.  After causing much chaos within his 
             village, he used magic to control an army of elves.  He sought 
             to rule the land, but failed and fled underground to escape the 
             wrath of their brothers.  This group developed separate of the 
             elves of the surface, developing greater strength and 
             infravision (Not yet implemented) over the years.  The drow 
             have only recently returned to the surface.  Some seeking their 
             heritage, others seeking selfish desires...  There is a legend 
             that the original drow may still exist...  Drow Elves can speak 
             both Common and 'Drow Elven'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           1       1       0       0      -2
(*) Beginning Stats:     14      14      13      13      11

Duergar:  There are some dwarves who shunned the work ethic of their 
--------  brothers and took to the deeper subterranean caverns.  They have 
          not the intelligence or wisdom to look after their own basic needs, 
          so they have resorted to raids on not only their brothers, but any 
          traveller who comes near.  They have become the predator of all who 
          invade their sanctums.  Interestingly enough, their bond is so 
          great that a crime against the order poses the threat of expulsion 
          from their home.  It is only then, that one will see a "dark" 
          dwarf above the surface of the land.  Duergar can speak both 
          Common and 'Duergish'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           1      -2      -1       0       2
(*) Beginning Stats:     14      11      12      13      15

Dwarf:  This race of humanoids has the most stamina of all the humanoids.  
------  They have great resistance to poisons and have avoided most of the 
        upper worlds conflicts by remaining in their underground homes.  As 
        such, they have developed infravision (Not implemented yet), a minor 
        ability to see within the darkness of their realm.  As of late, many 
        dwarves have left their villages and caverns to adventure in the 
        world and make their mark.  Dwarves can speak both Common and 

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           1      -1       0      -2       2
(*) Beginning Stats:     14      12      13      11      15

Elf:  This race is a more intelligent and magical race.  Most of their kind 
----  live in the forests, depending on the natural resources for their 
      existence, as well as drawing power from their surroundings to fuel 
      their magic.  They tend to travel around within their domain to hunt 
      or otherwise, and have been known to go for long distances without 
      sleep.  Lately though, elves have been seen walking around the 
      settlements of the world using their perceptive abilities and magical 
      natures to some great effect as the world's secrets are discovered.  
      Elves can speak both Common and 'Elven'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           0       2      -1       1      -2
(*) Beginning Stats:     13      15      12      14      11

Gnome:  This is another mystical race.  They have been around since 
------  anyone can remember.  With this longevity, comes experience, as 
        most of these humanoids, are very wise.  They learn much from their 
        parents' teachings as children.  Some use this wisdom and remain in 
        their secluded homes, but some have been known to venture out, using 
        their knowledge to preach religion, or their innate infravision (not 
        yet implemented) to guide others into deep caverns of mystery.  
        Gnomes can speak both Common and 'Gnomish'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:          -1       0       2      -1       0
(*) Beginning Stats:     12      13      15      12      13

Halfling:  This race has often been laughed at.  These short humanoids 
---------  often remain inside their cozy holes and ignore the strains of 
           the "normal" life.  People may wonder how they support their 
           fancy, yet mundane lifestyle.  The fact is their sight is similar 
           to that of the dwarves, as well, although their legs are short, 
           they are quite dextrous and have often been known to have the 
           last laugh as they buy their friends a drink at the pub with YOUR 
           money.  Halflings can speak both Common and 'Halfling'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:          -1       1      -2       2       0
(*) Beginning Stats:     12      14      11      15      13

Half-Elf:  As the races emerged from their respective hiding places, some of 
---------  the elven race saw fit to bond with humans.  This was the result.  
           Most of their elven magic has left them, but they still hold on 
           to some of the better qualities of both heritages.  As might be 
           expected, their are some of both races that consider them 
           cross-breeds, but if you talk to one, they consider themselves no 
           worse than either, but maybe a bit better due to their open minds.  
           Half-Elves can speak both Common and 'Half-Elven'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           0       1       0       0      -1
(*) Beginning Stats:     13      14      13      13      12

Half-Orc:  This is by far the scariest of the domestic humanoids.  A cross 
---------  between the strong and ferocious orcs, and the natural race of 
           AVATAR.  These creatures have the infravision (not yet 
           implemented) to see in the dark as well as the strength of their 
           orcish ancestors, and the adaptability of the humans.  Although 
           not very often accepted at social gatherings, they are welcome as 
           bodyguards as they are exceptional warriors.  Half-Orcs can speak 
           both Common and 'Half-Orcish'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           2      -1      -2      -2       3
(*) Beginning Stats:     15      12      11      11      16

