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Things may seem overwhelming at first but they will get easier as you play more. Remember, you're not alone, everyone had to learn how to play. Making notes may help. - Riviat
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Shoutbox Archive
Fain on August 18 2009 01:17:26
Welcome back outland.org w00t
Thranx on August 18 2009 00:39:43
I know you're busy Pulse, but shouldn't the Design Development pages be updated soon?
Wiseman on August 17 2009 23:56:50
ooo buttons don't grey out when you have voted ^_^ but timer is there.
Wiseman on August 17 2009 23:51:59
Hurrah! Welcome back everyone.
The Town Crier speaks: on August 17 2009 21:40:19
It's good to be back!
Kariya on August 17 2009 21:27:28
Hylaeus on July 15 2009 11:39:30
yep was logged in correct, just doesnt want me to catch up with MapCen
Loxias on July 15 2009 03:56:56
Mine's working fine, perhaps it's it's failing to report your timer? You were logged in, correct?
Hylaeus on July 15 2009 01:56:27
Hmm now voted for the other two and only got 1 vote for it, website issue?
Hylaeus on July 14 2009 23:54:26
Hmm, just voted with TopMudSites and it hasn't counted it, even with a Ctrl F5 force refresh
Fain on July 14 2009 16:44:27
That was deep Troz.
MapCen on July 13 2009 18:17:50
Loxias, you can do it! A reminder to those checking the Shoutbox, vote and be counted.
Loxias on July 13 2009 16:18:40
One of my votes is 4 minutes away from midnight, can I hold on?
TRoZ on July 06 2009 06:45:05
Better the meadow then the Cloud
Trevaine on July 06 2009 06:39:25
I am guessing we will end up in the meadow.
laazarus on July 06 2009 06:19:54
well i gotta give up and go sleep too.. i can only hope my multi-day alts survive when the mud comes back
Gnaffle on July 06 2009 05:38:20
...Still down I guess I'll check back in the morning.
Saude on July 06 2009 05:12:26
There does appear to be a connection issue with the realms, yes. The Imms have been contacted and hopefully the problem will be resolved shortly
Hephaistos on July 06 2009 05:12:09
(after reading the shouts i guess so)
Hephaistos on July 06 2009 05:11:29
is avatar down?
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Jun 12 2020 14:13
ISP-related maintenance issues. Should be back in next couple hours

Jun 12 2020 13:23
Game down?

Apr 22 2020 13:33
Expired security certificate on wiki throwing up blocking page in all browsers (https://avatar.mel

Jan 16 2020 06:33
flap flap flap

Oct 23 2019 03:21
shadow @ busk

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Game Updates
Jan 22 2021 05:05
Baci has become a Black Circle Initiate.
Jan 22 2021 04:02
Dumpy successfully morphs from Hero 703 to become Lord Dumpy.
Jan 22 2021 04:00
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!
Jan 22 2021 03:41
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now open for business! Come witness the carnage!
Jan 22 2021 03:21
The Ultimate Dragon viewing room is now closed!