Lizard Man:  As the animal man exists so does the lizard man.  This race 
-----------  originates from the swamps of the world.  The wet climate and 
             murky living conditions created a self-sufficient community of 
             these walking lizards.  Cults of these tribes exist in remote 
             areas, and tribal communities battle with intruders to their 
             lands, but there are those who seek escape from their barbaric 
             political structures and seek to find their fortune within the 
             world.  Lizard Men (and women) can speak both Common and 

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           1      -2      -1       1       1
(*) Beginning Stats:     14      11      12      14      14

Sprite:  These faeries have long been regarded as the peaceful guardians 
-------  of the forest and respected by all.  Their extreme magical nature 
         and intelligence counteracts their weakness in stature and stamina.  
         Their place has been solely the forest, but as the population has 
         grown, and settlements have dug into their homeland, some have 
         found the need to leave their homes, and seek goals... or revenge 
         against those who may have forced them out.  Sprites can speak 
         Common and 'Spritish'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:          -2       3      -1       2      -2
(*) Beginning Stats:     11      16      12      15      11

Troglodyte:  The origins of these humanoids are unknown.  They first 
-----------  surfaced in remote coastal regions of the southern continent.  
             Their skin is a combination of lizards scales and human tissue.  
             They are as dumb as they are strong and their intuition lacks 
             where they make up in stamina.  All Trogs live in loose 
             barbaric groups.  Recently some have developed some common 
             sense and left the remote areas of the world to find meaning 
             to their otherwise pitiful lives.  Through some quirk of fate, 
             they have developed an extreme sense of smell that allows them 
             to sense beings in the dark (not yet implemented).  Troglodytes 
             can speak both Common and 'Troglodyte'.

                         Str     Int     Wis     Dex     Con
Stat Modifiers:           2      -3      -2       2       1
(*) Beginning Stats:     15      10      11      15      14

(*) The beginning stats listed for each race is the current attribute
    _before_ you choose your class.  After you choose your class, a +1 is
    added to the prime attribute of your class.  The prime attributes of
    each class are listed in a later section, titled Classes of AVATAR.

Classes of AVATAR:

        There are presently seven different classes that you can choose from,
from your spellcasters, to the brute fighter, to the nimble thief, AVATAR
has a class that will suit your needs.  Below is a brief description of
each class, including any advantages and/or disadvantages.

Warrior/Fighter:  Warriors use their strength and abilities with weapons to
----------------  curb the tide in any battle.  They thrive on combat, and
                  can withstand hours of fighting without tiring or falling
                  from their wounds.  Aside from their obvious abilities
                  with the sword, they also draw upon some martial arts
                  skills in defeating their opponents, such as the
                  devastating kicks that warriors can use against their
                  opponents, in conjunction with their multiple attacks
                  per round with their weapons.  Some fighters use their
                  powers in defense of the weak, while others are more
                  aggressive in taking the first strike.
                  Warriors are probably the most popular class on AVATAR,
                  perhaps because they can level faster at the lower levels
                  that other classes on AVATAR.  Due to their ability to
                  'KICK' at first level (KICK can do *incredible* amounts
                  of damage for warriors at the higher levels), as well as
                  the ability to gain a second attack each round at the
                  second level of experience, warriors start off very quickly.
                  By the time a warrior has reached the eleventh level of
                  experience, he/she is a master in skills such as 'PARRY',
                  'DISARM', 'TRIP', 'FAST HEALING', and 'RESCUE'.  Warriors
                  find these skills invaluable, and the latter skill, 'RESCUE'
                  is of utmost importance when in a group.
                  No class is without disadvantages, and the warrior class
                  is no exception.  Warriors are so totally focused on their
                  fighting abilities, they don't have the ability to cast
                  any spells, or even to earn mana points as they level.  If
                  you have your goal set to reach Hero, this could be a
                  problem; you will then have the ability to cast spells,
                  but you will only have the base 100 mana with which to
                  cast your spells.  As well, since warriors (even Hero
                  warriors) are unfamiliar with the realm of magic, it
                  takes them longer to cast spells, as a result, warriors
                  cannot cast spells as quickly or as often as other classes
                  that are familiar with the arts.
                  What advantage a Warrior has during lower levels is
                  evened out at the higher levels, where it is extremely
                  difficult for a Warrior to solo.  Without the armor and
                  heal-type spells of a cleric, and the massive damage
                  spells of a mage, or even the incredible damage backstab's
                  of a thief, it is very difficult to kill mobiles that
                  are Level 45+.  See the later section on grouping.
                  The prime attribute of Warriors is Strength, and as a
                  result, they automatically get a +1 to Strength as a new
                  character.  As well, they automatically have a maximum
                  Strength (with equipment and/or spells) of 25, no matter
                  what the race; even a Sprite, who has an initial -2 to
                  their Strength, can have a 25 Strength, if he/she is a

Thief:  Thieves don't have the brute strength of the warrior, but they
------  have other special skills that they use to their utmost advantage.
        Instead of charging head on, and engaging in fair sword vs sword,
        or hand-to-hand combat, a thief prefers to tip the tide of battle
        more in his/her favour.  As a result, thieves are masters are going
        from place to place unnoticed, getting into locked rooms and chests,
        and most importantly, being able to slip behind an opponent
        unnoticed, and viciously stabbing their enemies in the back, doing
        incredible amounts of damage, possibly even killing their enemy in
        one blow!
        In addition to the above mentioned 'BACKSTAB' skill, thieves also
        have the ability to 'STEAL' items right from their enemies'
        inventory!  Without them even noticing!  With their high dexterity,
        thieves have a great ability to 'DODGE' their enemies attacks.
        Thieves don't have the ability to cast spells, but they do have
        several spell-like skills, such as the ability to detect magical,
        invisible, and hidden items, as well as the ability to detect if
        a food item is poisoned or not.
        If a Thief has good knowledge on the location of valuable potions,
        wands and staves, a Thief could go on his/her own all the way up to
        Hero, with their ability to 'BACKSTAB', and with some skill, and
        some potions such as 'sanctuary' and 'heal', a Thief is a one-man
        killing machine.
        Some disadvantages of the Thief class are relatively poor HitPoint
        totals, when compared to a warrior.  They also don't have the
        ability to cast spells, and as a result don't start earning mana
        when they level until they reach Hero.
        The prime attribute of a Thief is Dexterity, and as a result, all
        Thieves have a maximum Dexterity of 25, and recieve a +1 Dexterity
        bonus as a new character.

Cleric:  The arts of healing as well as calling upon the powers of dieties,
-------  these have often been looked at as the saviours of towns and the
         diseased.  In these hard times though, some have abused their
         powers to inflict harm upon others.  Tormenting families, stealing
         from the innocent to fuel their own fires.  These are few though,
         and they are not left rampant, as many holy men counter them to keep
         respect for their name.
         The Cleric is a good all-around character class on AVATAR.  They
         don't have the brute strength of a warrior, nor the agility of
         a thief, nor the massive-damage spells of a mage, but they are
         certainly decent fighters, and certainly have powerful offensive
         spells, such as 'FLAMESTRIKE', as well as the most important
         healing and protection spells, which make a Cleric a well respected
         member in a group.  With the ability to cast such spells as
         'SANCTUARY', which cuts the damage taken by one half for a limited
         time, combined with armor spells such as 'INVINCIBILITY', 'HOLY
         ARMOR', 'HOLY AURA', and the ability to 'HEAL' oneself of any
         damage taken during battle, make the Cleric a very powerful
         Clerics, over time, gain an impressive array of spells at their
         disposal, ranging from the ability to 'IDENTIFY' unknown items
         of equipment, to scanning through the Realms and the Heavens for
         a particular piece of equipment with the spell 'LOCATE OBJECT'.
         Clerics also have the prized ability to improve on their own
         weapons and pieces of armor, with enchanting spells.  'ENCHANT
         WEAPON' will make a weapon hit better, and do more damage, while
         to corresponding spell for armor, 'ENCHANT ARMOR' can improve the
         Armor Class of a piece of equipment, making it tougher, and more
         durable, thus making it tougher for an enemy's attack to hit and
         cause any serious damage.  As well, Clerics continuously gain
         mana points as they level, a tremendous bonus for when they
         eventually reach the coveted Hero level.
         As disadvantages, Clerics don't have the raw fighting power of a
         warrior, nor their ability to parry the attacks of their enemies.
         Clerics also don't have the truly offensive spells of a mage,
         preferring instead to focus on the more defensive spells.  Clerics
         live by the saying, 'A good offense is a good defense'.  Clerics
         are also a very popular class on AVATAR.
         The prime attribute of a Cleric is Wisdom, and as a result, all
         Clerics have a maximum Wisdom of 25, no matter what race, and
         automatically get a +1 Wisdom bonus as a new character.  This
         is a great advantage, because Clerics will most often have the
         highest Wisdom at lower levels, compared to other classes, so they
         gain more of the all-important practices when they level.

Mage:    A Mage is one who has explored the darker side of the ancient
         arts, and as a result, Mages have the most powerful damage-inflicting
         spells in the Realm of AVATAR.  Mages don't have the fighting
         ability of a warrior, or even a cleric, but the incredible spells
         more than make up for the lack of fighting ability.  Battles
         between Mages are often quite pyrotechnic and impressive, with
         spells exploding every which way.  But they also end quite quickly,
         the winner being the mage who had the most powerful spells at their


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